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Server Move Forthcoming...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Phillip, Feb 7, 2003.

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  1. Phillip Administrator

    As some of you know, over the past couple weeks our forum has outgrown the server resources we currently have allocated. We have been trying to work within the limitations of our server, however, this hasn't worked as well as we have liked.

    Therefore, in the next day or so our site and forum will be moving to a new server with significantly more resources dedicated for our use. The site and forum will likely be down during this transition for a short period of time. If the server move occurs during the announced times of our birthday contest, then there will be an announcement concerning the contest once the site is back on-line.

    If you have any questions about this transition, please ask them in our "Website and Forum" folder. As I have other news concerning this matter, I will respond to this discussion to update everyone.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding. We are making this change in order to provide everyone with a faster and more reliable surfing experience while at Muppet Central.
  2. Phillip Administrator

    Looks like our server move for the site and forum will take place this weekend. Things might be down for a short period of time, but we will get everything up and running again as soon as possible. I will let you all know as it gets closer.

    Just wanted to keep everyone informed.
  3. Phillip Administrator

    Re: Re: Server Move Forthcoming...

    We had some unexpected delays with our server move for the site and forum, but everything is ready to go now.

    The move is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) at approximately 8-9 am central (9-10 am eastern). Our site will likely be down for a little bit during this transition. Please be patient during this time as we will get everything up and running again as soon as possible.

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up so that you knew what was going on if you can't reach the site in the morning.
  4. Phillip Administrator

    Re: Re: Re: Server Move Forthcoming...

    Our site and forum move is now complete. Our DNS records are being updated which will take anywhere from 24-72 hours to reflect the change.

    In the meantime these links will be helpful...

    Our site can be accessed at...

    Our forum can be accessed at...

    If you type in "muppetcentral.com" or "forum.muppetcentral.com" you may receive the old server until the DNS records are updated around the world (in the next 24-72 hours). I'm opening up a new discussion in our "Website and Forum" folder with this same information. There you can let me know any questions or problems that you may have to report.
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