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Requesting help for Fraggle Rock UK fanfic

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Auburn Red, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Auburn Red

    Auburn Red Member

    Hi as I said I'm new here but I have a very important request. I'm a frequent fanfic writer and I have become inspired to write a fanfic starring the Lighthouse Keepers, particularly P.K. and B.J. even based on the scant information that I have of them (which unfortunately isn't very much since their episodes seem to be missing). It interests me because of the fact that P.K. is of course the Captain's nephew and B.J. is the owner's son (is that right? I've seen a couple that say he's the Captain's son, but more that say he's the owner's so I'm guessing that's right), so there's a strong family dynamic of two or three generations connected to the lighthouse and of course the theme of change occuring between the three keepers and the lighthouse becoming automated. Being younger approixamately the same human age as the Fraggles also creates a strong parallel between P.K., B.J., and the Fraggles that they all have the same questions about the world, experiences, and wonders.
    Unfortunately since information is so scant, I would like to get a stronger handle on P.K. and B.J. personality and background wise, if you U.K. fans could give me some help I would very much appreciate it and give you a big thank you while writing the fanfic. Just tell me what you remember of their characters and anything that you think would be relevant. I would really appreciate it and give you a thank you in the notes! :D

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