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Sesame Place - Halloween Spooktacular!

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by astrotrain, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. astrotrain

    astrotrain New Member

    I had some great family time this weekend, and headed to Sesame Place for the "The Counts' Halloween Spooktacular". Here is what your in for if you plan on going:

    * Scavenger Hunt - Eight questions lead you to treats and a meeting with The Count!

    Treats Include: Juice Box (Elmo), Peanut Chew, Peanut Chew - Dark Chocolate,
    Tasty-Cake Halloween Cakes, Pretzels, Potato Chips, and a Krispy Kream Coloring Sheet.

    * Face Paintings
    * Pumpkin Decoration
    * Cookie Decorating
    * Hay Ride (15 ride w/story, Ernie was the character ridding that day)

    The Big Bird Beach Party has changed there line up of summer songs to a different set of songs, more water is splashed, and now shoot streamers into the audience.

    Was going to do the Hay Ride (next to preferred parking at the entrance), but due to its popularity and the storm approaching, we decided to skip it.

    Met with the Count, Ernie, Elmo and my ol' pal Cookie Monster :)

    I would highly recommend this for the kids.
  2. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    Was The Water Rides On? If So,Which Ones? When I Went Last Year,Rosita Was On The Hay Ride! How Was The Hay Ride And What's The Story About For The Hay Ride?
  3. astrotrain

    astrotrain New Member

    Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to

    All water rides were on except for The Count's Font, that was turned into
    his Castle Maze (he is at the top of the font waiting to greet you).

    Although it was in the 60s, few brave souls did take on the water rides. But
    they were shivering blue when they got off of them.

    Did not do the hayride, this was due to the approaching storm. We were
    in line for it, and they cut off the limit at us. We would have to wait another
    15 minutes. Well as we decided we'll catch it another day, it started pouring
    down rain as we got back to the car.

    The staff memeber told us about the hay ride, but failed to mention what
    story was being told.

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