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Sesame animated letter word-bubble short figures

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by mikealan, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Here are my ideas Palisades Toys would create for the little characters that appeared on animated letter shorts that taught us letters...

    A-Ape (man with ape, wig, guitar, and A-Ape word balloon)
    B-Bug (woman with bug and b-bug word balloon)
    B-Butterfly (man with butterfly, net and b-butterfly word balloon)
    C-Canary (giant canary with little man in cage, chair, and book)
    C-Candle (man with candle)
    C-Cap (man with giant cap and c-cap word balloon)
    C-Carrot (man with giant rabbit and orange-colored c-carrot word balloon)
    C-Cowboy (man with cowboy, rope, and c-cowboy word balloon)
    E-Erase (man with chalk, eraser and chalkboard with drawing of man)
    F-Fly (man with fly and f-fly word balloon)
    G-Gorilla (man with gorilla, man suit, and G-Gorilla word balloon)
    H-Hair (bald man with magnetic long hair and h-hair word balloon)
    H-Hand (man with giant hand and h-hand word balloon)
    H-Hole (boy with strawberry pie, and H-Hole word balloon that has a big hole)
    Exclusive: H-Hole boy with strawberry pie on his face
    I-Ice Cream (boy with giant strawberry ice cream cup and giant ice cream scooper with word balloon)
    Exclusive: I-Ice Cream boy with strawberry ice-cream on his face)
    I-Iron (man with iron and i-iron word balloon)
    I-Island (man with alligator, palm tree, and i-island word balloon)
    J-Jam (boy with jar of jam, boy on stool, and J-Jam word balloon)
    Exclusive: J-Jam boy with strawberry jam on his face
    K-Key (man with man#2, key, open/closed house and K-Key word balloon)
    K-Kick (multiple football players with small letter 'k')
  2. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Here's more..

    L-Lake (man with robe, giant lake, and L-Lake word balloon)
    L-Light (man with man in bed, light bulb, light switch, and l-light word-balloon)
    L-Lips (man with giant lips and l-lips word balloon)
    L-Loud (man with man playing horn and l-loud word balloon)
    L-Lunchbox (man with red lunchbox, clown face, and L-Lunchbox word balloon)
    M-Mail (man with mailbox and green arm attaching to the mailbox)
    N-Nail (man with carpenter, nail, hammer, piece of word, broken word-balloon and N-Nail word balloon)
    O-Open (man with open/closed O-Open word balloon)
    O-Orange (man with orange)
    Exclusive: Orange-colored O-Orange man
    P-Pack (man with lady, clothes, suitcase, and P-Pack word balloon)
    P-Pillow (boy in pajamas with little boy in pajamas, little pillow, giant pillow and P-Pillow word balloon)
    P-Puddle (man with car, puddle, and p-puddle word balloon)
    Exclusive: Wet P-Puddle man
    Q-Quiet (man in tall white hat with tree, tree branch, and woodpecker)
    S-Sing (woman with tall hat and singing man)
    S-Snake (man with snake, flute, and S-Snake word-balloon)
    T-Top (little brown boy with spinning top and t-top word balloon)
    T-Train (man with train and T-Train word balloon)
    U-Umbrella (woman with umbrella)
    U-Up (man in blue shirt and man in red shirt with see-saw)
    V-Violin (man with musician, violin with broken strings and V-Violin word balloon)
    W-Wallpaper (man with letter W and wallpaper)
    W-Wash (man with woman, wet clothes on line and W-Wash word balloon)
    Exclusive: W-Wash man in red wet shirt on line with clothes
    X-X-Ray (man with man, x-ray machine, and X-X-Ray word balloon)
    Y-Yo-Yo (man with boy, yo-yo, and Y-Yo-Yo word balloon)
    Z-Zipper (man with string attached to the z-zipper word balloon and open/closed z-zipper word balloon)

    What do you think of those ideas for Sesame figures?
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Considering the fact that we may never get the SS toy line at all, Somehow... obscure cartoon segments from the show don't seem within reach...
  4. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I like them. That would be cool to see if that would ever happen. Your idea is awsome.
  5. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Sorry,but I think the idea is kinda different,I would rather go for Classic SS figures.:p :( :grouchy:
  6. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    Here are some more to add to your list.

    D-Dog. (A suited man near a balloon where a dog is sitting in an easy chair and a man runs up and gives the dog is pipe and slippers. The dog pats the man and goes, "BOW WOW!")

    E-Egg. (A farmer near a balloon with an egg in it. A cow ends up sitting on the egg, then leaves, and out hatches a long legged bird who goes, "MOO!")

    R-Rabbit. (A magician near a balloon where a huge rabbit pulls a tiny magician out of a hat.)

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