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Return to the Magic (Fraggle Fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by christyb, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    First off I'd like to put a disclaimer up. I begun this thing five years ago and just now decided to finish it This is my first shot at a fanfic. Hope you guys (and my friends at FraggleRocker) like it! I want to be the first to apologize if this sounds like someone else's work in any way. I don't mean to plagerize (plagarize?) anyone's work. Well Here goes. Next post begins Chapter One. Enjoy and tell me what you think!
  2. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Chapter One

    All the well wishers had left. Balloons and flowers covered the living room while casseroles thrived in the refrigerator. A sigh of exhaustion brought her to the floor. Looking around it was amazing how many memories still lived in the old house.

    “Unca Doc? Tell me a frackle story!” a small girl in pigtails and two missing teeth pleaded.

    “Fraggle sweetie. How about the time Gobo…..”

    A whine and a kiss interrupted her thoughts. She smiled down at the old dog that had plodded beside her. The only old friend left of the crowd that had left. It seemed appropriate that he’d be left. She’d grown up with him. Him and her Uncle’s silly stories. She reached out to pet the dog affectionately

    “Hey there Sprocket, old boy. You miss him too huh?” she smiled down at him.

    “Arf, arf, woof, whine,” Sprocket replied.

    “ Well come on, Sprocket, let’s find us something to eat. Can’t go hungry now can we?”

    “bark, bark”

    “Now don’t you start. I’m not going to that old shop. It’s ridiculous. Leave everything to chase some silly dream of his,” she nodded her head, “Great, now I’m even sounding like him. Besides that old shack may not even be there. That was over ten years ago you and Uncle Doc moved here.”

    “Woof, Woof, Bark, bark”

    She slammed down the pots and pans in order to find a couple of plates. That dog was really getting to her. She was all grown up now. Much to old to be chasing silly stories such as Fraggles. Her mind returned to that night that was just last week. The night that seemed so long ago.

    “Amy, dear?”

    “ Now Uncle Doc. You mustn’t strain yourself you know what the Doctor said. You’ve got a long way to go since the accident.” the young woman tucked the bed sheets around her beloved Uncle as he lay in his hospital bed.

    “ Listen to me. Remember that old shop I used to tell you about?”

    “Of course. You’ve only told me about it a hundred and one times”

    “Could you go to it? Ever since that hole was covered I haven’t been able to find the ‘Rock’.”

    “Uncle, the ‘Rock’ is a nice place but it’s just stories. You need to concentrate on getting better.”

    “No you don’t understand. I left it. The magic. I let that hole get covered. I need to know if they’re still alive if they still exist….” he said as he drifted off to sleep.

    “Woof, growl, bark.”

    Amy shook her head and realized that the stove was on too high. Supper was boiling over onto the stove and counter. Sprocket did nothing but look and cock his head.

    “Well it looks like I’m good for nothing. Aren’t I? What are you looking at? Go get the suitcases! I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

    (If this were a movie here is what you’d see next. During the opening credits.....

    *Camera cut to Amy looking through a plane window. Camera cut to inside of plane where a dog crate sits at her feet. Music enters the scene “Dance your cares away” fades into the scene as Amy and Sprocket fade away and a cave opening appears)
  3. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Chapter Two.

    Side note: Sorry guys this has been up on Fraggle Rocker for a few days now. Here's chapter two if anyone's even reading this thing.

    Everyone began talking at once. They were all forgetting for just a moment that they were all grown up now and with responsibilities. Sky just looked on with wonder at the sights. This part did not look like her part of the Rock at all. She turned around to view the rest of the Hall. This place seemed so alive and well. This new section was livelier and more energetic than her old home. No wonder her mother wanted to come back after her father disappeared. Suddenly she heard a warning come from behind her.

    “Look out! Hey, get outta the way! Can’t stop!!!” Gabs squealed.

    “Too late!” Kinu and Mopu added.

    All four fraglets came down in a large pile giggling all the way. Gabs was the first up dusting herself off before her father could see her. She quickly apologized to the Doozers for helping to destroy yet another tower. Bouncing back up she quickly adjusted her sweater before turning her attention to the newcomer that was freshly plowed.

    “Sorry about that. Here lemme help you up. I’m Gabby but everyone calls me Gabs. The blurs over there are Kinu and Mopu but try not to get them mixed up they hate that. Just remember Kinu yellow shirt Mopu orange or run it together like their father Wembley does and call them KinuMopu. You must be new here. Where’d ya come from anyway?” Gabs quickly stated before having to take a breath.

    Sky accepted Gabs hand and stood back up. She couldn’t help but giggle at Gabs quick introduction. She had a feeling she was going to like Gabs, “I’m Sky. My mom’s over there. You can probably tell which one is her because we look a lot alike. I live here in the Rock just like you do. Just we used to live far away but we’ve come here to live.”

    Not to be outdone Kinu quickly went up to Sky and tugged on her tail, “I’m Kinu and the knothead over there is Mopu, and you’re it!”

    “C’mon Sky!” Gabs squealed and the game resumed with their new friend joining in.

    The Fraggle Five finally stopped talking at once and noticed that their kids had gone. There was no need to fear though. Everyone looked out for everyone else. So no harm could get to them. However, there’s was a need to be extra precautious due to the disappearances.

    “Oh my Gosh! Kids! They’ve run off, disappeared, or worse!” Boober exclaimed.

    “Don’t worry they’re right over there, honey.” Mokey reassured.

    “Kids? HONEY???!!!!! Boy am I lost.” Red said while looking confused.

    “You’ve missed a lot Red. Why don’t we all go over our place and have some Raddie Stew. We’ll fill you in there.” Mokey said while leading Red off and whistling for Gabs to follow.

    “Yeah like when before Kinu and Mopu were born and Wembley couldn’t decide what to name them” Gobo added.

    The Fraglets ended their game and rejoined their parents a little dirtier than they were. Boober was gently scolding Gabs on how dirty and germy she had gotten herself. Kinu and Mopu were riding on Gobo’s and Wembley’s back. While Red placed a protective arm around Sky. Introductions needed to be made and pictures to be drawn by Mokey. All in all a happy day and a happy reunion for old friends and new. Now if only they could solve the mystery behind the disappearing Fraggles.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good stuff Christy. So how's about Chapter 3?

    You know, all these fan fics of late make me want to get the Counting Castle in order and open it up already. Problem is I have two divergent ideas for what to do, they're rully contingent upon a package of goth figures I'm expecting in the mail. Once I get that and give 'em the lookover I'll talk with you and probably a couple other friends which would be the better idea.

    But my problems are for another day. Let's just dance our cares away.
    Bring on the next part of the story!
  5. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Can't wait for the Counting Castle. Chapter three will be up soon.
  6. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Chapter Three

    Amy stepped out of the small real estate office and into the drenching rain outside. The weather was almost as if it was made to order for her mood. She couldn’t believe her rash decision to by her Uncle’s old place. It made no sense. Neither did this whole foolhardy trip. She was desperate, and that was the only reason she could come up with. However, buying the place needed to be done or she could never take a look at it. The previous owner was just impossible. Either that or desperate to sell, he kept muttering something about the shack being haunted. She quickly approached the curb and entered the car. She rushed in to avoid getting even wetter than she already was. Sprocket was already barking from inside.
    “Whew! Sprocket, I hope that old shop of yours isn’t leaky. After that we don’t have enough for a hotel. I have no idea how long we’ll be here,” Amy said as she started the car, “Well, Sprocket, let’s go home.”

    Sprocket picked up his ears and starts barking excitedly as they drive off. After a short drive they came upon their destination. The poor shop had fallen into disrepair. A couple of windows were broken and the door hung halfway off of its hinges. It was a good thing she brought her tools she’d need them. By this time the rain had lightened up from a downpour to a light drizzle. Amy let Sprocket out and popped the trunk. After retrieving her bag, tools, and the groceries she had bought she went inside.

    The shop looked better on the inside than it had out. Only a few leaks in the roof here and there, but that could be easily fixed with a bucket. Sprocket excitedly ran about started sniffing around to see if anything had changed. Amy set down her things and began to fix the door for the rain had begun to leak in. After that she immediately began to patch the two broken glass panes with the plastic grocery sacks and duck tape.

    Meanwhile, Sprocket found something that was not to his liking. He had smelt this smell before. He hadn’t smelled it in a long time so he wasn’t sure. Frankly, he missed it. It almost smelt like Gobo but not quite. It couldn’t be a Fraggle he hadn’t smelt on in years. So he was not quite sure. Then he came upon a pile of paper. He quickly picked a piece up and took it to Amy.

    “Whine, whine,” Sprocket said pawing at Amy’s skirt in order to grab her attention.

    “What ‘cha got there boy?” Amy asked and took the paper, “Why it’s a postcard silly. No it can’t be….”

    Amy was shocked at what it said. A look of utter disbelief spread across her face, “Sprocket, listen to this…

    ‘Dear Nephew Gobo,

    I miss you and Fraggle Rock more than ever now. It seems as if I am trapped in the Silly Creature world with no way home. I shall go to the Room at the End of the Tunnel and see if I cannot find a way back for a visit.

    Love, Your Uncle Travelin’ Matt.’

    Sprocket, where did you get this?”

    Sprocket lead her to the pile in the corner. There were hundreds upon hundreds of postcards. She couldn’t believe it. Someone or something was playing with her head. Fraggles didn’t really exist. They were just some story her Uncle had made up to amuse her as a child. Weren’t they?

    While she was pondering this a crack was heard from above. A shelf came crashing down and with it came Uncle Traveling Matt. He fell right on top of Amy’s head. Of course Sprocket immediately began barking and chasing him. Matt found shelter behind Amy’s skirt.

    “Oh, Silly Creature, save me from the Hairy Beast!” Matt whimpered.

    “Sprocket down,” Amy ordered while kneeling to get a better look at Matt, “Who or what are you?”

    “Why I’m a Fraggle of course! And you’re a Silly Creature. Did I hurt your brain when I fell on you?”

    “Y...You’re a Fraggle. I think I’m going to faint.”

    “Yes normally I don’t talk to Silly Creatures, but I’m hungry and cannot find my way home. You wouldn’t happen to have a Doozer Stick or a Radish on you? And could you please direct me to Fraggle Rock.”

    “Doozer Sticks????!!!!! I must be dreaming.” *Sprocket pinches Amy and she glares back* “Ok, so I’m awake. I don’t have any Doozer Sticks. What do you mean you can’t find your way back to the Rock??”

    “There once was an entrance through this room. But it disappeared long ago.”

    “Nonsense, my Uncle said it used to be right over there…”

    Amy walked to the wall but sure enough the hole was gone. She motioned for Sprocket to get her hammer. Amy had heard enough stories to know that this was the correct spot. However after prying a few boards loose, she was met with nothing but solid rock.

    Matt just smugly looked on. This was one of the few times he had ever spoken to a Silly Creature. It never ceased to amaze him how their sense of logic was not as good as a Fraggle’s. Why on would he stay in this old building forever if there was a way back home?
  7. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    End of Chapter Three...

    Amy leaned back and sighed. There was no hole. Much less and evidence of one. Not even an irregularity in the rock that would hint of a secret passageway. At least now she new why the previous owner had wanted to sell so badly. Matt had obviously been living here a long time and was very lonely. He was talking on and on and as he talked the more his confidence grew. It was enough to cause the most patient person to crack. Especially with the talk of how 'silly' she was. She just quietly got up and began to put on her jacket while heading for the door.

    "Where are you going? You can't leave me here!" Matt exclaimed.

    "I'm going on a walk. I need some time to think. Both of you can come if you want to." Amy replied.

    Sprocket shook his head no and returned to his nap. At first Matt was reluctant but hurried off after the Silly Creature. There was no way he was staying with the Hairy Beast. He thought his odds were better off in sticking with the Silly Creature.

    Amy headed out the door and turned around the corner of the cabin. For some odd reason she felt drawn to the woods behind. The sun was poking out of the clouds and the rain had left the world fresh. Within moments she realized that Matt was trotting quietly beside her. She looked down and decided that an apology was in order.

    "Hey, I'm sorry if I was snappish back there. I don't know if a Fraggle would know this ,but I've been having a hard time here lately. So truce??"

    Matt accepted the hand offered in friendship. After all he had to because this was his best shot at getting home, "All right, Silly Creature. We'll work together on this. I want to get home and you well what is your purpose?"

    "I don't really know. Some silly wish of my Uncle's. Something about magic and that I need to find it."

    “Seems like a noble enough cause.”

    They continued on for a while longer. Each lost in their own thoughts. Unbeknownst to them the surroundings had begun to change. Amy was looking for magic and she was just beginning to find it.
  8. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Chapter Four

    Here ya'll go. For better or for worse. (Actually I think this chapter is more on the worse side.)

    Gobo strummed on his guitar while Mokey was trying to explain to a confused Red. It made him uncomfortable how many glares he seemed to be getting as the story progressed. He knew she left because of him. He also knew that he had put a strain on her and Mokey’s friendship at one point. Humming to himself he remembered back to events that had happened. None of that mattered now, everyone was together again and time really did heal all wounds.

    Something was building. He couldn’t tell what. Something wasn’t just fitting right. It seemed as if it was in the air. He wondered if the others could notice. Lost in his own thoughts Gobo didn’t realize that everyone had silenced and was staring intently at him. He was furiously strumming his guitar faster and faster with that unsettling feeling growing stronger.

    “Gobo, Hello?? Calling Gobo!” Wembley said.

    “Sorry guys. I guess I got caught up in what I was thinking about.” he said while blushing.

    “Hey Uncle Gobo.? Why don’t you sing that song about the Rock? Sky hasn’t seen any of this part and it’ll be a great way to tell her all about it!” Gabs interjected from her position in the corner with the other fraglets.

    “Hmm…You mean this song?” he said and began strumming, “Now I’m not the poet genius Mokey is but how about you and the others helping me out??” Gobo Begins strumming on his guitar.

    “Uncle Gobo, that’s the wrong song.”

    “It is isn’t it? Well this is a new song….”

    Begin Singing….. (camera cuts to scenes that portray what the song is telling)

    Well, a long time ago a Fraggle went away

    This is the story of what happened to her friends during that time.

    When adulthood was beginning

    And childhood was left behind

    Red left without a word

    Because her friend Mokey had stolen her Fraggle

    Stormed off and left her friends hurt and confused

    And wasn’t, for a long time, ever heard

    Now Boober saw the light

    And left his little Tosh

    For he realized it wasn’t meant to be

    And snatched up his Mokey

    Before she was lost

    Swept her right off her feet he did

    No sooner than they realized

    Someone joined the little romance

    And Gabs broke on the scene……

    And our ears haven’t had a rest since.

    *Heyyyyyy!!!! Gabs interrupted.*

    Poor little Wembley,

    He was still chasing after his dream

    Of his beautiful Lou

    His happily ever after didn’t end so happily,

    But he was left with two identical gifts.

    And frankly…

    We didn’t know the little guy could run so fast!

    * A crash was heard and a identical “Sorry Dad” interrupted the song along with laughter.*

    And me well…I’m still exploring

    Looking for my Uncle Matt

    Who is among the missing

    Living in Outer Space.

    *”Uncle Gobo that didn’t rhyme” Gabs said.*

    “I never said it was supposed to. So you didn’t like my song?” Gobo asked.

    “Oh, Gobo it was beautiful.” Mokey replied while giving a tiny glare at her daughter.

    “But what about me? I mean I only came in during the first line!” Red huffed.

    “Awww…Gee…Red I don’t know what happened to you.” Gobo replied.

    “Well, I moved off met a wonderful Fraggle and got married. He was absolutely fantastic much better than some Fraggles I know. He left me with the absolutely best daughter in the world Sky who is as sweet as can be.” Red summarized and blew Sky a kiss from across the room.

    Gobo shook his head as the chatter continued. He was still feeling restless. Something just wasn’t right, besides the disappearances. He just shook his head and joined in with the others.
  9. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Chapters 6 & 7

    Chapter Six

    Gobo, Wembley, Boober, Mokey, and Red were searching the caves of Fraggle Rock. None of them could believe how four fraglets slipped right past the five of them. Now there was no telling where they had gotten off too. The Fraggle Five split in front of Mokey and Boober's place with the boys going to the left and the girls heading for the Great Hall. Each calling their child's name worried to death that they were lost or worse as Boober would say.

    Fairly soon everyone came upon The Junction. The place where at least ten tunnels crossed and created a good sized room in the middle. Gabs and the other fraglets stopped talking when she saw the horrified look on her father’s face. Boober, Wembley, Red, and Mokey just stared in amazement. The had heard about Silly Creatures even seen one, but never one inside of the Rock and certainly not their size.

    Amy shook her head and suddenly a flood of memories came back to her as she beheld her old playmate. She couldn’t help but stare at Gobo. His was a face that she hadn’t seen in years. Never did she ever admit to anyone that Gobo was real; as time went on the story she told others of her ‘imaginary’ friend Gobo became what she believed herself. However, Gobo was as stunned to see her as she was him.

    Gobo looked at the Silly Creature that stood in front of him. Surely it wasn’t…it couldn’t be…all he could seem to croak out was, “Amy??”

    “g….G…Gobo? Is it you?”

    After the initial shock set in the two old friends immediately began talking at once until interrupted by Red, “Whoa, Whoa time out, wait a minute. You two actually KNOW each other!!??”

    “Well, yes. Guys this is Amy. Doc’s niece! I used to play with her after he moved every time I went to pick up some postcards from my Uncle Matt.” Gobo explained to a curious group.

    “Doc??” Boober asked.

    “You know the Silly Creature that lived in the room at the end of the tunnel.” Gobo answered.

    “Can we keep her dad? Please????” Kinu and Mopu asked and was answered by a round of laughter.

    “No you can’t keep her and you two are in trouble. There is no talking me out of it this time. I mean it you’re grounded!” Wembley said trying unsuccessfully to act stern.

    “But..Daaaaaaaddddddd. We wasn’t by ourselves Amy was with us the whole time…almost”

    “But that doesn’t explain how she obviously a germy, icky Silly Creature got here.” Boober said.

    “Well if you got a minute or two I’ll tell you what I know” Amy said.

    Everyone settled in at different spots around the room. Gabs immediately went over to her parents and sat down between them. She leaned her head on her mother and snatched her father’s hat and put it on. Boober tsked her and took his hat back. Kinu and Mopu stayed beside Amy curious to know everything about her since they now knew she was a Silly Creature. Sky layed on her stomach in front of her mother and ‘Uncle’ Gobo. While, Wembley sat down on a rock and looked anxiously at Amy. With all eyes on her she told what she knew and hoped for some answers.

    “And so the next thing I knew I was here and bumped into those four,” Amy finished pointing at the fraglets.

    “Wow, you got me. There’s only one person who knows the answer to this.” Wembley said.

    “Wembley’s right. Too the Trash Heap!” Gobo jumped up and exclaimed.

    “Wait a minute what about the kids?” Boober asked.

    “Hey, I wanna go! You said when I was old enough I could go to the Trash Heap with you!” Gabs whined.

    “You know if you gave those four a little more freedom they might not be so apt to run off,” Amy added.

    “I don’t know we gotta go through the Gorg’s garden.” Mokey worried for a moment.

    “Oh you scardey cats. Let’s go. They gotta see a Gorg sometime. They know as well as we do that when you see a Gorg you run!” Red said.

    After debating everyone set off for the Trash Heap. Each lost in their own thoughts for a moment. Sky ran up and whispered if Gabs was a little bit afraid. They both were never having been outside the Rock. Amy wondered how she was going to hide her presence. These nine Fraggles didn’t see the reaction she caused when she fell into the pond. Well maybe this all-knowing all-confusing Trash Heap would have some answers after all. Just maybe Amy wondered to herself.

    Chapter Seven

    Outside Junior Gorg was looking for the funny looking Fraggle. He had never took better care of that garden looking for that thing. His sister Meggie didn’t believe him when he told her. For once he wanted to be one up on her. Ever since she had been born she was always one step ahead. Well when he found the Funny Fraggle he’d show her.

    “What cha’ doin’?” Meggie Gorg asked.

    “I’m taking care of the garden. Getting out all of the weeds and bad plants and making sure no fwaggles steal our radishes.”

    “You know Ma said for you not to play with fraggles. I’m telling!”
    “No, No Meggie don’t tell. I’m not playing with them see” Junior said as he held out his hands for his little sister to inspect.

    Meanwhile, the Fraggle Five, the Fraglet Four, and Amy saw their chance. While the Gorgs were arguing they slipped behind them and around the corner to the Trash Heap. The Fraglet’s stood in amazement at what they saw. Amy stood in disbelief that they put so much store into a giant pile of garbage.

    “You are now in the presence of the Trash Heap! Make it quick and Make it snappy!” two rat like creatures named Philo and Gunge exclaimed.

    The fraggles pushed Amy forward. Amy was trying to be as polite as she could and was trying not to wrinkle her nose at the stench of rotting garbage. She quickly explained her predicament to what seemed a lifeless pile with red-framed glasses.

    Then the Trash Heap opened her tired eyes and slowly answered. Finally the answer she was waiting for!

    “To help a dying treasure,

    You must go back to the way things were.

    Then you will find the key,

    The magic, and help your family.” the Trash Heap said.

    “The Trash Heap has spoken. Naaaahhhhh!!!” Philo and Gunge said.

    “But she’s not done. What do you mean go back? And there’s that word again. Whaddya mean magic? You have to give me something a little more than that” Amy said while becoming frustrated.

    “You are the persistent one. Look in your heart and you will find it. That is all now go away and learn some manners from your Fraggle friends while you’re at it.” the Trash Heap finished.

    Everyone quickly skirted off telling Amy what she should not do the next time. Boober however kept saying he only wished he had asked for hints before when the Trash Heap made no sense. Rounding the corner they entered the hole that lead back to the Rock. Not paying attention to where they were going everyone came down into a pile when Gobo bumped into something. That something was Uncle Traveling Matt. Who had finally found a chance to run back home.
  10. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know why my text is always so small. No matter how large I make it in the editor it comes out like that! I'm copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word. And any feedback on the story would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, must be the standard font Phillip's set for the forum postings.
    However, if you copy and paste from the forum to your word document, it'll take the font and size you have there.

    Only a few minor nitpicks in terms of consistency.
    Shouldn't the last two chapters have been 5 and 6 instead of 6 and 7?
    In Chapter 3 when you say that Amy drive away, me thinks it should be "drove away".
    Other than that, I think the story's going wery well. A deep mystery between Gobo and Red, the unsolved problems of the here and now with the disappearances, and the hitherto unknown future of what'll happen to the Rock.
    Keep it up, look forward to reading more.
  12. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5-oops my bad.

    I'm posting this in two different places at once and forgot to post Chapter 5 here. (No wonder when I reread it I was like wahhhh???) So this should clear up some questions. It should be drove away. I'm terrible when it comes at grammar and miss things when I edit.

    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Chapter Five[/font]

    Amy and Matt plodded on looking straight ahead. Matt was chattering about his many adventures in the Silly Creature world. As of right now Amy silently listened about the box that talked back to you and ate flat rollies. It took her a few minutes to realize that he was talking about a CD Player. She turned to tell Matt the real name of the object of which he was talking about when she noticed something odd.

    For you see as she was walking Amy did not realize that she was changing. Before at her normal height Uncle Traveling Matt only came to her knees. The two travelers had passed from the realm of what is known as the human world and into the world of Fraggle Rock. Amy had shrunk to the height of a fraggle. Matt now came to just about eye level on her. Not saying anything she looked around her at their surroundings. The trees were as skyscrapers and even the wildflowers were the height of small houses.

    A clearing opened up ahead and Amy realized she was completely lost. Up ahead was a gigantic garden with a monstrous castle looming overhead. Amy had seen nothing like it in her life. She had to stop and stare. Matt who had stopped to look at a butterfly bumped into her from behind.

    “Why did you stop for??” he asked.

    “Ummm…Does something seem strange to you?” she asked in return.

    “Well no…wait you’re not as tall nor as frightening as before. What did you do to yourself?”

    “I have no idea. I think it happened while we were walking. This is so weird. I just shrunk from Five foot something to about two.”

    “ I beg your pardon! I am not a mere two feet. What’s a foot?”

    “Never mind. Do you have any idea where we….”

    Before she could finish a familiar voice broke the peaceful silence of the garden, “Heh, Heh. I got you now you wittle fwaggle.” Junior quickly bent down his 22-foot frame and scooped Amy up without any apparent effort at all. Matt quickly run and hid behind a radish plant; unsure as to how or whether he should help out.

    “Excuse me. Would you mind putting me down? Didn’t your mother ever teach you how to treat a lady?” Amy crossed her arms and tried to wiggle out of Junior’s grip.

    “You the funniest looking fwaggle I’ve ever seen”

    “That’s because I’m not a fwaggle, I mean fraggle.”

    “Then what are you?”

    “I’m a human a homo sapien or however scientists say it. And a very uncomfortable one at that. If you won’t let me go you could at least loosen your grip.”

    “ Oh no. I gotta go show you to my Pa and Ma.”

    Junior quickly rushed to the castle yelling for his Pa and Ma to come quick and see what he had caught. Never minding the fact that he was supposed to be doing his chores. The other Gorgs came running out and met Junior by the well. Ma immediately began screaming and wildly tossing her hands about for Junior to get rid of the hideous thing. Unfortunately one of her hands threw Junior off balance and he tossed Amy into the air who fell down the well.

    While in Fraggle Rock the fraglets were getting antsy. All of the catching up was great for the grown-ups but it was very boring. Gabs motioned for Sky to follow her. Kinu and Mopu weren’t far behind. Each slipped out unbeknownst to their parents. Once out they quietly giggled and headed out.

    Pretty soon they were out of hearing range, “Alright, now what?” Mopu asked “We explore like Uncle Gobo. He always has a ton of fun doing it.” Gabs said while heading in the general direction of the Great Hall.

    “Yeah but we’re not allowed to go anywhere without one of our parents,” Kinu pointed out.

    “How hard can it be. Uncle tells us stories all the time. You two can just stay and listen to the grown-ups talk! C’mon Sky,” Gabs hooked her arm in Sky’s.

    Just ahead Amy was walking the cavern’s of Fraggle Rock. She knew better than to stay in what seemed to be the central room. She looked funny enough; especially since she was dripping wet. Amy sat down on a rock and began to wring herself out. Pretty soon both parties met up.

    “Hey, Gabs what’s that?” Sky whispered stared at the soggy creature sitting on a rock ahead.

    “I don’t know I’ve never seen anything like it. Never here in the Rock. How about you?” Gabs whispered back.

    “No never.”

    The dynamic duo were not afraid in the least. They quickly ran up and perched each other on Amy’s shoulders. Amy looked up surprised and realized that these must be more Fraggles. That Matt wasn’t alone in the world after all.

    “Hi. What are You” Kinu asked.

    Amy giggled, “I’m Amy.”

    “What’s a Amy” Mopu asked from the other side.

    “She’s an Amy silly” Kinu reached over and thumped Mopu on the head, “Where did you come from? How did you get here? Why are you here..”

    “Whoa one at a time! I’d like to know who you two cuties are.”

    Kinu looked over Amy’s head and whispered loudly to Mopu, “Yuck! She called us cute.”

    “I’m Mopu and the one on your other side is Kinu. And the two silly one’s over there are Sky and Gabs. Gab’s the one in the blue shirt. Sky’s wearing red.”

    “Thank you. And as for you,” Amy took both fraglets off her and sets them down, “ I don’t know why I’m here. I came from well, where you probably would call Outer Space. And a big creature dropped me down a well. I believe he would be called a Gorg”

    Sky approached Amy with wide eyes, “You’ve seen an actual Gorg?”

    “More or less yes.” Amy smiled at her, “ Haven’t you?”

    “ No we’re not allowed to go anywhere without our parents. As a matter of fact if we get caught now we’ll be in big trouble,” Gabs said.

    Boober could be heard in the distance calling Gabs, “Gabs where are you? You know you aren’t supposed to wonder off without someone with you. You could get infected by a terrible disease. Gabs!!!”

    “Well then. I believe we should find your parents. I don’t know my way around here so you will have to lead on,” Amy stood and took Sky’s outstretched hand. Gabs bounced on ahead while Kinu grabbed Amy’s other hand and Mopu jumped back onto Amy’s shoulders and went along for the ride. She wasn’t sure how other Fraggles would accept her but these four seemed okay with her presence. They were children she could tell. Kids were always easier to accept new and different things. She only hoped that Matt would be okay.
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    Ah, that's better. As for the little things I said, don't worry kiddo, you're doing vonderful.
    3 segments in one day, you deserve a big pile of radish cookies. Take a break, the rest will come. Lookin' forward to what's next.
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    Don't worry I am. I'm having problems fitting a couple of subplots together right now. Everyone over at fragglerocker is a little impatient but two in one day is enough! (Chapter five was posted yesterday) All in all I'm glad you like it. (and anyone else who is reading.)
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    Keep up the awsome work. Now you need to send it to JHC and tell them to make it into a movie and I'll go watch it.
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    Ditto for me! This would make an AWESOME movie!
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    Holy Cow! :excited: You think it's that good????!!!!!!
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    I definately think it's that good! You stay true to the original characters and what Fraggle Rock is about. You provide good details about the action taking place and the new characters. I think it's great! I've read alot of fan fics on Fanfiction.net that are NOT GOOD at all, yours blows them all out of the water! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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    I agree with Beth. Me and Monsters are waiting for the next chapter too.
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    Thanks guys. I'm blushing. The next chapter isn't quite ready yet. I reread it last night and got utterly confused. So there are some things that need to be tweaking. However to make Chapter 7 end on a note that I wanted the Next post will have the ending of it.

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