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RARE and Vintage Muppet items for sale on eBay this week!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by DrGroverFan, May 15, 2017.

  1. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    For the next few weeks, I will be putting some rare and hard to find Muppet items up for bid on eBay. These items are from my personal Muppet collection. I love collecting, but my Muppet collection is getting quite massive. Some of these Muppet items need a new and happy home. Here are a few of the items up for bi this week:

    Hard to find "Muppet Show on Tour" items from 1984

    3 Rare Muppet Door Hangers by Hallmark from 1981 (double sided)

    7 Rare Muppet Hallmark Star Mobile Wall Decorations from 1981

    Check out some of the other Muppet items. There is also a rare Muppet towel from 'The Great Muppet Caper', set of 12 Hallmark buttons, notepads, and keychains.
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  2. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    Hey, I'm back to selling some Rare and Hard to Find Muppet items on eBay. Thought I would let you guys know that I will be putting some Muppet items up for sale in the October 2017 weeks to come and in November 2017.

    This week, I have a rare Muppet Style Guide for sale:


    A Great Muppet Caper towel from 1980:

    Some original Muppet production photos from the Henson studios:


    Some other items as well. Thought you guys might be interested.
  3. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    I have put some more vintage Muppet items up for bid this week on eBay.

    2 Rare Vintage Muppet Hallmark Large Greeting Cards 1980 Miss Piggy 7 1/2" x 15"


    Hard to Find Muppet Jim Henson Company Stationary, Envelopes, Folders

    3 Muppet Hallmark Stationary, Notepad, Pen items 2015 (never sold in stores)


    Let me know if there is any Muppet items you might be looking for. I have lots to sell in the coming months.
  4. Muppetlab

    Muppetlab Well-Known Member

    Nice! Do you have any crew items?
  5. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    I do have some crew items. Still not sure if I want to sell those. I have a Muppet Movie belt buckle that I'm thinking of selling. This was given to crew members from the Muppet Movie set.
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  6. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    I have listed some more Muppet items for this week.

    2 Rare Vintage Muppet Show Finger Puppet Sets by Palitoy 1978

    A Rare FULL Set of 8 Muppet Show Ravenhead Co. Glasses + 2 very rare paperweights 1979

    3 Rare Vintage Muppet Palitoy Fun Figures 1979 featuring Kermit, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf


    5 Rare Muppet Show School Folders by Stuart Hall in 1979 featuring the cast of the Muppet Show, Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Miss Piggy. The Gonzo and Fozzie Folders are very hard to find these days. All folders are in excellent shape!

    Even more Muppet items to come in the next few weeks.
  7. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    This Week:
    20 Muppet items on eBay
    All starting at $.99

    So I decided to see what would happen if I started the bidding at $.99 on all item that I listed this week. In the past weeks, I've been getting a lot of interest, but no bids. Maybe I was pricing things too high. So lets start the bidding really low and see what happens. Call me crazy, but I am Muppetcrazy! Most Muppet items this week are from the early 80's. Here are a few of the selections:

    Rare Vintage Sigma Muppet Gonzo Mug

    Rare Vintage Jim Henson Muppet Show Bill Book 1982 - Fantastic Condition!

    4 Vintage Sigma Muppet Egg Cups - Statler, Waldorf, Zoot, Sam the Eagle

    Rare Vintage Muppet Hallmark Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper

    6 Vintage Muppet Greeting Cards 1980 - Kermit, Miss Piggy


    All 20 Muppet items are starting at $.99 with
    no reserve!
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  8. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    This week -
    20 More Muppet items on eBay
    All starting at $.99

    Here are a few of this week's offerings (November 5th):

    7 Rare Vintage Muppet Show Fan Club Newsletters 1978, 1979,1980, 1981

    Rare Vintage Muppet Show Palitoy Fun Figures Kermit the Frog 1979 (still sealed)

    Rare and Vintage Muppet Ambassador Gift Wrapping Paper (un-used) early 80's

    Set of 11 Fraggle Rock PVC Figures 1983 Schleich - Doozers, Gorg Family

    Make sure you check out all of the Muppet items up on eBay this week. All starting at $.99!
  9. DrGroverFan

    DrGroverFan Well-Known Member

    Cast/Crew Muppet Movie Belt Buckle

    Also on eBay this week is a Rare belt buckle that was given to the cast and crew of The Muppet Movie.


    The sculptor of the front design was Al Shelton. On the back side it says, "with many thanks - Isadore Mankofsky". Mankofsky was the cinematographer for The Muppet Movie. These are so hard to find these days. I just put it up on eBay to see if anyone was interested.

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