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Sesame Place Tips?

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by SarahOnBway, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. SarahOnBway

    SarahOnBway Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!

    Rose and I are headed to Sesame Place tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone had any tips. I haven't been there since I was 16 (yeah, I know that's old, but I was with a children's singing group and we sang in Hershey and at the Betsy Ross house so we stopped for a day at Sesame too) and I don't know any of the do's and don't's (as I do for Disney World). All I remember is that the Super Grover ride is awesome, haha. We bought some water shoes (since they're recommended), but any other tips? Will it be crowded on a Friday in August?

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Blinky_Fish

    Blinky_Fish Well-Known Member

    Sarah, It will be more crowded in the morning after the first afternoon parade, it slows down and is nicer. But, you might want to check the weather before you come down.

    Most of the Shows start 15 minutes after each other - so grab a map and look on the back for times. If you get a locker - don't get one in the front - goto the back of the park near the Count's Fountain - the locker is like 10 and a 5 deposit for the key. It's worth paying the extra 4 bucks to park in the preferred lot if you can get on the tarmac not the rocks.

    Games: Play the whack a potato you will win better prizes if you ask about them. If you go to the Abby Caddaby Show get there 1/2 hr early to sit low. people line up at crazy times. If I think of more stuff - I will post it:)
  3. SarahOnBway

    SarahOnBway Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch for the tips! We're planning on getting there right at 10--it's only an hour and a half drive but we're leaving around 7:45 to make sure we get there at opening what with traffic and all.

    Do you have any recommendations as to whether it's better to do the water rides first or the dry rides? Is it possible to do everything--the rides, the shows and the parade--in one day or should we take advantage of the Elmo's 2-day pass?

    PS: Rose LOVES the Muppet Trading Cards you gave her this weekend! Where did you get them? They're awesome! :)
  4. Blinky_Fish

    Blinky_Fish Well-Known Member

    I would say it's WARMER in the afternoon for the water rides - but the Ducky Slide is crowded all of the time. The rides are geared towards little kids. So, although there are lines you shouldn't wait long. the worst line is at the front to get in. I would get an e-ticket to speed things up. a 2 day might be a waste of money - if you plan on coming back again and maybe next year yo might consider the season pass offer - I think it's $75 and a day ticket recipt. That way you get to the concerts and special apperances too. But you should be able to do 80% of the things there - the other 20% is a toss up depending on the age of the kids - but your sister will want to do all of the larger rides.

    email me I'll send a few more packs up.:)

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