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Sesame Street celebrity wish list

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Gorgon Heap, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    There's probably a pre-existing thread for this already out there, but it's late and I don't want to spend the time looking for it.

    I'll start the ball rolling with my one name: AMY ADAMS!

    'Nuff said.

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    "Weird Al" Yankovic.

    Drtooth pointed out in the "Katy Perry banned" thread that it also took him a long time to appear on The Simpsons, but I must point out that he also hasn't appeared on Saturday Night Live.

    Of course when Joey Mazzarino was interviewed by Tough Pigs a few years ago Mazzarino mentioned that each season they have somebody keep track of what celebrities will be in New York during taping schedules. Maybe we should find a way for "Weird Al" to be in New York when the next taping season begins.

    Jason Segal should also be on the show, since he's such a fan of the Muppets, and also because both Sesame Street and How I Met Your Mother are taped in New York City (though I have a feeling this will be the last season of HIMYM... Though I thought the same thing last year).
  3. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    Here's mine...

    Eric Idle - appearing in a sketch where he argues (or at least tries to) with Oscar, in an allusion to the "Argument Sketch"

    Harland Williams - I can see him appearing in a sketch with Cookie Monster, bellowing out "COOKIE" in the same manner as his way of saying "fudge".

    Penn and Teller

    Jennifer Coolidge

    Amy Adams

    Jerry Stiller

    Cheryl Hines

    Hugh Laurie

    Cast of Family Guy - they had The Simpsons on the show once, so why not the Griffins? Just as long as they keep their humor clean, of course.

    Lady Gaga

    Jack Nicholson

    "Weird Al" Yankovic

    Jeff Dunham

    Eddie Murphy

    Dave Chappelle

    Will Ferrell

    Chris Kattan

    Samuel L. Jackson

    Mr. T

    The GEICO Gecko

    The old man from the Six Flags commercials

    The Interrupter

    Andy Richter

    Sarah Silverman

    Mary Louise Parker


    Danny Bonaduce

    Gene Simmons

    Jennifer Saunders

    Dana Carvey

    Heather Locklear

    John Lithgow

    Wayne Knight

    Cast of 30 Rock - in a counting insert similar to "Fred, Get Me a 20"

    The guy who played Napoleon Dynamite

    Mel Brooks

    Matthew Broderick

    Ben Stein

    Dick Van Dyke

    Ed O'Neil

    MC Hammer

    William Shatner

    Mike Myers as Austin Powers, demonstrating the word "dance" (yeah, baby!)

    Christopher Walken

    Jason Lee

    Crista Flanagan

    Borat :)p)

    Courtney Thorne-Smith ---> :flirt:

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Quentin Tarantino

    Larry the Cable Guy


    Ben Stiller, with Owen Wilson

    The guy who played Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies

    Elizabeth Hurley

    Oh wait...there's absouletely no way we're gonna see half of the people on my list appear, all because of that stupid controversy...:mad: They'll probably stick to more "A-list" personalities like Feist or Jason Mraz or Jude Law (shudder)
  4. Convincing John

    Convincing John Well-Known Member

    Another vote for Weird Al here!

    Your suggestion for the Angry Video Game Nerd is hilarious! (Can you picture him in Elmo's World?)

    I also think that (even though they've appeared in the past), Muppeteers are always fun as celebrity cameos (cuz' they're celebrities to us!) Seeing Jerry Nelson in line at Hooper's Store...how cool was that?:sing:

    Oh yeah, although I'm praying for a miracle here, I wish Ian Anderson would make an appearance. I saw him perform in NY a week ago and I was totally blown away.

    Convincing John
  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, Family Guy would never make the cut, and even when they appeared the Simpsons was a surprise. The PTA was still up in arms about Bart back then. But Family Guy is a much harder core adult series. I'd like Seth McFarland to appear somehow....maybe commission him and his crew to do a G-rated animation.. it's possible... he used to work on Johnny Bravo and Dexter's Lab.

    I wouldn't see anyone as Austin Powers characters... unless they actually make a fourth one, the films are pretty passe now. I like them, but they're almost 15 years old now. Scary thought that they're that old, huh?

    AVGN... no. Just... just no. I don't see him appearing in any TV show or any kind as himself in the near future, SS would be right out. Besides, he's funnier commenting on stuff anyway.

    But I'm pretty disappointed more Monty Python people haven't actually worked with the Muppets on Sesame Street or otherwise. I really would love to have seen John Cleese on Sesame. He was great in the Muppet show. For that matter, I never saw Eric, Terry (either Terry), or Michael work with the Muppets to any extent. It's just as much of a shame Weird Al hasn't been with them other than a magazine interview.

    Hugh Laurie, heck yeah. Just don't make him just do his House character. Not that I don't like House (I really do, I just don't watch it that much), but he's got a long resume of wacky British comedy, and I would love to see that with the Muppets, Sesame Street or otherwise.

    Personally, I'd love to see Russel Brand... but... well, they didn't let his GF/wife (I forget which) on the show... he'd be PERFECT for the new Muppet film, though.
  6. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    All the more reason Russell would make a great guest. Someone can ask him "hey, how's your wife?" "Oh, good - she was actually going to join me but she was still getting dressed."

    Add me to the Weird Al camp though usually when people say they'd like to see him on the show, they mention him doing a parody but i don't even need to see that since he's a great overall talent aside from the parodies.

    Julie Brown, Courtney Cox, Rachel Maddow, a return appearance by Kerry ("Mrs. Joey Mazzarino") Butler, Brian Kerwin, Marcia Cross, Nathan Fillion, Tuc Watkins, Jason Segel, Daniel Tosh, Jennifer Saunders, David Deluise. and Annie Lennox (preferably singing about "Y") would all round out my personal wishlist.
  7. RyGuy

    RyGuy Active Member

    How about some of the stars of the "Lawrence Welk Show "
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Sure... we just need the Delorian.

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