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"Secret Agent Jeany and Marty Adventures!"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by JEANYLASER, Dec 29, 2007.


    JEANYLASER Well-Known Member

    " The Adventures of Secret Agent Jeany and Marty!"

    Kermit was reading the newspaper! Then Kermit reads the Robbers are planning to rob the hotel safe! Kermit calls secret agents Jeany and Marty! Meanwhile in the Office! Jeany is talking to Marty! This is not very excited day! But then the phone rang Hello! this is the office of the secret agent Jeany and Marty! Jeany speaking! This is Kermit the Frog! Oh! Hi Kermit! Jeany and Marty those robbers are planning to rob the hotel safe Please! HELP! Ok! Kermit we be right there! Then Jeany and Marty disquise themselves as a guest in the hotel! Meanwhile in the robbers hide out Bahawahahahaha! here's a plan to rob the hotel safe all of us disquise ourselves as painters! and then when the time is right all of us will take some hostages to the kitchen and tied everybody up Yes! Including those Secret agents Jeany and Marty! Let's go! Meanwhile Jeany and Marty saw those painters! What a minute! What's a matter! Said Marty! Those are not painters it is those robbers! Said Jeany! But! Then Suddenly the robbers has a gun a said This is a stick up! But! Then those secret agent Jeany and Marty said Hold right there evil robbers! Then suddenly one of the robbers grabbed Marty! Put the Gun down or your friend will get it! said the robber so I put the gun down! and now the secret agents Jeany and Marty are now our hostages lets take them to the kitchen! Then meanwhile Kermit and his gang saw the newsbroadcast of the hotel! The newscaster said this is a special report! A hostage crisis in the hotel a pair of robbers stormed to the hotel and take them hostage! But! then the newscaster said Secret agents Jeany and Marty is one of those hostages! I hope that Secret agents Jeany and Marty be ok! Don't worry those agents will be ok!Said Janice! Meanwhile in the hotel! The robbers tied everybody up in duct tape! Then Secret Agent Jeany and Marty are tied up back to back in duct tape! Hey! Let us go! Said Jeany! Then Secret agents Jeany and Marty struggled to untied the duct tape but it is not use! Then robbers put duct tape over secret agents Jeany and Marty's Mouth! MMMMMMMM! said Jeany and Marty! Let's go and rob that safe! Then the robbers found the hotel safe and saw that hotel safe has a lot of money! And then the robbers put the money in the sack! Goodbye hostages! The robbers see that everybody is all tied up in duct tape including those Secret Agents Jeany and Marty tied up back to back in duct tape too! Then the robbers put a bomb on top of the table in the kitchen and the robbers tied the bomb to the table! The Robbers programmed the bomb for 2 hours and kaboom! the end of the hostages! Let's turn the bomb on! and so the robbers did and now they left and see those hostages tied up bound and gagged in duct tape including The Secret Agents Jeany and Marty bound and gagged in duct tape too! Goodbye hostages! Everybody is all tied up bound and gagged in duct tape and also The Secret Agents Jeany and Marty are tied up back to back bound and gagged in duct tape too! Does anyone have some ideas to save those hostages including those Secret Agent Jeany and Marty too! Before the bomb hit to zero! PLEASE! HELP!
    HELP! *Muffled the hostages*

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