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Sesame Street Encyclopedia Letter of the Day: D

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Thijs, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Thijs

    Thijs Member

    Deedomdeedeedom, let’s see that precious letter, the letter D.Not many charcaters so far at the letter D.

    These 4 characters can already be found on www.sesameencyclopedia.cjb.net )

    Don Music: When did he disappear?
    Deena: When did she disappear?
    Dinger: Did the Dingers appear outside the Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree?
    The Duck: Used several times. We are not sure in wich season.

    We miss the following characters. Have any pics of them? You can send them to sesamestreetencyclopedia@hotmail.com

    Davey Monkey
    Dee Dee O'Day and the Dewdrops
    Delly Monster
    Detective Dave
    Dicky Tick
    Dip Cat
    The Divine Miss M
    Doctor Livingston
    Don Dula
    Donnizetti Ferlenghetti
    Dr. Thad and the Medications
    Dusty, Slimey’s Dad

    We hope you can help us again

    Greetings from Thijs and BlueFrackle
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Help you say? D-lighted to D-liver.

    Delly Monster, she appeared in a season 30 episode where the packages got mixed up. You know that Telly belongs to the Triangle Lovers Club, right? Well, in this episode he got a package from the Z Lovers Club of a zebra-striped letter Z; whereas Delly got Telly's triangle and later met to handover the items and start up a new friendship.
    Darlene, Detective Dave and Don Dula are all from the same sketch. The sketch runs on a season 30 episode I think
    Dip Cat, I can probably get you a picture of this one along with his twin Chip Cat from my VHS tapes.
    Dr. Thad and the Medications, I think they performed their music video on the Count It Higher VHS tape I got.

    Doctor Livingston, appeared in the sketch where Bert and Ernie go to the jungle to meet him just so that Ernie can D-liver Bugs Bunny's trademark oneliner. The good doctor looks like a blue bald-headed AM with puffy white hair on the sides of his head and a round pink nose. He wears glasses and doctor's labcoat, also armed with stethoscope in hand.

    BTW: Here are some I forgot about from the other letters posted so far.
    Annie Afghan and Conchita Chihuahua, I could get you pics of these two, but both you and I will have to wait until I get that episode on VCD from my trading partner up north.
    Baby Stella Worm, I think she was a light green worm but I could be wrong on that. She appeared at the end of one of the episodes from Season 16 or 17 where Miles was brought as the new baby to Sesame Street.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

    Oh, yeah, He was performed by Jerry Nelson.

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