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Saving Sesame Street

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    For April Fools Day, I posted this "announcement" for the announced Sesame Street Movie.


    I said that I planned to write a fan fic based on what was in that "announcement", so let's get started.

    Pre-title Sequence

    Murray was out on a city street....

    "Hi, I'm Murray from Sesame Street, and I'm looking for The Word on the Street! What's the word on the street?"

    "Movie", said a kid.

    "What's a movie?", asked Murray.

    "A movie is a narrative you watch that lasts 90 minutes to two hours, give or take", said one adult.

    "How do you watch movies?", asked Murray.

    "With your eyes", said a kid.

    "You can watch a movie on TV or on your computer", said a teenager, "or you can watch a movie in a theater."

    "Oh, like that one?", asked Murray, pointing to the audience.

    "That's right", said the teen.

    (cut to Murray with a large pop corn and cup)

    "I'm going to the movies, so be quiet and keep listening for the word "movie", even though it probably won't be said in this movie."

    Then the scene changes to a meeting between the mayor and a cookie executive, Charlie Worthington.

    "Mr. Mayor, my company, Worthington Cookies, is becoming the leading cookie company in the United States. It's the perfect cookie for everybody, except diabetics and those allergic to cookies."

    "I like cookies, Mr. Worthington", said the mayor.

    Mr. Worthington turned to his assistant.

    "Melissa, show him the bar graphs".

    Melissa held up some bar graphs.

    "These bars show our biggest demographics, including children, adults, teachers, mayors, and furry blue monsters", said Mr. Worthington.

    The "furry blue monsters" bar graph was the highest.

    "...we have plants in California, Texas, and Michigan, but now we want a plant here", said Mr. Worhtington.

    "Well", said the mayor, "we have plenty of plants here in New York City, but since I like cookies, why not allow one more plant?"

    The mayor put a stamp of approval on Charlie Worthignton's license to build a cookie factory.

    "Worthington Cookies is already becoming the third most profitable cookie company, but with it here, Worthington Cookies will be put on the map."

    Mr. Worthington and Melissa were about to leave, but then Worthington stopped and turned around.

    "By the way, Mr. Mayor, what location should I have torn down to make this factory? I don't want to destroy anything valuable, benefitial to society, or educational to children everywhere."

    "Well, let's see", said the mayor, looking in his black book, "well, there's one town that I don't think has enough educational value. It's called..."

    The mayor inspected closer...

    "See same... Se Samy... See... something street."

    Mr. Worthington looked at it.

    "I think it says Sesame Street."

    "Well, okay, Sesame Street. You can tear down that street."

    "Oh, thanks", said Mr. Worhtington.

    "Come on, Charlie", said Melissa, "time is money."

    "Right", said Mr. Worthington, "Oh, by the way, Mr. Mayor, can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?"

    And then the title sequence begins.
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  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1

    The film begins with the title "Saving Sesame Street" appearing in the sky, before panning down to Sesame Street, for this film being a realistic-looking version of the street as it will appear in season 46. The sequence begins at Big Bird's nest area and then starts to pan around the street.

    "Hey, Snuffy", said Big Bird.

    "Hey, Bird", said Snuffy, "what should we do today?"

    "Let's go for a race", said Big Bird.

    "Sounds good to me", said Snuffy,

    Gordon and Susan walk past Big Bird's nest.

    "Morning", said Gordon and Susan.

    Mr. Johnson then passes by, but Grover accidentally runs into him.

    "Oh, I am so sorry, sir", said Grover.

    "Oh no, it's you!", said Mr. Johnson.

    "I do not have time to talk right now", said Grover, "I have to go to work."

    Grover rushes off.

    "Wait!", said Mr. Johnson, "which job are you going to???"

    Elmo had his head out his window while Zoe was outside the building.

    "Hey, Elmo! Would you like to play with Rocco and me?"

    "Zoe, Rocco is just a rock!"

    Oscar stuck his head out of the trash can.

    "Ah, I love a good argument", said Oscar.

    Between 123 Sesame Street and Hooper's Store, The Count was counting buildings.

    "One building! Two buildings! Three buildings!"

    Inside Hooper's Store...

    "That's a bowl of porridge for you, Baby Bear", said Alan.

    "Thank you, Alan".

    "And a triangle-shaped sandwich for you, Telly", said Chris.

    "Thank you", said Telly.

    "No problem", said Chris.

    The camera pans up to Cookie Monster's apartment.

    "Me going down to Hooper's for some fresh COOKIES!", said Cookie Monster.

    Back down further, we see Leela and Horatio the Elephant outside the laundry mat.

    "I'm sorry I ruined your washing machine", said Horatio.

    "It's okay", said Leela.

    "I'll learn to do my own laundry."

    At the bicycle shop, the Two-Headed Monster was arguing over which of two bikes to use.

    "You can ride them both", said Luis, fed up with the arguing.

    The monster was happy, but then argued over which bike to ride first.

    Luis and Maria made annoyed facial expressions.

    Cookie Monster then walked by.

    "Me going to eat some cookies!"

    Panning over to parts of the street not normally seen, The Amazing Mumford was teaching Abby Cadabby some magic.

    "Now I wave my wand and say the magic words, A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!"

    "I'll try it", said Abby, "A la peanut butter sandwiches!"

    Several peanut butter sandwiches suddenly poofed onto the scene.

    "Maybe you should call your mommy again", said Mumford.

    Bert was sitting on a chair, with a book in his hands.

    "Well, I have a good spot for some peace and quiet", said Bert.

    Then Ernie popped up, squeaking his Rubber Duckie. Bert Screamed.

    "Hey, Bert! Want to play a fun game?"

    "No, I just want some peace and quiet!"

    Several Honkers and Dingers then popped up out of nowhere honking and dinging, then Sully went by on an out-of-control jack hammer, chased by Biff.

    "Hey, come back, Sully! That jack hammer's city property!"

    Cut back to Hooper's Store, Forgetful Jones is now there.

    "So what would you like to eat?", said Alan.

    "I forget", said Forgetful Jones.

    Cookie Monster walks by the outside window.

    "Good morning, Alan",s aid Cookie Monster, "Me want...."

    "I know", said Alan, "you want cookies, but we're all out."

    "All out of cookies?????", said Cookie Monster, "But what'll me do until you get some more?"

    "You'll have to wait", said Alan.

    "Either that or get your cookies somewhere el..."

    "Hey, Alan", interrupted Bob as he walked in, "can you turn the TV on to the news? My favorite news show is on now."

    "Oh, sorry", said Alan, who got the remote. The TV was on a Pinball Number Count segment, but then switched over to the news.

    "Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here, and welcome to everyone's favorite local news show! Today, the city has a very important announcement to make, as Worthington Cookies will be opening it's fourth cookie factory here in New York."

    "That's one, two, three, four! Four cookie factories! A ha ha!"

    Thunder and lightening struck.

    "A new cookie factory?", said Cookie Monster, "Cowabunga!

    More and more characters showed up at Hooper's, both in and around the store, watching the news.

    "I guess they all forgot they have their own TV sets", observed Oscar.

    Back on the television...

    "Here is Charlie Worhington, the founder of Worthignton Cookies", said Kermit.

    "I know everyone loves Worthington Cookies, and I am proud to announce that I'm going to open my new factory on Sesame Street..."

    Everyone - except for Cookie Monster - then gasped.

    "That's our home", said Lando.

    "I can't believe we're i danger of losing our home again", said Prairie.

    "That's three, three times the street's been in danger of being torn down", said The Count.

    "The street's been in danger before?", said Chris.

    "Yes", said Bert, "once to make way for a parking lot, and once to make a Grump Tower."

    "That's two, two times", said The Count, "and this is the third!"

    "Me can't wait for new cookie factory!", said Cookie Monster, who then left.

    "But Cookie Monster...", said Rosita, who then noticed Cookie was gone.

    "Oh, never mind", said Maria, "we've got to come up with a plan to save our street."

    "But how?", asked Ernie.

    "You can go complain to the factory!", said Oscar.

    "That won't help", said Leela.

    "But maybe asking nicely will", said Zoe.

    "Good idea, Zoe", said Bob.

    "Let's all go to Mr. Worthington and ask him not to tear down our street!", said Bert.

    "Thanks for the help, Oscar", said Telly.

    "It wasn't help", groaned Oscar.
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  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I realize that I incorrectly referred to Mando as Lando in chapter 1.

    Chapter 2

    The gang (Big Bird, Maria, Gordon, Susan, Bob, Gina, Mando, Bert, Ernie, Herry, Two-Headed Monster, Telly, and Gladys) went to the site where Charlie Worthington had appeared on TV, catching him as he was about to get into his limo.

    "Hey, Mr. Worthington!", shouted Gordon, "Can we have a talk?"

    "I don't know", said Worthington, in a smart aleck tone, "can you?"

    "Okay, may we?", asked Gordon.

    "That sounds a lot better", said Bert.

    "Anyway", said Gordon, "We live on Sesame Street..."

    "Hey, that's the street I'm going to tear down and turn into my new factory!", said Mr. Worthington, who then felt a little bad, "Oh, but hopefully it won't be the part of the street you live on."

    "Well", said Herry, "some of us live on 123 Sesame Street, some live around Hooper's and the laundromat..."

    "Oh, then I'm so sorry", said Worthington, "but that is the part of the street I'm tearing down."

    "But Mr. Worthlesston....", said Big Bird.

    "Worthington", corrected Mr. Worthington.

    "Uh, Worthington...."

    "Look, I don't want anybody to lose their homes, but I want to build a new factory. If you want my factory to be built somewhere else, take it up with the mayor."

    "Okay, we will", said Maria.

    "Yeah!", said everyone.

    "But if you can't get my factory to be built elsewhere", said Worthington, handing them a business card,"Take this."
    "What's that?", said Big Bird.

    "I have a friend whose a realtor. He can get you all good deals on new homes. Well, at least if you don't mind one-room apartments."

    "Oh no!", cried Telly, "what are we gonna do? What ARE we going to do?"

    "We're going to see the mayor", said Gina.

    "Off to the mayor we go!", said Ernie.

    Meanwhile, at a construction site....

    "But Mr. Foreman", said Biff, "Sully and I live on Sesame Street. We have a lot of friends who live on Sesame Street!"

    Sully nodded in agreement.

    "We can't tear down the street to build that cookie factory."

    Sully nodded again.

    "I'm sorry, Biff", said Mr. Foreman, "but if you don't cooperate..."

    "Hey, cooperation is important!", said Biff.

    "Anyway, if you don't cooperate, you two are fired!"

    Sully was about to speak.

    "Well, then", interrupted Biff, changing his tone from angry to sad, "I guess we've got to do what we got to do!"

    Biff took off his helmet, wiped a tear from his eye with it, and then handed it to his boss.

    "Come on, Sully", said Biff.

    Sully was briefly in a moral dilemma, but then quickly took off his helmet as well and handed it to Mr. Foreman.
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  4. kathy26

    kathy26 Well-Known Member

    I think I know what to expected for the end so i'll wait until it's finished
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    The gang went to the government building.

    "We're here to see the mayor", said Big Bird.

    "YES!", shouted the other.

    "Do you have an appointment?", asked the secretary.

    "Not exactly", said Susan, "but it's really important."

    "It involves our homes!", said Telly.

    "I'll see if I can get him", said the secretary, pushing the intercom button, "Mayor, there's some people here to see you about their homes."

    "Send them in", said the mayor.

    "YAY!", said the others.

    "That was easier than I thought", said Ernie.

    "I hope the government hasn't gotten soft", said Bert.

    Cut to them in the mayors office, finishing their talk with the mayor.

    "So in conclusion", said Gordon, "we humbly ask for you to relocate the construction for the cookie factory."

    "Very moving speech", said the mayor, "however, there's a lot of businesses that need space. I can't keep every neighborhood safe."

    "But Sesame Street isn't every neighborhood", said Telly, "it's one."

    The Two-Headed Monster spoke gibberish in agreement.

    "Well here's the thing", said the mayor, "when I approve of places being torn down, I choose ones that don't benefit society...."

    "But living on Sesame Street benefits us!", said Herry.

    "But the thing is, and this is a big thing... I don't think Sesame Street is educational enough."

    "Not educational enough?", said everyone in disbelief.

    "But Sesame Street is very educational", said Ernie, "I've learned more about bottle caps, paper clips,and pigeons than I really want to know."

    "Really?", said Bert, "how come I haven't learned more about them on Sesame Street?"

    "You're the one who tells me about it", said Ernie.

    The Two-Headed Monster then told the mayor, again in gibberish, something he learned on the street as well.

    "You see?", asked Big Bird.

    "I'll tell you what", said the mayor, "construction doesn't actually start for another week, so we'll make a deal..."

    Guy Smiley then popped up, with game show music and a spotlight coming up from out of nowhere.

    "It's time now for everyone's favorite game show, "So We'll Make a Deal!" Will you choose door number one, door number two...."

    "Uh, Mr. Smiley", said the mayor, "we're not playing the game show."

    "Oh, sorry Mr. Mayor", said Guy, who walked away, then thinking, "wait, did someone say AIR???"

    "No!", said Gladys, "you said mayor, not air, and you said it!"

    "Oh, so I did", said Guy, who then walked away.

    "Anyway, if you all can convince me that the street does have educational value, I'll let you keep your happy homes and relocate the construction."

    Everyone cheered and then started to leave.

    "WAIT!", shouted the mayor, "I just realized my wording... I mean if you can convince me before the construction begins. Silly me, it would be impossible for plans to relocate if you convinced me after the construction began."

    If this was an actual movie, I'd put in a musical number here about the characters planning to save their street, starting at the mayors office and ending on the street.

    Up in his home, Cookie Monster was happy.

    "Me so excited about a new cookie factory", said Cookie, "Hooper's has been running out of cookies so much lately, it so great that there'll be unlimited cookies now!"

    Cookie Monster then looked out his window.

    "Looks like everyone trying to make a movie. Maybe me should take part in film."
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  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4

    Everybody was setting up to make a video project. Telly had his Monster on the Spot gear, Murray was behind the camera, Prairie Dawn was the director, and Grover held the clap board.

    "This is great", said Big Bird, "Sesame Street is finally doing a video project!"

    "I hope it goes better than the time me and Bert had a video camera", said Ernie.

    "I'm so excited, Ovejita!", said Murray.

    Ovejita told Murray something in Spanish.

    "Oh, I guess we are using the word 'movie' here".

    Simon Soundman walked by.

    "Oh, they must be filming a movie", said Simon, "I love movies. I especially like (makes car sounds), not to mention All (dog sounds) Go to Heaven, The (makes jazz music) Singer, and Singing in the (makes rain sounds).

    "I sure hope this works", said Gina.

    "Well, with the economy the way it is", said Oscar, "it probably won't work."

    "Okay, everyone, stand by!", said Prairie.

    "Stand by!", shouted Grover.

    Grover held up his clapboard.

    "This is our video project to save Sesame Street, take one!"

    Grover clapped the clap board then walked behind the camera.
    "And ACTION!", shouted Prairie.

    "Good evening, this is Telly Monster, your Monster on the Spot, and this v...."

    Telly's talking was interrupted by the sounds of Grover clapping his clapboard over and over again.

    "CUT!", shouted Prairie, "Grover, stop playing with that! It's distracting the project!"

    "Oh, but it's such a fun sound", said Grover,

    "I'll take over", said The Count, I vould like to count the takes!"

    Cut to the next take.

    "This video project is to prove that Sesame Street has educational value", said Telly, "once you've watched this, you'll be convinced that Sesame Street not only has educational value, but is the most educational street of them all."

    Forgetful Jones walked by.

    "Hey, Forgetful Jones, have you ever learned anything on Sesame Street?"

    "Uh, I forget".

    Telly looked into the camera, "This doesn't look good."

    The next take had Telly at Oscar's trash can.

    "Oscar, will you please tell me what you have learned on the street?"
    "No!", shouted Oscar.

    The next take had Telly with Mr. Johnson.

    "What have you learned?"

    "I learned two things", said Mr. Johnson, "one, I learned not to expect perfect service, and two, I learned to expect that blue monster Grover to work everywhere!"

    The next take had Biff and Sully.

    "We learned loyalty", said Biff, "that's why we quit our jobs, because we don't want to tear this street down do we, Sully?"

    Sully shook his head.

    "And now we have to find new jobs", said Biff.

    The next take...

    "What have you learned on Sesame Street?", asked Telly.

    A Honker honked his nose.

    The next take....

    "I have learned to keep practicing and never give up", said Don Music, "in fact, I'll play my new song for you."

    "But we don't have t..."

    "Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater, had a wife and... And... Oh, I'll NEVER get it right!"

    Don then slammed his head on the piano.

    "I don't think this is going very well", said Telly to the crew.

    Telly, Prairie, and Grover were at Hooper's Store, with Maria, Bob, and Mando there as well.

    "I guess we're not going to convince the mayor that our street has educational value", said Telly.

    "Don't give up, Telly", said Maria, "I know you can succeed."

    "You've just had a little bad luck so far", said Mando.

    "What have you learned on Sesame Street?", asked Bob.

    "Well", said Telly, thinking, "I learned about triangles. And I learned... to believe in myself, to not give up....."

    If this was a real movie there'd be a performance of Believe in Yourself.

    "We've got a project to finish!", said Telly.

    Back to the project....

    "I would like to ask people on the street what they have learned."

    Cut to...

    "I have learned to count on Sesame Street!", said The Count, "I vas a fast learner. And that's one, one fast learner!"

    Cut to...

    "Bert has taught me a lot on this street", said Ernie.

    "Oh, thank you, Ernie. I should become a teacher."

    "Bert has taught me more about pigeons, paper clips, and bottle caps than I cared to know. Oh, and he once taught me the dangers of eating cookies in bed."

    "And what have you learned, Bert?", asked Telly.

    "I learned not to expect any peace and quiet", said Bert.

    Cut to...

    "I learned that I am not imaginary", said Snuffy,

    "That's right", said Big Bird, "I learned that if I tried hard enough, everyone would see that Snuffy was real."

    Cut to...

    "I learned to believe whatever Big Bird tells me", said Susan.

    Cut to...

    "I learned that my skin color is snazzy", said Segri.

    Cut to.....

    "What's your favorite thing you have learned on Sesame Street?"

    Cut to...

    "I loved learning the concept of counting sheep", said The Count, "it's a fun thing to do at night when I'm trying to sleep, even if I don't actually get any sleep. And that's 172 nights I haven't slept!"

    Cut to...

    The Two-Headed Monster was disagreeing with himself over whether his favorite thing to learn was the alphabet or counting.

    Cut to...

    "I loved learning that ABC-DEF-GHI-JKL-MNOP-QRSTU-VWXYZ was the alphabet and not a word", said Big Bird.

    Cut to...

    "I like learning about how strong I am", said Herry.

    Cut to...

    "I forget", said Forgetful Jones.

    Cut to...

    "I liked learning that bath time is so much fun", said Ernie, "thanks to my (holds up Rubber Duckie) Rubber Duckie!"

    Cut to...

    "Have you taught anything on Sesame Street?", asked Telly.

    Cut to...

    "I taught Ernie to put down the duckie if he wants to play the saxophone", said Hoots, "I also taught Cookie Monster that a cookie is a sometimes food."

    "Yeah, a lot of people weren't very happy with that lesson", said Telly.

    Cut to...

    "I taught people that I love my hair", said Segri.

    Cut to...

    "I forget", said Forgetful Jones.

    Cut to..

    "I taught Bird about Snuffleupagus culture", said Snuffy.

    Cut to...

    "And finally, do YOU think Sesame Street has educational value?"

    This time a whole crowd of people were on the street.

    "Sesame Street is very educational", said Gordon.

    "It's educational enough to make a grouch sick", said Oscar.

    "I learned it was easier than I expected to open a laundromat", said Leela.

    "And I didn't have trouble opening my store", said Alan.

    "Many of us have lived here a long time", said Gina.

    "Some of us since 1969", said Bob.

    "Some of us have also lived here a short time", said Mando,

    "So Mr. Mayor", said Chris, "if you can, find it in your heart to change the location for Worthington Cookies."

    "And that's how educational Sesame Street is", said Telly.

    "And ct!", yelled Prairie, "Okay, that's a wrap!"

    Everyone cheered.

    "I think I should get this video edited to make for a better flow", said Prairie.

    "Oh, Elmo knows a great place for editing videos", said Elmo.

    Cookie Monster then showed up.

    "Hey, is it too late to appear in feature film?", asked Cookie.

    "Oh, no, it isn't", said Prairie, "Hey, Telly, let's get one more interview."

    "Okay", said Telly.

    "Action!", said Prairie.

    "Cookie Monster, what have you learned on Sesame Street?", asked Telly.

    "Me learn all about COOKIES! Me learn to eat cookies, me learn not to let food spoil -- so me eat cookies right away. Me also learn about cookie shapes, and how to count cookies, and different brands of cookies. Me also learn last cookie isn't really last cookie. Me learn all about cookies!"

    "And cut!", said Prairie, "wonderful, let's get editing!"

    "You are a wonderful director, Prairie", said Grover.

    "Thank you, Grover".

    "I would like to be a director someday, just like Frank."

    "Frank?", said Prairie.

    "Yes, Frank", said Grover, "Frank has given me a hand in a lot of things."

    "So what this movie about?", asked Cookie, "is it another Crumby Picture?"

    "Oh no", said Big Bird, "it's a project to prove to the mayor that Sesame Street has educational value."

    "Oh...", said Cookie.

    "Yeah, if we can prove this street has educational value, they won't tear it down to make way for that cookie factory", said Herry.

    "Oh", said Cookie, who then had a realization, and fainted.
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  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Elmo all went to an editing store.

    "Welcome to Eddie's Editing", said the clerk, "I'm Eddie, and I'll help edit what you want."

    "Well, we've got....", said Prairie.

    "Wait!", said Eddie, "I've got to sing the editing song first!"

    And if this was an actual movie it would include a music video-style sequence with Eddie singing about editing, with the others singing certain lines.

    After the number...

    "Elmo wonders what a good title for this video project should be."

    "I have thought of the perfect title!", said Grover.

    "What's that, Grover?", asked Elmo.

    "The Two and Two Are Five Show!"

    "But two and two don't make five", said Elmo, "they make four."

    "Oh yeah", said Grover, "I forgot."

    "Elmo's got a great title, though, how about The Itty Bitty Little Kiddy Show?"

    A grumpy horse walked by.

    "I have a better title for an educational show", said the horse, "I call it Hay Stupid."

    Prairie and Eddie were about finished editing.

    "This project has turned out well", said Prairie.

    "Well, if you need to make it more educational, I can insert some cartoons about letters and numbers", said Eddie.

    "No thanks", said Prairie, "It;s fine as it is."

    Prairie, Grover, and Elmo walked out the building.

    "Here, Grover", said Prairie, "Take the final edit disc."

    Grover took the disc.

    "Here, Elmo, take the disc."

    Cookie Monster then snuck up.

    "Me take the disc", said Cookie Monster.

    "Okay", said Elmo, handing Cookie the disc.

    Cookie then ate the disc.

    "Oh no!", said Prairie, Grover, and Elmo.

    "That disc must have been too cookie-shaped", said Elmo.

    "Well, it doesn't matter", said Prairie, holding up a memory card, "I've still got the whole thing on memory card. We can just edit the whole thing ag..."

    But then Cookie Monster took the memory card out of Prairie's hand and ate it.

    "That was delicious", said Cookie Monster, "but not as delicious as the cookies from the new factory will be."

    "But Cookie", said Prairie, "we need to save our street!"

    "They might tear down our homes in order to make that cookie factory", said Grover.

    "We can always live in new homes", said Cookie.

    Meanwhile, Charlie Worthington was setting up a trailer office beside the part of Sesame Street that was to be destroyed.

    "Well, now I;ve got my office", said Worthington, "I should measure everything to see how wide the factory will be."

    Cookie Monster then walked by.

    "Hey, you must be Charlie Worthington, of Worthington Cookies", said Cookie.

    "Why yes I am", said Worthington.

    "Me big fan of your cookies", said Cookie Monster.

    "Well, research shows our cookies are most popular with furry blue monsters", said Worthington.

    "Me big fan of ALL cookies", said Cookie Monster.

    "Well, please just stick with Worthington Cookies", said Worthington, "I wouldn't want the competition to be ahead."

    "Ahead of what?", said Cookie.

    "Here, have a free box of Worthington Cookies."

    Cookie accepted the box.

    "Oh, thank you", said Cookie Monster, who then are the box.

    "Hmm, this don't taste right", said Cookie, "Me no taste any cookie filling."

    "That was just a box", said Worthington, who reached into his jacket and got out a cookie, "but you may have this cookie for free."

    Cookie took the cookie and ate it.

    "When the new factory opens, we're going to start selling packs of 40."

    "Oh!", said Cookie Monster, "And you already sell packs of 20 cookies, so if you sell 20 per box, and you start selling 40, that's...."

    Cookie looked at his fingers, pointing to each one on his right hand four times.

    "20 more cookies!"

    Meanwhile, in the arbor area.

    "Oh, dear!", said Snuffy.

    "I can't believe Cookie Monster ate our presentation", said Big Bird.

    "I'm not really surprised", said Oscar, "he's Cookie Monster, this street is going to be turned into a cookie factory, how could you not expect him to sabotage our plans to save this street?"

    "We can think of a new plan", said Ernie.

    "That's right", said Bert.

    Two Martians started making "yip yip" sounds.

    "I know", said Gordon, "maybe we can give the mayor a tour of the street, to show him in person how educational our street really is."

    "That's a great idea", said Alan.

    "I can't wait to start", said Snuffy.

    "I'll call the mayor and set up a tour date", said Gordon.

    Cookie Monster had overheard the conversation, hiding behind the mail box.

    "Oh no", said Cookie, "me need to figure a way to stop the tour from happening. But how?"

    Cut to the mayor leaving his office.

    "Hey, mayor!", shouted Cookie Monster, sitting in the drivers seat of a taxi, dressed in a fake mustache and drivers hat, "you should ride taxi!"

    "I already have a limo", said the mayor.

    "But Monster Taxi Trasnportation very economical", said Cookie, "it only costs five cookies."

    "Well, I do need to do whatever I can to help the local economy. After all, there is an election coming up."

    The mayor got into the taxi.

    "Here's your five cookies. Take me to Sesame Street!"

    "Me know how to get there", said Cookie Monster.

    Cookie drove the taxi, then made a turn.

    "Uh, I believe we were supposed to turn the other way at the next street", said the mayor.

    "This short cut", said Cookie Monster, "trust me."

    Cookie then turned the car down another street.

    "Uh, now I know we're going back to the direction we started", said the mayor.

    "Me get us on highway", said Cookie, "it faster!"

    "But the highway don't lead to..."

    But as he was saying this, Cookie drove the taxi up the ramp to the highway.

    "Wait a minute", said the mayor, "this is the highway that takes us out of New York!"

    Cookie then stopped the taxi, as there were hundreds of cars in front of them, stopped on the highway.

    The mayor sighed.

    "I can tell that it'll take forever for us to be able to turn around and get back to New York City."

    Everyone in all of the closest cars suddenly stuck their heads out the windows and looked at the taxi.

    "New York City???", said all of them in disbelief.
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  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6

    Everyone on the street was getting ready for the tour.

    "This tour should really do the trick", said Big Bird.

    "Maybe we should practice before the mayor gets here", said Gordon.

    "Good idea", said Big Bird.

    "So when the mayor comes, I'll shake his hand, and then I say, 'you have never seen a street like Sesame Street. Everything happens here. You're gonna love it!'"

    Maria joined in, "We've got people, cows, Bert and Ernie, dogs, birds, monsters, kids, honkers, and we've even got grouches..."

    "Keep us out of this!", shouted Grundgetta.

    "We don't want to be involved", said Oscar.

    "But don't you want us to save the street?", asked Bob.

    "Well, yes, I do, actually", said Oscar.

    "I can't believe we have to cooperate", said Grundgetta.

    "I think we should have the mayor get to know everyone who lives here", said Susan.

    "That's a great idea", said Gordon, "maybe we should start with Oscar, and get that over with."

    "I'll tell the mayor that I didn't vote for him!", said Oscar.

    "That probably won't help our case", said Gordon.

    "Well, would it help if I told him I didn't vote for his opponent, either?"

    "We should probably have him meet Cookie Monster as well", said Big Bird.

    "But Cookie Monster wants the new cookie factory to be built here", said Grover.

    "I'll go find Cookie and talk to him", said Susan, "has anybody seen Cookie Monster around here recently?"

    Cut to Cookie and the mayor, still in stopped traffic on the highway.

    "We're running late", said the mayor, "today's the only day I can come there. And construction begins tomorrow."

    "No worry, me get you there!"

    "You said that two hours ago, and there's still no sign of when we'll get off this highway."

    "Well, me am getting worried", said Cookie Monster, "Me getting very hungry!"

    "I'm kind of hungry, too", said the mayor, "if only you didn't charge five cookies, I'd have something to eat right now."

    Back on Sesame Street...

    "Okay, Bert, Ernie, you show them that you teach friendship despite your differences", said Gordon.

    "Right", said Bert and Ernie.

    "But Bert", said Gordon, "Don't teach him anything about pigeons."

    "But Bernice is a resident here", said Bert.

    "Just let it go, Bert", said Ernie.

    "And Martians, you sing about the alphabet", said Gordon.

    "Yip yip yip yip yip.....", said the Martians, "A, yip yip, B, yip yip, C, yip yip..."

    "Grover", said Bob, "you should teach the mayor about opposites."

    "Right, Bob", said Grover, "so this is near...."

    Grover then ran across the street, taking a brief moment to look both ways first, "...and this is FAAAAAAARRRRRR...."

    "Herry, you teach about fitness", said Luis.

    "Right", said Herry, who then pulled off the street sign.

    "Herry! That sign needs to stay there!", said Gordon.

    "Oh, sorry", said Herry.

    "It's starting to get late", said Big Bird, "shouldn't the mayor be here by now?"

    "He should have been here five hours ago", said Maria.

    Sherlock Hemlock then showed up.

    "I, the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Hemlock, will solve the mystery of where the mayor is. I'll check his office."

    "It is getting kind of dark out", said Ernie.

    "Yeah, it looks so nice out here", said Bert.

    "Well, I'm ready for bed", yawned Big Bird.

    And STILL on the highway...

    "Me very hungry!", said Cookie Monster.

    "So am I", said the mayor.

    "Wait! Me know what me can eat!"

    Cookie Monster then ate the steering wheel.

    "But you need the steering wheel to drive with", said the mayor.

    "Me too hungry", said Cookie, pulling apart the rear view mirror, "here, have this!"

    "I can't eat this", said the mayor, "I'm on a car-free diet."

    "Well, in that case", said Cookie Monster, pulling off his fake mustache, "Have mustache!"
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  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 7

    It was late at night, and everybody who was still out on Sesame Street was tired.

    Professor Hastings was sleeping by the lamp post, his head leaning on it.

    "Well, it's getting late", said Maria.

    "I guess the mayor's not going to show up tonight", said Zoe.

    "I guess we need to start packing", cried Telly.

    A bus pulled up and Cookie Monster showed up.

    "Hey, Cookie, where have you been today?", asked Ernie.

    "Me been with the mayor", said Cookie.

    "WHAT?", said everyone that was awake.

    "Me drive him away from Sesame Street so we get cookie factory tomorrow!", said Cookie.

    "Cookie, this is our home, this is your home....", said Luis.

    "Me can move into new home", said Cookie, walking away.

    Maria grabbed Cookie as he was about to walk away.

    "Now listen, because you prevented the mayor from coming here to see how educational our street is, we have to move. And now we have to stay up late packing!"

    "And none of us have looked for a new home", said Luis.

    "We can all live at Count's castle", said Cookie, "he'll love to count everybody there!"

    Everyone then started arguing, talking over each other.

    Oscar popped his head out of his trash can, "Oh, I love a good argument. I'm going to get to sleep fast tonight."

    Cut to Cookie Monster getting ready for bed.

    "Well, me getting cookie factory tomorrow. The faster me sleep, the faster factory get here."

    Cookie Monster turned off the lights and laid down in bed, then he sat up and turned the light back on.

    "But is it worth it for homes to be replaced? Is friends homes more important than cookies? Me sleep on it."

    Cookie turned the light out again and laid down, leading to a dream sequence.

    The dream sequence, done in very warped colors, started with a shot of Sesame Street, right before it instantly gets blown up. A big factory falls into its place.

    "Oh boy!", said Cookie Monster, "Cookie Factory here!"

    Charlie Worthington came out.

    "Welcome to the Worthington Cookies factory of New York!"

    "Oh, me so excited!", said Cookie Monster, coming in to the factory and seeing machines instantly produce cookies at an amazingly fast rate.

    "Cowabunga!", yelled Cookie, who started taking cookies off conveyor belt and started eating them fast.

    Charlie Worthington then grabbed Cookie by the neck.

    "Stop, Mr. Monster!", said Worthington.

    "What wrong, Mr. Worth?", asked Cookie.

    "You don't get to eat those cookies for free. Here's your bill."

    Worthington handed Cookie a very long sheet of paper.

    "Me can't count all these zeros", said Cookie.

    "That's 73 zillion and two dollars", said Worthignton.

    "But me didn't eat that many cookies", said Cookie.

    "Our whole reason for opening the factory here is to raise the prices by one zillion dollars."

    "But me no have 73 zillion and two dollars!"

    Worthington then picked up Cookie Monster and threw him out the window.

    After falling out, he saw a bad street, with his many friends in ragged clothing, searching trash cans for food.

    "Oh, it me friends!"

    "Friends?", said Maria, grumpily.

    "This is all your fault", said Gina.

    "If it weren't for you, we'd still have our happy homes", said Elmo.

    "But me sorry", said Cookie Monster.

    "Sorry means nothing any more", said Telly.

    Oscar popped out of a trash can.

    "And now, thanks to you, grouches are no longer angry", said Oscar in a pleasant tone, "and I thank you at the bottom of my heart."

    If this was a real movie, then everyone would then sing a song about Cookie Monster being a trader.

    Abby Cadabby then popped up.

    "You like cookies? I send you to a place with cookies", said Abby angrily as she waved her wand and zapped Cookie Monster to a place so dark, only his eyes could be seen.

    "Where me at?", said Cookie, who then sniffed, "me smell cookies."

    Then several big scary red eyes showed up, and angry grumbling was heard.

    "Me starting to be scared", said Cookie Monster.

    "Hey, me smell monster", said one of the voices.

    "Me haven't eaten all week", said another.

    "Let's turn on lights", said another voice.

    The lights turned on, and the red eyes belonged to three large cookies with fangs, arms, and legds.

    "MONSTER!", shouted the cookies.

    Cookie Monster ran from them as he was being chased.

    "M is for monster, that's good enough for us...", sang the cookies.

    But luckily, the nightmare ended. Cookie Monster suddenly woke up, sitting up straight and screaming right away. he then stopped.

    "Oh, this bad dream", said Cookie, "but me learn lesson. Friends more important than cookies. Homes more important than cookies. Me MUST stop that factory and save Sesame Street!"
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  10. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Wow! It's getting good so far. I love the incorporation of old and new characters. Plus the reference to the SS pitch reel. I look forward to reading more.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 8

    It was the next morning. Everybody was packing up.

    "I hope I can find a new places to open the store", said Alan.

    "And I hope I can open a new laundromat", said Leela.

    Oscar was packing his Sloppy Jaloppy, with his trash can in the back seat. Fluffy's nose was out the trash can, making elephant noises.

    "Don't worry, Fluffy", said Oscar, "we'll be staying at the city dump. Rates are six dollars a night."

    Grover walked past the trailer for Worthington Cookies, while carrying a big stack of suitcases.

    "Hey!", said Charlie Worthington, "You look like the kind of person I should hire to work at my factory."

    "I do not think so", said Grover, "I do not think I can work for the company responsible for tearing down my home."

    "But we have all kinds of jobs", said Worthington, "baker, delivery boy, secretary, janitor, vice president...."

    Mr. Johnson then showed up, "Hey, he said he didn't want to work for you!"

    Bert and Ernie carried their suitcases.

    "It feels like we've been living here forever", said Ernie.

    "I think we have", said Bert.

    "Well, Snuffy, thanks for letting me sleep over in your cave", said Big Bird.

    "It's my pleasure, Bird", said Snuffy.

    "I am going to miss this place."

    "Hey!", said the Count, "You all can stay in my castle. The more the merrier!"

    "I don't think I want to do that", said Ernie.

    "You all are welcome to stay at my ranch", said Forgetful Jones.

    "You know, I don't ever remember being at your ranch before", said Gladys.

    "Who said anything about a ranch?", said Forgetful Jones.

    "You just did", said Gladys.

    "Oh yeah", said Forgetful, "I forgot."

    A construction crew started to show up.

    "Well, Sully, I miss being in the construction business", said Biff.

    "We miss you all, too", said another construction worker, "you should come back."

    "No, no", said Biff, Sully shaking his head in agreement, "not unless this street does not get torn down."

    Cookie Monster ran to the mayors office.

    "Hey, hey, Mr. Mayor! Cancel plans!", shouted Cookie Monster.

    "I should cancel plans to keep toxic waste out of our rivers?", said the mayor.

    "Uh, no", said Cookie, "I meant cancel plans to replace Sesame Street with Cookie F..."

    "Wait, haven't I seen you somewhere before?", asked the Mayor.

    "Uh....", said Cookie Monster.

    "I know, you're that monster driver to got me as far away from Sesame Street as possible. Will somebody throw him out?"

    "Wait! Wait!", said Cookie Monster, "just hear me out!"

    Cut to Cookie and the mayor outside of the building.

    "...And that's why Sesame Street must remain Sesame Street!"

    "Interesting, Mr. Monster", said the mayor, "but the fact is that Sesaem Street...."

    "...has no educational value", said the mayor and Cookie in unison.

    "Look", said Cookie Monster, "Sesame Street has a lot of educational value. Me learn that C is for cookie, that cookie is sometimes food, that fuzzy and orange is as good as fuzzy and blue. More importantly, me learn that friends and homes are more important than cookies. Me might even give up cookies from now on. And me learn that Worthington Cookies plans to overcharge cookies...."

    "Wait, what?", asked the mayor.

    "Oh wait", said Cookie, "that one just nightmare me had."

    "Yes", said the mayor, "but some nightmares come true. We need to get to Sesame Street and stop them!"

    "But what about educational value?", asked Cookie.

    "You've just convinced me", said Cookie, "but if this company overcharges on cookies, local taxes will have to go up again, and I might not get reelected."

    Back on Sesame Street, everyone stood by and watched while the construction was about to get ready.

    "Well, this is it", said Gordon, "there's no hope now."

    "My Rubber Duckie can't take this", said Ernie, squeaking his duckie out of control.

    "I'm glad Bernice found a good place to stay", said Bert, "I don't think she'd like to see this."

    "Bye bye, Sesame Street", said Big Bird.

    "Start the countdown, Mr. Foreman", said Charlie Worthington.

    "With pleasure", said Mr. Foreman, getting out his megaphone, "Begin construction in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2..."

    "Wait!", shouted the mayor, running to Sesame Street with Cookie Monster, "Stop the construction!"

    "Yes! Stop! Stop!", shouted Cookie.

    "But we have a deal", said Worthington.

    "Not anymore", said the mayor, taking Charlie Worthington's contract and tearing it up, "It's one thing to tear down a street to make a factory, but not one that's very educational...."

    "I guess that means we can keep our homes", said Abby.

    "YAY!", shouted everyone.

    "And I guess we can have our old jobs back", said Biff.

    "Of course you can", said Mr. Foreman, handing Biff and Sully their hardhats back, "welcome back to the construction business."

    "Anyway", said the mayor, "I will not let you tear down such an educational street, and I will especially not allow a company that will overcharge on..."

    "Wait, how did you know I was going to overcharge?", asked Worthington.

    "You mean that wasn't just dream?", said Cookie.

    "Oh, you believed a dream", said Worthington.

    "But you just admitted you were going to overcharge", said the mayor.

    "Well", said Worthington, "I was going to charge ten more dollars per cookie than I do now."

    "That pricey even for cookies", said Cookie.

    "and I found a New York loophole allowing me to underpay employees, and I want more factories so I can pay less on delivering costs... Wait a minute, why am I telling you all this? I only had to admit to overcharging..."

    "Well it's too late", said the mayor, "Is there a cop around here?"

    "I'm a cop".

    "Arrest him", said the mayor.

    The cop arrested him.

    "And I was hoping you'd just be a designated villain", said the mayor.

    "Well, our street is saved", said Big Bird.

    "Thanks to Cookie Monster", said Telly.

    The cast then had a party, singing a song about their street being saved.

    During this song, Oscar was back on Sesame Street.

    "I like that I can live here again, but I hate all this happiness", said Oscar.

    Slimey was jumping for joy.

    "This is not a good time for you to be happy, Slimey.

    After the song, Alan brought out a very large cookie cake.

    "Cookie Monster, we all think that you deserve this", said Chris.

    "We really do", said Maria.

    "Yeah", said Murray.

    "And it's all for you", said Prairie Dawn.

    "Ohh, cookie cake!", said Cookie Monster, "but me give up cookies."

    "But you've earned it", said Gina.

    "This street almost destroyed because of cookies, me no can eat cookies anymore!"

    Chris cut out a little chunk of the cake.

    "Not even just a tiny bite?", asked Chris,

    "That's one, one tiny little bite!", said The Count.

    "Oh, if you insist", said Cookie, taking a bite...

    And then deciding...


    Cookie then ate the rest of the cookie cake really fast.

    "I knew he wouldn't change his love of cookies forever", laughed Hoots.

    Forgetful Jones, Clementine, and Buster then walked by.

    "Hey, this cookie factory doesn't look like a cookie factory", said Forgetful.

    "That's because they didn't replace this street with a cookie factory", said Herry.

    "Oh yeah", said Forgetful, "I forgot."

    The End
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  12. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    And now for the "behind the scenes" post of this story.

    I had this idea for awhile, when I had the idea to make it an April fools joke. I had a lot of the basic ideas in my head, though most of the initial basic ideas I had happened in the first four chapters. Such ideas as Cookie Monster transporting the mayor and having a nightmare came after I started, and with both of those ideas I kept changing my mind on what I wanted with these ideas.

    For the part with Cookie transporting the mayor, I pretty much ended up writing what all I originally had in mind, but I also considered having the driver NOT be Cookie Monster - it was to be set-up to appear as if Cookie Monster would be doing the driving, in a fake mustache and surfer dude attitude, and afterwords the real Cookie Monster would have shown up, ready to trick the mayor. I think I would have had the Cookie Monster-like driver end up taking the mayor in the wrong direction by accident (and ending up on a way-too-busy highway).

    For the nightmare, when Cookie got banished, I was going to have him be banished to a land of no cookies at all. He would have been creeped out by red-eyed white-furred zombie monsters. Then I got the "red eyes in the dark" idea, and was debating over whether to make those be cookies obsessed with eating monsters (in fact when I first read about the segment where Cookie Monster had a dream where he met Monster Cookie, I expected Monster Cookie to be a cookie who ate monsters) or to end the nightmare before we could see who or what they are. Another idea was to NOT have Cookie banished anywhere, but to still be chased by a giant monster-eating cookie.

    In my initial April fools thread, it said that Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Grover, and The Count would be the main characters, but with the exception of Cookie Monster (and to a certain extent Grover), most of those characters - along with a lot of characters - don't really get a lot of dialogue or do much, Telly and Prairie get a bit of screen time for a couple of chapters, Biff and Sully get a subplot which I didn't do much with, and Forgetful Jones kind of gets a running gag which is really his whole character (though for the dream sequence I thought about having him remember that Cookie Monster is the reason they were all homeless).

    I always planned on having the mayor and Charlie Worthington be designated villains, if there was to be anything villainy about them. When trying to figure out a way to end it, I decided to have Worthignton reveal that he planned to open a fourth factory to reduce delivery costs (since there'd be less money for gas to transport things), which isn't really a corrupt corporate executive decision, as well as over-charging on cookies (not really a big deal, a usual business decision, though it's not said if it's to make up for lost profits or just to be greedy) and under-paying employees (which would be illegal). I also temporarily thought of giving the mayor a Tex Richman-styled backstory: That he used to live on Sesame Street and never learned anything, only for the street to have educational value the moment his family moved away from the street.

    I know that in Sesame Street All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever it's said that Oscar's trash can is city property so he has to choose to move, and I decided to ignore that plot point (if this was a real movie they probably wouldn't care about continuity like this, if they were even aware of that), though I did have a passing reference to this special as one of the two previous times (the other being the Sesame Street Live show "Save Our Street") that the street was in danger of being torn down.
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  13. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Really good. But did Mr. Johnson just stick up for Grover in one of his lines? Something to think about.
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    You could say that, but my intention was that he didn't want Grover working at yet another place where service could be ruined for him (whether it's Grover baking bad cookies or having a delivery problem or whatever). But maybe I should have had him say "No, he's got ENOUGH jobs!"

    And when I came up with the name Charlie Worthington, I hadn't thought of the fact that Grover works for a Charlie.
  15. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    I see. Personally, I wouldn't think there'd be any reason Fat Blue would use their services anyway. Just my opinion.

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