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Questions About The Toy Industry

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by beaker, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Ha, I thought of you when I saw the Marvel "MUSCLE" little toys.

    Man, I seriously remember getting up at ungodly hours as a kid. pretty much from 1981 til the early 2000's(about 20 years) I was a HUGE saturday morning cartoon fan, in particular the 1984-1990
    period. Seriously, it didnt matter if it was Kid Video, D and D, Captain Planet, Wuzzles, Gummi Bears, New Ad of Pooh, Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, Alf animated, Garfield and US Acres, Tiger Sharks, Silver HAwks, MASK, Centurions, all those atari based cartoons etc. I was all over that stuff. Just an amazing amazing time. But sadly, like all good things(arcades, Kaybee, dollar theaters, old school chuck e cheese, etc) it got phased out.

    Little snot nosed brats are going to bully their parents into getting them the latest mindless cartoon based sweatshop garbage regardless(im looking at you bakugan!) so what difference does it make if cartoons are made to market toys?

    And how is banning happy meal toys going to make up for bad parenting. I cant tell you how many parents I see at walmart fill their carts up with huge leaders of high fructose corn syrup filled
    soda, candy, and utter garbage. A happy meal now and then for good behavior is an ok thing. Shoot, Happy meal toys are a way better deal than whats at the stores.

    Ha, and youre totally right...when it comes to important social, justice and financial matters the left is powerless and incompetent. But when it comes to "violent video games", "unhealthy food", and "whats good for children"...boy they sure know how to come together!

    Why was it so called liberals and democrats who were the main ones pushing censorship on games, movies and music in the 90's? I thought the Democrats were suppose to be on the people's side? Look how Republicans under Bush tried to END PBS and Sesame street forever

    But here's the answer: MAKE your own toys.
    Take apart and examine how your favorite action figure, figurine or vinyl figure is make. Sculpt using plasticine, casteline, super sculpey, etc. Put those pieces in a bucket or small plant holder, carefully ppur liquid silicon...let it dry, and voila. Now just pour your resin, two parts vinyl, rubber, what have you(just make sure and do it outside and with supervision with someone who knows what theyre doing)

    My goodness, they have printers that can print out fully painted plastic action figures now days. The possibilities are endless. We shouldnt rely on stores to carry what we want. Just make what you want
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Here's the problem. We got parents that don't want to parent and kids who don't want to be kids. Action figures are cool until you're, what, 6 now? And that's a year too young for the TV Y7 rating demographic. Now kids who are 7 have to act 10 and kids who are older than 7 have to be teenagers. Then I could go into the stupid spoiled brats that have every next gen gaming system and iPhones and all that. NO ONE was buying toys for their kids... and when they do, it's ONLY the lamest new fad... Bakugan... those stupid little hamsters... the FADS aren't even fun anymore. Rubber Bands that are shaped?

    Seriously, with all this whining that kids are growing up too fast, no one realizes that we push it on these kids? We sit them down to watch cartoonish live action excuses to sell bubblegum music (and pretty tasteless bubblegum at that) and subconciously tell them that cartoons are "kid's stuff." Yet the only ones that really care about cartoons are teenagers and adults. Sure, there's a LOT of adult cartoons out there, and they're ALL exactly the same Family Guy ripoff.

    But above all, I hate parental groups, wheter they be on the right or the left (or the extremes of each), they HATE children, they hate having to deal with them, and they want to parent everyone else's kids. And they don't want to just demonize Toucan Sam and the Hamburgaler... they also are taking aim at ANY commercial, be they for toys and games... it's this whole idea of "Kids are so innocent" (read "complete stoopids that can't think for themselves unlike us") and they don't want to instill capitalism or consumerism in them, all the while their mom and pop take the SUV to Wal*Mart to buy discount sad medicine and sleep aids on their way to mail their Cash 4 Goldz envelope. This is a soap box I can't retire no matter how much I try. Kids aren't that stupid, adults are. And their commercials play off homophobic or fatphobic ideals (depending on what gender you are) instilling them with the idea that mass marketed medications are the solution to every problem. We're the ONLY country where perscription medicine commercials aren't illegal.

    And they complain about Count Chocula and Chester Cheetah are corrupting our youth?

    I hate "Will someone please think of the children!" I hate it so much. The right has been doing things I can't even say to the country and the left watches like the Woody Allen-esque wimps they are... but if some kid is eating a cheeseburger, they're up in arms. Need I say the FCC deregulation was passed from both sides BECAUSE of the idiotic strict regulations they put on kid's television that KILLED children's television? No, we can't get little Sydney's parents to get a working wage, nor can we get his school to serve actual edible food and have sports activities... but we can make it so he can't buy a candy bar until he's 18, it's in a plain brown wrapper behind the counter, and it costs 18 bucks tax included. I wish they were this organized to regulate big industry than just punishing kids and fatties.

    Give kids a DECENT Saturday morning! Especially ones that don't have cable.
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I still cant believe most movie comic hero tiein toys just have the main character and none of the villians(ie: Iron Man 2) so odd. Btw I saw a buttload of Megamind stuff at my local TRU and thought of you. I wish I wasnt so broke id get you some. Funny they are $10, but so are the dinky little Tron figures. Whats up with that? The Megamind figures are large and detailed.
    Btw, is it a good film and as good as Monsters vs Aliens?

    I was hanging around my friend today and her little 3 year old...and man, he was so estatic playing around outside. Marveling at the cloudy sky, the grass, being so happy just to be alive and seeing wonder everywhere. It's sad how people lose that sense of play and imagination so quickly. And how many kids are just holed up inside all day in front of the tv or playing dang video games all day. When I was a kid, I loved my cartoons and nintendo, but half the time I was OUTSIDE playing with kids.

    But yeah, sadly kids are exposed to the latest cgi filled movies and games...so its like a kid sees an old nintendo game or 80's puppet animatronic fantasy movie, and its like "ugh, this is boring!" then again kids lose attention span over even the latest whiz bang stuff. So many spoiled kids have a whole side of their room where there toys are pushed to the side, cuz mommy and daddy cater to the kids every whim. Im so glad I was raised poor, on thrift stores and the occasional new toy.

    Also, toys should be enjoyed forever, way past 7. The 1990's bulldookie notion of "keep figures carded and MOC!" is so lame. I always open up my figures, display and occassionally play with em...and Im almost 33!

    Im all about edgy subversive humor, but Family Guy goes into truly abhorrent and obscene material. Im almost embarassed over the obssession of having Muppet cameos in there. I cant stand Seth Mcfarlane's work now

    Well look how so many of these families just forcefeed all that horrible high fructose soda and junk food down their kids throats every day, while the kid has to endure the parent's endless arguing. So many people having kids that shouldnt have kids...go to any Walmart and observe the lowest rungs of humanity at work. And the way the powers that be like to push harmful powerful SSRI and uneccesary vaccines on kids, no wonder so many kids have health and mental problems(not to mention the GMO stuff in food) I cant stand the weight-ist stuff tho, its so schizoid. One minute its "America's top next model and Biggest Loser, coming up! And now a commercial for the new triple cheeseburger, only 99 cents!"

    The left has become so pacified, while the ruling Democrats are just as bad. I laugh in the face of liberals who thought Obama was "Change"...unless they consider Obama robots murdering innocent Pakistani civilians every day and backing down on gay rights to be "Change". Obama is proving to be just as much of a warmonger as the Bush junta, and has shown to be a coward when it comes to civil liberties and rights. And now look how pretty much going to the airport means getting sexually violated in the name of "homeland security".

    The problem with food is balance. The powers that be put so much harmful stuff in our foods(I dont know if its to save money or keep the population dumb) as well as people have no balance or self control. Hence health issues from food.

    I agree. Imagine how nice it woulda been if everyone coulda seen Fraggle Rock in the 80's, not just rich kids.

    Kids need that saturday morning cartoon ritual. I wish you were a little bit older, as I swear that whole 84-90' saturday morning cartoon era was pure magic beyond imagination.

    Now, most cartoons are just ugly cheap flash animation. And people make fun of 80's animation, ugh
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't consider anything his fault since the country has become so intensely right wing being a moderate means being far far left now. How much change can you get from someone who's too busy trying to keep the side that hates him from hating him he can't do anything with his own side? I dunno about you, but he's faring EXACTLY as well as I expected him to. Pass one or two watered down pieces of easily overturned legislation that does barely anything, but it's still something. I dunno about you, but I'd hate to have the job of someone who has to clean up after the wars of a spoiled brat moron drug addict legacy trust fund baby of an oil baron. I do agree, like everyone else on the left, they're ALL cowards. Face it, America doesn't like you... oh wait... no... America is TOLD by rich neoconservatives not to like you. I'd HATE to be a democrat in the age of Fox News' fatso talking heads. If anyone on the left said anything to the extent that Glenn (danger to himself and others) Beck said on the left, they'd get fired, blacklisted, and called a fruit cake... that is if anyone even bothered listening.

    I hate the fact he can't do anything better with the Middle East than slowly and painfully pull out of Iraq like a glacier and stay in Afghanistan forever. But what are you gonna do? John McCain wanted to stay in Iraq indefinitely, and mark my words, if he WAS president, we'd be in Iran and Yemen by now. Gay rights? That's political suicide for some reason. The left is too afraid that they'd lose votes to religious types that obsess about ONE passage that's buried in the appendix of the bible. Apparently when a celebrity says something bad about gays, they're ostracized and blacklisted... but if a politician or talking head says anything homophobic, they get elected/a billion dollar book deal.

    The best way out of the Middle East is to build a time machine, and give Russia Afganistan, and let Iran keep the hostages. Everyone wants to blame Obama for everything, when frankly, everything is the fault of everybody's hero Ronald Reagan, who's administration helped Sadam come into power to fight the Iranians, who then SOLD weapons to them to give to far right drug smugglers to fight against far left drug smugglers. The corporate factors keeping any change down are HUGE. Anyone who thought Obama could wave a magic wand and the tax burden would fall onto the rich, we'd be out of war with no consequences, and jobs would fall from the sky was fooling themselves. And the worst part is, now any small, tiny, and barely significant but much needed change has been killed by Tea bags that STILL think an almost conservative president is a far left Marxist so they can let the big fat corporations rule their lives, and give their jobs to ungrateful foreign companies so everything can be made for pennies, but still cost the same so they can all buy everything at Wal*mart and moan and whine about how they have no jobs. Then they fight against social security and unemployment for future generations.

    In short, you've got people who are either too cowardly to change anything, and stone cold sell outs who would have everyone sell their organs to the wealthiest .0001% for nickles just for the fun of it... and kickbacks. I'm going with the cowards.

    Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest. These people WANT seeds of discontent so the right will vote for the far right and the left will vote for green rainbow that has no chance of winning and only takes votes from the lesser of two evils.
  5. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I agree that Obama has been pinned down, just like most of us easily predicted: Made extreme ineffectual and marginalized. A Jimmy Carter type figure. But if Bush could pass laws above the heads of people, I dont see why Obama cant take a stand, say 'screw it', and pass laws that help people or this country.

    Yeah its really gone from annoying to just abhorrent with how the Republican/Tea Party side has sidelined everything. :Health care for people? Health care for wounded vets? Why, that's communism/socialism! And we dun wan that!" Even the left doesn't buy a lot of what Democrats say, but man...the amount of brainwashing that goes on, and how gullible people on the conservative side are. Gosh bless em, they probably mean well, but they sit and listen to Rush and Beck all day, and then try and spout this stuff...you know Rush and Beck just sit there laughing their buts off when their off air, making all this stuff up.
    Its like if the Onion ran fake right wing news and people bought it. But its also dangerous, as Ive heard Rush flirt with saying he wants a return of segregated buses and Beck saying some awful things. Then ya get a nutjob who sprays up a gay accepting church or clinic, saying he was inspired by a Fox commentator and somehow the commentator feigns ignorance. We roll our eyes at the overprotective leftist yuppy parents for wanting to ban happy meals, but it's certainly not a luaghing manner when
    right wing groups are able to take away gay rights, send kids to die for lies, destroy and gut the mental health care system and poverty assistance, etc. There vision for America is so warped, is so unfriendly and ultimately will destroy the lives of even the conservative base that voted them in.
    Think about this...why are so many poor people voting convervative(and struggling working class conservatives) when they are the ones who got screwed by the corporate greed system ran by the right?
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is, you're second paragraph answers your first one. If he were to do anything, and I mean anything, they'd second guess him within a heart beat. Oh, sure, I'd love for him "That's it... we're getting the crap out of Iraq, so you little wimps that hated Saddam so freaking much better get off you're lazy fat butts... and I'm raising the heck out of taxes for the oil companies and war profiteers who made a mint off the last 8 years! And I actually firmly say NO MORE OCEAN DRILLING!" That would be a wonderful world if Obama had the same reckless abandon that Bush had and actually got things done. But then again, he tries oh so hard to pander to the same people who think he's Hitler for coming up with Healthcare and threatening to make big business play by (GASP) rules. Not to mention said big fat media forces that over accentuate ANYTHING he does in a negative light.

    Seriously, as soon as he got elected, there were about a thousand "He's a Commie" books written by greedy Dr. Nick type quacks. And the gullible public bought it.

    I could go hours about this. I really could. People LOVE bully politics. They love to be treated like big pampered babies having people tell them what's good for them so they don't have to actually USE that brain in their heads. They listen to PAID opinions from the right. When the left does it, they FAIL. Remember Air America? That was a good 2 weeks, right? They couldn't compete with the onslaught of books, local and national radio hosts, television personalities, and information deprived blogs. I love that irony. The very same weak, pathetic, voiceless blogs that the left tried to make to get people to NOT vote for the same Neo-Con(Victs) bit them on the butt with louder, backwards, nasty flaming vomit that keeps the establishment well fed. Essentially, we're getting people TOLD that anything that's out to help them is terrible, but we should ALWAYS keep the rich rich and have the poor go off and die in some quagmire they have invested in. These are the SAME people who said "Anyone who doesn't wanna go into Iraq and everywhere else the Muslins are is just as bad as the terrorits! Peace Symbol = footprint of the American Chicken. Praise Reagan!" And people are still listening to that?

    I try hard not to have problems with conservatives, but it's a TALL order. I love how peace protests (and the corrupt cops that beat those people into submission) were GREATLY ignored by the media, but we have 5 minute nightly segments on how we LOVE the far right ill informed Tea Party. We can't even make fun of them. Marvel made a comic mocking their mob rule ways and had to rescind it because they cried their eyes out. You can't even mock Fox News because they're so "Patriotic" that insulting them makes you a brainwashing liberal whatever. Look what they did to Sesame Street. These are the same people who tried to keep left wing free speech silent, but WE have to listen to them non stop? To say nothing of Fox actually sponsoring them.
  7. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    It is funny how the anti war protests were ignored by the media, but even the smallest "Tea Party" protest gets major coverage. Its the ultimate Stockholm syndrome with how they protest the very health care proposal that poor/struggling rural folk like themselves have been wanting. Also, they seem to only be anti establishment when the other party is in office.

    But getting back on track...other than ebay, which can run up a lot of money, you know where the best place to randomly find toys is?
    Good will and thrift stores, as well as flea markets and garage sales. You'd be amazed what you can find.
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I'm also sure that no one was paying attention when these people where trying to succeed from the union when Obama got elected. I think we should have let them. They made us all consider moving to Canada when their guy got wrongfully elected once and elected based on homophobia the second time, but I'm not going into it.

    I love how they always get the clean, articulate people to go on news programs and interview shows to say they aren't all a bunch of nasty 50 year old white racists from Podunk towns, when that's like a good fraction of their base. I could go on and on about them, I really could. But anyone who questioned Iraq 8 years ago almost got sent to Guanotanamo.


    I found a small corner with that stuff... it looks pertty good, and I might just try to pick up one of the 2 minifigure packs. Maybe the action figures if they go down a good price. It's good looking stuff, but I can't even remember what it was sandwiched between that I almost missed it. Still, I really wanted to get one of the little Yellow minion things from Despicable Me somewhere. I only found a plushy at a seasonal arcade, it cost several hundred tickets for this dinky little bean bag sized thing... AND they ran out of them. I agree, this movie merchandise stuff is a crapshoot. Still, there was no excuse for Disney to not further produce any Up figurine sets. They had them, they made the molds... they could still have a limited edition set as an onlie exclusive if needs be. And they could literally build a storage house for all the G.I. Joe movie stuff OUT of G.I. Joe movie stuff. I keep forgetting there WAS a movie.
  9. Thank-you for your thoughts on childhood and the toys of 2010, Drtooth.

    I think...what was going to be freeing has become leveling - leveling things out, creating a more (not less) rigid society and I mean the ideal of no ideology: let everything flow, like electricity, and we'll all be better off. The flow will take care of everything. People did think that early on in the twentieth century. I think we have all thought it somehow, sometime. :cool:

    What we ended up with is: money, science and technology. Those are the ideology. They (particularly money) take no prisoners. Man is for sale.

    Anyway, for toys, action figures especially, what we seem to have now is too-polished product, dreams come true for cash, and there is less and less left of what made toys so cool from the fifties through the early eighties: slight quirkiness. Edges are the edges of -something. When all the edges go you've got nothing.

    Too, the money thing is leaving fewer and fewer niches - little worlds inside our world - such as 'toyland.'

    The Muppet Show itself was great primarily because it wove the magic spell of place. Succeeding projects after the Muppet Movie, which is one of the great films of the twentieth century, don't seem as succesful in creating a (new) place. Maybe movies were just not made for Muppets?
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Also... we have to take into consideration that kids can't be kids now. We have too many people basically just rushing kids into their teens (I feel that's completely unhealthy). Kids DO NOT want toys anymore, 20 year old geeks do. You're seen as a baby if you have toys meant for 8 year olds at age 8. Kids want only the expensive gaming products and gadgets. And that hurt the toy industry in 2 ways, I think.... firstly, when the economy was "good" parents spoiled the crap out of their kids and maxxed out their credit cards. Thus, people stopped buying the smaller, cheaper little toys, and they fell through when we were TOLD the economy was good. And of course, I already said the second one... toys are seen as something for kids and kids don't want to be kids anymore. Same thing that's partially killing the animation industry.

    And there are so few licenses out there. I only see the same movie stuff, and it has to be the blockbuster stuff, since TRU has stuff like Megamind exclusively (selling like hotcakes, I might add), and EVERY store I know is desperately trying to get rid of their A-Team stuff. Sigh... if only they did A-Team TV show figures as well... And the wrestling toys... thousands of them. I am kicking myself for not getting Captain Lou and Andy Kaufman... but other than the classics kine, there are just SOOOOooo many different figures of the same guys. Not a huge wrestling buff (and I wish Ultimate Muscle did that good), but even I think an entire wall of similar merchandise is a bit much.

    I almost cried a tear of happiness when I saw Phineas and Ferb stuff. A COMEDY cartoon with MERCHANDISE? Surely... surely it can't be true. The last time I saw that was the impossible to find Mattel Cartoon Network line! If only there were more cartoons out there that could have this sort of treatment... If only there were more cartoons PERIOD!
  11. You're dead-on about so many things. Or as they say in Britain, "spot-on"... :search:
  12. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    As a huge Sonic fan, Im happy to see Sonic stuff selling out the most and fastest at all Toys R Us's it seems. Kids cant seem to get enough of even the more obscure Sonic universe characters.
    I dont see anyone buying wrasslin figures, and I think everyone by now is a bit star wars'd out.
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a few problems with the Sonic figure assortment, mainly that it took so long to get Dr. Eggman in the line up. I love Sonic and all, but his fan base almost seems controlled by Furries. Dr. Robotnik/Eggman has been with Sonic since the beginning. Even Tails was introduced in the second game. And he's not even sold separately either.

    The only people buying Star Wars now are ubercompletists and kids who only watch Clone Wars. The seasonal bobble heads are the only thing really interesting anymore... who doesn't want Zombie Yoda or Vader bearing gifts?
  14. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Um, Eggman(is he referred to as Robotnik by anyone? I know most fans call him Eggman) has been represented in both the Toy Island and the Jazwares lines. The Jazwares lines are very new. Remember that it began last year with just the 5" Sonic/Knight/Were-Sonic and a few of the super posers. They had to test the market out. I just was at Toys R Us, and they had Jet the Hawk. I mean they are really going for every character. I just hope they make new 5" figures. I admit tho, Im more of a modern Sonic fan as far as the look. I dont like the "retro" cartoon or sonic game art look, but more of the post Dreamcast Adventure and Sonic X style. I LOVE the sculpt of the 5" Sonic, and am very impressed with the Sonic Colors figure packaging.

    Also, "furries" might be one small niche into Sonic, but there's a HUGE section of all kinds of people into Sonic. For one, kids love Sonic regardless of gender. And Sonic has this massive following in England, where they even hold Sonic conventions. England and Australia even had "Sega World" theme parks at one point.
    Why do you say the "fanbase is controlled by furries"?
    I see 16-35 year old hardcore gamers as one of the most visible of fans, as far as the games. As far as the entire "Sonic Universe", it does seem a bit younger. Im a huge fan of both the game canon and the Archie Sonic comic canon. The fact they give Bean, Fang, and the rest of the super obscure characters starring roles is amazing.

    I think Generator Rex to me is the only cool new toy line at Toys R Us next to Sonic, probably the only good action cartoon to come out in awhile...tho I admit "TF Prime" is growing on me.
    I just do not see the appeal at all of Toy Story 3 toys, Wrestling/UFC, Bakugan, GI Joe, DC/Marvel dinky toys for $10 a pop, and I hate to say it...as much as a I was a massive Star Wars nerd, I just roll my eyes at all the Star Wars(and even Transformers stuff)

    I do love Legos, and am glad to see the Lego company come roaring back to heights never seen before. Its like everyone young and old has Lego mania. Heck the two lego aisles at all the stores near me are always selling out, and theres a super busy Lego store at my local mall.
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I'm just annoyed Eggman gets NO love whatsoever. Of all the Sonic products I see, I always see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy... even Rouge... but never Eggman ... at least anymore. With Mario stuff, you ALWAYS see King Koopa. I'm glad Jazzwares has that Eggman (though again, sold exclusively in set as of now), but I never see Keychains, plush, T-shirts (Come ON! I'm dying for a Snoopingas usual shirt), and all that stuff. Again, currently. They used to... just no more.

    And I really dislike the random other Hedgehogs they've been doing lately.

    And I have that Toy Island one. I HATE it, I feel it was a waste of 6 bucks better spent on that freakin' Retro roto Gutsman I SHOULD have bought... and I hate it's bleeding visible screws.

    That said, I wanna know if Jazzwares would ever plan a Sonic Retro line... It would be great of they made AOSTH Robotnik... right up their with his Sonic Adventure/Sonic x design it's my favorite look for him. If I had the money to waste, I'd see if I could find those Australian Sega Theme park water bottles shaped like him.

    Oh, and I had to buy Tails at a comic book store... really... why was he so hard to find? And I so plan on getting the Vector/Espio set with the comic... at least after I try to get the Eggman one.

    I wish the Mario toys were that good. The figures are decent... but the posable vynals... they only have that one wave, don't they... sigh... I want a Wario. I got a Lemmy Koopa out of a Japanese surprise egg, though...
  16. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Actually it seems like Metal Sonic is the big favorite now, since they have three different sized figures of him at TRU. Silver the hedgehog and Shadow are also given merchandise as of late.
    I love the fat Eggman UFO plushes on ebay. Even cartoon Eggman was cool. I think the only Rogue figure was the rare and impossible to find Toy Island one, a smaller 2" version and a plush. (I SO want the impossibly rare Fang UFO plush)
    Oh, and if you want retro Sonic toys, check out First 4 Figures.
    They have a bunch of retro Sonic toys representing the 1991-1993 era. They even have 3" bendy toys of retro amy, knux, sonic, sonic cd metal sonic, tails, etc.
    Man, you don't like Toy Island Eggman? Love that figure, much better than the dinky one Jazwares just released.
    Im also a massive fan of Sonic X the cartoon. I hated all the 90's Sonic cartoons, and am happy they finally did the series justice.

    Whoah, you know about the little known Sega World Australia? They had some sweet Princess Sally merchandise, which sadly is beyond impossibly rare. My problem with the Jazwares 3" line is how utterly dismal the quality is. A lot are broken in the packages or just fall apart when you take them out. Their 5" sonic and weresonic are by far their best products IMHO.
    Popco only released a few of the Banpresto Mario vinyls from 2006. Now goldie is releasing them in the same packages, putting the same ones out with the little 2" figurines in every store. Sadly, they havent released any new ones. In Japan they had Wario, Hammer Bros, Princess, etc...sadly, the bootleg knockoffs of Banpresto mario and all other mario merchandise is such a problem, that its almost impossible to find authentic banpresto mario figures on ebay.

    Btw, did you ever get into the sonic comics? I have to say Ive fallen totally in love with the Sonic Universe series.
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The Toy Island Dr. Eggman was COMPLETELY held together with screws. The plastic they used was cheap... and it felt like it should have came free with a Burger and kid's sized fries. It looked good in packaging though... but when I opened it up I was beyond disappointed. I don't tolerate visible screws in an action figures no matter who makes them. Plus, he lost his articulation quite easily, leaving his arms drooping to the side loosely. I took it apart and tightened the screws only to have it happen again.

    Plus that Gutsman was pretty sweet and I NEVER was able to get it ever again. I hear Jazzwares got the Mega Man license again... hope they're the same quality as the Sonic ones this time around. To be fair, they DID make Dr. Wily, but I would have bought a playset for it.
  18. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    You talking about the vinyl "retro roto" figures or the older sets? Ha, I got the playset *just* for the exclusive Wily.

    I wonder if we're talking about two different figures. The one I got is the "Sonic Adventure Dr Robotnik" that came with Baby Kiki the monkey and was released in 2000. Totally amazing figure in my view. Though, I never understood figure collector's dislike of visible screws. To me a bigger sin is figures that break apart easily, or have little to no mobility...worst of all is as Ive been complaining about, tiny figures sold for wayyy too much.(They finally released a Mickey Rourke Whiplash which rocks, as much as the Iron Man figures cost too much for what you get)

    Also I wonder if I am the only serious toy collector who sometimes prefers kid's meal toys to their toy store counterparts? I mean let's see, big Avatar figures for a buck versus tiny cheap ones for $10. Happy Meal toys are amazing to me, especially Mcdonalds. I lovvvve the Monsters Inc and Monsters vs Aliens Mcdonalds toys compared to the store bought ones.

    Im a huge supporter of Jazwares, but again I have no idea why they have such bad quality on their 3" line. They should have made them more solid, instead of trying to put the articulation into them that large figures have. I can forgive the quality on
    the say, Palisades Invader Zim line(known to easily snap and break) because they were trying to put impossible cartoon like
    detail and top heavy limbs together.
    What did you think of the "Juvi" Sonic or Mugg like Megaman? I cant stand those, as much as I do love "urban vinyl" figures.

    By the way, my Target and Walmart is officially only down to
    literally less than 10 lines they carry in their toy aisle:
    wrestling, dc/marvel, star wars, transformers, ben 10, bakugun, and gi joe, and tron(which are cool but pricey for what you get)
    Since Tron is a temporary peg filler, its really just 6-7 toy lines they carry.

    I feel bad for kids...man back in the 80's, there had to have been like what, 100 toy lines out at any given time?
  19. Mainstream Comic Book Industry

    Do you think there is a connection between the situation in the toy industry and the shape of things at DC/Marvel?

    I am a long-time fan of both, and have witnessed who knows how many DC explosions, Marvel implosions and I certainly am rooting for both, but...

    It just seems like less, the more they do. And as old hands who once drew for these companies will tell you, the drawing is not up to par, except, interestingly enough, non-traditional, non-comics renderings: paintings, illustrations.

    Que penses-tu? :confused:
  20. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I honestly never followed major comic book companies, even though I do love most Marvel Characters, and uh... I love Batman from DC... everything about ol' Bats.

    Personally, I think it's time for The Tick to make a come back of some sorts. His comics are still being published (though, frankly, I stopped following them halfway through The Tick and Arthur), but I wanna see some more recognition of the character somewhere. Merchandise, perhaps? But I'd LOVE to see a new animated series or a DTV movie... something for adults.

    But as far as the fact we have ALL these comic book hero toys go, If they ever made Sam and Max toys, I'd knock a child over to get one. I don't see why they still don't have so much as a Max Plush... I sooo want one that says "Death from Above" when you pull the string. Plus, if they're going to do every single character from the animated Justice League, I wanna see them put out a Static Shock figure. That show was terribly underrated.

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