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Question about making puppets

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by PiggyLover13, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Lab Rat Member

    I dont use patterns i just make the puppets up as i go along the dragon is made from reticulated foam and covered in antron fleece he has a flexible plastic mouthplate and piano wire arm rods.
  2. puppetguy 2191 New Member

    how did you get the dragons nostrils like that? also, did you shave the fleece
  3. Lab Rat Member

    The nostrils were done by cutting holes in the foam skull putting glue in them then pushing the fleece into the glue when it dried i painted some shading into them with acrylic paint i only lightly shaved the fleece down the seem on the face after i'd scraped it with a pin.
  4. puppetguy 2191 New Member

    did you carve the head from a solid piece of foam, or use heets glued together using rubber cement?
  5. puppetguy 2191 New Member

    sorry, i meant sheets
  6. Lab Rat Member

    the head and body are made from 3/4 inch foam sheets glued together with contact glue
  7. puppetguy 2191 New Member

    ive been asking a lot of questions, so i will ask a few this time.
    what are the eyes made of ? what was the approx cost to make this? do you have any more pictures? how did you make the head (in detail)
    what is a plastic mouth plate?
  8. Onath Member

    Anyone have any tricks for giving a puppet a 5 o'clock shadow or some scruff? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Onath Member

    puppet workshop

    Looking for stuff that is crucial to every puppet shop?

    Stuff I have in my shop is a scrap bin, for all the little pieces great for eyelids hair, and eyebrows.

    I have a dust vac for cleaning up all the little bits of fur that appears when shaving and trimming the puppets.

    So, what I'm looking for is stuff that is vital to your shop that you use everyday. If you feel inclined please throw up a list of stuff that should be in every puppet workshop.

  10. bezalel New Member

    If the puppet's "skin" is foam, airbrushing works nicely. You could also airbrush a five o'clock on a fleece covered puppet, but for the best results, I'd work the shadow into the pattern and use a slightly darker colored fleece for the "shadow" areas - for a Fred Flintstone effect.
  11. Onath Member

    thanks i will give it a try thanks for the advice
  12. Mokey's sweet New Member

  13. Teenager's Member

    ah man....it says we have to sign in....
  14. Mokey's sweet New Member

  15. Mokey's sweet New Member

  16. Mokey's sweet New Member


  17. Onath Member

    So I have made a fun monster puppet. I feel as though he is constantly shedding or hair falling off from the pattern cutting process. Could someone direct me towards some fur that is more durable or less prone to shedding?
  18. Teenager's Member

    Sorry....but there isn't really a stronger fur (well there is) But I mean to say that there are diffrent techniques to cutting fur.
    Such as
    -Don't use scissors
    -Cut from the back with an X-Acto knife or blade.

    That should help with the shedding.
  19. Onath Member

    cool didn't even think of that tecnique. Such an easy solution. My housemates thank you ever so much for not having blue fur take over their lives any more.

    *Looks for lint brush*
  20. Onath Member

    anyone have any good plans for how to display puppets when they aren't on your hand? Also, Any good storage techniques for puppets that make it so they don't get a smushed look? I am think of using dowels some how but not sure so hopefully some of you veterans can steer me the right direction.


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