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Rare Muppet Puppet & Plush Collection on eBay

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by impala9564, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. impala9564

    impala9564 New Member

    Hello everyone! Just thought I would ask you guys (the professionals) your opinion regarding a Muppet sale on eBay that will be coming up in the very near future. I am trying to raise some money for a very important cause (important to me right now), and this is my last resort. It took me years and years to build this collection. It was on display for years at my house, and I do have an odd sense of value when it comes to my Muppets. I do not have more than one puppet / plush of any one muppet character. Whenever I would find a better looking Kermit, for example, I would sell my old kermit and begin displaying the more attractive one. I did not build on my collection with the thought of making a fortune off of them when i finally decided to sell them, but I did end up with quite a few rare ones that should sell for enough to sate the landlord/bill collectors for now. I am going to type out a list of the most rare/valuable puppets/plushes in my collection so that hopefully you guys can give me an idea what I should do to raise the most $ without completely wiping out my collection of it's most valuable pieces. I have been out of the eBay and Muppet circles for several years, so I am not sure if things have changed due to the economy, or if they have risen in value as more Muppet fans have discovered the fun & satisfaction incurred with spending time thinking about Jim Henson and the relationship you have/had with his works. One thing I did notice that has changed was that they are allowing independent puppet makers to sell bootleg Muppet reproductions on eBay. In some ways this burns me up, as I do not feel as if they should profit from his name and talent. However, the quality of the puppets that I have seen looks to me as if the builder has put so much time and effort into them, that maybe they deserve the recognition they are getting just for applying themselves. I know if I had money right now I would probably order one for my collection as they are quite realistic. I do not know if this has hurt the Muppet plush/puppet market, as now you can get reproductions that put even the nicest plush to shame when it comes to aesthetic value. I also noticed that "Of Muppets and Men..." had a buy it now price of $75.00 and had not been bid on, whereas when I left the eBay world years ago, you would have been lucky to get one for $200.00 IF you could even find one. Go figure.

    Croonchy Stars Swedish Chef doll
    Knickerbocker large Snuffalupagus
    Child Horizons Herry puppet
    Applause Bean Bunny & Father puppets
    Applause Radar (Big Bird's Teddy Bear)
    Igel Waldorf & Statler (with Igel chairsw/tag)
    Child Horizons Grover puppet
    Dakin Labyrinth Sir Didymus (w/tag)
    Hasbro Fraggle Rock (All Fraggles)
    Vicma Sherlock Hemlock puppet
    Vicma Guy Smiley puppet
    Igel Large Rizzo (w/tag)
    Wilkins & Wontkins vinyl puppets
    Tomy Sprocket (w/tag)
    Hasbro Doozers (1 Male & 1 Female) in boxes

    These are the rarest ones, as best as memory serves me. I have around 100 different characters altogether, but I think the ones listed above are at the top of the list as far as monetary value goes. If you guys could give me a ballpark figure range (eBay, I assume), I would appreciate your getting me up-to-date on my Muppet values. I would be willing to sell them outright, if that is allowed on the Muppet Central website. If not, I will send a link to anyone who may be interested in an item, once the item is listed on eBay. I just really need an idea of their value so I don't get burned on eBay. I will probably put a reserve on most of them, as I have put a lot of time, effort, and money into building this collection over the years. My biggest regret was selling three Vicma puppets I had at one time, I was never able to find two of them again, so my collection feels as if it has a couple of "empty spots" that need to be filled. My reasoning at the time was that they were in their original boxes and had never been removed from their boxes, so I felt like I could not display them with my other muppets as they were all in an open-air environment. They were Professor Hastings, Guy Smiley, and the blonde girl (can't remember her name). Luckily I eventually found another Guy Smiley, but the other two have never been replaced. If any of you have either of those Vicma puppets, I would be interested in a possible trade involving any of the above listed Muppets. The Vicma puppets are my favorite out of any of the production Muppets that were offered to retail. If anyone has an Ideal Rowlf puppet I would be interested in a trade involving it as well, as all I have at the moment is the Fisher Price Rowlf puppet, and I think the Ideal is Ideal for my collection. Anyways, if anyone would like to respond, I will be monitoring this site to see what your input will be. You can also contact me at impala9564@yahoo.com , that will probably be faster as I check that email account fairly often. Thanks for your assistance, and thanks Muppet Central for being here to unite the Jim Henson lovers!

    Your Friend,

  2. rtgentry

    rtgentry Well-Known Member

    If you go to www.mrpuppet.com Bob Abdou may still have a ideal rowlf in his possesion that he is willing to sell. I think he wanted $200 for it.

    Hope this helps
  3. impala9564

    impala9564 New Member

    On Auction Now!

    Hey everyone! Just to let you know, the muppets are all up for sale right now, under the seller id -- mollywollydoodleii -- , would appreciate you guys checking them out , and bidding on any you might be interested in! Thanks for your help!
  4. rche

    rche Active Member

    Congrats on the nice finishes on your auctions. Wish I had seen this before they went to ebay.

    That Wilkins and Wontkins set was real nice. Nice if I had the dough for that one.

  5. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    I just checked, and it dosn't seem to be there anymore.
  6. nono

    nono Active Member

    I am nono from Spain,
    I have Vicma puppets to sell if you are interested,

    -Guy smiley with original box- 200€
    -Trudy (Betty lou) with original box -200 €
    -Prof Hastings with original box 130 €

    also Sherlock,Toccata,Cookie monster,grover...

    Please contact me nonorico66@hotmail.com
    Thank you!

  7. nono

    nono Active Member

  8. Jawade

    Jawade New Member

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