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Seen More Muppet Babies!

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by Beauregard, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I love to mulch around in Second Hand stores, I dig through the little toys (and have found dozens of Muppet McDonald toys that way) But yesterday I recieved the delight of my life.

    1st. Beeker. He was sat there right on the top of the .50p box. I snapped him up like hot cakes (hope I didn't burn him...)

    2nd. Was the best surprise of aggges. I saw it there on the video shelf. £1 was written on the price sticker. "Muppets Babies" said the cover. "Raiders of the Lost Muppet, and the Muppet From Space"

    I asked the lady at the store to hold it, while I ran helterskelter down the street to where my Dad swapped for some change, then charged back. "Do you have it? Do you have it?"

    Yes. She still had the video. I paid (without informing anyone that £1 for two Muppet Baby episodes was a rip-off. How lucky am I! I'd have paid £5.)

    Back home, I open the cover, take out the video with that part devoltion part love part can'-wait-to-get-it-on-ness that comes with aen unexpected Muppet find.

    I put it in, I press play.

    It's not Muppet Babies-Raiders of the Lost Ark!

    The video inside was not what it said on the cover!

    It was BETTER!

    THREE Muppet Baby Episodes!

    The first was where they overhear Nanny on the phone. "Oh, their playing in the nursery," she said. "Oh, yes, come over and have a look at them, one of them must go."

    Oh no! They have to decide which baby is going to be "thrown out in the cold." (more on that later)

    The second episode was the one where they imagine themselves at a Fun Fair. :sing: "Around, and around the world, on a merry-go-round..."

    Then in Episode three, horror of horrors, Gonzo looses Camilla hiss little Baby Chicky.

    Anyway, more details on the episodes, and my thoughts on them later.

    Right now, I'm too busy singing, "Cammilllllla, camillllaaaaa, whoo, whoo, whoo, whouuuu."

  2. KGJC

    KGJC Well-Known Member

    That is like sooooo cool! :crazy:
  3. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    Eight Take One Equels Panic

    The Muppet Babie's are in a plane.

    SKEETER: This is your co-pilot speeking. Fasten your seat belts. You may be suffering a little turbulence.

    In the Nusery, Animal crawls under the old ragged chair where Skeeter, Gonzo, and Scooter are sat. Skeeter is holding her hands in the air as if flying the plane.

    Animal turns upside down and kickes the underneith of the chair with hsi hands and feet.


    Piggy, Kermit, and Fozzie are sat in another ragged chair behind the others.

    FOZZIE: It dosn';t look much like a plane.

    PIGGY: Use your imagination.

    Fozzie scrunches up his eyes.

    FOZZIE; Hey. That looks better.

    Piggy walks up the airplane asile with an empty tray.

    PIGGY: Cookies, cakes, just one buck.

    FOZZIE: I don't see any cakes.

    PIGGY: Use your imagination!

    FOZZIE: Gee that's better.

    He reaches for a cake.

    PIGGY; Uh, uh. One buck please.

    Fozzie mines reaching into his pocket to get a buck.

    FOZZIE: Here you go.

    PIGGY: Sorry. We don't accept imaginary money on this flight.

    Meanwhile, in the front of the plane.

    SKEETER: Captain Gonzo, what's the compass reading.

    GONZO: Looks like the sports section.

    A little man shapped like a compass folds up a newspaper and walks away.

    SKEETER: Hey, quit goofing around.

    Suddenly, the sound of a telephone ringing break them all out of thei imagination.

    KERMIT: That sounds like the telephone.

    They all crawl up the steps, and listen by the door.

    NANNY (Voice over): Yes, they are playing in the nursery. Uh huh. I agree. One of them must go. You can come over and have a look if you like.

    Kermit turns wide-eyed to the others.

    KERMIT: Nanny is going to get rid of one of us.

    FOZZIE: One of us will be thrown out in the cold? All alone?

    GONZO: You guys don't have to worry. Nanny loves Frogs, and everyone likes dumb bears. It's me she'll get rid of. She dosn't even know what I am.

    FOZZIE: Gee gonzo I alwyas thought you were a cross between a buzard a beach towel and a pair of socks.

    GONZO: There are no beech towels in my family!

    PIGGY: Well I know it won't be me. Nanny told me just the other day how much she likes me keepign my room tidy, and being nice and sweet.

    SKEETER: Not since you rode your tricycle through the kitchen.

    PIGGY: How did she know that? SKEETER! You told!

    Piggy chases Skeeter.


    (By the way this is not a totally word for word acurate account of the episodes, but it is a rough guideline to how it went.)
  4. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    I liked the part where the MBs wondered why Nanny wanted to get rid of one of them.

    PIGGY: "Maybe we cost her too much money."

    SKEETER: "Or maybe we're too much trouble."

    FOZZIE: "Maybe there's one to many of us for Nanny to start a bowling team."


    FOZZIE: "Never mind." :o
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ah yes. I forgot that pit when I was doing the outline. V. funny.

    I especially like the sweet manner in which Piggy says, "Maybe we cost her too much money." It was like to break a heart when a baby thinks they cost too much and have to be thrown away.

    Coming up later (if I can get time) Piggy's fantisy about being thrown out in the cold, and Gonzo's fantisy about living in the dump.
  6. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I will get around to doing the rest of this.

    Was going to do it tonight but just got sent a virus thru MSN and am really mad.

  7. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    I think I vaguely remember Piggy's fantasy about thrown out in the cold. I also remember her fantasizing about not being able to marry Kermit if Nanny gets rid of him.
  8. McFraggle

    McFraggle Well-Known Member

    I don't think I've seen that one.
  9. Violia

    Violia Member

    I think that one of the ones that came on DVD with those plushies. Saw a couple at Toys R Us. Picked up kermit (The Daily Muppet) and Fozzie. Can;t remember what came with Fozzie.
  10. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    Great find, congratulations!
  11. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Leter today I should be able to do some more of the transcript/outliney thing for thsoe who havn't seen it.
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    The Muppet Babies are all gathered back together.

    Miss Piggy steps away from the group, and looks down at her feet.

    PIGGY: If by some chance Nanny really did want to get rid of…me. I think I’d be able to get by.

    The scene changes to her imagination.

    Now Piggy is stood in the snow with a shawl wrapped around her head. A frozen jug of lemonade sits in the middle of the table. It is full; no one has been buying her lemonade. As people go past she calls out. “Lemonade, lemonade.”

    A couple pass, and Piggy runs out from behind the table in front of them.

    PIGGY: Would you like a glass of lemonade? Only one dollar a glass.

    MAN: In the winter?

    Piggy sniffles.

    PIGGY: Oh please. I was thrown out of my home, and I don’t have any friends, and I’m all alone.

    Piggy begins to cry.

    MAN: Ok. Ok. I’ll take a glass.

    Piggy runs back behind the table, and pours from the jug. The lemonade has frozen and falls out in a giant lump.

    MAN: Hey. That’s not lemonade. It’s a lemon ice-cube!

    Piggy thinks. “Hmmm.”


    EXT. A GIANT RESTAURANT STORE with Piggy’s face on the windows.

    Through the large windows we see the tables are full of guests.

    Miss Piggy is sat behind the counter, serving Lemon Ice-Cubes.

    She sees a man walking past, and dashes outside in front of him.

    PIGGY: Lemon Ice-Cube? Just one dollar a cube.

    MAN: No thanks.

    PIGGY: But I was thrown out of my home, and I’m all alone, and my friends are all gone.

    MAN: Alright, alright, I’ll take a cube.

    Piggy runs back inside, and through a small door in the counter. She picks up a lemon Ice-Cube with a pair of tongs. She drops it into a glass.

    PIGGY: That’ll be one dollar.

    She takes the dollar, and opens a cash register. It is full of green money!

    PIGGY: One thousand four hundred dollars. Not bad for one day’s work. Oh, but I miss my Kermie.


    EXT. A SKYSCRAPPER with Piggy’s face plastered all down the side.


    Piggy is sat in luxury. She answers a ringing phone.

    PIGGY: Yes? WHAT! We have made twenty thousand dollars less today than yesterday. Who was responsible? The President of the United States? Fire him.

    She puts down the phone, just as another starts ringing.

    PIGGY: Hello? Out of lemons! Then, buy California. What? I already own it?

    We fade back to the nursery, where Piggy is hugging Kermie.

    PIGGY: I might have done well, but I’d miss you, Kermie.

    Gonzo sighs.

    GONZO: You did do well. I wonder what would happen if I was thrown out.


    A dustbin.

    NANNY (V.O.): And stay out!

    Gonzo flys through the air and crashes into the bin. He comes up covered in muck.

    GONZO: Don’t I get a good bye kiss?

    His little toy chick Camilla flies out into the bin too.

    GONZO: AH well. A good bye chicken is better than a good bye kiss anyway.

    A Dump Truck pulls up, and the dustbin is tipped inside.

    GONZO: Whoops.

    It drives away.


    The Dump Truck tips Gonzo and a pile of rubbish into the dump.

    A Rat (Which, by the way looked similar to Rizzo) appears beside Gonzo.

    GONZO: Ah, hello Neighbour.


    Gonzo is inside a little house.

    GONZO: Well, it was nice of you guys to come visit me.

    We pull back to reveal…
    …little doll-like versions of the Muppet Babies. They are made of brown rubber, or mud, or something.

    GONZO: Fozzie? More pie?

    He offers him a mudpie. The Fozzie doll falls into it face first.

    GONZO: (Trying to laugh bravely) Ah, ha, ha, Fozzie. Wocka. You always made me laugh.

    He moves around the tale to the Piggy doll.

    GONZO: Tell me, Piggy. You always did like me more than Kermit didn’t you?

    He makes Piggy nod.

    GONZO: May I have a kiss?

    He makes her nod again.

    GONZO: Plant one right there, Piggy babe.

    The Piggy doll plucks a flower from the middle of the table and plants it on Gonzo’s nose.

    GONZO: Ah. I’ve been living alone for too long.


    Gonzo is outside his hut with a big grey beard and a walking stick.

    GONZO: Well, it’s a hundred years since I first came to the dump. I wonder how the others are doing.

    As if an answer to his question, a Dump Truck arrives, and tips a pile of dust out over Gonzo.

    Kermit comes up out of the pile, wearing a beard. Then Fozzie, Scooter, Piggy (in a beard!!!) and so on. They are all there.

    GONZO: Hey. Nice of you to visit me.

    KERMIT: Visit you? After a hundred years nanny got fed up with us too. She threw us all out.

    GONZO: Well, now that you are here, Piggy can I have one little kiss?

    PIGGY (remember this is Gonzo’s imagination): Certainly.

    He steps forward to kiss her, and falls down a hole, arriving at the bottom all mucky.

    GONZO: Boy, can she kiss.


    Gonzo has fallen off the cabinet into a drawer. Kermit helps him up.

    PIGGY: Ohhh, I can’t stand the suspense of not know who will go. If Nanny can’t decide, then we will have to decide for her.


    Coming up next, who will leave? How will the Babies decide?
  13. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Of course, as before, it isn't word perfect. But I thought it would be nice for those who havn't seen much MB to have some clips and stuff from the episodes.
  14. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    It's great. I haven seen that episode in forever.
  15. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    It's a good episode. ANd, Gonzo is sooo in love with Piggy in this one. Boy, I never knew it...
  16. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    I loved that song. It's stuck in my head now.

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