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Rare Muppet Collectibles for trade

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by mupcollector1, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    I have a few Muppet collectibles that I'm willing to trade within the same value.

    I will list from sort of rare first and the rarest items near the end. It's sort of a small listing. Anyway, here I go.

    Muppet Treasure Island, Kermit as Captain Smollett (illustrated) plastic plate from Selandia

    Okay, onto the rare stuff now

    Palisades Sam The Eagle as Mr. Arrow of Muppet Treasure Island (willing to trade for another Palisades figure)

    John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together 45 RPM Record "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas / We Wish You A Merry Christmas b/w A Baby Just Like You (1979)

    Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock (I think it's the first album, Illustrated cover it says 1983, 1987 so it could be it's 2nd re-release of it)
    Sesame Street Sing / What's the Name of That Song 45 RPM Record (1976)
    Sesame Street Doin' the Snuffle-upagus / Nobody 45 RPM Record (1976)

    The Great Muppet Caper Soundtrack Record (still in it's original plastic, never been opened with protective plastic case over it

    And last I have an extra Wontkins puppet from 1958. The only problem is that, my father had a friend of his who wanted to restore it so he repainted it using a darker shade of the original colors and black stickers over the eyes which I'm still a bit fusterated about. But I own another Wonktins in better shape for my own personal collection. But noticing that I did have an extra Wontkins, and other then the paint job it's still the original latex puppet from 1958. So that being said, I can already tell that the paint probably ruined it's value a tad but still, it's one of the first Muppet merchandises ever so I'm willing to trade my extra Wontkins for a big collectible.

    I also wanted to state that just in case I change my mind on anything, I will post it in this thread. I've rarely done collectible trading with rare items before and I want to be careful not to be ripped off in general. But I know that I'm talking with people who have the passion for this stuff as much as I and I sort of want to be able to have fun trading rare items like this.

    So PM me if your interested and we'll chat. :)

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