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Scott Foam/reticulated In Los Angeles??

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by demonbabies, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. demonbabies New Member

    Anybody know where I can purchase foam in the Los Angeles area???
    Please help!!
  2. ToasterBoy Member

  3. renegade Member

    Same here ... They dont have netral color thou ! Just black ?
    And there not very nice people . but what you goin to do !
    they do have this foam I buy it cost 7.25 and comes in a pretty big sheet and works great !
    I hope that helps
  4. demonbabies New Member

    It being black shouldn't matter though, right? Especially, if I'm skinning with antron?

  5. renegade Member

    sure no problem at all but think about it before you buy do you really need reticulated ? at almost $75 a yard is it worth it ? when you cover your regular foam with antron it will expand the life of the puppet no matter how you use him .
    I only do reticulated on very special project because of cost
  6. demonbabies New Member

    Well, what type of foam do you suggest?? I am using the 'Rotondo' pattern through puppetproject.com ....how much foam do you think I will need?
  7. renegade Member

    ask for the 1/4 inch foam that cost 7.25 per sheet it's great stuff!
    your going to luv it
    with one of the sheets you can easly get 3 puppets from it from the rotondo pattern .
    I hope you got the fleece covering pattern also it will make really easy to cover yet.
  8. demonbabies New Member

    Thanks!! Yeah, I got the entire 'Rotondo' package! I'm excited!!
  9. Melonpool Member

    I had no idea there were so many of us in LA. We ought to get together for a puppeteer dinner or something.

  10. Was Once Ernie New Member

    Don't forget me! I'm here, too!

  11. intozlight New Member

    Sounds good - I'm in Riverside! We otta have a Puppet Extravaganza :)

    Director Davies
  12. Giar Fraggle Member

    I live in the area too. Meeting with all of you would be lots of fun--don't forget to bring your puppets!

    (Can you imagine what all of our puppets interacting with each other would be like?)
  13. MrGranger New Member

    Any chance there is a foam store in the San Gabriel Valley area? I'd like to avoid the LA traffic if I can help it.
  14. MrGranger New Member

    So no idea what it's called on the website?

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