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Sesame music anyone?

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by superfan, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. superfan

    superfan Active Member

    Music anyone?

    I have a collection of old Sesame Street and Muppet record albums. I am not into it to get into the monetary value of them, but rather the pure aesthetics and my own materialistic Taurean nature. Currently the album covers are hanging on the walls of my daughters bedroom, much like a wall paper border...only cooler! Haha! I keep the records seperate and they are all in good condition considering the age. I also found a set of Sesame Street 45's at Value Village. I darn near wet my pants when I found them...a buck a piece!
    Another treasure is the three disc set of Songs from the Street. Even my husband knows all the lyrics to them now!!
    So anyone collect music like this?
  2. toughrabbit

    toughrabbit New Member

    Songs From The Street

    Yeah, I recently bought the Songs From The Street set. Great stuff! Although, I could do without the Destiny's Child, N'Sync, etc. on Disc 3. And some of my favorites were left out, like "Dance Myself To Sleep," "If Moon Was Cookie" and a few others. But overall I'm really excited to finally have so many classic Sesame songs and be able to hear them anytime I want. The set is definitely worth buying if you love Sesame Street.
  3. superfan

    superfan Active Member

    Thumbs Up

    Ah, I couldn't agree with you more on the Songs From the Street! But that's the beauty of SS, you have such a wide range of music to select from!
    My particular favorite is Grover and Madelaine Kahn. That woman exudes comedic talent from her pores, I believe! And Grover is her prefect match.
  4. erniebert1234ss

    erniebert1234ss Active Member

    Where is Songs from the Street VERY inexpensive? When that set came out, it was so doggoned expensive that it wasn't even funny.

  5. superfan

    superfan Active Member

    I know...it was 52 dollars Canadian here at Wal-Mart (*shudder). But, you know what....worth every penny.
  6. toughrabbit

    toughrabbit New Member

    Songs from the Street

    The set is on Amazon.com for $39.98 USD. I bought mine new on ebay for 30-something dollars. You might be able to find a used set on ebay for cheaper. It's worth a try.
  7. Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly Member

    Sesame Street 2 - Original Cast
    The Year of Roosevelt Franklin
    David Daydreamin' on a Rainy Day
    Bob McGrath from Sesame Street
    Every Body's Record

    all of the alphabet album songs
    Sesame Street / Hello
    ABC-DEF-GHI / J-Jump
    Number 5 / I've Got Two
    One of These Things / Up and Down
    Goin' for a Ride / I Love Trash
    I Can't Help It / Circles
    What Are Kids Called / Green
    Roosevelt Franklin Counts / Just Because
    Listening Game / Pat Pat Patty Pat
    Lots of Stuff / Clink, Clank
    Grover Takes a Walk / Put It Away / Y'all Fall Down
    What Do I Do When I'm Alone / Still We Like Each Other
    This Land is Your Land / Michael Row the Boat Ashore
    Sign - You're a Friend of Mine / Sign Song
    High, Middle, Low / Loud and Soft
    Cross at the Green / Bus Stop
    Boy from Indiana / Walk Down the Street

    CDs (these are my daughter's!):
    Elmo Says Boo!
    Silly Songs
    Sing the Alphabet

    I also have a cassette of Just Friends, a cassette copy of Sesame Street Fever, and a cracked LP of Signs! (I'd love to be able to hear Calypso Calloway's version of "Wet Paint" someday!).
  8. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    Hey Tim,If Your SS Record Signs Is Cracked,How Good Does It Play :confused:
  9. Tim Kelly

    Tim Kelly Member

    It's so cracked that I don't think I've ever tried to play it. I mean, half of the record is completely cracked. There are so many songs on it that I'd love to hear, too. "Exit" and "One Way" by Chris and the Alphabeats, plus the "Sesame Street Theme" sung by Big Bird!
  10. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    All of the songs from the "Signs" album are on Muppet Central Radio. Click below to listen. It's always been one of my favorites as well.

  11. abarkley

    abarkley New Member

    not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have been looking for a couple of albums forever. I know one of them is bert and ernie's sing along and the other was an 8 track that we had... it had count it higher, high medium low, i love trash, mad... and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the album if anyone has any ideas i would appriciate it :) TIA

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