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Rubber Duckie lyrics in Spanish (El Patito)

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by mango, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. mango

    mango New Member

    G'day all,

    I've heard the Spanish version of Rubber Duckie (El Patito) on MC Radio and I was wondering if anyone knew all the lyrics.

    It's easy to find the english lyrics on the web but I couldn't find the spanish lyrics anywhere.

    Anyone know them? :cool:


  2. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member


    Well, I've always been good at Spanish. I might get back to you on that one.
  3. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member

    Rubber Duckie in Spanish

    Here it is off of freetranslation.com. It may not be exact, but this should give you a general idea:

    El caucho Duckie, usted es el uno. Usted hace el gran cantidad de bathtime de la diversión. El caucho Duckie, yo soy terriblemente cariñoso de usted. ¡Vo hace de *! El caucho Duckie, la alegría de alegrías. Cuándo yo lo aprieto usted hace el ruido. El caucho Duckie, usted es mi amigo del lo mejor. Es verdad. Ah, todos los días cuando hago mi manera al rechoncho. Encuentro un fella pequeño que es mono y amarillo y chubbie. Frote un dobla dubby. El caucho Duckie, usted es tan multa y yo tengo suerte que usted es mío. El caucho Duckie, yo soy terriblemente cariñoso de. El caucho Duckie, yo apreciaría una charca entera de. El caucho Duckie, yo soy terriblemente cariñoso de usted. ¡Keeheeheehee!
  4. mango

    mango New Member

    Re: Rubber Duckie in Spanish

    Thanks for that Daffy.

    But I wonder if anyone knows the exact word lyrics that Ernie (Jim Henson) sings in the Espanol version of the song??

  5. westridgechick

    westridgechick New Member

    here they are

    i take spanish 2 (8th grade) and our teacher gave us these

    oh rubber duckie, gozando
    en el bano nosotros dos
    rubber duckie
    tu eres mi amigo

    rubber duckie jubilo
    cuando te abrazo
    me dices hello
    rubber duckie
    tu eres mi amigo

    y cuando yo voy
    a darme un bano
    encuentro un patito tan
    amarillo en el bano

    rubber duckie
    mio por suerte
    yo me alegro de tenerte
    rubber duckie
    tu eres mi amigo
    rubber duckie
    en el bano contigo
    rubber duckie
    tu eres mi amigo

    (repeat the last 2 sections)
  6. Frazzle

    Frazzle New Member

    I wonder how many different language versions of this song exist. My best friend has a neat german techno version of this song. It's very catchy & the rubber duckie squeaks along to the beat.
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I guess for every single foreign dub or show they have.

    On one anniversary show, they had a montage of Ernie singing Rubber Duckie in every language it was dubbed in!
  8. MsRissa

    MsRissa New Member

    Rubber Duckie in German

    Ok, so I know the lyrics, and I have downloaded the song, but I would love to buy the CD where Ernie sings Rubber Duckie in German...Anyone know where to buy online or in the states????? :p
  9. Whatever

    Whatever Active Member

    Oooh, can you post the lyrics in German? I've been looking for them forever. As for buying a version of it in the US... not likely. try searching at www.songsearch.org .
  10. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    That version comes from the "Sesame Mucho" and "Fiesta Songs!" albums.
  11. jcnegron

    jcnegron Member

    There´s at least another spanish version

    I would say that the versions in The Sesame Mucho and Fiesta records aren't really Spanish, but Spanglish. They have a mix of English and Spanish words, they lack the rhyme in the original and they are very literal. But, on the bright side, they had Jim Henson´s voice.

    There is another version in Spanish that appeared on the original "Plaza Sesamo" in the 70's which also became a big hit. This was the dubbed version which was not only translated but also adapted to preserve not only the meaning but also the rhyme of the Lyrics. I wonder why they didn´t used this adaptation when thy recorded "Fiesta Songs". The song title was "Mi patito de Hule".
    (patito = Duckie, hule = rubber)

    I have been trying to find any sounds or Lyrics of this version. I have even found a spanish rock group that did a version of the song, but I didn't find the LYRICS. I can only remember part of the Lyrics, so if anybody from Latin america with good memory can complete the song please I need your help...

    "Mi patito de Hule

    Mi patito de Hule es
    Das al baño diversión
    Mi patito siempre mi cariño tendrás
    Bu Bu di Oh

    Mi patito, Juguetón..."
  12. hectorjuan

    hectorjuan New Member

    Rubber Duckie Lyrics in Spanish

    The lyrics that supposedly are in spanish are incomprehensible.

    These are the lyrics of the version I remember from my childhood in the original Plaza Sesamo in spanish.

    Mi patito jugueton,
    das al baño diversion,
    mi patito te llevo en el corazon.

    Mi patito es un primor,
    si lo aprieto con amor
    da un chillido que muestra felicidad.

    Al salir el sol cuando voy a bañarme,
    me encanta verlo flotar
    viendome enjabonarme
    sin preocuparme.

    Mi patito de hule es
    buen amigo como ves;
    mi patito siempre tú mi cariño tendrás
    porque amigo mejor tú jamás verás.
  13. mango

    mango New Member

    Thanks Hector!

    Wow.. only took 3 years (when I first started this thread) to find the proper lyrics in Spanish.. hehe


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