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Series 2 has landed!!

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Hairfarmer, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. bc-fraggle New Member

    I wonder still if us Canadian folk will have to wait longer than you guys!- like the end of November. Still though hearing that they are arriving there means that I should get geared up to start looking here. Hope they arrive soon for you guys! The sooner they arrive for you the sooner they arrive for me. Hehehe!
  2. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Alpha-Countdown

    Here are the next three entries.
    16. Prairie Dawn plays her piano and presents a pageant dedicated to the letter p as evidenced by the pink P placed on the prosenium curtains.
    15. Lefty the Salesman offuscates a container which holds oatmeal cookies and an olive jar that he occassionally dips into while he tries to convince oncomers to buy his letter O.
    14. Oscar the Grouch nags to his neighbors about his newest nasty-looking neckties and noisemakers before noticing an N printed on his Grouch Newsletter.
  3. Hairfarmer New Member

    I have a feeling we'll see them before the end of the week. I went by my local TRU this evening. I've been checking by there regularly to see if they'd either sold one, or marked-down the 2 'Labs playsets they had. Note the word "had" both the playsets and ALL the figures (About 8 Kermits and Piggy's) were gone! There hadn't been a change in that stock for almost a month and in the week since I'd been by last everything was gone!
  4. Joe New Member

    are you sure they didn't just get moved (to another area/ or in the back while they make room for them?) the muppet figures at the TRU here moved an aisle over in the past month.

    also, as of this afternoon the New England TRU warehouse still doesn't have series two...
  5. Hairfarmer New Member

    Well, I scoured the area all around where they had been with no sign. I asked an employee who said he thought they'd sold them but he didn't actually check the system so who knows? It just struck me as odd that they'd have such a strong change in shelf staus in one week after not having changed in a month.
  6. Walker Boh New Member

    Thanks for the tip ... I hadn't thought of the possibility of them waiting to put them out to coincide with the Sunday newspaper inserts. (You mean they don't have a special team waiting in the back room, ready to spring into action the moment they arrive? Inconceivable!!)

    Unfortunately, though, I can't make it there today. I'll have to check back in a couple of days when I get a chance.
  7. grail New Member

    you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means.
  8. Gonzo Active Member

    I keep haunting my TRU too...every other day or so I pop in. It paid off with Rod and Tod Flanders, but hasn't yielded much else so far.

  9. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Alpha-Countdown

    Here are the next three entries.
    13. Herbert Birdsfoot, seated at a restaurant table, munches on a mushroom meatball sandwich and drinks a glass of mildly cooled milk as he muses over what dessert he wants from a menu marked by an M.
    12. Elmo laughs out loud upon seeing some lemon lollypops launched into the sky after lovely lightningbolts strike at the base of an L-labeled candy jar.
    11. Kermit The Frog kicks back at his home kitchen snacking on a couple of kiwi fruits and a slice of key lime pie while he sips Kona coffee from his personalized coffee mug, dotted by a bright green K.
  10. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Alpha-Countdown

    Thought you guys might like to see the next three entries.
    10. Biff wears a jolly jacket and jerks his jackhammer into the ground as he looks over to view the junker magnet jostling his J into its place at the journeymen's site.
    9. Harvey Kneeslapper keeps an I on his friend's insignificant hat as he invents new ideas for practical jokes involving a bottle of invisible ink and his bag of incredibly itchy itching powder.
    8. Herry Monster hoists a heavyweight H-shaped barbell and hauls a huge haystack over his hefty hombros with both of his hands.
  11. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Count...You are one heck of a poet!!!! :D

    Man, if all goes well, we could easily see these hit stores next Friday.....WOW!! I asked for most of them for Christmas, but I will buy Harry before whatever happens Happens!
  12. The Count Moderator

    Thanks for the kind words Drtooth. Since we're on such great terms, I'll let you in on a small secret. I've got two more classicly obscure characters planned for the home stretch, starting on Monday 11 November 2002. BTW: What are some examples of Dr. Seuss' alphabetical inventions mentioned in the book On Beyond Zebra? Maybe I could use them next year when we'll be eagerly anticipating the release of Series 3!
  13. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Alpha-Countdown

    Here are the next three entries as we inch ever closer to a hopeful release of The Muppet Show Series 2 figures.
    7. Grover gleefully grooms the G grown in the green grasses of his garden amidst all the gardenias.
    6. Fanned by a flapping flag, Farley's efforts are frustrated when he finds an F attached to his fishing hook followed by a fleeing flying fish.
    5. Ernie encorporates eggs and eggplants into an edible enchilada in an E-shaped skillet thanks to his electric egg-beater.
  14. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Alpha-Countdown

    Here are the last four entries in my personal countdown until the release of Palisades Toys' The Muppet Show Series 2 action figures.
    4. Don Music, aided by his doily-adorned piano, desperately decides what music to play under the dazzling disco ball for his pet dragon who wears a drab gray D around his collar.
    3. Cookie Monster sits inside a giant C eating a stack of circular chocolate chip cookies while the Count's cat, seen at Cookie Monster's feet, laps up a cup of capuccino and a few cookie crumbs that fall to the ground.
    2. The Beetles sing "Letter B", their haunting classic, in a basement boiler ballroom with a bunch of black and brown bats dancing away below the portrait of the letter B.
    1. Big Bird angles his A-plane through an avalanche of apples from the comfort of his arm chair, where he sips away at an apple juice bottle placed at his side.

    Well, I'll let you guys know what my checks produce tomorrow. I'll Check-in, get my client check; Check-up, go see me opthalmologist for a biannual eye exam; and Check-Out, go over to EBX after getting the call that my set of S2 figures arrived! Have a great weekend, I know I will!
  15. Walker Boh New Member

    Re: Series 2 Alpha-Countdown

    Good luck!
  16. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Number-Countdown

    Well, after about a week of pestering the EBX rep. even though I reserved a set of S2 figures, he finally told me that they'd be arriving on December 2, due to a computer foul-up, and the Gonzo exclusive would be there on December17. Also he said that the S3 figures popped up with a February 10 release date, but that'll get tested as time goes by. So, now I present without a further ado, a modified version of my S2 countdown.
    10. Shelley (or is it Sheldon) the Turtle pops in a 10-cent dime into the telephone calling up his local grocery, hoping to do the shopping for his ten tiny turtle cousins.
  17. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Number-Countdown

    Well, as I wait for my reserved S2 figures to arrive at my local EBX store, let me see if we can try this lovely little counting game started again.
    10. Flame Mammoth (Maverick Hunter from Mega Man X1) patrols ten performing pachyderms who pile themselves on top of each other forming a perilous pyramid, as a little cloud flashes a black 10.
    Astro Man (Robot Master from Rock Man and Forte, which could be considered as Mega Man 9 though it isn't, the one who I personally call Astro Man II with Copy Vision as his weapon) silently sits in the center of nine stellar soaring spaceships, as a little cloud flashes a black 9.
    Launch Octopus (Maverick Hunter from Mega Man X1) oversees his oceanic outpost and inspects all eight of his pet octopus's tentacles, as a little cloud flashes a black 8.
    Shade Man (Robot Master from Mega Man 7) flaps his batty wings as he beats the air from his castillated perch and welcomes the seven counting crows roosting in the branches of the nightmare trees, as a little cloud flashes a black 7.
    Hanumachin (Mythic Lord, as I'm personally calling them, from Mega Man Zero 1) laughs maniacally at all the madcap maneuvers his six monkeys perform in his jungle bower, as a little cloud flashes a black 6 just out of reach of the monkey king's upsidedown grasp.

    We're hopefully halfway home!
  18. The Count Moderator

    Series 2 Number-Countdown

    Here's the second half of the countdown, as I wait until 1:30 PM to check and see if the S2 figures arrived.
    5. Roll (Mega Man' sister and Robot Master from Mega Man 1) expertly flips over five flying flapjacks in the free-style flip-flapping competition of the Lumberjack Games, as a small storm cloud flashes a black 5.
    Ice Man (Robot Master from Mega Man 1) braves the blizzard as he intrepidly urges the four ice-covered huskies who make up his sled team across the frozen tundra, as a small storm cloud flashes a black 4.
    Anubis Necromancess III (Mythic Lord, as I'm personally calling them, from Mega Man Zero) vigilantly views the shifting sandy winds while protecting three baby vultures huddled together in their nest, as a small storm cloud flashes a black 3.
    Jupiter (Star Droid from Mega Man 5 for the Game Boy) floats upwards to get a better view of the two bicentennial biplanes soaring high in the great blue yonder, as a small storm cloud beneath him flashes a black 2.
    Centaur Man (Robot Master from Mega Man 6) quickly corrals one ornary bucking bronco and shows him that noone can beat this equestrian android when it comes to rodeo tricks, as a small storm cloud above him flashes a black 1.

    The last entry will hopefully be added later today, depending on whether or not the figures arrive at my local EBX store here in Puerto Rico.

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