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Ring Ring!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by GreenStuff220, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. GreenStuff220

    GreenStuff220 Member

    Hello, everyone! I'm baaaack! I had to create a new profile, but I'm back! For those that remember my stories from years ago, they were mostly about Robin all grown up, and this one is no different. And for those who don't remember Megan, they met as kids and just kept missing each other right as they were about to get together. Anyway, this is just a short holiday story to warm hearts on this festive season. Hope everyone likes it. :)



    In which young Robin has a Christmas surprise for the whole family.

    "There," Robin said. He stepped back to admire his work. A satisfied grin was on his face. He tilted his head to the side, inspecting every last inch of his lights display, until he finally couldn't help but smile.

    "Perfect," he whispered. For years now, Robin and his Uncle Kermit had engaged in an outdoor Christmas lights battle. Of course, it was all in good fun, and no one ever actually "won," but it brought out the pollywog in both of them to see whose lights would be the brightest or most intricate. The annual Christmas battle- that, and who was going to get the last gingerbread cookie from Piggy- but that's another story completely.
    Somehow, the spirit of a friendlyand playful competition brought out the best rather than the worst in the two of them, and they always managed to rather go to each other's homes, admire the lights, and sing carols. ( and, of course, fight over the gingerbread cookies.)

    This year, at the age of 21, Robin had a special element, a secret weapon almost, in his lights display. It was an element that he was sure would be talked about for years to come. Yes, this year, he felt he had really outdone himself, and he hoped beyond hoping that everyone would enjoy it - absolutely everyone.

    As Robin came around the corner of the house for one last once-over, his cell phone rang. Slightly startled by the sound, he quickly reached in the pocket of his red jacket to answer it.
    "Hello?.... Well, merry Christmas, nutmeg!"
    "Nutmeg" was Robin's nickname for his longtime girlfriend, Megan. A vibrant blonde frog, Megan had captured his heart when they were children. Robin fondly remembered the day he told Uncle Kermit she was the only girl he knew that wasn't riddled with "cooties." The two were separated several times by long- distance moves, missed opportunities, and occasionally, other suitors, but they finally found their way to each other as teens, and have been inseparable since.

    "I- huh? Oh no, I'm just finishing some things, and then we'll go... Sure, your sister can come too, the more, the merrier! And...hm? Well...mm, I suppose her boyfriend can come too, but only if he's on his best behavior. I didn't like the way he talked to her last week at dinner...of course, sweetie...Listen, I've got to get going, but I'll be there this afternoon to pick everyone up, and we'll go. I'll give you a ring later when I'm on my way... (Laughs,) yes, ring ring. ..ok, I'll see you soon.Love you!"

    Robin hung up the phone with a deep smile on his face. My Megan, he thought. What would I do without her? Let it be said he wasn't in any rush to find out. But he did want to see her face when she saw the great Christmas gift he had in store for her.He was sure it would be classic.

    For what would truly be the last time, Robin took a glance at the lights, then it was off in his little blue car to meet Kermit for lunch. But, not before he took a shortcut through town so he could catch a glimpse of a lovely mint green house.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You know I very much like Megan and the fics involving her and Robin you've posted. Dunno if you've gotten a chance to read my own dabbling into that ship, you can find it in the 2014 Fanfic Library Index thread, under my name, titled Junebugs and Hot Sparks from my Calendar Oneshots series. Thanks for posting and coming back to the forum.
    *Leaves some number cookies for Nicee. :insatiable: :) :batty:
    GreenStuff220 likes this.
  3. GreenStuff220

    GreenStuff220 Member

    Ooh cookies! How DID you know my blood sugar was low? :) thank you, Count! It's great to be back, and there'll be more soon.
  4. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Very cute so far! (If you've ever read my posts, you know I have a soft spot for Robin. :) )
  5. GreenStuff220

    GreenStuff220 Member


    Robin and Kermit found themselves at the Frontier on this fine Christmas Eve afternoon. This was Robin's favorite restaurant since tadpole-hood, and it was one of the few places around where they could go fairly unnoticed as a result of their celebrity. They sat in the very back room, the one that Robin loved most, with the walls adorned with plastic cacti and horses, and pictures of John Wayne abound. Here, Robin had been seeking some reassurance from good old Uncle Kermit over coffee and sandwiches.

    ''You think so, Uncle Kermit? You really think she'll like it?''
    ''I think she'll love it, '' the elder frog said. He placed a comforting hand on top of his nephew's for reassurance. At the feel of Kermit's touch, Robin let out a deep breath he didn't even know he'd been holding, and noticeably relaxed. Kermit gave him an all-knowing smile.

    ''You'll be fine. I'm just glad you're happy.''
    Robin immediately perked up.
    ''So happy! Megan is...amazing! I - I'd do anything just to make her smile.''
    Kermit tilted his head, giving Robin his famous lop-sided smile. ''I seem to recall something like that.''

    But Robin continued on as if he hadn't heard.

    ''And I mean - she and Bethany have had a rough year. What with, losing their last living parent, the fire, and Megan losing her job, it's been so hard on her. Hard on them both. But she- she's strong, and she made it through. So- this Christmas - I just want to be good to her, and give her an extra special holiday.''

    Kermit nodded throughout Robin's thought, finally looking at him with a sense of affection, adoration, and - yes, respect.
    ''Well, I think you're giving her a whole lot more than that. You're giving her a real chance at hope. That's got to be the greatest Christmas gift of all.''

    Robin smiled deeply at his uncle's words of comfort. Somehow, Kermit always knew the right thing to say, at just the right time. How on Earth does he do that- Robin wondered. But no matter. Robin shook his head, and said the most sincere thing he could at that time.

    ''Thank you, Uncle Kermit. And- thank you for arranging for he carriage ride tonight.''
    Kermit let out a devilish giggle. ''Let's just say there's still an old hopeless romantic left in me somewhere - just don't tell Aunt Piggy.''

    At this the two frogs chuckled and exchanged warm looks.

    ''I'm proud of you, Kiddo,'' Kermit declared, with an affectionate pat on Robin's back.
    ''Kiddo, huh?'' Robin chuckled. ''Oh boy, I must have done something good. That's the only time you call me 'kiddo.' ''
    ''Well, you have.'' Kermit said. ''You're taking care of the ones you love - I can't imagine anything better than that. And, to be honest, I'm glad I got to watch you grow into the fine young frog I always knew you would be. I just wish your parents were here to see it.''

    At that moment, Robin's smile faded ever so slightly, and his look was downcast. He looked back up after a few seconds, and said, ''I miss them.''
    ''I do too,'' Kermit said forlornly, ''But I know that they would have been so proud of you.''
    Robin now looked up even further, a glimmer of hope returning in his eyes.
    ''You think so, Uncle Kermit?''
    ''I know so,'' Kermit mused, his smile returning. He looked up for a brief moment above Robin's head to see the time on the clock. His smile widened.

    ''And uh-surely you have somewhere to be soon? With a lady friend, perhaps?''

    Robin's cheeks flushed, along with a look that said, ''Uncle Kerrrmiiiit!'' Quickly, Robin turned to see the clock himself, and saw that he was about 20 seconds shy of being late.

    ''Aw, geez! I gotta go! I gotta- she'll kill me!''
    Robin hurriedly put on his jacket, threw the first large bill he saw from his wallet on the table, and was about to rush out the door without a word, when -

    ''Hey! Just a second now, slow down. What, you get a girlfriend, and all of a sudden, old Uncle Kermit is put out to pasture, is that the idea?''

    Robin laughed heartily. ''Never, Uncle Kermit.'' He came back towards Kermit and embraced him in a tight hug.
    ''That's better, '' Kermit teased. Again, Robin only laughed.

    As they came out of their embrace, Kermit placed a hand on Robin's cheek.

    'Well done, son, well done.''

    Robin's jaw dropped. Surely, he hadn't?
    ''Unc-Uncle-Kermit-you , you just-''
    ''I know, Kermit said simply.
    ''I know I'm not your father, but you've always been more of a son to me than a nephew. Always.''

    Robin's lips moved, but he said nothing-he didn't know what to say. Robin had often thought of Kermit as a dad,he even accidentally called him so at times, but never in a thousand years did he think that Kermit would ever call him-son.
    ''I-I think THAT'S the best Christmas gift you could ever give me,'' Robin stammered.
    ''I mean-I -I''
    ''Am late to meet your girlfriend...'' Kermit finished with a smile.
    '''Am late to meet my-Ohh, geez! Yes! Ok, I'm going, I'm going!''

    ''Not without this!'' Kermit grabbed Robin's arm and placed a tall brown envelope in his hand.
    ''Oh yeah!'''Robin exclaimed. ''Couldn't do anything without that. Is it -''
    ''It's all there, Robin. Everything.''
    ''Oh great! Thanks a lot! And I won't forget! I'll be over promptly at seven, after the carriage ride!''
    ''Yes, yes! Now go! Go get 'em, slugger!''

    ''Right!'' and Robin dashed off out the door, and to his car.

    Kermit turned his gaze from where Robin had just left, and shook his head at himself.

    ''Go get 'em, slugger? Wha- why would I say that? Sheesh - I must be getting old.''
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  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Do we have to start up with the whole "You're Old, Father Williams" song now?

    This chapter was good stuff between the two male frogs. TBH, I was thinking there'd be a competition between them regarding the exterior Christmas lighting of their respective houses, in which case my mind was thinking Kermit in the role of Clark Grizzwald (Chevy Chase) from Christmas Vacation. Yeah, I caught pieces of that one various times during the December days.

    Anyway, thanks for posting, looking forward to what happens next with Robin and Megan. :) :dreamy: :flirt:
  7. GreenStuff220

    GreenStuff220 Member

    OHHHH, Ed! There's competition coming, just not yet! Had to get some important plot points out there, first.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good, so long as there's more story coming, that's the important thing. :insatiable:
  9. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to read more! (I've been in & out of here. And to be honest, I forgot all about this story!) apologetic look
  10. GreenStuff220

    GreenStuff220 Member

    Phew, Hi everyone! I know I've kind of disappeared from this thread and this site, but hey, military duty will do that to you! Anyway, I'm back home now, and free to post the next installment of this story. With any luck, it'll be up in the next week or so. :) Thanks for your understanding, everyone. :)
  11. GreenStuff220

    GreenStuff220 Member


    Perhaps it was the spirit of the season that saved Robin from what otherwise surely would have been Megan’s (playful) wrath. When he arrived at the apartment approximately nine minutes late to pick everyone up, the only punishment he received was a flirty smirk and a Christmas kiss on the cheek. It probably would have been on the lips, to be sure, had her little sister Bethany and her boyfriend Jack not been watching with amused glances.

    ‘’Merry Christmas, Nutmeg,’’ Robin whispered to Megan. He briefly laid his head in her hair, and returned her kiss on the cheek. He then lifted his head, looking at her with the deepest admiration and, even amusement.

    ‘’And to you, Rockin’ Robin,’’ Megan smiled. She looked up at him, giving him a knowing look. Yes, she knew perfectly well that just seeing her, looking so pretty in her red Christmas dress and pinned up blonde ponytail had entranced him and put him under her spell. Works every time, she thought to herself.

    Bethany and Jack looked on at the two, Bethany with a wistful sigh, and Jack with a disgusted look on his face.

    ‘’Ugh, get a room, you two!’’ Jack shot. Robin stopped his lips in mid pucker, looking down at Megan. Her only response was a shy smile. He smiled and shook it off.

    ‘’I have a better idea,’’ Robin said, smiling. ‘’Why don’t we all go skating! I mean, that’s what we came to do, right? Let’s go, everybody!’’

    Shouts of joy filled the air as the four youngsters ran to Robin’s car, each of them fighting to sit in shotgun as they went. At first, Robin was pretty amused to see the three of them grappling for it, but then he remembered Christmas was not a time for fighting – friendly competition yes, but not fighting.

    ‘’Hey, hey you guys! Come on now! Now, I would think that this would be no contest by now – everybody knows that only the Queen gets to sit in shotgun,’’ and he winked at Megan.

    ‘’Pfft. Whatever,’’ Jack muttered under his breath.

    Though Robin cast a brief glance in his direction, he decided to let it go for the day. Not the time, he thought. He opened the car door for Megan, then climbed around to the driver’s side to take the motley crew for a day on the ice. As soon as he made sure everyone was strapped in, he started the car and prepared himself for a fun time. He glanced quickly over at Megan, who was smiling.

    ‘’Do it,’’ he playfully commanded.

    Bethany laughed and gave Robin a playful look. ‘’Here we go again.’’

    Megan laughed with Bethany, while Robin waited patiently for Megan.

    ‘’Ok, ok,’’ she said, and pushed the hands free device for the phone.

    After about three rings, good old uncle Kermit was on the line.

    ‘’Well, well,’’ Kermit said tauntingly. ‘’This must be my nephew who’s going to suffer a most embarrassing defeat tonight, am I right?’’

    ‘’Ohhhh nooo!’’ Robin shot back. ‘’This is your nephew who’s going to personally make sure that you can never show your face at family gatherings again out of sheer shame!’’

    ‘’Oh, is that so?’’ Kermit chuckled. ‘’You seem to think you’ve got something marvelous up your sleeve this year that’s going to bring you some better luck than last year..or the year before..or..’’

    ‘’As a matter of fact, I do!’’ Robin grimaced, glacing over at Megan. She only smiled and shook her head. From the rearview mirror, he could see Bethany and Jack doing the same.

    ‘’This year I’ve got a secret weapon that’s going to blow you out of the water – and we’ll know once and for all who reigns supreme in this family –and who gets the last gingerbread cookie!’’

    ‘’We’ll just see about that!’’ Kermit spat, still smiling.

    ‘’Indeed we will! But for now, I’ve got to go – I’m off to the store to buy you some tissues, since I’m sure there’ll be crying when you lose tonight!’’

    ‘’Aggh! Save your tissues! You’ll be needing them yourself. Until we meet again, young one..’’

    ‘’Yes..bye.’’ Robin hung up, laying his head against the headrest in laughter, and looking over at Megan.

    ‘’What?’’ he said, his smile still there.

    ‘’Do you two have to go through this every year?’’

    ‘’Yes,’’ Robin said, now growing serious. ‘’It’s a Frog family tradition. It’s just not Christmas without our annual lighting contest. And besides, it’s all in good fun. Uncle Kermit knows I let him win every year.’’ And he winked at her.

    Again, all Megan could do was laugh and shake her head.

    As Kermit hung up the phone, he chuckled and nodded his head.

    ‘’Poor kid,’’ he said to himself. ‘’He really think he’s got a chance this year. I think not. But bless him for trying.’’

    Kermit placed his phone back into his jacket pocket, and plugged in all the Christmas lights so he could inspect them. He then walked to the driveway and turned away so he could get a good look at the whole lighting scheme. Yeah, he noted to himself, the orange lights definitely need to be just a hair brighter. And the green ones, too. Other than that, it was sheer perfection; more than enough to retain his family title, he thought. It almost wasn’t fair. He crossed his arms across his chest, nodding in satisfaction. Behind him, Piggy was watching through the window and sighed as she wondered, ‘Do they have to go through this every year?’

    Meanwhile, back in Robin’s car, Robin had cranked up the radio, and everyone was singing along to Christmas carols and car dancing . Everyone, that is, except Robin. Megan had been the first to notice it. There was a look on Robin’s face that she just couldn’t quite place. He definitely didn’t seem unhappy, but not completely happy, either. He was grabbing the steering wheel very tightly, and was swallowing what seemed to be lumps in his throat. Every now and then, he would look over at Megan with a little grin, and go back to his driving. Yes, Robin seemed almost…nervous. But, nervous about what? What could he possibly have to be worried about? Megan didn’t have a clue, but she was determined to find out.
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  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Megan's one of the fic characters I've come to rully like over the years. And now we have more of her family joining the craziness.

    As for the lighting competition... I can still see Kermit in the Clark Grizzwald role singing that one line, "Jooooooy toooooo the World!" as his lighting extravaganza is perfectly displayed for all of five glorious seconds before they make the power conk out. Either that or the lighting competition from Whoville where Kermit goes all out like Betty Lou Who, just to have Robin win by presenting a simple lighted chandelier like Martha May Whoviere. But we know that was because Mayor Augustus Who was already going to give her the win anyway in an unfair contest. What a jerk.

    Thanks for posting, hope to read more soon.

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