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Puppet Improv UK

Discussion in 'Henson Alternative' started by Punch'n'Judy, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy Well-Known Member

    Appologies if I'm duplicating info already on the forum but here goes...

    The Henson Puppet Improv is coming to the UK, Edinburgh to be precise, as part of the Fringe Festival. Performing from the 4th to the 20th of August at the Assembly Rooms, with two shows a day, one aimed at children and one aimed at adults.

    Booking from 12th June at http://www.edfringe.com/shows/detail.php?action=shows&id=JIMKI

    and http://www.edfringe.com/shows/detail.php?action=shows&id=JIMAD

    I have found no other information, but more should be available soon. It should be fun. Wonder if it'll be the American team or others. I look forward to it greatly.

  2. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member

    I am very excited, and most definetely going to attend! Maybe even a few times!

    Wouldnt it be great to get a group together to go up?
  3. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    I am hoping to come to Edinburgh too, I wonder if Brian Henson will be in the UK shows?
  4. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy Well-Known Member

  5. Mr Humbug

    Mr Humbug Well-Known Member

    Oh I DEFINITLEY have to go see this :D
  6. anathema

    anathema Well-Known Member

    It was good fun :) Quite a large team of performers, led by Brian Henson.
  7. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy Well-Known Member

    That was quick! Yes, cast including Brian are

    Julianne Buescher
    Brian Henson
    Drew Massey
    Paul Rugg
    Alan Trautman
    Victor Yerrid

    Got my tickets for next week, I look forward to it!
  8. Lynnette

    Lynnette Well-Known Member

    Adult version in Edinburgh

    So...who's going, who's gone, and what about the details of the event that we would love to hear so much about?!

    Since it's improv, I'm sure those of you lucky enough to go will even have details to compare with each other, depending on the show attended.

    I'm looking forward to an update. It is your solemn duty to your fellow members here at Muppet Central!

    Did anyone else but me hear Craig Ferguson specifically mention Brian Henson was doing this adult show at the Edinburgh event? It was Thursday night. He made some jokes about he likes to watch "dirty puppets".

    Oh, and have tons of fun for those of you going!
  9. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy Well-Known Member

    I saw the Adult show on Tuesday and Friday and the Kids show on Friday. Thoroughly enjoyed myself at all three shows, will post a fuller review soon as am rather short of time...

    If you get the chance to go to Edinburgh please do, it's an entertaining show and there's plenty of other relly good shows worth seeing, including the enchanting Mummenschanz.


    ps How talented is Julianne Buescher?!
  10. stuartpstuart

    stuartpstuart New Member

    Meeting Brian

    I was at the show on Friday night. I went down to Edinburgh especially for the gig. It was great fun.

    Some of the sketches were a bit hit and miss, but that's improv for you.

    At one point the two pupeteers had to get from the word "drip" to the word "anus" by changing a letter in the word in each sentence. They had a nightmare of a time, but it was very funny.

    The highlight for me though was getting to meet Brian Henson. I bumped into him outside the venue the following day. He was a really nice guy and I got my photo taken with him.

  11. Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir Well-Known Member

    I'll be going to this on Saturday night with a large group as we're in town for the UK premiere of Kevin Smith's Clerks II!

    I have a couple of daft questions...

    Is there any merchandise for sale at the shows - maybe programmes or something?

    And what are the chances of meeting Brian Henson? I know it's a long shot but it would be so amazing to meet him and say hi! (just noticed stuartpstuart's post - but was wondering more along the lines of the guys meetings fans after the show?)

    Shame my Master Replica Kermit won't be with me in time for the trip - I could have taken him along for the show!
  12. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy Well-Known Member

    Posters, caps and t shirts are for sale in the rainey hall bar.
  13. Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I take it that bar is in the venue?
  14. stuartpstuart

    stuartpstuart New Member

    The night I was there the venue was totally packed and the performers didn't come out.

    I went back the following day, at about 14.00, and bumped into Brian totally by chance. I think that's your best bet.

    Apparently, the cast are also around after the afternoon kids show to try and get some publicity. I was told they give impromptu performances to kids in queues for other shows at the Assembly, although I didn't see that myself.
  15. stuartpstuart

    stuartpstuart New Member

    Forgot to answer your question. Duhhh!

    Yeah the bar is inside the Assembly Hall. It's up at the back, but you can't miss it.

    The merchandise on sale at the gig, or at least some of it, can also be found on the Henson.com website.
  16. Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir Well-Known Member

    If I was on my own I would probably be stalking the venue 24/7 but as I'm with a large group it's probably not gonna be possible to hang around! Still after looking at the venue's website I see the bar mentioned above is open until 1:30am so I'm sure I can convince the other guys to stick around for a drink or ten!
  17. Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir Well-Known Member

    I ended up seeing the show with a group of about 10 people or so - I have to approximate because there were varying numbers of us throughout the weekend as people went and did there own thing but a lot of the guys were easily sold on the concept of the Muppets meet Whose Line Is It Anyway - even though only a few of us were die-hard Muppet fans! But I can happily report that everyone loved it - in fact for many it was the highlight of the weekend (myself included)!

    I decided before I even lef for Edinburgh that I didn't want to keep everyone around in the hopes of meeting Brian and as such I didn't bring anything for him to sign. But one of our group ended up taking a phone call and whilst we were stood around waiting for him to finish Brian and the others came out and were stood behind me - thankfully somebody pointed it out to me and convinced me I'd regret not speaking to him! So I complimented him on the show, told him I'm a big fan... all the usual stuff and I asked him if he would mind a quick photo...


    It was a quick encounter but he seemed pleased to meet a fan (if not somewhat bemused... almost like "there are Muppet fans now?") and it was nice to shake the hand of someone you respect and who has given you so much enjoyment over the years!

    The show has finished it's run now but if they ever do it again I can't recommend it enough! :D

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