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Sesame Street Fan Fiction

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Censored, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    What stands out about my fan fiction is that I wrote them when I was and silly enough to believe they could actually be used on Sesame Street. I submitted them numerous times until the Children's Television Workshop gave me a polite letter of rejection.

    Take a look at a Sesame Street episode that could have been:

    IT'S NOT EASY BEING ORANGE (Part one) :grouchy:

    By G.B.

    (It's a typical day on Sesame Street. Then, suddenly Telly
    Monster appears, dressed up and carrying a suitcase).

    Telly: (Looking up at the TV viewers) Oh, hello. Telly here.
    Welcome to Sesame Street. This is my first day as a salesperson. I'm
    selling a new brand of shampoo. You know, shampoo is that special
    kind of soap that we wash our hair with. Ohhh...I am so nervous!
    What if nobody wants to buy any? Oh, that would be terrible! (Telly
    buries his face in his hand out of anguish, but then looks back up
    with a little renewed hope) Oh well, I'll try my best. I've got to
    go door to door and ask people to buy some. (Telly moves along to
    Oscar's trash can and speaks in a worried voice) Oh oh!....Oscar's
    trash can is my first stop!

    (Telly knocks on Oscar's can. Oscar, as usual, comes out abruptly
    and angrily).

    Oscar: (rudely) What do you want?

    Telly: (nervously) Oh, hi, Oscar. I...uh...am selling some
    shampoo and I was...er...wondering if you'd like to buy some.

    Oscar: Shampoo!? Telly! Grouches don't take baths! What's the
    matter with you?

    Telly: But...but, Oscar, everyone has to take baths!

    Oscar: Not us grouches! Now go away from my trash can and stop
    bothering me! (Oscar goes inside his can and slams the lid closed)

    Telly: Oh no! My first house and I blew it! I'll never be a

    (Scene fades out)

    (Open back to street scene).

    (Telly is still standing by Oscar's can and fretting when suddenly
    a dignified looking man comes along. He could be a live actor or
    another muppet)

    Man: (To Telly) What's the trouble, my good man?

    Telly: Oh, it's terrible, mister! This is my first day on the
    job as a salesperson and I failed to make a sale on my first try!

    Man: Well, that's no reason to give up, my boy.

    Telly: It isn't?

    Man: Of course not. I've been a salesperson for a year now and I
    know that you have to keep trying in the sales business. In fact, you
    have to keep trying with anything you want to do.

    Telly: Gee, mister, I...guess you're right. By the way, what are
    you selling?

    Man: I sell sugar.

    Telly: Oh. I'm a shampoo salesperson. I hope you have good
    luck. Thanks for your encouragement. (Telly goes off screen)

    Man: Good luck to you too. (The man then turns to Oscar's trash
    can) Well, here's my first stop. (He enthusiastically knocks on
    Oscar's can. Oscar angrily opens the lid, Oscar has a glass of
    lemonade in his hand)

    Oscar: Now who are you and what are you bothering me about?

    Man: My friend, you look like someone who could use some sugar.
    Would you like to buy some?

    Oscar: (furious) What is this!? Salespeople bother Oscar day?
    First Telly comes around trying to sell me shampoo and now you come
    around trying to sell me sugar! Well, grouches don't like anything
    that smells good like shampoo or tastes good like sugar!

    Man: (In a friendly sales voice) Oh, come now, my friend, I see
    you're drinking a glass of lemonade. Surely you must put sugar in

    Oscar: Ding dong, you're wrong. Grouches like to drink their
    lemonade sour with no sugar at all!

    Man: Oh, you just don't know how good it is with sugar. Here,
    let me give you a free sample. (With that, the man tries to pour some
    sugar from his bag into Oscar's cup)

    Oscar: Hey! Don't! (Oscar resists and the two of them struggle
    until the glass of lemonade and the whole bag of sugar both spill on
    Oscar's head. Oscar just stands there with everything on him, staring
    furiously at the man. The man timidly tries to apologize)

    Man: Er...uh...sorry, my friend. Uh...don't worry about paying
    for that bag of sugar; it's on me. Er...I mean...it's actually on
    you...but...(Oscar grows more enraged by the minute as he starts
    trembling with anger)

    Man: Uh...goodbye! (The man makes a hasty retreat. Then, a
    bunch of muppet dogs and cats come and start licking the sugar that's
    on Oscar. They may even start saying, "Yum, sugar.")

    Oscar: Hey! Cut it out! Grouches hate being licked by cute,
    cuddly animals! Now, I have to take a bath and get this sweet stuff
    off of me! (Oscar looks on and calls out) Hey, Telly! Come back
    with that shampoo! Come baaaaaaaaack!

    (Scene fades out).

    (Open back to street scene)

    (Telly is now pacing nervously outside of Oscar's closed trash
    can. Gordon approaches)

    Gordon: Hi, Telly.

    Telly: (nervously) Oh, hi, Gordon.

    Gordon: Uh, Telly, is something wrong?

    Telly: Oh, Gordon, I'm nervous. You see, today's my first day as
    a salesperson, selling shampoo. At first Oscar didn't want to buy my
    shampoo, but then he changed his mind. So now, he's in his can,
    taking a shower with the shampoo I sold him. I'm hoping he likes it!
    If he doesn't, he'll demand his money back and I won't make my first
    sale! Oh, I'm so worried!

    Gordon: Relax, Telly. If Oscar's finally decided to take a
    shower, I'm sure he'll like whatever shampoo you sold him.

    Telly: Oh, I hope so, Gordon, but I wish he'd hurry up and finish
    so I could know for sure! (Telly anxiously knocks on the can)

    Telly: Oscar! Oscar! Are you finished yet? Come on out!

    Oscar: (from inside the can) Keep your shirt on! I'm coming out

    (Oscar emerges out of the can and, to Gordon and Telly's shock,
    his fur is no longer green, in fact, he is now completely orange)

    Telly: Ohhhhhh nooooooooooooo!

    Gordon: Er...Oscar...

    Oscar: (not yet aware that he is orange) Now look, everyone! I
    only took a bath because I got sticky, sweet smelling sugar on me!
    I'm still a grouch!

    Gordon: Oh yeah, you're still a grouch, but...

    Oscar: But what?

    Gordon: Well, Oscar, do you have a mirror in your trash can?

    Oscar: Yeah! So what!?

    Gordon: Well, why don't you just take it out and look in it?

    Oscar: Why should I?

    Gordon: Oscar, believe me, you will be interested in what you

    (Oscar reluctantly goes down and gets his old, beat up hand mirror
    and looks at himself. At the sight of his orange fur, Oscar screams
    and drops the mirror)

    Telly: Oh, this is terrible! My shampoo turned Oscar's fur
    orange! Now he's going to want his money back!

    Oscar: Arggghhhhhhhh! I'm ORANGE!

    Gordon: Well...yes, Oscar...

    Oscar: But, I haven't dyed my fur orange since my hippie days in
    1969! I wanna be green again!

    Telly: (Hopeful as he looks at one of his shampoo bottles) Wait
    a minute, Oscar! It says right here that if this shampoo should
    happen to turn someone's hair or fur orange, it'll wear off in two or
    three days!

    Gordon: You see that, Oscar? You'll soon be back to your old

    Oscar: (upset) But, I don't wanna wait two or three days! I
    wanna be green again now! And...and...if I have to be orange for two
    or three days, I'm gonna just stay hidden in my can for that long!
    (Oscar is very upset and embarrassed as he quickly goes inside and
    shuts the lid)

    Telly: Oh no! Oscar's unhappy because he's orange and it's all
    my fault!

    Gordon" Don't worry, Telly. We've just got to find a way to
    cheer him up.

    Telly: Yeah, good idea! (slight pause) Uh...Gordon? Do
    grouches like to be cheered up?

    Gordon (pausing for a moment) You know, Telly, that's a good
    question.. (They both look on, somewhat confused as the scene fades

  2. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    Sesame Street Fan Fiction continued

    IT'S NOT EASY BEING ORANGE (Part two) :grouchy:

    By G.B.

    (Open again to street scene).

    (Gordon, Susan, Bob, and others stand around Oscar's can. Gordon
    is holding a bag of trash in his left arm as he knocks on Oscar's
    trash can lid with his right hand).

    Gordon: Oscar, come on out.

    Oscar: (from inside the can, sad) Go away.

    Gordon: But, Oscar, I've got a big bag of trash for you.

    Oscar: (still from inside can) I'm not interested.

    Grdon: (looking at the others) This is worse than I thought.

    Susan: Oscar, come on out. There's nothing wrong with being
    orange. (Everyone standing out there agrees).

    Oscar: (abruptly coming out of his can) That's easy for all of
    you to say. None of you are orange!

    Bob: (looking back at two characters characters off screen)
    Uh...That's not exactly true, Oscar. (calling to them) Come here,
    you two.

    (Zoe and Frazzle enter on screen)

    Zoe: Take it from me, Oscar. Being orange is great!

    (Frazzle says something in his monster tounge)

    Bob: What's that, Frazzle?

    (Frazzle says some more things in his language)

    Bob: Oh, yes, I almost forgot about that. (turning to Oscar)
    Oscar, Frazzle was just reminding me of a time when he felt
    self-conscious about being the only orange monster in a group of blue
    monsters. At first it bothered him, but he got over it. Tell him
    about it, Frazzle.

    (Frazzle begins talking to Oscar in monster language)

    (This scene fades out as we enter the "Furry and Blue" musical
    sketch with Herry, Grover, Cookie, and Frazzle)

    (Right after the "Furry and Blue sketch ends, we open back to the
    street scene as Frazzle finishes talking to Oscar).

    Oscar: Well, that may work out allright for monsters, but I am a
    grouch and grouches are supposed to be green.

    Gordon: Oscar, don't you remember? Being green is not all fun
    and games. In fact, we've heard on good authority that it's quite a
    bittersweet experience.

    (Fade out once again from street scene and enter sketch where
    Kermit The Frog sings, "It's Not Easy Being Green")

    (Open back to street scene after Kermit's number is over)

    Gordon: So you see, Oscar? If being green is so hard, it might
    be nice to get a little vacation from it.

    Oscar: Bah! Monsters! Frogs! Nobody understands that it's
    different for grouches! I can't stay out here like this! I've got to
    go put on some kind of disguise!

    Susan: Now, wait a minute, Oscar. Don't start that. Let me tell
    you one more story. One time Bert had a purple hand and Ernie
    overreacted so much...

    (Fade out again of street scene and enter the sketch where Bert
    got purple paint all over his hands, couldn't get it off, so Ernie
    dressed him up in winter clothes to disguise it even though it was

    (Open back to street scene after Ernie and Bert sketch)

    Susan: So, Oscar, do you see how much trouble happens when you
    let your feelings get out of control?

    Oscar: What do you mean, "trouble"? That was a great idea that
    Ernie and Bert had! I'm going to get a disguise right now! (Oscar
    quickly goes into his can and slams the door)

    Susan: Well, Gordon, I guess no one can reason with a grouch.

    Gordon: (hopeful) Except maybe...another grouch.

    (Fade out street scene once again)

    (Open back to street scene. Gordon, Susan, and Bob walk to
    Oscar's can)

    Gordon: (Knocking on Oscar's can) Oscar. Oh, Oscar.

    (Oscar comes out of his can, wearing funny nose and glasses, a
    giant top hat, and an overcoat. Gordon, Susan, and Bob can't help but
    bust out laughing at the sight of this)

    Oscar: So! First all of you tell me that there's nothing wrong
    with being orange, but now you all laugh at me because of it!

    Gordon: No, no, Oscar. We're not laughing at your being orange;
    we're laughing at you in that silly outfit.

    Oscar: Well, laugh all you want, but as long as I'm orange, this
    disguise stays on!

    Susan: Well, look Oscar, we've called someone over who might be
    able to make you feel better.

    Oscar: Who?

    Bob: Your girlfriend, Grungetta.

    Oscar: What!? And they say grouches are mean and rotten! How
    could all of you do this to me!? I can't let Grungetta see me with
    orange fur! She'd break up with me!

    Susan: Oh, don't be silly, Oscar.

    Gordon: (looking off screen) Oh, here she comes now.

    Oscar: Oh no! Is my disguise on straight!? I gotta cover up
    every bit of my orange fur!

    (In Oscar's panic to get his disguise on straight, the whole thing
    accidentilly slips off. Oscar tries to duck down, but it's too late.
    Grungetta comes along and sees Oscar with his orange fur)


    Grungetta: (grouchy voice) Oscar! What's the matter with you!?

    Oscar: What do you think!? I'm orange! I used some of Telly's
    stupid shampoo and now I have orange fur!

    Grungetta: (grouchy voice) So what?

    Oscar: Well, I've gotta be this way for two or three days!

    Grungetta: So what?

    Oscar: Doesn't it bother you!!?

    Grungetta: (loud and grouchy) Why should it bother me!!? You're
    still a grouch aren't you!!?

    Oscar: Well, yeah...but...

    Grungetta: You still love trash, don't you?

    Oscar: Of course!

    Grungetta: You still like to scream at people and tell them to
    get lost, don't you?

    Oscar: Definitely! But...

    Grungetta: Then why should your being orange bother me, you

    Gordon: You know, Oscar, she's right. Nice people are nice no
    matter what color they are and grouches are grouches no matter what
    color they are.

    Oscar: (happily) You're right! I'll always be a grouch, orange
    or green!

    Susan: That's right, oscar.

    Bob: Of course.

    Oscar: Welllll....in that case....ALL OF YOU GET AWAY FROM MY

    (Gordon, Susan, and Bob laugh, make a few comments about Oscar
    finally being back to normal, and walk away, shaking their heads in
    amazement. Grungetta stays at the can as she and Oscar exchange

    (Fade out in street scene)

    (Open back to street scene)

    (Oscar's trash can lid is closed. Telly nervously comes along and
    knocks on the lid)

    Telly: Oscar? Er...Oscar... Are you still mad at me?

    (Oscar opens the lid and, to Telly's shock, Oscar is no longer
    orange, but green once again)

    Oscar: Of course I'm still mad at you, but grouches like to be

    Telly: Oscar! You're green again!

    Oscar: (sarcastically) Very observant of you, Telly.

    Telly: (happily surprised) But...how? I thought you'd have to
    wait two to three days.

    Oscar: Well, I met up with the Amazing Mumford and he waved his
    magic wand for me.

    Telly: And that changed you green again!

    Oscar: (somewhat annoyed) Well, actually, first he changed me
    purple, then red, then blue, then yellow, then silver, then puce, but
    finally back to green again.

    Telly: That's great, Oscar!

    Oscar: Yeah, but believe it or not, I actually kinda miss being
    orange. Anyway, I guess your career as a salesperson is finished.
    Heh! Heh! Heh!

    Telly: Oh no, Oscar, haven't you heard? Orange is in! (calling
    off screen) Oh, Big Bird! Snuffy!

    (The camera flashes on an orange Big Bird and Snuffleupagus)

    Big Bird: Hi, Telly! Love your shampoo.

    Snuffy: Yeah, oranges have more fun.

    (Oscar, dissapointed at Telly's success, says "Bah!" and goes in
    his can. Closing music starts playing.

    Telly: Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter (add
    letter) and by the number (add number)

    Big Bird and/or Snuffy: And by the color orange.

  3. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    that was really rad man. but whats PUCE?
  4. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    puce: A deep red to dark grayish purple.
  5. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Hey GeeBee, remember when you put that script (and the other one) onto Yesterdayland.com and somebody gave you an enthusiastic reply about it?

    That was me. :p
  6. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    Hi, MuppetDude! Thanks. I remember now! I didn't know anyone from Yesterdayland was on here. Cool!
  7. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Cool Fan Fic GeeBee! Why don't you sometime read my Sesame Street: The Movie fan fic on FanFiction.Net sometime? :p
  8. ssetta

    ssetta Well-Known Member

    Why exactly didn't they like this idea?
  9. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    Well, I was trying to enter a very closed system in the Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Workshop today). They don't ask for any submissions and seem to feel that they have everything they need to make the show work. This is essentially what they told me in their letter after I had sent the scripts numerous times. I'm not sure if anyone even actually read the scripts. They might just automatically dismiss any outside work. I think it's a big mistake to be that closed to new ideas. I would have been perfectly willing to have my stories modified in any way that they saw fit, but they just seemed to have a set policy.

    Ah, well. There were a couple more scripts that I sent in with those two that I mean to share with everyone soon. Then, I'll start writing more fan fiction just for the fun of it. Now, that I know there's no chance of it ever being used, I can make up stories about the past with Mr. Hooper, David, and all of the good old days. That's one consolation. lol
  10. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    I read that and really enjoyed it! Great script!
  11. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    I'm not the only one from Yesterdayland. As you can already tell, ssetta's here too!
  12. Read it, didn't like it that much. Good plot, not very much like a movie it's just the same thing 4 times in a row. I'm writing my own version. Now, the Sesame Kid/Forgien Dudes is the villian.
  13. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    I liked the skit. It's kinda funny that Oscar was so upset about being orange when he originally was orange though! Maybe it embarasses him to be reminded of his youth! :grouchy:
  14. Censored

    Censored Well-Known Member

    Thanks. :)
  15. GrouchFanatic

    GrouchFanatic Active Member

    I like it a lot! Keep these Grouch stories comin!:grouchy:
  16. GrouchFanatic

    GrouchFanatic Active Member

    It's really good but you spelled her name wrong. It's tecnically Grundgetta now Grungetta. BUT the story was totally funny! I rate it a 10!

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