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Sesame Special Fan fic: "A Musical Night of Stars on Sesame Street"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Guest Stars:
    Stevie Wonder,Wayne Brady,REM,James Taylor,Kermit the Frog,
    Steven Tyler,Gloria Estefan,Little Richard,Garth Brooks,Bruce Springstine

    Oscar,Big Bird,Elmo,Zoe,Telly,Grover,Bert,Ernie,Frazzle,Cookie Monster,Herry,
    Baby Bear,Baby Ernestine,Two Headed Monster,Rosita,Snuffy,Grungetta,
    Hoots the Owl,Biff,Sully,Honkers,Gina,Maria,Luis,Gordon,Susan,Gabby,Miles,
    Dingers,and many more.


    Song:123 SESAME STREET-sung by Stevie Wonder.Big Bird,Grover,Cookie Monster,Elmo,Snuffy,Barkley,Bob,Susan,Gordon,Maria,Bert,Ernie,Count Von Count are dancing along.

    Big Bird:"Hello and Welcome to a star studded special night of the songs.Tonight guest stars and people on Sesame Street will sing their favorite Sesame Street songs.So let us begin with James Taylor and freinds."

    Song:JELLY MAN KELLY-sung by James Taylor,Grover,Elmo,Baby Bear,and The Kids.

    Cookie Monster:"Come on boys it is time for the monster meledy."

    MELEDY OF SONGS:"Fur","C is for Cookie","Me Got to Be Blue","Were all Monsters",and "Fuzzy,Blue,and Orange"sung by Cookie Monster,Herry,Grover,Elmo,Zoe,Frazzle,Rosiata,Humphery,and Telly Monster.

    Song:WERE ALL EARTHLINGS-sung by Garth Brooks,Fat Blue,Chicago the Lion,
    Hoots the Owl,Little Bird,Farley,Baby Bear,Ernie,and Prarie Dawn.

    Ernie:"Hey here is my favorite song!"

    Song:RUBBER DUCKIE-sung by Little Richard and Ernie.Saxaphone by hoots the Owl.

    Oscar:"There is nothing good in this special nothing good at all."
    Steven Tyler:"Really?"

    Song:I LOVE TRASH-sung by Steven Tyler and Oscar


    Big Bird:"And now Kermit the Frog"

    Song:THIS FROG-sung by Kermit and Maurice Monster,Guy Smiley,AM Frog in tuxedos.

    Clip:"ELMO'S SONG"

    Song:WHAT'S THE NAME OF THAT SONG-sung by Wayne Brady,Oscar,Big Bird,Bob,Luis,Herry Monster,Benny the Rabbit.

    Song:MAMBO I I I-sung by Gloria Estefan,Rosita,The Oinker Sisters,Zoe

    Song:FURRY HAPPY MONSTERS-sung by REM,Two Headed Monster,Frazzle,

    Song-BORN TO ADD-sung by Bruce Springtine

    Biff:"Slowly Sully Slowly"
    Big bird:"Were almost done with the special with our huge closing number watch this."


    Big bird:"And now our closing number...."

    SING!-sung by Big bird,Oscar,Elmo,Zoe,Telly,Rosita,Ernie,Baby Ernistine,Snuffy,Bert,Hoots the Owl,Grover,Cookie Monster,Herry,Frazzle,
    Fat Blue,Guy Smiley,The Oinker Sisters,Prarie Dawn,Betty Lou.

    Like my idea?
  2. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    That's pretty good.I like it!

    They're already making a Sesame Street 35th Anniversary special-called "The Street We Live On",which will air on PBS on Sunday,April 4 at 8:00pm ET/PT.Season 35 will begin the next day(on Monday,April 5-check local PBS listings)

    You can read all about it here:

  3. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Thanks, but I already knew about this. I don't even know if I'll watch. All I want to see is old clips, or old episodes! I don't think it's fair that Noggin had to stop showing them! If they were still showing them, I would be all happy, but they're not! I just wish they would do more about the past, and show more old clips from the past!!

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