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Puppet Planet

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Puppetplanet, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. cjl1217

    cjl1217 Member

    Seems like you went through a very rough time, but i'm so glad you are doing better. I did send you an email earlier for questions concerning custom puppets, but I see those aren't available right now. That's okay because I'm not doing it anytime soon as I got other things to worry about and I'm a little tight on money right now. I love your designs, very fun and detailed.
  2. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Well-Known Member

    Why is this still up and pinned? Just wondering.
  3. Jmahon

    Jmahon New Member

    Just found this thread after I ordered from her. Is she still not fulfilling orders? I haven't heard anything about my order.
  4. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Well-Known Member

    I dunno. Wish I could be more help. I think if she isn't taking orders she should then close up her website. Just my two cents.
  5. Dominic's Mum

    Dominic's Mum New Member

    Hello Muppet Central and HELP!!

    I have signed up because I need assistance with regard to Michele at Puppet Planet. To cut a very long story short my 12 year old son, saved his money for almost a year to place an order with Michele in April this year. He paid over $120 for a puppet and some arm rods. As a 12 year old he was very excited checking the post every day for weeks and weeks and months and shortly it will be a year. I have been in touch with Michele on many occasions and taken on board all her difficulties but her promises never materialised. E-mails are now being ignored or bounce back. Having now researched puppet planet I see that this is by no means the first time this has happened but being in the UK I am not sure how the law works over there - does anyone have contact with Michele - can anyone help advise a course of action which I could take to get his money back. Any help would be very much appreciated. Very best wishes from Manchester!
  6. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    sadly the only advice i can offer is go through paypal if thats the way you paid..but the sad news come from if you payed back in april it may to to late to gain any money back

    Michelle is really hard to contact i was her friend on facebook for a while but even those go unanswered by puppeteers and people she did buisness with

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