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Return to Labyrinth: The Video Game

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Note: This is my video game based on Jake T. Forbes’ Return to the Labyrinth comic four-parter, though at the time of this writing, the last volume isn’t out yet, so I’m just gonna make stuff up, LOL. If you’ve heard of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, you know that’s a game that is affected by your answers in psychological tests (the protagonist is undergoing therapy in the game) and by your actions in gameplay. I find that idea fascinating. I will try my best to write this in a logical, flowing manner. You will begin by choosing either Teen Toby or Adult Sarah. Each choice will affect the plot and, if multiple game saves are used, might also influence subsequent playthroughs (like how in Metal Gear Solid games that Psychic Mantis guy or whatever could read your Playstation memory card to make jabs about your video game choices). That being said, I will start with Teen Toby’s playthrough, as the comic focuses more on his journey anyway. The following will sort of be like a brief manual to get you started so I don’t have to spend time explaining this stuff when I start the story. [/end note]

    The game manual will have a red cover, like Sarah’s book she reads at the beginning of the movie.

    Through dangers untold
    And hardships unnumbered,
    I have fought my way to the castle
    Beyond the Goblin City.

    Give back the child that you have stolen.

    For my will is as strong as yours.
    My kingdom is as great.

    You have no power over me.

    In 1986 a teenage girl named Sarah Williams resented her mother leaving and forcing her to live with her father and his new wife. Even worse, they had a baby boy named Toby and she felt a slave to the demanding little infant. She read lots of fantastic fairy tales in the comfort of her toy-stuffed bedroom and acted out her dreams in a nearby park. One night, frustrated because she had to babysit again, Sarah called upon the Goblin King she had read about to take the child away from her.

    She was surprised when he actually did.

    The Goblin King taunted her as she began her journey through his Labyrinth, which was designed to trap those who sought his heart.

    She fought her way to his castle beyond the Goblin City, making new friends and proclaiming her independence from the Goblin King, taking away his power over her and returning both her and her half-brother to their home safely.

    And yet, thirteen years later, the Goblin King found he needed them once more to protect his heart from an outside threat ….


    The menu screen’s background has the matte shot typically used of the castle in the background right and the labyrinth in the foreground. All text on the menu screen is in the Labyrinth font with “Return to Labyrinth: The Video Game” in the upper left corner. In the center are these menu choices, from top to bottom: Start New Game, Load Game, Options, and Extras. Selecting an choice throughout the menus will display a glistening crystal ball by the choice and highlight the text in the choice. The Load Game screen will be the opened red book of Sarah’s with each save file written as text on the two visible pages. The options screen will be a picture of Alph and Ralph, the two door goblins that gave Sarah a logic puzzle to solve in order to progress. The options will be displayed in between the two doors: Difficulty, Audio/Video, Brightness/Contrast, and Subtitles. The Extras screen will be a still of the white ballroom scene. The text of the choices will be in large spherical clear bubbles that form a wavy diagonal line from top left to bottom right. The choices are Music Videos, Concept Art, Minigames, and Trophy List.

    For the Playstation 3: The left analogue button is for movement. The right analogue button is camera control. The shoulder buttons are L1, L2, R1, and R2. L1 and R1 will make the character evade left and right respectively. L2, when held, will enable combat with the square button. R2 will activate hints. The D-pad on the left of the control is to navigate the menus and in-game choices. On the right of the controller, the triangle button is top, the square button is below that to the left, the circle button is below the triangle button to the right, and the X button is directly below the triangle button. The triangle button is used to access in-game menus. The square button is used to interact with weapons or other objects. The circle button is used to talk to characters. The X button is used to confirm choices and skip cinemas, though the latter isn’t recommended. The Start button, just to the left of the shape-labeled buttons, is used to reach the Save/Load Menu. The PS button in the center enables you to quit the game or turn off the system. The select button to the left of the PS button is nonfunctional.

    In-game menus are black backgrounds with images and labels of choices and pause the game:

    Inventory: To choose weapons or objects for use in the game.
    Options: To change the same options except Difficulty within the game.

    The menus’ music will be an instrumental version of Underground. No synthesizer nonsense. Actual instruments will be used throughout the game.

    Also, the Playstation 3 has a clock. The game will recognize the clock.

    There will be trophies to this game, earned when certain conditions are met. They are the following:

    There’s No Place Like Home: Attempt to contact Mr. and Mrs. Williams or look at all their belongings in the Williams’ house. (The conditions will affect character interactions and scenery appearances.)

    Home Life Sucks: Avoid attempting to contact Mr. or Mrs. Williams or looking at their belongings in the Williams’ house. (The conditions will affect character interactions and scenery appearances.)

    Goblin Enlisted: Defeat 10 enemies.

    Goblin Sergeant: Defeat 100 enemies.

    Goblin Captain: Defeat 250 enemies.

    Goblin General: Defeat 500 enemies.

    Goblin Royalty: Defeat the final boss.

    Pathmaker: Avoid combat and use the environment to defeat all bosses.

    There’s No Rush: Beat the game in over thirteen hours.

    Jareth’s Clock: Beat the game in no more than thirteen hours.

    You Totally Skipped Stuff: Beat the game in under six hours.

    Music You Wished For: Create one music video with the cinemas and your own music stored on the hard drive.

    Video Games WON’T Ruin You: Beat all mini-games.

    Getting to Know You: Interact positively with Hana, Stank, Skub, Spittledrum, Candlewic, Moulin, Drumlin, Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and the Lead Fiery.

    Forbes’ Fans: Interact positively with Return to Labyrinth characters Hana, Stank, Skub, Spittledrum, Candlewic, Moulin, and Drumlin. (The conditions will affect character interactions and scenery appearances.)

    The Movie Was Cooler: Interact positively with the movie characters Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, and the Lead Fiery. (The conditions will affect character interactions and scenery appearances.)

    Backstabber: Defeat Candlewic.

    No Love for this Bodyguard: Defeat Esker.

    We Are Siblings Henceforth: Defeat Sir Didymus.

    A Pixie Gets Her Wings: Help Hana get her wings back.

    I Can Show You Your Dreams: Help Moppet find the music box.

    Stoned: Solve the Stone Maze.

    Hedge Your Bets: Solve the Hedge Maze.

    Hostile Tourist: Fight your way through Goblin City.

    Nice Place to Visit: Avoid combat in Goblin City.

    You Have No Power Over Me: Obtain all the other trophies.

    That is the end of the manual. I shall continue with Toby’s Walkthrough.
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    If you don’t press anything on the menu for two minutes, an introductory music video showing clips of the movie Labyrinth will play, similar to the Labyrinth abridged video on Youtube. After you’ve beaten the game and can make a music video of your own, that video will play as the introduction instead if you choose that option.

    Once you start the game, you will see Teen Toby on the left and Adult Sarah on the right, with their names underneath them. The default appearance will be a teenaged Toby Froud (the boy who played Infant Toby in the movie) and adult Jennifer Connelly (who played Sarah in the movie), wearing a brown T-shirt with a Kingdom of Goblins logo on the front, baggy jean pants, and high-top sneakers for Toby and a black pantsuit with a long-sleeved white blouse, glasses, and black leather pumps for Sarah. Alternate appearances will include Comic Teen Toby, in similar clothes to Toby Froud without the logo and shorter, straighter hair; Baby Toby, which will be comic Toby but with footed red-and-white striped pajamas; Comic Sarah, with a ponytail, glasses, long-sleeved blue blouse, khaki slacks, and brown leather pumps; and Teen Sarah, which will use her movie costume of long hair, white floral barettes, long-sleeved white blouse with lavender vest, blue jeans, and sneakers. Pressing up or down on the D-Pad while highlighting the selected character will access the alternate appearances, which must be unlocked. Also, the appearance of the character you didn’t select will match the character you did. In other words, if you chose Comic Toby, Sarah will appear as Comic Sarah.

    Cinema: Fade-in. Night. The Williams’ house is an upper-middle class two-story house in a green suburb. A white two-door sedan is seen pulling up in the driveway and Toby exits the passenger side while Sarah exits the driver’s side. Interior: The foyer of the Williams’ house is decorated with an expensive multicolored rug and a floral crystal chandelier. There is a portrait of Toby’s parents and a couple of mirrors on opposite sides of the area. Toby unlocks the front double doors and enters as Sarah follows. A large white and gray sheepdog bounds over to a smiling Sarah.

    Sarah (is licked in the face by the dog as she kneels down to pet him): Pendragon, you old mutt! Good to see you too!

    They continue to the right, heading to a kitchen with cherry cabinets, dark gray marble countertops, and cherry kitchen furniture. Appliances are stainless steel. Sarah starts searching the well-stocked refrigerator.

    Sarah: Where’s Irene?

    Toby (shrugs his shoulders, stares at the ceiling, his hands in his pockets): I dunno. They said they wouldn’t be back until after midnight. *glances at Sarah* Mom said not to pull out a bunch of stuff from the fridge, Sarah.

    Sarah (stands up and glowers at Toby): Toby, Irene isn’t my mother. *turns back toward the fridge* C’mon, let your good old half-sister cook you up something nice. *pauses, surprised pleasantly* Ooh, salmon! *starts to take food out*

    Toby (sighs, sits at the table, putting his head on it): I totally flunked algebra.

    Sarah (smiles as she cooks): Don’t beat yourself up, kiddo. One “F” isn’t the end of the world. By the way, what happened?

    The cinema stops briefly as two thought bubbles appear near a close-up of Toby’s head: one saying “I played computer games all night long” and one saying “Mr. Morrissey said I cheated.” At the bottom of the screen, a pop-up says “Highlight a choice with the D-Pad and press X to choose.”

    Sarah (Game Choice, rolls her eyes and plops his food in front of him): You have to grow up, Toby. You can’t live in a little fantasy world forever.

    Sarah (Teacher Choice, carefully hands him his food and puts an arm around his shoulders sympathetically): I know you wouldn’t do such a thing, Toby. Now eat your dinner. *smiles* It’s fit for a prince.

    Toby (regardless of choice, sulks and plays with his food): Ha-ha … you’re soooo funny, sis. *looks up at her* And stop calling me “kiddo”!

    The scene cuts to Sarah preparing to leave out the front door.

    Sarah (opening the door, looks back at Toby): Don’t forget your history paper. It’s due tomorrow. You’re a special kid, kiddo. Never forget that.

    Toby (rolls his eyes, nodding): Yeah, yeah … I’m the great hero, I know. I won’t forget the paper either. I’m almost done with it, actually.

    Sarah (smiles): Great! See? Things are gonna look up yet! *closes door*

    Toby (puts his back on the front door and slides down, worried): I haven’t even started! *hangs head in shame*

    End cinema, fade-out.

    Now the player can control Toby. Both upstairs and downstairs can be investigated, or Toby can head for his room upstairs, which is marked “Toby’s Dungeon” in red. Skipping all the exploration will influence various aspects of the game, including the ending.

    Downstairs-Kitchen: A note on the fridge door reads “Toby, your father and I will be out late. Don’t even THINK about using the food in here to eat unless you intend to get a job and pay for groceries. If you MUST eat, there’s some leftover soup. – Irene”. Toby (examining the dishwasher): Sarah takes such good care of me. I wished she still lived here. Toby (examining a rather large and unusual drop of water hanging from the ceiling in the back of the kitchen): Dang. Dad needs to call the plumber, stat.

    Downstairs-Living Room: It is immaculate and filled with pictures, books, and knickknacks on various shelves and tables. Toby (examining some bookshelves): I wonder if Dad still has that book about American naval battles around here somewhere. Toby (examining a wedding photo above the fireplace): Mom and Dad sure like to party. Such a pity they’re not good at anything else. Toby (examining a DVD player by the large television set): Like I want to watch 3-year-old me dancing to stupid kid’s music. Toby (examining a phone, picking it up and dialing): Mom? Dad? *shrugs and hangs up* Maybe they turned their phones off.

    Upstairs-Parents’ Room: It is the first door on the left after walking up the stairs on the left side of the living room. It is stark with white walls and black bed linens, and a black wooden armoire next to the Master Bathroom, which is similar decorated starkly, though with lots of bottles and grooming equipment on the counter. The shower in the Master Bathroom has multiple jets. A card on the small metal nightstand by the bed reads “Dear Robert, You make me so happy. – Irene”. Toby (examining the door that leads out to a balcony): I wonder why Mom always keeps that door locked. Toby (examining his parents’ bed): Man, if I doze off here, I’ll never get my paper done. Better head down the hall to my room. Toby (examining the stuff on the bathroom counter): I wonder if it takes Mom all day to put on all that makeup. Who is she trying to kid?

    Upstairs-Bathroom: First door on the right. It is simpler than the Master Bathroom, but with similar appliances. The shower is a shower-tub combo with a red-and-white-striped curtain hanging from a rod. Toby (staring at the toilet): C’mon, Toby, get it together. Sarah’s cooking isn’t that bad. Toby (examining the bathroom mirror): I really need to sleep more and play less.

    Upstairs-Toby’s Room: Where Sarah’s used to be, last door on the left. Toby’s room is filled with shelves with various fantasy and sci-fi action figures and vehicles. To the left of the front door is a computer desk with piles of papers, pencils, and a desktop computer. His bed is unkempt and has a Gobo plush doll on a pillow and there are clothes hanging on the closet’s doorknobs.

    Cinema: When Toby first enters his room, the point of view changes to behind grated closet doors, peering out at Toby as he enters. The player hears nervous breathing. The camera then pans up to the ceiling across the room, where a large and unusual drop of water is hanging. Cut to Toby sitting in his desk chair and booting up his computer.

    A close-up of Toby’s worried face appears with two thought bubbles nearby: “I got to level up or I’ll never beat the Goblin King” and “Studying sucks, but I gotta do what I gotta do”.

    Game Choice: Toby plays The Kingdom of Goblins briefly before his character dies and he bangs his head on the desk in frustration. The player will soon regain control and can explore some more. An 8-bit Kingdom of Goblins (loosely based on a Nintendo version of Labyrinth) mini-game will be unlocked.

    Study Choice: Toby stares at the monitor for a few moments before typing the title, “The War of 1812: The Water Was Important”.

    Toby (sighing): I should play with the font more to make it more exciting. *He changes the font to Labyrinth font and increases the size to nearly half the page.* *smirks* Now, there’s half a page. Only two and a half more and I’m done. Easy! *types furiously, stands up and cheers* Yes! *hits the Print command and hears the paper printing* Sweet! And I still have time to catch some Z’s, too! *looks over at an empty printer, gasping in horror* NO! *hurriedly searches the area* I know you printed, dang it!

    A small shadowy figure, with several papers crinkling in its arms, dashes around the room as Toby screams and chases it, only for it to slam the closet door in his face.

    Toby (opens the closet door and spies a small tunnel in the back of the closet, kneels down, stares at it quizzically): What the --? Where the heck did this come from? *begins to crawl through as the opening first few bars of the Fraggle Rock theme song plays*

    End cinema and fade-out.

    Cinema: Fade-in. An ornate snowy castle hallway interior with ice sculptures and waterfalls coming out of holes high in the walls to white marble pools below. A large drip drops from the ceiling into a small mechanized creature, who lets the drop fall into his hollow head and then walks down the hall to a huge throne room. It passes a thin woman with long black pigtails and a scar on her left eye as she reads a book and a white cloud with a smiling face hovers over her. It passes an obese woman with short black pigtails, black lipstick, and dark freckles on her chubby face, who stares hungrily at the little mechanized creature, who fearfully runs to the spiky throne, as though the edges were waves breaking away from the icy white queen with long white hair and a water drop tattoo on her chin as she sits on the throne. Thin white silk drapes surround the throne on the left and right sides.

    Queen (motions toward the creature, summoning the water from its head and hovers it in front of her face, smiling): So, Jareth has made his move. Esker!

    Esker (an athletic man in a short-sleeved black one-piece outfit with white wraparound skirt and a golden belt with an eye-shaped buckle appears, his bare arms tattooed heavily, his face skull-like with his mouth sewn shut, speaking telepathically): Yes, mildady?

    Queen (smiling with a dark expression): Follow Toby. Make sure the Goblin King does not contact him.

    Esker (bows): Yes, milady.

    End cinema, fade-out.


    Sorry I didn't put this up originally, but it just now occurred to me...
    In Toby's room, aside from the Gobo plush I added, his shelves should be stocked with Storyteller and Farscape figurines. In the comic, he has stuff that looks like Star Wars figures, lazily drawn to avoid lawsuits, LOL. However, I don't see the point in putting in those when the Henson Company did fantasy and sci-fi stuff too.
  3. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Note: The Stone Maze is a set of seven square areas, two rows of three squares and one square on the bottom left in the first column. For ease of readability, from left to right, the top row is 5, 6, 7; the middle row is 2, 3, 4; and the bottom left square is 1. Each square has an entrance or exit to underground tunnels or both. Two puzzle doors are available, which if you take the wrong door, will warp you to one of two square mazes that can only be exited via the tunnels and will have more obstacles and enemy encounters. This will also start important conversations with characters you meet. While you could mix and match positive and negative responses, I will write it with all positive interactions first and then with all negative interactions. There will be a total of five responses and you will need four out of five one way or the other to count as one way or the other. Positive interactions will provide both help and positive scenery changes. Negative interactions will hinder you and leave the scenery as is. [/end note]

    Cinema: Toby crawls out of a large pipe coming out of the base of a hill. If one looks up at the hill, one will see the old tree where Jareth talked to Teen Sarah at the beginning of her journey in the movie. Instead of night, it is just after dawn in the Goblin Kingdom. The brick wall stretches left to right across the screen seemingly forever. Despite this being a high-end console game, the wall and its environs are 16-bit, as if it were on the Super Nintendo instead. The music is 16-bit as well, and evokes as best it can a sense of wonder. Toby, still appearing in high-resolution, as will all characters, looks around in shock. He stares at the wall and walks around, falling into a small square pool. This is the pool that Hoggle relieved himself in during the movie.

    Toby (looks at himself in disgust and sniffs): Nice.

    He looks up to find a small yeti (think Ludo), which is knee-high to Toby, staring at him obliviously. It’s clear there isn’t a lot of brainpower driving the small creature.

    Positive Conversation:
    Toby (smiles): Well, aren’t you the cutest little thing?

    Yeti (smiles, his little stub of a tail wagging)

    Toby: What’s your name?

    Yeti (quizzically): Arrooo?

    Toby (quizzically): Your name is “Aroo?” That’s, uh, that’s a great name! *chuckles*

    Yeti (happily sniffs around the pool)

    Toby (climbs out): You wouldn’t know where to find a towel, would you?

    Yeti (stares quizzically, then nods briefly and heads left of the pool as Toby follows, where the creature drags a beige rectangle toward him from a brick pile)

    Toby (stands there quizzically): Oh, is it a towel? *Yeti nods* Thanks, Aroo. *bends down and uses the towel to dry off*

    Character influence: The creature will now sniff out objects and weapons for you.
    Scenery influence: Secret passages will be easier to see, with ivy framing openings like in the movie.

    Negative Conversation:
    Toby (frowns): What are you smiling about, furball?

    Yeti (smiles, his little stub of a tail wagging)

    Toby: I said get lost!

    Yeti (quizzically): Arrooo?

    Toby (splashes it with water angrily): It’s bad enough I’m in this stupid pool! You want me to smell like wet deformed dog, too?

    Yeti (happily sniffs around the pool)

    Toby (growls): My dog stares at walls and even he’s brighter than you.

    Yeti (stands up on its hind feet and urinates on Toby)

    Toby (jumps out of the pool, disgusted): Ewwww! Gross! Stupid … thing!

    Yeti (trots off to the left obliviously while Toby sighs and follows it)

    Character Influence: The creature will now hide objects and weapons.
    Scenery Influence: Secret Passages will not have ivy or other identifying marks.

    Regardless of the outcome, Toby follows the furry creature for a few yards.

    Toby (looks up at the wall): I don’t get it. There aren’t any gates or doors or anything. How the heck are you supposed to get past? *jumps back, holding his left leg* OW!

    Toby looks down to see a small humanoid, roughly six inches tall, with one small spike coming out of each shoulder blade and shoulder-length silver-white hair. She is wearing a miniskirt, typical fairy boots, gloves that reach up to the middle of her upper arms, and a skimpy bra held together with several straps over her shoulders and around her waist and chest. She’s holding a spear. He picks her up and examines her.

    Positive Conversation:
    Fairy (struggling): Unhand me, you vile goblin! *looks down at the curious Yeti* Stank! Help me!

    Toby: Why don’t you tell me why you stabbed me?

    Fairy: You ugly goblin trash ripped off my wings!

    Toby (sighs): First of all, I’m not a goblin. *nods towards the wall* Second, I’m just trying to get past that wall.

    Fairy (stops struggling as Toby puts her down): What did the goblins do to you? Rip off your wings too? *Toby stares at her quizzically and she shakes her head and shrugs* Oh, yeah. You wouldn’t have wings. You’re a boy.

    Toby (bends down): My name’s Toby.

    Fairy (looks away): Hana. I used to have the most lovely wings. I once helped out an elderly goblin couple make shoes because they were too poor to have much inventory. Once they started raking it in, I asked for my cut.

    Toby: Go on.

    Hana (nods, hugs herself): They left me a pair of boots with a thank-you note. *angrily* Can you believe the cheap, greedy jerks? *shrugs* So, I took my cut of their profits. The goblins caught me and plucked my wings and banished me from the Labyrinth.

    Toby (stands up): Wow. That’s terrible. Why don’t you come along and help me find the goblin that took my history paper? I’ll help you look for your wings.

    Hana (shocked): You … you will? Uh, well … just head up to the wall. There should be a way in somehow. Just make sure you pick a side. Goblins want to know you’re on their side or you’ll never get very far. *hops on Stank’s back*

    Character influence: Hana will point out which way the exit to each maze square is.
    Scenery influence: Fairies will be found tending flowers throughout the Labyrinth and Goblin City.

    Negative Conversation:
    Fairy (struggling): Unhand me, you vile goblin! *looks down at the curious Yeti* Stank! Help me!

    Toby (disgusted): My sister always told me fairies were nasty little things. I never thought they were real, though.

    Fairy: Lemme go or I’ll stab your other foot!

    Toby (flings her over his shoulder)

    Fairy (lands and groans as she stands up and dusts herself off): What more could you do to me, Goblin? Poison me?

    Toby: Look, I’m Toby and I don’t know where you got the idea I’m a goblin, but I’m looking for a real goblin.

    Fairy (crosses her arms): Did they rip off your wings, too? *snaps* Oh, right – you’re a boy. You’re wingless and brainless.

    Toby (turns his back on her): It’s none of your business, but the little creep stole my history paper. I gotta find him or I’ll flunk this class, too.

    Fairy: You’re just like that stupid elderly goblin couple that swindled me out of my pay and got my wings torn off! You’re selfish and brutish, just like those scaly, leather-headed goblins! I’m coming with you, and you’re getting me my wings back. No one insults Hana and just walks away.

    Toby (shrugs): Just don’t do me any favors.

    Hana (hops on Stank’s back): Oh, believe me … you’re gonna earn your keep, Bog-breath!

    Character influence: Hana will lie about dangers ahead.
    Scenery influence: Fairies will not be present in the Labyrinth or Goblin City.

    Regardless of the outcome, Toby, Hana, and Stank approach the wall.

    Toby (if you achieved There’s No Place Like Home): I just wish I could get on the other side so I can get my paper and go home. *they are teleported to the other side of the wall*

    Toby (if you achieved Home Life Sucks): I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to have my own fantasy adventure. *touches the wall and all are teleported to the other side*

  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    Maze 1

    Toby, Hana, and Stank appear on the east side of the maze, halfway between a wall to the north and a border wall to the south. They are facing the northern wall in a narrow vertical pathway. The path north of their position zig-zags northwest, with a small courtyard in the path, ending in a trapdoor that leads to a short diagonal tunnel ending in Maze 2. To the south the player hits the southern border wall and turns right. One can double back against the vertical wall to the north or head west to a T-shaped area, the right end of which has a southern nook hidden by vines if Stank likes you or without vines if Stank dislikes you. This walkthrough will focus on the route out of Maze 1. Though there will be no map available for the first act of the game, here is the set up so one can see where the alternate paths are.

    Items to be found in this maze:
    Broken pipe (for fighting)
    Crystal ball (Williams’ House cinemas for making music videos)
    Crystal ball (Concept Art – character designs)
    Boots (found in pots – Use in Goblin City to bribe goblins, who eat them)

    Aside from Hana saying things like “Turn left”, “Go straight”, etc, there will an in-game conversation that depends on which trophy you earned in the Williams’ House, which will access roughly halfway along the correct route.

    No Place Like Home:

    Hana (riding on Stank’s back): So, what’s the name of the goblin you’re looking for?

    Toby (irritated): I don’t care what its name is. I just need my stupid paper so I can get my stupid F and live my stupid life.

    Hana: So, what you’re saying is, you found yourself in a magical, mystical land that will do wonders for your attitude, but you’d rather stay at the home you can’t stand?

    Toby (exasperated): Do I ask you how to live your life? My life may not be great, but it’s all I got. I don’t wanna be stuck in some 16-bit cartoon.

    Hana: What are you talking about?

    Toby: This stupid maze! It’s like a cartoon!

    Hana: What kinda mungus roots do you smoke, kiddo?

    Home Life Sucks:

    Hana (riding on Stank’s back): So, what’s the goblin who took your paper look like?

    Toby: I dunno. He got away before I could ask for his identification.

    Hana: I could’ve lived without the sarcasm.

    Toby (chuckles): Sorry. I just – I just can’t believe this is happening to me!

    Hana: You and me both.

    Toby: My sister used to tell me all these awesome stories about all sorts of magical worlds. Now I’m actually in one! This is soooo awesome.

    Hana (sarcastically): Oh, yeah, a laugh a minute.

    Toby: But why does this place look like a cartoon?

    Hana: Huh? What kinda mungus roots are you smoking, Toby?

    In the northwest corner is a hole in the ground with a ladder leading down to a short diagonal tunnel that leads to maze 2. It is necessary to use this to get to maze 2 should you not please the major character found here.

    Just as the large door leading to maze 2 on the norther border can be seen, they notice a large boulder sitting in front of the door. If you have the broken pipe, by now, you can’t break the boulder with it. You can choose to enter the tunnel I mentioned earlier, but if you avoid this character interaction or create a negative interaction, there will be boulder obstacles throughout the Stone Maze.

    There is a secret room just across from the door where one can find an item. Just west of the secret room is a path to the right. Follow it until you reach a large courtyard similar in appearance to the courtyard where Sarah met the Wiseman in the movie, with a stone chair, large topiaries, and large pots. A very large Yeti is staring at a wall, lost in thought.

    Positive Conversation:
    Toby: Uh, excuse me, sir?

    Hana: Wow. He’s huge.

    Large Yeti (turns around and scratches head): Wha --?

    Toby: Can you tell us how to get to the goblin that stole my homework?

    Large Yeti (scratches head again, looks around): Uh … uh … no. *sighs*

    Toby: That’s okay. Would you mind helping us with something else? There’s this boulder and, well, you’re a big guy … can you help us move it?

    Large Yeti (nods): Like rocks. Rocks friends. *howls and leaves*

    Character influence: No boulder obstacles will appear.
    Scenery influence: Stone engravings showing moments from Sarah’s time in the stone maze in the movie will appear on certain walls in secret rooms.

    Negative Conversation:
    Toby: Yo! Over here, lummox!

    Hana: You’re such a jerk. Are you sure you’re not a goblin?

    Large Yeti (turns around and scratches head): Wha --?

    Toby: You see a little green turd running around here?

    Large Yeti (scratches head again, looks around): Uh … uh … no. *sighs*

    Toby: I might as well be talking to a carpet. Why doncha go do something useful and get that big rock out of the way over by the door?

    Large Yeti (shakes head): Rocks friends. Rocks stay. *leaves*

    Character influence: Boulder obstacles will appear.
    Scenery influence: False images of Toby getting into danger will appear on certain walls in secret rooms.

    Regardless of the interaction, Toby, Hana, and Stank turn around and head toward the door. However, before they reach the door, Jareth is seen to be standing next to the wall. He is dressed in brown leather coat and not-too-tight pants (he’s not trying to impress Sarah, after all, LOL). He has an arrogant smirk on his face.


    Toby (cautiously walks up to Jareth): Aren’t you my guidance counselor?

    Jareth (nods): Of sorts.

    Toby (sighs and rolls his eyes): We’ve already had this discussion. I didn’t cheat on that test.

    Jareth: I know you didn’t. However, you wanted to. You’ll get anything you want, won’t you?

    Toby (angrily): What the heck does that mean?

    Jareth (suddenly angry, approaching Toby): Everything you have wanted has been given to you. That bike when you were nine?

    Toby (looks away, sulking): Mom really let me have it. She believed I stole it.

    Jareth: You ungrateful little snot! I have given you EVERYTHING!

    Toby (glares at him): You had my history paper stolen, didn’t you? This cartoon crap is all YOU, right?

    Jareth (puzzled): “Cartoon”? Can it be …? *laughs, applauding* You’re just like your sister! She viewed this kingdom like set pieces in a theater. The Labyrinth responds to the hearts of those in it. Your sister was never very good at seeing what was right in front of her either.

    Toby: You don’t know anything about my sister.

    Jareth (frowns, curtly): No. I suppose not. *waves his hand and a crystal ball appears* I’m not in the mood to play games with you, Toby. *tosses him the crystal ball* They help you see what needs to be seen.

    Toby, in close-up, looks at crystal ball, then back at Jareth, only to have the camera pull back and reveal Jareth has disappeared. Also, the stone maze is now realistic, seemingly stretching for miles in every direction. If the boulder is still there, Toby walks past the door. If the boulder is gone, Toby goes through the door.

    End cinema.

    If the boulder was still there, Toby must find the entrance to the underground tunnel and use it to enter Maze 2.

  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Maze 2

    Items to be found:
    Crystal Ball (Concept Art – Scenery)
    Boots (in jars)
    New Pipe (for fighting, is slightly stronger than Broken Pipe)
    Diamond Ring (for use in a later conversation)

    If you went through the door to Maze 2, you will find yourself on the southern border of this maze. If you used the tunnel to bypass the boulder, you will come out at the end of a short path nearly facing the door. However, there is a wall separating you from where the door was, so the main path to reach the end of this maze is on the left side of the maze if you used the door, but the right side of the maze if you used the tunnel. In the center of the maze is a large open square with jars. This maze introduces the concept of fighting. In the open square is a group of ten topiaries shaped like soldiers.

    Elsewhere in the maze, another conversation takes place, again about halfway to the doors on the northern border.

    There’s No Place Like Home:

    Toby: Where is that stupid goblin? And I’m gonna tear Jareth a new one for putting me through all this.

    Hana: Well, unless the military ones are on patrol, most goblins just hang out in Goblin City. It’s past the Hedge Maze.

    Toby: Isn’t there a faster way?

    Hana: Now that you’ve threatened the almighty Goblin King? HA! Not a chance! He’ll have this whole place turn against you.

    Home Life Sucks:

    Toby: So, the goblin that took my paper is basically just Jareth’s puppet?

    Hana: That’s kind of a rude way to put it. But, really, goblins have next to no initiative. He’s probably doing them a favor by micromanaging.

    Toby: You know – I’m kinda amazed we haven’t run into anything hostile. *pause, teasingly* Except you and Jareth. *chuckles*

    Hana: Oh, the Labyrinth can be a very deadly place, don’t you worry. Just keep your guard up.

    If you enter the open square with the pots and the soldier topiaries, a small in-game conversation comes up.

    Toby: There sure are a lot of these tree things around.

    Stank (stops and refuses to budge)

    Hana: Stank! C’mon, we got to get a move on, ya hunk of fur!

    *as the topiaries come to life one by one*

    Hana: Toby, look out!

    In all battle sequences, the enemies can be fought physically or environmentally. The pipe, if you have it, should take care of each enemy in five hits with the New Pipe or seven hits with the Broken Pipe. Otherwise, if you try to run out of the square from where you entered, they will simply follow you and take any shortcuts available to head you off. There is, at the northeast corner of the open square, a path that leads to a dead-end, which contains a column of spikes. A command option will appear when you go through the path with a topiary after you. Press square upon the appearance of the command option and the spikes will shoot out, ensnaring the topiary soldier, causing it to disintegrate and the spikes will return to their original place. Continue luring the topiary soldiers to this spot to defeat them all. You will find a health bar appear at the top of the screen. You will also notice that you cannot be damaged at this point in the game, for Jareth took the time to get you here – what would be the point in killing you? Only after a major event to be specified later will you actually take damage when battling. Also, enemies cannot go through secret passages if they lead to a dead-end (like a secret room or short dead-end path). This allows you to hide and get your health restored (when it’s available) or plan a strategy. However, should you try to use this rationale to avoid combat and go straight to Maze 5, you’ll find you can’t. The door leading to Maze 5 cannot be opened until the soldier topiaries are defeated once activated. Also, in the center of the open square is a Diamond Ring. This could help out later.

    Though there is an opening to the tunnel found in this maze, the one that connects maze 1 and 2, exits have a grate on them so you can’t go back the other way. If there are boulder obstacles, this means you can’t return to Maze 1 at all. This should encourage you to explore a maze before heading to the exit. Unlike the movie, you aren’t timed, so there’s no real rush.

    In the middle of the northern border is the first puzzle door. Going through the correct door will take you to Maze 5, which is where you want to go. Going through the incorrect door will not result in instant death (after all, Jareth doesn’t really intend to kill you at this point), though you will end up in Maze 3, which can only be exited via tunnel. Going through the incorrect door also means enemies will be more numerous and stronger. So, if you’re trying to earn trophies for defeating lots of enemies, it may be more worthwhile to pick the incorrect door on purpose.

    This is sort of a cheat, but if you really, really pay attention to the movie, you’ll realize that the 2-door solution consists of a pun. Sarah had to go the quote-unquote “right” way. Thus, each time she gets to a door, she has to go through the literal right one. So, if you really suck at puzzles and riddles, just keep that observation in mind. This is in keeping with the goblin love of puns and literal jokes.

    Anyway, if you really care, here is the puzzle for this door:

    Each door is guarded by a goblin, which just happen to look like Alph and Ralph from the movie (the top halves, anyway). Toby approaches them, and Hana rolls her eyes and scoffs.

    Left goblin: Having a nice time?

    Toby: I … I guess.

    Right goblin: No, no – you’re supposed to guess after we give you the rules.

    Toby: The rules?

    Hana (scoffs): This is one of those pathetic goblin puzzles. You have to put up with this nonsense every once in awhile.

    Toby (shrugs): Okay, whatever. What are the rules?

    Left goblin (gets out a note from behind): Okay, here we go: “Square plus circle equals X.” *puts up note* There you have it. Now you have to guess.

    Toby: Guess what?

    Right goblin (confers in whispers with left goblin): I think we were supposed to ask a question, too.

    Left goblin: Oh! *laughs, looks at note again* I don’t have a question.

    Right goblin (takes out a note): I do! Ahem … “What does X minus circle equal?” *puts away note and looks at Toby* I think you get to guess now.

    Left goblin: But shapes don’t count, only numbers.

    Right goblin (shrugs): But I don’t know any. *laughs* So, what is it, boy?

    A triangle appears over the head of the left goblin. A square appears over the head of the right goblin. Press the corresponding button on the controller and the goblin will step out of your way and allow you to enter.

    End cinema.

    For the purposes of this walkthrough, I will assume you took the incorrect door and continue with Maze 3. Maze 5 will follow Maze 3’s walkthrough.

  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yay. Needed some of RedPiggy's brand of fanfic after an awesometastic other one at Fanfic.net blew me away. Thank you for sharing... More please?
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Woo-hoo! I was wondering if this was ever going to be reviewed, LOL.
  8. The Count

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    Well... There are times when I enjoy the continuity of uninterrupted updated fics, like this or Tony's Da Phantom for example. But yeah, I rully do like it and need more when you can post it please.
  9. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Due to my schedule being what it is, trying to care for the dogs, studying, and working on these fics, I'm thinking I'll alternate Spring Forward with this. Besides, it just occurred to me that I'm close to the end of the stone maze and I haven't drawn up the Hedge maze yet, LOL.
  10. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Maze 3

    Congratulations. You’re either here because you did it on purpose or you lack basic math skills, LOL. Again, this is one of two mazes meant to increase the danger for you. You will appear, magically, at the southern border at the midway point, more or less. The only exit is an entrance to a tunnel in the northest corner, accessible through a secret walkway. This exit leads to several different areas. Just a short distance straight ahead in the tunnel will lead you up to midway along the western border of Maze 4, which is another maze that is quote-unquote “wrong” and has more dangers, which you would probably care about more once you get the ability to be hurt, of course. The tunnel, though, continues up and right and ends at another tunnel entrance, though that would put you in the northeast corner of Maze 4. Midway through this tunnel is a tunnel that runs north. The midpoint of this curves around an oubliette, the only one in the Stone Maze. You can’t enter it as there is a door that is locked. Anyway, keep going north and go left along another diagonal path. The entrance at the left end of the tunnel will put you at the northwestern corner of Maze 7, which happens to be the last maze of this area. The right end of the tunnel will exit at the southeastern corner. While this seems a boon, you’ll definitely skip an important character interaction. Of course, the doors leading to Maze 6 and 5 aren’t puzzle doors, so getting back there is relatively easy.

    Anyway, back to this maze:

    Items Found:

    Crystal Ball (concept art – character designs)
    Pipe x 2

    It may seem at first that you can’t progress past a certain point not too far away from the entry door, but the end results in a secret passage. In fact, you must enter another secret passage to progress after that. You notice as you progress that there are pipes along some of the walls, even going through some of the walls. Eventually you’ll reach some pipes with some segments missing. A short cinema follows.

    Stank stops and looks up at the pipes curiously, then starts panting happily.

    Hana (putting her hand over her mouth in disgust): Of course you’d like that awful smell!

    Toby (putting his hand over his mouth in disgust): What is it?

    Hana (shudders): Past the hedge maze is this place called the Bog of Eternal Stench. The whole place is a definite conversation-killer. I know you have issues with going home, but if you ever want to interact with another sentient being other than Stank here, I suggest you steer clear of that place. It’s only for the agoraphobic, anti-social types.

    Toby (if he has at least one pipe, pulls it out): I wonder if this fits.

    Toby (if he has no pipe at all): I wonder if there are some pipes that we can put there.

    Hana (regardless): What good would that do?

    Toby (shrugs): At least the smell would be contained in the pipes.

    Hana (nods): Good point.

    End cinema.

    On the way to exit tunnel, it is obligatory to enter an open area where an army of twenty topiary soldiers, who, of course, immediately go after you. You can try to fight, but since you’ve entered a more dangerous area, they will now gang up on you, block exits, and otherwise cause you trouble. While you can’t get hurt yet, they can go after Hana and Stank. If it gets too bad, they will flee. If they do so, you won’t see them again until the hedge maze, since you don’t care enough about your new friends to protect them from harm.

    The topiary soldiers will also take twice as many hits to defeat now, as will all future enemies within the Labyrinth. However, if you use pipes on the broken segments, the bog gas will be able to reach a nearby wall-mounted furnace, which will spew flames. Obviously, the topiary soldiers won’t last too long on fire. If you’ve bothered to collect all the pipes so far, you should have four. However, the broken one will be destroyed after about 20 seconds, making it useless, including the furnace it powered. The other ones will keep the furnaces on until you remove the pipes if you want to, though when you’re able to be hurt, you risk getting burned by removing them. Throughout the game, some items will prove to have multiple uses, just as character interactions influences your difficulty getting through the game and the scenery. This walkthrough will continue to Maze 5 soon.
  11. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Maze 5

    This is the maze just north of Maze 2 where you had the puzzle door. If you went through the, ahem, right door, you end up here. Hana and Stank will be with you if you didn’t make them get beat up a whole bunch in Maze 3 or you picked the right door to begin with. On the other side of the wall just in front of you as you enter from the puzzle door is an exit from the underground tunnels. There is no entrance here. There is a non-puzzle door at the very northeast corner of the maze.

    Items Found:

    Jar of Bees (weapon)
    Boots x 2

    The walkthrough will assume you got here through the puzzle door, so Hana and Stank are available and the normal difficulty with enemies can be assumed as well.

    Following the only path to the left as it zigs and zags for a few moments, a cinema starts.


    Toby’s either frumpy or whistling casually depending on whether you earned No Place Like Home or Home Life Sucks. Hana and Stank follow along, looking around. There are pipes along these walls, though they are larger than the gas pipes of Maze 3. They turn a corner and spot a tiny pig-faced green goblin with a small horned helmet on his head, letting papers fly from its hands to a small box. Stank charges at the goblin.

    Goblin (stops and turns): AIEEEE! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!

    Hana (as Stank tackles the goblin): Killing you would be far too easy, foul goblin!

    Toby (breaks up the fight)

    Goblin (in awe): Toby saved me!

    Toby (grabs him and hoists him up in the air): No, I just wanted a piece of you myself. *shakes goblin upside down* Where’s my homework, ya little toad?

    The camera cuts to the end of the pipe, capped off by a large metal box with a slot-like opening, which swallows the last paper as Toby drops the goblin and tries to get it back.

    Goblin (dusting himself off, timidly): No use. Toby’s homework is halfway to the castle by now.

    Toby (throws away the box in disgust): The castle, eh? Take me to him.

    The next part of the conversation is split up between positive and negative conversations.

    Positive Conversation:
    Goblin: Skub really doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Toby’s not supposed to be here.

    Toby (bends down calmly, putting his hands on Skub’s shoulders): Jareth’s been screwing with me my whole life. I need you, Skub. I can’t do this without you.

    Skub (grins with tears in his eyes): Y-you need me? No one’s ever needed Skub before!

    Toby: Well, I do. You’re obviously resourceful and cunning. *smirks* You’re just the goblin to help.

    Skub (nods, sniffling): Skub can be very loyal! Skub knows lots of things!

    Toby (stands, still smiling): Of course! Now, which way to Jareth’s castle?

    Skub (happily): Skub will lead Toby to Jareth’s castle!

    Toby (smiles): Thanks, Skub. You’re the best.

    Skub (singing as he dances on the spot): Leading, leading, leading to Goblin Town! To the castle we shall go, past things that are brown! Just as bogs are stinky and scab rats like to bleed, Skub the Goblin’s happy, ‘cause Skubby likes to lead!

    Toby (laughs): Welcome to the team, Skub.

    Character influence: Skub and other goblins will be more loyal and friendly towards you.
    Scenery influence: Goblin City will be cheerfully decorated with bright banners and shops will have discounts.

    Negative Conversation:
    Goblin: Skub really doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Toby’s not supposed to be here.

    Toby (gruffly grabs Skub’s shoulders): Jareth’s been screwing with my whole life! I wouldn’t make the same mistake if I were you!

    Skub (cries): No one ever needs Skub! Skub is just someone to tease and punch when other goblins feel like it!

    Toby (lets him go and turns his back on Skub): Don’t cry like a little baby! You got me into this mess and you’re getting me out.

    Skub (nods, sniffling): Skub can be very loyal! Skub knows lots of things!

    Toby (nods, smirking as his back is still turned): So prove it by telling me where the castle is!

    Skub (pleading): Skub will lead Toby to Jareth’s castle!

    Toby (turns around and nods coldly): Don’t mess this up.

    Skub (singing as he dances on the spot): Leading, leading, leading to Goblin Town! To the castle we shall go, past things that are brown! Just as bogs are stinky and scab rats like to bleed, Skub the Goblin’s happy, ‘cause Skubby likes to lead!

    Toby (rolls his eyes, under his breath): Just what we need … spontaneous song. *a few bars from Magic Dance play*

    Character influence: Skub will ask goblins to attack you.
    Scenery influence: Goblin City will appear drab and run-down.
    End cinema.

    Midway up the western border is a path to the right that eventually leads to the tunnel exit and an open area in the middle. In this area is a group of five sleeping goblin knights in mismatched and drab-looking body armor. If you’ve been negative to Skub, they will attack as soon as Skub calls for them. Otherwise, they will just sleep there. Pipes will be only slightly effective against them, taking ten hits to defeat, since pipes just aren’t that good against real armor. However, if you entered Maze 3 first, they will take twenty hits to defeat. However, you might have the Jar of Bees. If Skub awakened them, you can use the jar against them and bees will enter their armor and freak them out and they’ll leave. If they’re still asleep, you can use the jar to wake them up and they will remove their armor in a panic and you can take them down in four hits each, unless you went to Maze 3 first, in which case it will take twelve hits to defeat them.

    If you’ve avoided Skub by going to Maze 3, all the enemies up in the Stone Maze will be topiary soldiers only. Goblins appear in the Stone Maze at least in Maze 5 and in other mazes as well after Skub becomes part of your team. They can be injured by both the spikes and the fire traps. Also, you can find the Jar of Bees in this maze, though if you were nice to Hana, fairies will be tending flowers in certain corners of the Stone Maze, Hedge Maze, and Goblin City. Nearby will be another Jar of Bees to find. This will help counter the fact that you don’t really have any good weapons yet and won’t for some time.

    Furthermore, if you recall, there is a trophy regarding using environmental battle strategies. They only count with bosses, so don’t panic if you have to fight physically with the small fry. Using the environment against enemies now is just to get you used to the idea. The only environmental way to get rid of the goblins in Maze 5 is the pipe that sucked in Toby’s homework, as it will also suck in goblins, though not easily, as you can imagine.

    Only three more mazes to go and we’re done with the Stone Maze. In case you’re wondering, there are only four “levels”: Stone Maze, Hedge Maze, Goblin City, and The Castle.

  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Those are all the levels... For what would be the RTL V1 game right? *Masterful evil grin.
    BTW: What's the lipstick for, is that just a randomly found item games like these toss in for the halibut?
  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, as far as I'm aware, those are the only locations mentioned so far where Toby actually goes. Unless Volume 4 makes this different, I don't see a real need to add others, like the Bog or the Junkyard. Even if I made them extra levels, there's not a whole lot I can think of to break from the comic. This is Toby's path, not Teen Sarah's. Even in the comic it doesn't look the same, as Toby never really goes through the Hedge Maze, but a sort of Secret Garden. I realize it doesn't sound very expansive, but each maze in the Stone Maze might take at least thirty minutes to explore completely. The Hedge Maze uses more complex paths than the Stone Maze. Goblin City will be expansive enough to include Skub's family house, Candlewic's house, and Spittledrum's mansion, none of which seem close to what might be considered downtown Goblin City. Each of those locations seem pretty far removed from the city proper. The city will be huge, as will the castle, which will include several floors and the sparring arena and stuff.

    The script really can't do the visuals in my head justice. I don't want to, ahem, bog this down with detailed descriptions. We'd be here forever before we even got to the plot. However, I imagine large levels, despite the fact you're not technically going everywhere possible in the Goblin Kingdom. Silent Hill, which I concede is inspiration for the mechanics and layout ideas, is basically one gigantic level, not even counting the Otherworld places. GTA is also a humongous layout and is highly detailed. You can even read the posters and signposts in those games. I apologize for lacking the patience with describing every last detail, but the area is meant to be so huge that it'd take forever. I'm more concerned with rewriting the plot and character interactions to make it fit the video game concept better.

    One of the reasons the trophies mention the time it takes to beat the game is that this is meant to encompass Volumes 1 through 3 and the fourth which I will have to make up as it's not available yet. This isn't meant to be like the movie, where you go through the Labyrinth, get to the castle, and roll the end credits. You'll be revisiting areas quite a bit as the plot progresses. Labyrinth is about maturing past being self-absorbed. The comic is doing better than the movie, but an epic-long video game should offer even more opportunities. In fact, like Silent Hill, there will be multiple endings, and your preference, whether its' speeding through just to get home or willing to explore everything or other things to be revealed later, will determine the outcome. This script will be long enough just trying to accomplish all of that, LOL.

    edit: As for the seemingly random items like the Diamond Ring and the Lipstick ... if you recall, those are items Sarah left behind in the movie. She gave her ring (whether it was really diamond or not I don't know) to the Wiseman and this script will later reveal why Toby found it. The lipstick was tossed away by Sarah just before she met Alph and Ralph.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh okay. See, I thought those four levels were only encompassing RTL Volume 1. But the way you're writing this, is perfect, don't change a thing for handling further additions.
    As for the random things... Well, it's been ages since I last saw the movie and little details like that would rully escape my notice now, so I depend on your fandom of the property to derive my knowledge by proxy on it Jess, er Kell.

    Thanks for replying, hope more gets added when you can get it posted. :batty: :flirt: :busy:
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I kinda figured it'd be hard to pick up on little details. And I realize that playing graphics-heavy games might be difficult, but that's why there's no map and character interactions are so important: if you're nice to Hana, she'll help navigate you around (now she won't help you explore all the little side trails, though); if you're nice to Stank, he'll lead you to items. I had thought of more audio to help with those with visual impairments, where characters would help. It's also why being nice to certain characters will make things like secret passages easier to see. While it's one way to adjust the difficulty without actually doing so in a menu (though IIRC it's an option), it was also meant to help those who might not be able to play like other players. Another option for the controller could be to use the vibration feature to assist with finding items since it's possible you may not see it. My goal for this game, had I the power to submit it to the Hensons, would be to make this playable by as large a group as possible.
  16. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Maze 6

    This maze has a relatively simpler design in comparison to the others, with more straight paths and fewer branches. The southern region has a tunnel entrance and a tunnel exit in the southeast corner, on the other side of the wall from the non-puzzle door. The solution would be just to run from the northwest corner to the northeast corner, turn right and head straight for the end at the southwest corner. There are columns of spikes in several paths at the midpoints. Depending on whether or not you went to Maze 3 first, there are several pairs of goblins spread throughout the maze. If you were nice to Hana, there will be flowerbeds with fairies tending them and Jar of Bees near each one. Other than that, it’s rather uneventful.

    Items found:
    Boots x 4
    Postcard (see below for description)

    The postcard, when viewed in the Inventory menu, will show a picture of the new Dallas Cowboy stadium on one side and have writing on the other side. Quick, raise your hand if you see where this is going. It says, “Dear Nephew Gobo, You would not believe what I saw today! I had hoped to see “cowboys”, but there were neither cows nor boys here! I had heard they wore funny broad-rimmed hat and vests and such things, but when I arrived there, there are all these massive Silly Creature males in gray and blue outfits. I believe the cows were replaced by space aliens! They wear little stars on their helmets, which proves they are star people! Isn’t that an amazing discovery? Hope you are well. Sincerely, Uncle Travelling Matt.”

    Why is this Fraggle Postcard here you may ask? If you’ve read Volume 1 of Return to Labyrinth, you’ll know. Otherwise, just wait a bit.

    Maze 7

    Hoorah! The last of the maze! Of course, there’s still Maze 4, but I’ll skip it as the layout is like Maze 6 but rotated ninety degrees (more or less). Assume lots of enemies that are tough to beat. Anyway, back to Maze 7….

    Items Found:
    Boots x 2
    Bag of Cornstarch
    Number Tiles x 3

    Similar in design to Maze 1 in terms of layout and complexity. Just past the non-puzzle door at the southwestern border, turn left to head for the puzzle door at the northeast corner. However, you have to enter a secret passageway to proceed, and there is a trap that leads to the oubliette. You can walk past it, but if you walk on the wrong spot, you’ll fall down and there won’t be Helping Hands to save you. Should you fall into the oubliette, there is a door, but it’s so dark you can’t see it. Stank will howl and a rock will lift from the ground which you can ride back up. Naturally, this is only available if Hana and Stank are with you. If all you have is Skub, he will send a rope for you to climb. What happens if you have no one with you, as you lost Hana and Stank before getting to Skub? Well, frankly, you’re in trouble. A cinema will start.

    Jareth (appearing beside Toby with a glowing ball in his hand, smirking disdainfully): My, my, Toby! You disappoint me! Such a pity! Perhaps I was wrong to believe in you. *snaps his fingers*

    Toby (wakes up, drooling, at a classroom desk as a teacher is snapping at him): Oh, man ….

    And it would be Game Over. Your only choices would be to replay the whole thing or load from a saved file.

    Anyway, just after you get through the secret passage facing the puzzle door, a cinema will play.

    In Toby’s bedroom, where the night sky can be seen in the window, Esker walks in and looks around at the trashed room in disgust.

    Esker (shaking his head): Jareth. *takes out a vial and water pours out, forming a lion-like creature* Find the boy. Do not let him reach the castle!

    The water-lion nods and slips through the hole in Toby’s closet.

    End cinema.

    The puzzle door is the same left-right set up. However, this isn’t a question-and-answer type puzzle. Just to the right of the right door is a picture of a pie. Each door has three slots. Scattered throughout the maze are three tiles: 3, 1, and 4. You must place them in that order on one of the doors. Again, the left door will lead you to Maze 4, which is adding to the difficulty, and the right door will take you to the hedge maze to the north. As I’ve mentioned, goblins are fond of puns, which should help you understand the meaning of the picture.

    Oh, and there are a pair of topiary soldiers and a pair of goblins (but only if you’ve met Skub first) waiting for you throughout the maze. This is one maze where there are no spikes or flame jets to help you out. You just have to fight them. There will be at least one flowerbed somewhere with fairies and a Jar of Bees if you were nice to Hana. If you don’t have any means of fighting them, and the Bag of Cornstarch isn’t one, you can always use a tunnel to escape to another maze and find something. On the other hand, this is also a time where you can activate the puzzle door even if you haven’t defeated the enemies.

    TO BE CONTINUED with the Hedge Maze…
  17. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    This set of four mazes has no puzzle doors, tunnels, or oubliettes. However, each maze is significantly larger and becomes increasingly complicated. For the most part, the only score is a bunch of nature sounds, like birds and stuff. You enter through the right door from the second Stone Maze puzzle door. There are four mazes forming a large square: Maze 1 is the lower right, Maze 2 is the lower left, Maze 3 is the upper left, and Maze 4 is the upper right. Hedges are very tall, though not as tall as the stone walls from the previous maze.

    Maze 1

    This maze consists of largely long single paths with few branches or open areas. At the very beginning, you have a choice of going immediately to your left, which will lead to the door at the northwest corner, or a path slightly forward which leads to a left path around the bend where you can only get to the exit through secret passages. If you were negative to the Large Yeti in the Stone Maze, a boulder will block the immediate left path, forcing you to travel through the right side of the maze. There are topiary soldiers, goblins, and other enemies to be revealed later. If you have at least one pipe, you can fight your way through them, using Jars of Bees from fairy-tended flowerbeds to decrease goblin defenses. Otherwise, there are termite mounds, two on the left path and two on the right path, which will annoy goblins like the Jars of Bees and eat the topiary soldiers.

    Items Found:

    Trogspit (can be used at Goblin Money Exchange, also convinces goblins not to fight you and to be loyal to you, as it is a very coveted item for them)

    Large Bone x 2 (weapon)

    Bag of Cornstarch

    Toby, Hana, Stank, and Skub look around, with only Toby in complete awe of the surroundings.

    Toby: We’re still in the Labyrinth?

    Skub (nods): Yes, this is still the Labyrinth. This is still a dangerous place, though.

    Hana (atop Stank): Do you hear that?

    Toby (looks down at her): Hear what?

    Hana (sighs, shaking her head): All that talking! Don’t you clean your ears out each morning? *gently kicks Stank in the side* C’mon, Stank … I need to check this out. My wings might be around here somewhere.

    Hana and Stank push their way through a hedge and end up in a flower garden. A vine suddenly wraps around them, the camera revealing a relatively giant lily with markings implying an angry face looming over them.

    Lily: What an unsightly little weed you are!

    Hana (rolls eyes): Oh, great – talking flowers!

    End cinema.

    You will not see Hana and Stank again until Maze 4. This will give you time to get to know Skub.

    Halfway along the path on the right side of the maze, an in-game conversation will start.

    Toby: So, is this the right way to the center of the Labyrinth?

    Skub: There is no right way – only the way put before you.

    Toby: Then why the puzzles and obstacles? Aren’t you saying it all really doesn’t matter?

    Skub: All of it matters. None of it matters. Toby is unclear how the Labyrinth works. You cannot solve the Labyrinth until you can --.

    The two approach a small open area surrounded by trees and shrubs. There is tremendous chattering in this area. A couple of Large Bones are on the ground. Large bones work great against unarmored enemies but break against armored enemies.

    Several birds with long narrow necks and sharp beaks can be seen silhouetted against the bright sky. They are chattering angrily to one another.

    Bird 1: Wot’s this then?

    Bird 2: Les tetes! Les tetes!

    Bird 3: What size are your heads? They look plump and juicy.

    Skub (frightened): Toby? Skub really thinks we should get out of here.

    Toby (rolls eyes): Pffbt. They don’t look dangerous to me.

    Skub (high-pitched with anxiety): No, Skub thinks we should really, really, really go! It’s not safe here!

    Two birds fly down, their lower torsos revealed to be like the undersides of hats. They latch onto Toby and Skub’s heads and flap and squawk so loudly Toby and Skub cringe and hold their ears. Toby picks up a Large Bone and whacks the bird on Skub’s head, making it fly away.

    End cinema.

    While the Large Bone works wonders on the bird hats, you can also lure them to the termite mounds where they will eat their fill and fly away. However, to do so puts you at risk because with the termites gone, as evidenced by the mound becoming gray and lifeless, you can’t use that trap for the other enemies. There is a larger open area in the very northeast corner of this maze, but the birds won’t let you reach that area, flocking into an impenetrable wall if you try to go that way. Only after the last bird is defeated will you be able to progress.

    The pipes from the Stone Maze, the ones with the gas from the Bog of Eternal Stench, are running along the ground at the edges of the hedges. An elderly balding dwarf with a simple crown, short-sleeved tunic, black slacks, and leather globes and boots is working on the pipes, grumbling to himself.

    Toby and Skub, obviously fatigued, walk up behind the dwarf, who continues to grumble as he uses a wrench on the pipes.

    Positive Conversation:
    Toby: Excuse me? We could use some help, please.

    Dwarf (not looking back): You workin’ fer the king?

    Toby (glances at Skub and they both shrug): Uh, not really, no.

    Dwarf: Then don’t waste my time!

    Toby: I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to waste your time. Uh, need some help?

    Dwarf (stops but still doesn’t look back): You’d … you’d really help?

    Toby: Sure, what’re friends for?

    Dwarf (clutches at the wrench sadly): Ya ain’t my friend. I can’t keeps ‘em. Now leave me alone.

    Toby (solemnly): Well, I’ll be around, if you change your mind.

    Dwarf (sighs): So wills I. *turns around and tosses Toby a small round stone with a labyrinth-like engraving on it* Here. Might come in handy someday. *leaves*

    Character influence: Toby has been given a Keystone that unlocks locked doors.
    Scenery influence: A string of jewels will mark the secret passages of the Hedge Maze.

    Negative Conversation:
    Toby: Yo! I need information!

    Dwarf (not looking back): You workin’ fer the king?

    Toby: Pffbt. As if.

    Dwarf: Then don’t waste my time!

    Toby: Whatever! Look, I’ve got to get to the center of the Labyrinth! Now tell me how!

    Dwarf (chuckles): Where have I heard that before?

    Toby (angrily): Look, ya little wrinkled dweeb – help me or else!

    Dwarf (turns around and shakes the wrench at Toby): I ain’t gettin’ mixed up wit’ yer lil’ sob story! Now leave me alone!

    Toby (crosses his arms defiantly): I’ll know where to find you if I need you.

    Dwarf (scoffs): I ain’t the ones that needs ta be founds! *leaves*

    Character influence: Doors will remain locked.
    Scenery influence: There won’t be jewels signaling secret passages.

    This is the first time a character you meet will appear later elsewhere. As you’ve already met a locked door in the Stone Maze, the Oubliette Door, it’s rather obvious how helpful such a device would already appear.

  18. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Maze 2

    This section of the Hedge Maze is similar to Maze 1, though instead of having a left and right choice, the maze is set up more like top and bottom. Turn left immediately after the door and you can explore a lot of horizontal long paths in the southern half of the maze, which will be your only choice if you angered the Large Yeti.

    Items Found:

    Bag of Cornstarch

    Most of the combat is similar to Maze 1 of the Hedge Maze, including the termite mounds. Most of the enemies spawn in the lower half of the maze, but there is an open area surrounded by trees near the northwest corner that has the bird hat enemies.

    As you approach the exit on the left side of the northern border, a cinema starts.

    Stank is wrapping up fighting several flowers, releasing Hana from their grasp. She hops back onto his back and he lumbers through the small garden. However, he soon stops next to some tall shrubs and looks up.

    Stank (with a voice like Ludo’s but higher pitched): Play.

    Hana (looks up to see a flickering tail made out of water): Um, this is a really bad time to play.

    The water-lion charges through the shrubs and Hana screams. Stank gallops as fast as he can with Hana barely hanging on, with the giant creature in hot pursuit.

    End cinema.

    Maze 3

    This maze begins more complex pathways with lots of branches, dead ends, and secret passages. The entrance is in the southwest corner and the exit is in the northwest corner. There are two small open areas in the center of the maze and another small one near the northwest corner.

    Items Found:

    Bag of Cornstarch

    Large Bone

    New Pipe

    Once you reach roughly a third of the way on the solution’s route, an in-game conversation plays, depending on your actions in the Williams’ house.

    There’s No Place Like Home:
    Toby: I really need to get back. If I don’t turn in that paper, I’m gonna flunk history.

    Skub: You wouldn’t have failed. The king made us take skeevy pictures of your teacher – and the lunchlady, and the coach, and the bus driver ….

    Toby (alarmed): You blackmailed them? Do you know how hard it is to stay on my school’s good side? *pause* What will Mom think? She’ll kill me!

    Home Life Sucks:
    Toby: This place ain’t half bad. It’s almost enough to make me forget I’m gonna flunk history.

    Skub: You wouldn’t have failed. The king made us take skeevy pictures of your teacher – and the lunchlady, and the coach, and the bus driver ….

    Toby (amused): You really blackmailed them? Cool! That’s what they get for making my life miserable.

    On the eastern half of the maze, before you reach the midpoint of the eastern wall, there is a small path to the north that leads to a small open area. It is distinguished from the rest of the hedges by the Bog Pipes. Enter the open area to find the Dwarf there, working on the pipes. Use the talk command to speak to him if you wish, but it isn’t required.

    If you do, an in-game conversation takes place that is affected by your previous interaction and whether or not you have the Diamond Ring.

    Positive and Diamond Ring conversation:
    Toby: Still working on the pipes, huh?

    Dwarf: Oh, it’s you. I can’ts go home until I fix ‘em.

    Toby: Need some help?

    Dwarf: Thanks, but no.

    Toby (takes out the Diamond Ring): Uh, I found this earlier. *gives it to the Dwarf* I just thought you might like it.

    Dwarf (pauses): Uh … you … you found this?

    Toby: Yeah. I just wanted to thank you for your help earlier. I appreciate it. *Toby starts to walk away.*

    Dwarf: Uh, mister? You have any friends?

    Toby (stops and turns back to the Dwarf): I guess so. We argue a lot though. I’ve been in some fights.

    Dwarf: Most important thing is friends. *stares at the ring* Friends make ya see what’s really important. Of course, ya gotta stick with it, you know. It’s just like tendin’ a garden … ya gotta works at it.

    Toby: Uh, okay. I’ll keep that in mind.

    Result: If you have had negative interactions, including the Dwarf, up to this point, all the results will be flipped to positive, to suggest you’re ready to value friendship.

    Positive and No Ring conversation:
    Toby: Still working on the pipes, huh?

    Dwarf: Oh, it’s you. I can’ts go home until I fix ‘em.

    Toby: Need some help?

    Dwarf: Thanks, but no.

    Toby: Okay.

    Negative Conversation (regardless of Diamond Ring):
    Toby: Man, you’re like a cockroach, aren’t you? You just pop up everywhere.

    Dwarf: I ain’ts the one poppin’ ups nowhere. Now leave me alone.

    Past the area with the dwarf, further north at the eastern border, is a secret path on the left that leads to another small space, lined with trees. However, instead of bird chattering, there is a fire pit in the center.

    Approach the fire pit and it sounds like sticks are being beaten together. The sounds transition into a cinema with a dramatic musical score at first.

    Toby (looking around): What is that noise?

    Skub (shivering): This could be bad for Toby … and for Skub, too.

    Jets of flame shoot down to the ground from the treetops, turning into Fireys, who clap and dance and prance around Toby and Skub, singing.

    When the sun goes down (when the sun goes down)
    And the bats are back to bed (and the bats are back)
    The brothers come 'round (the brothers come 'round)
    I get out of my dirty bed (my dirty bed)
    I shake my pretty little head (I shake my pretty little head)
    Tap my pretty little feet (tap my pretty little feet)
    Feeling brighter than sunlight (oh)
    Louder than thunder (oh)
    Bouncing like a yo-yo, wooh (oh)

    Positive Conversation:
    Toby (making a time-out hand signal): Whoa, whoa! What is all this?

    Lead Firey (as the music continues but the singing stops): We’re just out to have a good time!

    Toby: Okay, uh, that’s cool.

    Lead Firey: No, that’s smokin’! *laughs*

    Toby: Aren’t you afraid of the dangers around here?

    Lead Firey (shakes head, singing): Don't got no problems (no problems). Ain't got no suitcase (no suitcase). Ain't got no clothes to worry about (no clothes to worry about). Ain't got no real estate or jewelry or gold mines to hang me up. I just throw in my hand (throw in his hand), With the chilliest bunch in the land (in the land). They don't look much (oh), They sure chilly chilly (oh)! They positively glow glow, huh (oh)!

    Toby: Riiiiight. Well, that’s cool. Can I sing?

    Lead Fiery (looks at the others and grins, shrugging): Let’s heat the place up!

    Fiery 2: The boy’s on fire!

    Toby (laughs nervously): But not literally, right?

    The dancing and singing continues, with Skub inching away nervously and Toby rocking with the Fireys.

    Chilly down with the fire gang
    Think small with the fire gang (It's the only way)
    Bad hep with the fire gang (a smile a day keeps the doctor away)
    When your thing gets wild
    Chilly down

    Chilly down with the fire gang (Hey, I'm a wild child)
    Act tall with the fire gang (whoo, walk tall)
    Good times, bad food (yeah)
    When your thing gets wild
    Chilly down, chilly down

    The music fades. The Lead Fiery slaps Toby on the shoulders and offers to give him five. As soon as their hands connect, Toby’s hands erupt in flame. The Fireys laugh and jump back into the trees.

    Character influence: Toby can now use fire magic when prompted to use the square button if he has no weapon equipped.
    Scenery influence: Underground tunnels and dark hallways will now have lighted torches to make it easier to see.

    Negative Conversation:
    Toby (angrily): Oh, sweet … random musical moment.

    Lead Firey (as the music continues but the singing stops): We’re just out to have a good time!

    Toby: Well, knock it off! You’re annoying me!

    Lead Fiery: We ain’t never gonna stop havin’ a good time! How ‘bout we knock off your pretty little head, instead?

    Toby (defiantly): You think I don’t know how to fight? I beat up guys all the time at school! I even set a fire once myself!

    Lead Firey (shocked): And you think we’re bad news? Better look in the mirror!

    Firey 2: He’d break it!

    Firey 3: Bad luck! *others laugh*

    Toby: Just get away from me!

    Lead Firey: We ain’t the ones trespassing, Bad Boy! King’s gonna have your head!

    Firey 2 (takes off his head and bounces it in his hand): You got a bad head on your shoulders!

    Firey 3: Let’s get him a new one! *they start to surround him*

    Toby (grabs Skub): We’re leaving these losers! *runs off*

    End cinema.

    Character influence: The Fireys will periodically revolt either in the Hedge Maze or in Goblin City and you can’t stop it unless you know a skill that will come later. Wherever they are revolting, goblins will try to stop them and certain areas may be too damaged to enter.

    Scenery influence: Tunnels and dark hallways will remain dark, obscuring certain hidden passages or objects or visual references.

  19. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Maze 4

    This maze is similar to Maze 3. The entrance is in the northwest corner and the exit is in the northeast corner. As you progress from the entrance, if you were negative to the Large Yeti, there will be a boulder at the second right, forcing you to take the long way through the maze.

    Items Found:
    Crystal Ball (Concept Art – enemies)

    Just as you enter the maze, though, an in-game conversation takes place, depending on how you played the Williams’ house.

    There’s No Place Like Home:
    Toby (anxiously): I wonder if my parents are freaking out about me right now. Mom’ll be ticked off she made dinner and I’m not there.

    Skub: Skub’s mother taught Skub to cook. She said, “Skub, in order to make water glue, pour some starch and then you’re through.”

    Home Life Sucks:
    Skub: Does Toby miss his parents?

    Toby (casually): Not really. They’re never home much anyway. I even have to cook for myself.

    Skub: Skub’s mother taught Skub to cook. She said, “Skub, in order to make water glue, pour some starch and then you’re through.”

    Regardless of which path you had to take, as you make your way to the exit, eventually you walk past an open area to your left after rounding a corner. A cinema begins.

    Toby (aloof): I wonder where Hana and Stank went?

    Hana (panicked atop Stank): Toby! Skub! Run for it!

    Toby looks in their direction as Stank is galloping as fast as he can, followed by a water-lion. Stank makes a hard corner and the water-lion rams into a wall, splashing everywhere, only to reform and continue its pursuit.

    Toby (in shock): What is that thing? It looks like it’s made of water?

    Skub (grabbing onto Toby’s legs for life): Sk-Sk-Skub doesn’t know! Skub’s never seen one before!

    All run as the water-lion continues to chase them.

    End cinema.

    Whether you try to head for the exit or backtrack to lose it, you’ll find that none of your weapons are useful. However, if you’ve been collecting Bags of Cornstarch, you’ll find it mucking up the creature and slowing it down, making it harder to pursue you. If you’ve collected all four by now, the last one you throw at it will make it nearly solid, allowing you to attack it with a weapon, though the weapons will be only somewhat effective. In order to make an effective kill, use all four Bags of Cornstarch and attack with fire magic, hardening the mixture. It will stop cold like a statue and a few hits will shatter it permanently. If this does not occur, you will run into this creature again when you revisit the area.

    Upon reaching the exit, which is inside a small area, a cinema will begin.

    Skub (rushing forward happily): Thank goodness you’re here, General! Something followed us into the Labyrinth! Something dangerous!

    The camera cuts to the exit, from which a throng of goblin knights appear. In the rear is a tall muscular goblin, appearing much more humanoid than the others. He wears a curved horn helmet and unlike other goblin knights has bright decorative accessories on his armor. He grins darkly.

    Goblin General (crossing his arms, his voice low and calm yet threatening): Yes, I know. Toby Williams – you are under arrest.
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    The cinema continues with a young human girl with blonde hair, worn dress, and goblin mask walking timidly down a street in Goblin City, with houses all around her of every size and with warped walls, as though in a normal world they would fall apart at any minute. The camera is in front of her as she walks, keeping pace with her and keeping her in the center of the screen. Flashbacks appear behind her as a near-transparent rear-projection effect.

    Flashback 1:
    The girl is getting dressed and we don’t see her real face, then she is seen scrubbing floors with grimy water.

    Flashback 2:
    A short, squat, grouchy elderly goblin is in his pajamas berating the girl as quiet and serene music plays.

    Goblin (angrily eating, his voice gruff like Hoggle’s but lower-pitched): What is this swill, Moppet? Am I drinking from chamber pot or a teapot? I’ve half a mind to toss you back into the Junkyard where I found you!

    Small Goblin (walks into view and pauses): Oh, what a lie! He doesn’t have half a mind to begin with!

    Moppet (looks down sadly): I’m sorry, Mr. Spittledrum, sir.

    Moppet continues to walk and ends up in a large central plaza, where a throng of goblins are singing Dance Magic around a large stone water fountain with stone dwarf statues on each of four sides with water coming out – in a Freudian way. She stops by a shoe store, with a small goblin with a spiky Mohawk standing happily in the doorway.

    Moppet: Good morning, Mr. Flegwort. Mr. Spittledrum would like something special for dinner tonight.

    Mr. Flegwort: Some loafers?

    Moppet (smiles): Perhaps something a bit more robust?

    Mr. Flegwort (nods): Ah, lemme pull up some bootstraps for you then. *goes inside and returns with a case of bootstraps* Here you go.

    Moppet takes the case and reaches a place where there is a large muddy area.

    Male voice: Stop! I cannot allow you to pass!

    Moppet (turns around, confused): Why ever not?

    The camera cuts to a small fox terrier-like colorfully clothed creature with an eye patch on his left eye atop a white and gray shaggy sheepdog.

    Creature (jumps off the dog and places a coat on the muddy patch and bows): I cannot let a fair maiden like thyself dirty her feet needlessly.

    Moppet (blushes, grinning): You flatter me, Sir Didymus. Forgive me: I must be going.

    Sir Didymus (hops back onto his dog): As must I, milady. The king hath given me a mission of vital importance.

    Moppet waves at Sir Didymus and rushes to a bridge connecting Goblin City to the Goblin Castle, with a moat underneath not filled with water but with sharp metal spikes. She spots Toby, Hana, and Stank being led into the castle by a contingent of goblin knights. She seems flustered and saddened.

    The scene cuts to the throne room of the castle, where Jareth is lounging on his semi-circular throne, staring morosely into a crystal ball. It drops from his hand as Moppet enters to give him a batch of envelopes. He looks away and gives her an envelope in return and shoos her away dismissively. Moppet leaves the throne room to see Candlewic cleaning his sword in the middle of a throng of eager goblins who seem to be hanging on his every word. Moppet smiles and blushes as she walks past and turns right.

    The scene cuts to a courtroom, where Spittledrum is dressed as a judge, complete with white curly wig and black robes, as he is presiding over a trial. Toby, Hana, and Stank are standing in the center of the room with a jury of goblins heckling them.

    Spittledrum: Let’s make this quick. Verdict?

    Jury: Guilty, guilty, guilty!

    Toby (angrily): Wait a minute!

    Spittledrum (bangs a gavel): I refuse to wait another minute!

    Moppet (enters the courtroom): Sir? Someone wishes to speak with you.

    Spittledrum: Make them wait! Now for the sentencing! *looks at Hana* Losing your wings wasn’t enough for you, then? Community service! *looks at Stank*

    Goblin (standing next to Stank with a clipboard): Sir, I beg for leniency. He’s just a puppy – or a kitten – or a cub.

    Spittledrum: Who are you?

    Goblin: I am Pendrik Pettifogger, Proctor to the Defence.

    Spittledrum: Proctor, eh? Maybe you can take a look at this for me. *turns around and moons the courtroom*

    Pendrik (irked): It’s benign.

    Toby (looks like he wants to crawl in a hole and die): Please make it stop ….

    Spittledrum (cheerfully): Technically, it’s a behind. Okay, let the yeti cub do … uh … whatever he was doing. *to Toby, his tone of voice turning deadly* Now, to the charge of trespassing. Goblin Ordinance number 2579 clearly states that no human shall enter the Labyrinth without first making a verbal request preceded by the words “I wish”, which must then be approved by the King and the Mayor, which is me. The only valid punishment for such a heinous offense is – death.

    Toby (loudly protests as he’s being led away): This is insane! I didn’t do anything!

    Hana: Don’t worry, Toby. The executioner has really bad aim. You’ve got plenty of time to think of a way to escape.

    Spittledrum then leaves the courtroom with Moppet, grumbling under his breath. Jareth meets them both in the hallway, visibly irritated. Moppet bows and leaves.

    Jareth (leaning against a wall, crossing his arms): Ah, Saddlebum.

    Spittledrum (grumbling): Spittledrum, sir.

    Jareth: Please send the boy you’ve arrested to the castle.

    Spittledrum (smiles): Of course, Your Majesty. How many pieces would you like him in, sir?

    Jareth (frowning, his tone deadly): Why, one, of course.

    Spittledrum (nearly gags): Of – of – of course he’d be in one piece, Your Majesty! I was merely referring to the kind of suit you wanted him to wear.

    Jareth (smirks): Tweedledum, if you’ve done anything rash, the only thing you’ll be mayor of is your own personal oubliette!

    Spittledrum (dashes away in a panic): Stop the execution!

    End cinema.

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