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Puppet Heap is Hiring

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Buck-Beaver, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    For anyone in & around NYC and NJ who is looking for puppet building work, Puppet Heap is hiring. This is from the PofA Bulletin Board:
    Puppet Heap is looking for costumers, stitchers and drapers for immediate hire. The rate is based on experience and the gig will be for one to two weeks. If anyone knows someone who is available and might fit the bill, please have them contact me, Jean Marie, at Puppet Heap (201-222-1014) ASAP, or they can email me at this e-mail address (jeanmarie@puppetheap.com) with their resume and 3-5 images of their work.
  2. muppetinsider New Member

    For two weeks? lol. That won't even be worth it to cover the gas to get over there. They should try the Gypsy classified ads if they want someone for two lousy weeks! lol.
  3. ravagefrackle New Member

    two weeks can be a the start of somthing , thats life as a freelancer, My original gig At henson years ago was for three weeks, that became 4 years
  4. MGov New Member

    Well, at least you had the chance to turn down a job you never applied for.

  5. muppetinsider New Member

    that's true; however if you are out of state are they going to put you up in a hotel for two weeks? I highly doubt it. Maybe you'll make around $800 a week with them, then you spend almost double that for one week at a nearby hotel. Obviously not worth it.
    If they were saying we're looking for a new builder to add to our team, period, then it would be worth it to move there as it's a consistent job. But for two weeks? why don't they just use people that they usually use; doesn't make sense to bring someone that they don't even know for only two weeks.
  6. rtgentry Member

    :rolleyes:listen okay you sound like my old friend bitterman. very very very bitterrr okay?:rolleyes:
  7. muppetinsider New Member

    Guys, this isn't a puppet building job, this is for draping and costuming. They're not looking for "muppet" builders, they are basically looking for a tailor/pattern maker.
  8. Teenager's Member

    Which is still Very important to puppet building. It's either the First or Last step. Still it's a Good opportunity to work at a Very Cool facility with a Great reputation. & There are Fun people working there already to talk to & work with.
  9. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    If you read my original post, you notice that I mentioned I was reposting this for the benefit of members in NY or NJ, which is where Puppet Heap is based.
  10. muppetinsider New Member

    well that's really limiting it a bit.
  11. Jinx Member

    Boy, someone is COMPLAINING about Buck being kind enough to pass along possible work? Yeah well, I live in Montana, so there's no way it could benefit me. But guess what? This forum isn't about me. Nor is it about you. It is a collective experience where kind and wise people share information and tips and skills with one another. And not every bit of information or tip or skill will directly benefit every person here.

    It stands to reason that because of Buck's generous sharing of information, someone from here at Muppet Central could get a gig for a couple of weeks, which as Ravagefrackle pointed out could lead to longer-term work, or even a valuable job referral.

    Muppetinsider, I would suggest to you that your user name is completely inaccurate. Jim Henson's vision for the Muppets would be that they would be a way to bring delight to people, and find ways of building them up. And one way to build people up is by sharing, which Buck does VERY generously. An "insider" would see the light rather than the darkness in this.

    So rather than grousing about it not being an opportunity for YOU, you might rejoice in the fact that this could very well be an opportunity for someone who spotted the listing here.
  12. muppetinsider New Member

    Well, that's your opinion, and there's mine. My word's as good as yours.
  13. Jinx Member

    Your word may be as good as anyone's, but your attitude is clear. Welcome to the forum. I hope that you're able to find some friends here, but somehow it doesn't seem very likely to me. You've been here a whole week and the majority of your know-it-all posts are complaints.
  14. muppetinsider New Member

    Well I speak for all in that it's a good thing you are hear to keep tabs on all of us Muppet babies.
    LOL :halo::crazy::p:zany
  15. MGov New Member

    Give "muppetinsider" a break. He is obviously young and doesn't understand how freelancing works.
  16. Teenager's Member

    Right on Jinx. Thanks for putting it out there straight. I appreciate it.
    We're all here to support and respect each other while loving the art of Puppetry. Buck was kind enough to throw a rope out there for those in can fit the bill (in NY/NJ & experienced)
  17. muppetinsider New Member

    Ah, ok; before you all go blindly down the yellow brick road; have you seen the way the Muppet Show characters have looked in the past three years since PH started building them? Disney decided to cheap out because Henson charges about $10k too much for Di$ney to spend, because ya know Di$ney is scraping for money.. lol... Anyway, the quality of these characters is now crap. Have you seen the new Piggy? Compare that Piggy to a Piggy built lets say back in the late 80's or even throughout the 90's.... ok now look at the new one. Any difference? Look at any of the characters and you will seem some flaw and adjustment that was made, and not to better the character.
    Now why on earth, if you're such "Muppet fans" would you want to work for a place that builds crappy looking Muppets? I just don't get it.
    I'd say, send your portfolio over to the good ol' Henson workshop, who's still building Sesame Muppets as well as other independent and non-related Muppet projects, and see what they have to offer you. stick with the best, aim for the sky. Never settle for second.
    I'm NOT saying that PH doesn't do some decent stuff, they are just not the right place to be building these Muppet characters. Just makes no sense.
    Think about it people; one life to live, do it right.
  18. mrhogg New Member

    Be that as it may (whether or not what you're saying is even true), if you're a puppeteer, in the NY/NJ area, and you want some experience building puppets that will be used professionally, this seems like a decent idea.

    Also, muppetinsider, dude, a thread about a job opportunity (which I would totally apply for, were I in the area) is not the place to air your grievances about the perceived downfall of the Muppet franchise.
  19. muppetinsider New Member

    LOL... Again, you guys don't see the point. Let me make it clear that it is NOT puppet building job, it is for costuming/draping. This is not about puppet building which is why it shouldn't even be in this thread to begin with.
  20. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Perhaps you could share some of your puppet building work in this thread Muppetinsider? Most of us aren't familiar with your work and given your strong opinions (and the way you trash a well-regarded company like Puppet Heap) your personal skills must be something to behold...

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