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Question about major element in Dragon Tales

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by salemfan, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Since I first watched Dragon Tales I have wondered this: Because the way the dragons fly does not comply with the principles of science (their wings are too small to allow lift to push the dragons up against the force of gravity or to produce enough thrust to push the dragons back against the force of gravity) why couldn't the producers make it that Max and Emmy (and later Enrique) could get sprinkled with magic dust allowing them to fly but the magic dust works only in Dragon Land? Why did the producers make it that the only option for Max, Emmy, (and later Enrique) to get across the air is to climb on the dragons' backs? I mean, the story element of sprinkling people with magic dust allowing them to fly is not copyrighted!
  2. kyunkyua

    kyunkyua Active Member

    Sure, but it's still ripping off. The workshop doesn't roll that way.
  3. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Well, Dragon Tales had a lot of spoofs of famous things such as "Dragon Scouts" which is a spoof of Girl Scouts.
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Is the use of Magic Dust more scientifically proven within the flying community than instances of Dragons with tiny wings flying of their own accord?
  5. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Well, I see no reason why the producers needed to make it that the only option for Max, Emmy and Enrique to get across the air is to climb on the dragons' backs when the dragons' tiny wings wouldn't work in reality.
  6. kyunkyua

    kyunkyua Active Member

    It creates a sense of unity, does it not?
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    You're basically asking for rationalization of a completely irrational cartoon. There was a Dragon in a wheelchair at one point. If they live in such a magical world, couldn't they just magic her back to health? By all means the show doesn't need to make sense.
  8. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    And another thing, why doesn't Wile E. Coyote fall off the cliff until he notices it? Cartoons don't need logic, especially with such fictional beings as dragons.
  9. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Actually, dragons being fictional beings is what is making me ask for the logic. The question I have been looking for the answer to is: Why were Max and Emmy (and later Enrique) never given the ability to fly when in Dragon Land? Is there a valid reason why even in Dragon Land, flying was not an option for Max and Emmy (and later Enrique)?
    Last edited: May 6, 2017

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