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Puppety Opinion Please

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Puppetplanet, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Show and Tell

    Show and Tell Well-Known Member

    Ok what exactly are you refering to because from what I have read noone on this forum was saying they wouldnt be willing to help out an aspring builder. I myself have learned quite a bit from many of these builders on this forum. And what information I didn't get from them I was directed to purchase a video or book. I understand in order to get something I have to be willing to give something as well. That kind of knowledge is not nor should it be free. Yes this is reality. Some things I will not learn untill I have put in the time practicing. Also there is nothing wrong with making a living with your art.
  2. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    where in my answer did i say i would not give advice????
    what i said is im not going to give you evry little tidbit of info about building a puppet, You clearly read only what you wanted to read, and not what i actually wrote.

    .[/QUOTE]Give them advice on how to build a puppet and sure,they may not buy one of yours. Don't tell them and they still might not buy one of yours. Can you really blame people for asking? .[/QUOTE]

    Honestley , i dont expect or really think anyone on here will buy one of my puppets, they arnt meant for hobbists, they are built for film , and theatre performances,
    [/QUOTE]Have you tried researching puppet building? There isn't exactly a wealth of quality information out there. I could almost vomit everytime I hear somebody refer someone to The Muppets Make Puppets and that kind of information. I think most of us are past making puppets with sandwich baggies and paper plates..[/QUOTE]

    well much like your ability to read what is written, you arnt looking beyond whats on the page, Puppetrty is a art composed of many different skills, and crafts, THIER IS NO ONE RIGHT WAY!!!!!!!!!!
    you need to be able to sculpt, pattern fabric,work with wood,work with different adhesives, you need a wealth of craft and technical skills, and most important you need to be able to look at something and say yes that works , or no that dosent.

    go to a home depot and look at the shelves , and say "HEY , I CAN USE THAT AS PART OF MY PUPPETS".

    do you really think we proffesinals have a secret book that tells you how to build a muppet style puppet???????

    The fact is, there isn't much out there to help one build a halfway decent puppet. That's why people come here, to a popular muppet web site, to ask. Maybe they think this would be the best resource for getting puppet building advice.

    .[/QUOTE]The greed in the puppet business just annoys me..[/QUOTE]

    GREED???????? i gave a honest answer , you didnt like it, to call me or any other builder GREEDY is just wrong,

    i worked hard to get were i am, noone gave me a clue what to do, i studied evrything i could get my hands on, and to be perfectly honest that has made me the artist i am today,
    .[/QUOTE]I should say, I don't really have a problem with your decision to not help others in the hobby of puppetry as much as your attitude towards those that ask for help.[/QUOTE]

    AND ONCE AGAIN THE THING THAT REALLY SET ME OFF HERE<,WERE DID IT SAY I WOULNT HELP????????????????????i suggest you go back and reread what i wrote, and ask yourself if you actually understood what i wrte, or if you were just miffed that i said i would not give deatailed instuctions on how to do something. :attitude:
  3. Rugby

    Rugby Well-Known Member

    Yep, I think I got you confused with somebody else in this thread and I apologize. Happens all the time on message boards. I'll reread the whole thread when I have time and address the appropriate poster(s). I apologize for my reading abilities as well.
  4. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    appology accepted
  5. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    But, it's in those basic kinds of information from which you begin the learning of that wealth of knowledge which we're discussing.

    Originally, as a kid (we're talking 9 year old here), my puppet attempts sucked to high heaven. Wanna know how I learned to make my first puppet?

    Remember those horrible little puppets that come in cheap easter baskets from the dollar stores? I got one. It was a little orange deal with oval eyes and a tuft of yellow fur for hair on his head. I took a crayon and paper, traced over that pattern, and cut it from felt and made my own, very first puppet. Still have him somewhere. About 3 years later I made a red glove to give him a hand. I used that ugly thing with my Muppet Puppets at school for puppet shows.

    And don't you DARE make fun of me for getting easter baskets at 9!!

    Anyways, I made a second puppet the same way of a reindeer. They weren't even of my cartoon characters which I had created prior to those years. It was after these I made my first 'sock' puppet, which if I had found the Muppets make Puppets book back then (if they would have printed such a thing) I could have done better.

    I did purchase a puppet pattern from Puppets with Personality (people puppet patterns), and began making some of those to play with, but then I began to alter the pattern and add or subtract parts and using different furs and fabrics and learned some stuff that way.

    What minimal knowledge I know I've learned on my own, or by searching through some folks' websites (AOL's Blue Boy Puppet Pattern is easy, and I love it for quick little deals). Books have hardly produced much knowledge for me anymore these days, although I use the Muppets make Puppets book (belive it or not) for reference.

    Lately, more good books have hit the market about puppet building, but they're all focused mainly for kids. As far as basic puppet building information, you can find it in those books or on the net no problem.

    As far as advanced puppet building, blinking eyes and more, that's all available on the net, too; you just have to find it. I think even Pete shared his blinking eyes with me once (right?) and Buck's shared some info with me in the past, too.

    Thing is, gang, to ask those you consider the professionals a question you need answered, and add this to the question, "...or possible reference material where I can find the answer." I for one am the kind of person I like for people to LEARN the information, and if I can teach that to them, fine; but I like for folks to also have a bit of drive to learn for themselves, so when I have reference material (I call it homework) I pass that along.

    Someone wanted a good leg pattern lately, and I'm offering them a copy of the leg pattern I use on Muley. It's not going to make or break a character of mine for that much information to be dispersed, so I don't mind sharing it (as long as they'll send me that SASE, haha). Of course, I won't let them have his head pattern because Muley is mine distinctly, copyrighted and all that. But, a pattern I use to make something else that is basic then I'll play along and let them have that.

    With homework of course! :zany:
  6. KGJC

    KGJC Well-Known Member

    Of course. ;)
  7. whatadoddle

    whatadoddle Well-Known Member

    Puppet Predators?

    I am a new member of Muppet Central though I have read messages etc with interest for some time.
    I too feel a little bit protective about giving away too much info to people I don't know. I have often considered selling my puppets on E-Bay but felt that they might be dissected by someone trying to make a living on the back of my hard work!
    That said, I am consumed with solving my own puppet-building problems and scour the net with interest to try and do so. However, far from wanting to 'copy' other puppet builder's hard work, I am keen to find another approach to solving my problem (does this make any sense at all?). I would be horrified if my creation was not unique to me, as that is part of my personality and that of my puppet.
    I really enjoy the challenge, and eat, sleep and dream my new ideas.
    I think that it is the lack of such imagination by some that drives them to 'copy' our hard work. That's sad.
    However, from what I have seen that this community is a set of like-minded puppet - potty people that are keen to keep this wonderful art of ours alive.
    That's it from Whatadoddle U.K. see you soon!

    FISH'N'WOLFE Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum, be sure to visit the new members thread here.

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