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Sesame Street Encyclopedia Letter of the Day: C

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Thijs, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Thijs

    Thijs Member

    We’ve received a lot of pics and bio’s the last few days. The ‘A’ and the ‘B’ are as complete as can be and we have added characters like The Alphabeats and Beautiful Day Monster. Now it’s time for that wonderful letter C:

    We already have these characters:
    (c means complete, but check if you want if you can add some facts www.sesameencyclopedia.cjb.net )

    Cookie: c

    Cookie’s mom: Was she really performed by Steve? And what is her character like? She was in this season’s SS.

    Count: c

    Countess: What is her character like. And in wich seasons did she appear?

    Little Chrissy: c

    Cookie Hood: c

    Cathleen the Cow: Does anybody know something about the black and white cow?

    The Cat: c

    Clementine: c

    Well, the C is going very well.
    But we are still searching for pics of the following characters:

    Captain Breakfast
    Captain Vegetable
    Carl Berkanna
    Catherine O'Hara Muppet
    Charlie, from Charlie's Restaurant (he has never been on screen, but a picture of the door would be nice)
    Chester O'Riley
    Chip Cat
    Christopher Columbus
    Chucky, Telly's pet hamster
    Cinderella Clarence
    Conchita Chihuahua
    Cookie Monster's Grandmother
    Cookie Monster's Sister
    The Count's Brother
    The Count's Classmates:
    • Adeline
    • Ben
    • Boris
    • Eloise
    • Gregory
    • Igor
    • The Count's Classmates: Jane
    • Maurice
    • Sue
    • Theodore
    The Count's Mother
    Countess von Backwards
    Cousin Monster
    Cowboy X
    Cyrranose De Bergerac

    These characters are hard to find, but you’ll never know.
    You can mail everything that can help our site to sesamestreetencyclopedia@hotmail.com

    Greetings from Thijs and BlueFrackle, and have a good weekend
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, what SS characters' names start with the letter C?
    Cookie Monster start with the letter C.
    Let's think of some other SS characters whose names start with C.
    Ah, ah, me no care what other SS characters start with C.
    Oh, C is for Cookie Monster, and that should be good enough for any of us!

    Here's what I got.
    1 The Countess. You should rully credit her full name as Countess Dahling von Dahling, cause it always confuses me seeing her listed as just "The Countess" and then reading on to find Countess von Backwards listed separately. Don't have any pics but you already know how I tell them apart. Let me know if you need the descript again.
    2 Chip Cat. Could probably get you the pic of both him and his twin Dip Cat, as they're both on my Learning Your Numbers VHS tape.
    3 Cecille. That was the orange plasticine ball that sang weird songs where she changed her shape. The reason I counted her in my listings is cause like the King of 8 and the Queen of 6 all these characters are stop animated characters; and there's at least some tangible form of the character in existance which was manipulated to make them move in the way they do during their sketches.
    4 Clarence. I'd advise you to drop that one from your listings as I've done myself, since that was a misnomer and the character's real name is Clyde. Clyde was Bruce Stringbean's backup saxophone player and can be seen in the Born to Add music video.
    5 Carl Berkana. Can't give you a descript of this one cause my sight faded by then. This character can be found on a game show segment hosted by Guy Smiley where Mr. Berkana and Prairie Dawn played "Guess That Shape." Oh no, sorry! Just remembered the game show's real title was "The Answer is Always a Triangle."
    You'll probably find that sketch on an Unpaved episode.
    6 Catherine O'Hara Muppet. This one's a real oldie! From my Master Memories file! There was this muppet AM who had a light grayish face and skin, orange nose, dulled blonde hair, a pair of earrings, and a light blue sort of dress. She had a little blackboard and a piece of chalk with her to teach viewers about the number 11 by drawing it on the blackboard. She sat behind the wall and next to the board, and the sketch ended with her proving how the number 11 could be read upside-down when the whole scene got hoisted by a crane (supposedly in the background cause you heard the sound effects of such a machine) and got tilted upside-down herself.
    7 Cookie Monster's Mother. She did indeed appear on Sesame Street's Season 34. Search for pics from the episode sponsored by the letter B as in a baker's shop B cookie, and you'll get the pic you need.
    8 Cowboy X. Ask fellow forum member TravellingMatt for a descript cause he's the one who gave one, thus leading to the character's inclusion in the listings. He might have a pic too, but I'm not sure.
    9 Cyranose De Bergerac. Ask fellow forum member BlueAM for a descript, cause he got one for me. He might have a pic too, wouldn't hurt to ask. And BlueAM should be credited on the special thanks page cause he keeps plugging away to get textual descripts of as many characters as he can.
    10 Christopher Columbus. Again, ask BlueAM for help with this one.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.

    PS: So, would you recommend listing Chris and the Alphabeats as one single entry as on my listing or as two separate entries as in your encyclopedia? Also, thought about and yes the Count's family members will be added. Why not? Since after all, I credited BlueAM when he told me about the Count's Brother in the first place. Maybe he saw the character in the same sketch as you did. Also, would you say that the cow featured in that sketch deserves mention/inclusion? Or would it be best to just chaulk it up to the rest of the cows already counted as from TMS?
    Thanks for your help, for the continued fun and dedication, and that you have a good night.
  3. Thijs

    Thijs Member

    Hey Eduardo,

    1 I agree with your point about The Countess. I'll change it.

    2 If you could provide us a pic that would be great.

    3 Cecille will not be on the SSE then, because we'll only add Muppets.

    4 Clarence is dropped.

    7 We already have a beautiful pic of Cookie's Mom. I'm just wondering what her character is like.

    We are trying to separate as much as possible. That's why Homer the Honker has his own spot. And if we ever get the skit with The Count's classmates, we will give them all their own spot (I can't wait). I don't know your thoughts about that, but if I were you I would list Chrissy and The Alphabeats apart.

    About The Count's family, add them all, the cow too. It was a cow with Dracula teeth. I think it was the Gladys puppet. In fact, they all had Dracula teeth. very funny skit. Count counts the goodbey's.

    greetings from Thijs
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thijs, here's what I've got.
    1 Who's Homer the Honker? Any info on this new character would be welcome and would help to justify his inclusion in the listings.
    2 Consider the Cow counted as well under the entry of the Count's Cow. Or would it be better to list it as the Count's pet Cow?
    3 As I recall, Cookie's Mom was a clear-cookie-cut conscience for Cookie Monster himself as he tried to do his best to present the letter of the day cookie. I think the bit will show up on an episode in the next two weeks as the current rotation brings the season to its end. Whenever Cookie strayed to think of eating the B cookie, his mom would repreat her warning to have him refrain from his current thoughts. And then at the end she broke down saying something to the effects that Cookie Monster couldn't eat such a lovely, lucious, delicious, chocolatey, sugary, sweet ah what the heck? Go for it! And the two proceeded to eat the cookie amongst the two of them. She ended by saying: "Son, you got a good job here." And Cookie Monster responded by saying that his mommy was right and he loved her. Not completely sure, but it was along those lines.
    4 As for the rest of Cookie's family...
    a. His grandmother can be seen in a sketch where Cookie Monster was playing the role of Little Red Cookie Hood, not sure if he was interviewed by Kermit, but at the end of the sketch we see her and the wolf as her doctor exit the house together.
    b. Cousin Monster. This was a younger light blue girl monster with the googly eyes capped under an eyebrow and a little red-pinkish bow tying up her pony tail. She was brought in, now that I think of it, as a contrast to Cookie Monster's obsession with cookies. She would prefer to eat healthy food whereas Cookie Monster devoured his sweets. This character ceased to appear, I would guess, when Cookie Monster learned to consume a healthy balanced diet as evidenced by the classic sketch where María feeds him different fruits and vegetables and he finishes off the sample server by eating the plates as well; and the famous music video of "Healthy Food."
    Cousin Monster has two classic/famous sketches. One is where Cookie Monster brings her before a closet of C-named foods thinking that she'll answer cookies when he sks her what food or thing loved by him starting with the letter C is present with them. Cousin Monster keeps guessing different foods, but not the one staring her in the face (cause as I remember just now the closet's full of different boxes of cookies), and she ends up saying Cousin to which Cookie Monster admits as correct. The other is one where the duo stands in Bert and Ernie's apartment or hallway after Ernie comes home with the groceries. Cousin Monster keeps eating the healthy foods until Ernie brings out the box of Cookies he bought for Cookie Monster, which is what upsets Ernie cause Cousin Monster ate the rest of his groceries when he thought that the two would be satisfied with just the cookies.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
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  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thijs, a couple more things.
    5 You can find Cookie Monster's family relatives in the background as the first two monster who show up during the music video of "Me Got to be Blue."
    6 As for Chris and the Alphabeats, a fellow forum member once recommended that I keep them together as one single entry so that people would know who those characters were in context to each other. Plus, since the name of the group was Chris and the Alphabeats, it made double sense to keep them listed as one entry.
    Hope this helps, have a good night, and let us know when you start up the D thread for additional info for those characters.
  6. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    Hmmm.... Cowboy X is an animated character from one of the early Sesame "commercials"... isn't he?

    Anyway, I'd personally want to bend the rules and place him under "X", just so that poor letter would have something.

    Just my $0.01 (times are tough, you know).

    I never saw Charlie on Charlie's Angels either. Hmmmm....
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    A couple more things...
    7 Cowboy X did indeed start as a truely animated shorts character. But according to fellow forum member TravellingMatt, Cowboy X was made into a lavender live hands AM puppet and used on a Street segment once.
    8 As for the letter X's entries. Have you not seen/read my master Muppet Listings?!? There's a sole X entry there, and it belongs X-clusively to Sesame Street! The character's named Xavier and he appeared on the Street alphabet segment from the early 70's where different Sesame Street characters appeared on the street itself going through their names all lined up in alphabetical accordance. For example, you had Alterrain, a kid whose name started with A; Bob whose name starts with B; Cookie Monster whose name starts with C; and so on until Grover sayes that Y is for You who visit Sesame Street each day and Big Bird who says that Z is the end of our day, for there's noone whos name starts with that letter at that time.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.
  8. Thijs

    Thijs Member

    O man, that Xavier is a must-have!

    I absolutely don't agree with your point about Chris and the Beats, but it's your list...

    Thanks for your info, Eduardo! The good thing about a forum is that all those posts are saved.

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