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Selling my ENTIRE Near Complete Muppet Collection

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by ToasterBoy, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. ToasterBoy Member

    Okay, so I'm parting with my entire Palisades Muppet Figures Collection including over 50 RARE Exclusive figure Mint in the Box or On The Card!

    I had almost every figure and now I'm putting them all up on eBay. All from a DISPLAY ONLY collection all from a SMOKE FREE environment. All with a 99 cent opening bid and NO RESERVE! List is below. I'm only selling these on eBay and will not end them early, so please just bid! :)

    I also have a few Henson items (Employee Jacket, mousepad) as well. They are all at my eBay page:


    Loose Mint Figures
    - I'm selling all my loose figures in series sets and then all my loos exclusives in one set -

    Loose Muppets Figures Series 1 Mint Kermit Piggy Bunsen
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 2 Mint Fozzy Gonzo Floyd
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 3 Mint Rowlf Scooter Zoot
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 4 Mint Rizzo Link Sam
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 5 Mint Gonzo Janice Pepe
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 6 Mint Statler Waldorf NR
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 7 Mint Robin Kermit Johnny
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 8 Mint Sam Scooter Suggs
    Loose Muppets Figures Series 9 Mint Chef Pops Fozzie
    Loose Rare Exclusive Muppets Figures Lot Kermit Beaker

    Loose Playsets
    Loose Backstage Theatre Playset Muppets Palisades Rowlf
    Loose Swinetrek Playset Muppets Palisades Miss Piggy
    Loose Electric Mayhem Playset Muppets Palisades Animal
    Loose Muppet Labs Playset Muppets Palisades Beaker Mint
    Loose Swedish Chef Kitchen Playset Muppets Palisades NM

    MINT ON CARD or MINT IN BOX Figures - All in excellent shape
    Rare Steppin' Out Kermit Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Signed Miss Piggy Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Rare Vacation Fozzie Blue Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Rare Vacation Fozzie Red Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Rare PBM Crash Helmet Gonzo Muppet Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare EB Crash Helmet Gonzo Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Blue Jacket Rizzo Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Shifty Eyes Sam Eagle Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Silver Marvin Suggs Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Tan Shirt Lips Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare White Shirt Lips Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Target Koozbane Kermit Glow Muppet Figure MOC Palisades
    Target Koozbane Kermit Blue Muppet Figure MOC Palisades
    Target Koozbane Kermit Red Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Vacation Pepe Red Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Vacation Pepe Blue Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Animal Exclusive Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Silver Janice Muppets Chase Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Leisure Johnny Fiama Muppet Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Pinstripe Johnny Fiama Muppet Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Clifford Chase Muppets Figure MOC Palisades Tan
    Rare Glow Uncle Deadly Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Rare Blue Jacket Floyd Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Hair Down Miss Piggy Rare Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Toyfare Super Scooter Muppets Figure MOC Rare Palisades
    Wizard World Dr. Teeth Muppets Figure MOC Palisades
    Black Jacket Rizzo Muppets Figure MIB Palisades Rare NR
    Dream Date Gonzo RARE Muppets Figure Mint Palisades AFA
    Gold Tux Gonzo Muppets Figure Mint In Bag Palisades NR
    Tuxedo Gonzo Bernice Rare Muppets Figure MIB Palisades
    Steppin' Out Uncle Deadly Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Steppin' Out Bunsen Beaker MIB Muppet Figures Palisades
    Steppin' Out Statler Waldorf Muppet Figures MIB Rare
    MIB Swedish Chef Rare Henson Muppets Figure Lobsters
    Holiday Swedish Chef eBay Exclusive Muppets Figure Mint
    Holiday Rizzo Mint w/ Box Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Holiday Rizzo Muppets Figure Mint In Box Palisades Rare
    Jim Henson Company Holiday Kermit Muppets Figure MIB
    Holiday Kermit Jim Henson Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    MIB Super Beaker Jim Henson Muppets Figure Palisades
    Vanishing Cream Beaker Muppets Figure MIB Palisades
    Invisible Beaker RARE Muppets Figure Mint Palisades MIB
    Invisible Spray Fozzie Muppet Figure Mint Palisades MIB
    Jim Henson Muppets Figure Mint Palisades Mint in Box
    '03 Tour Animal Jim Henson Muppets Figure MIB Palisades
    Jim Henson Muppets Rare Palisades Prototype Accesories
    Rainbow Connection Kermit MIB Muppets Figure Palisades
    MIB Scout Kermit Henson Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Adventure Kermit Henson Muppets Figure MIB Palisades
    Cabin Boy Gonzo & Rizzo Muppets Figures MIB Palisades
    MIB Sam Samuel Eagle Henson Muppets Figure Palisades
    MIB Penguins Jim Henson Muppets Figures Mint Palisades
    Sweetums Mega Jim Henson Muppets Figure MIB Palisades
    Mega Gonzo Jim Henson Muppets Figure Mint Palisades
    Sesame Street Super Grover Palisades Figure Mint In Box
  2. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    This frogboy is watching...

    Believe it or not there are a few figures I never got. Some I helped design. So I am looking at your listing with big bulgy frogboy eyes...just waiting.

    May I ask why you are parting with these beautiful sculptures? There's quite the secondary market for these lately. ;)
  3. ToasterBoy Member

    Well, since you ask....

    I'm whittling down my life to just 600 Things.


    I was featured on NPR about it. I just have too much stuff. LOVE the Muppets, but these things were just taking up space and could be appreciated elsewhere.

    Thanks and good luck!
  4. The Count Moderator

    Lots of good stuff there... Some I'm interested meself if you don't sell through auction.

    Steppin' Out Statler and Waldorf, is this the "Vaudeville" set?
    Which Animal exclusive are you offering?
  5. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Lots of awesome auctions. I'll be sure to keep an eye on them! :excited:
  6. ToasterBoy Member

    Yes, I mislabeled the S & W set, it is the Vaudeville set. And the Animal is the OMGCNFO.com Animal.

    Most of the items have bids on them now, so it looks like they'll all go through eBay. But if there's any left over, I'll post here and if you want to make an offer, feel free.
  7. The Count Moderator

    Well... Here are the ones I'm looking for that you currently have on sale.

    OMG Animal 2 (Red & Silver) MOC.
    Steppin' Out Gonzo and Bernice (MIB).
    Vaudeville Statler & Waldorf (MIB).
    Vacation Fozzie Red-Shirt (MOC).
    Crash Helmet Gonzo (Electronics Boutique) MOC.
    Tux Kermit (MOC), though I'd like to know which of the two it is, Toy Fare or Toys R' Us.

    Please LMK/keep me updated if anything should be left over, thanks and have a good day.
  8. ToasterBoy Member

    It's the Toys R Us Version. Everything has bids though. Just about the only fig that doesn't is the Johnny Fiama pinstripe and a few of the opened playsets.
  9. The Count Moderator

    Thanks. Browsed your auctions earlier, and I might put in a bid on an item or two or three...
  10. ToasterBoy Member

    Just a heads up as these are ending today! I'ts going to be a busy week of eating and shipping! ;) Thanks to all who have (or are going to) bid!
  11. frogboy4 Inactive Member


    :) Just won the RC Kermit and Ghost of Sam Arrow. :attitude: Verry happy. Now with the silver Suggs I just got my collection is complete. Strange that it wasn't before, but when workin' on these a few can pass right by. I did swoop in and get the Kermit at the last possible moment! If anyone bid here, please don't hate me and know that Kermit, Robin and the Muppet Veggies will have a very loving home. :)

    ToasterBoy. Just sent you the shipping inquiry. Will PayPal once I get the info. You have made this frogboy very happy. Good luck with your 600 quest!
  12. ToasterBoy Member

    No no, thank you for purchasing. :) And thank you for being an Honest eBayer. Putting up close to 90 auctions at once has shown me a bit of the underside of eBay. I had one bidder bid and win 5 items at high prices and then tell me they only want 2 items and the others were "mistakes". Right you bid up the items in the closing seconds as a mistake.

    Another bidder bid on a figure that ended VERY high (one of the rare figures) and then told me that the ending price was "too high" and they are not going to pay it. They bid in the last seconds and then say it's too high? How does that work?

    Anyway, thank you frogboy for bidding and following through. It made things easier. :) Enjoy your toys!

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