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Sesame Street Karaoke

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Son of Enik, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    Ok, so I may sound like a nut here...but hear me out.
    I am a DJ and also run karaoke shows. I have over 60 songs from Disney on karaoke, so it occurred to me, why not Sesame Street songs on karaoke?
    I would love to be able to sing "Bein' Green", "C Is For Cookie", "Rubber Duckie" and "Goin' For A Ride" just to name a few.
    Am I alone here, or does anyone else think this is a good idea?
  2. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    So...no one else thinks this is a good idea??
  3. anytimepally

    anytimepally Active Member

    I would totally throw down some Karaoke from the Street... "Telephone Rock" would be awesome
  4. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    Thank you...good to know I'm not alone.
  5. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I'm totally with you! Any songs by Little Jerry and the Monotones would be awesome, as well as other songs, of course!
    So, anyone got the time and equipment to make them?
  6. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    I wish I knew how to make Karaoke CD & Graphic discs, there are so many songs I would make available.
    As I stated before, Disney has made alot of Karaoke CDG's and the quality is excellent. I think Sesame Workshop and/or Sony Wonder should jump on this idea...Karaoke's still big and I for one wouldn't think twice about getting up on stage to sing a Sesame Street song.
  7. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member


    You know what else would be cool though?


    Think about it: It could be made in Japan, and players can choose these characters:

    *Big Bird
    *Ernie and Bert (for 2 players)
    *Oscar the Grouch
    *Cookie Monster
    *Guy Smiley
    *Herry Monster
    *Betty Lou
    *Super Grover
    *Prairie Dawn
    *Disco Grover
    *The Count
    *Telly Monster
    *Two-Headed Monster
    *Biff and Sully (2 players)
    *The Amazing Mumford
    *Sherlock Hemlock
    *Baby Bear
    *Kingston Livingston the Third
    *Roxie Marie
    *Little Bird
    *Yip-Yips (2 players)
    *Mr. Johnson
    *Don Music
    *Simon Soundman
    *Bert as pigeon
    *Bert and Ernie as Blues Brothers (2 player)
    *Little Jerry
    *Little Chrissy
    *Harvey Kneeslapper
    *Dr. Nobel Price
    *Professor Hastings
    *Benny Rabbit
    *Roosevelt Franklin
    *Sam the Machine
    *Disco Cookie Monster
    *Disco Elmo
    *Disco Bert
    *Disco Ernie
    *Zoe (w/ tutu)
    *Zoe (w/o tutu)
    *MC Oscar
    *MC Big Bird
    *Lefty the Salesman
    *Rodeo Rosie
    *Disco Count
    *Forgetful Jones

    Songs featured would be trance (as every DDR game) as well as some Sesame songs remixed (Rubber Duckie, Doin' the Pigeon, ABCDEFGHI, Cookie [a la Shaft], Doin' the Trash, Happiest Street in the World, Trash, Disco Frog, SS theme remixed)

    Background accompanied by graphics/animation, including some photos and illustrations
  8. Crazy-Animal

    Crazy-Animal New Member

    here are a few I think people might like:

    *somebody come and play
    *sing..sing a song
    *whats the name of that song
    *the batty bat
    *be my echo
    I could go on for hours lol
  9. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    I actually thought about the first two volumes of Sesame Karaoke
    Volume 1

    1-Sesame Street Theme
    2-Rubber Duckie
    3-Doin' The Pigeon
    4-C Is For Cookie
    5-I Love Trash
    6-Goin' For A Ride
    7-Somebody Come & Play
    9-Bein' Green
    10-Around, Over, Under and Through
    11-The Song Of The Count
    12-I Believe In Little Things
    13-People In Your Neighborhood
    14-Mah Nah Mah Nah

    Volume 2
    1-Ladybug's Picnic
    2-Telephone Rock
    3-Count It Higher
    4-This Frog
    5-High, Middle and Low
    7-Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree
    8-Put Down The Duckie
    9-National Association of W Lovers
    11-What Do I Do When I'm Alone
    12-Elmo's Song (Not a favorite, but the kids will love it)
    13-What's The Name Of That Song?
    14-Monster In the Mirror
    15-The Batty Bat

    Those are my ideas, I tried to span the years and include major characters.
  10. Son of Enik

    Son of Enik Member

    Great News!!

    Sound Choice Karaoke has just announced a new Karaoke CDG coming out on Feb. 23 called "Childhood Memories", and it features C Is For Cookie, Being Green, Rubber Duckie, I Love Trash, and ABCDEF-GHIJK-LMNOP-QRS-TUVWXYZ!! The disc also features songs from "Pinnochio", "Snow White", "Dumbo", "Annie" and "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" (yes, The Oompa Loompa song's on there!!)
    Just thought I'd share the info.
  11. Funny this should come up! I actually went to a party kinda thing a couple of days ago for the company that my dad works for, and they were doing karaoke as an activity. I was looking through the song list and to my surprise and delight, found, "Bein Green," "The Rainbow Connection," "Who are the People In Your Neighborhood," "Rubber Duckie," and a couple of others that i can't remember. Proud to say I got up there and performed "The Rainbow Connection," and also sang Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer," with my sister. i took the harmony:D But anyways, i think there should definitely be a whole collection of muppet karaoke. I would buy it at least :sing:
  12. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    That's great SOE, thanks for the info.
    Wow Jenn, that sounded great. Bet everyone loved it!
  13. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I have karaoke for The Muppet Show theme, Bein Green, and Rainbow Connection.
  14. Flavio

    Flavio New Member

    Maybe the Count could have a cool counting minigame!
  15. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    SS karaoke?? That sounds SO cool! Here's some of my ideas :D :

    -'Bein' Green'
    -'Rubber Duckie'
    -'Everyone Makes Mistakes'
    -'Nearly Missed'
    -'Batty Bat'
    -'What Do I Do When I'm Alone?'
    -'C is for Cookie'
    -'Doin' The Pigeon'
    -'I Love Trash'
    -'Rainbow Connection' (Yeah, I know it Muppets, but hey)
    -'Mahna Mahna'
    -Count It Higher'
    -'People In Your Neighbourhood'

    ...and more! ;)
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I once saw a karaoke CD that, in the song listing, listed celebrities who were most famous for those songs. Maybe it would be a good idea to do something like this for a Sesame Street karaoke album. Perhaps a track could say, for example, "Rubber Duckie... made famous by Ernie". But then I wonder what would be done for an Anything Muppet song, or a song that wasn't sung by any characters (like many of Joe Raposo's songs).

    But this would make a good track list:

    Sesame Street Theme
    Rubber Duckie
    The People in Your Neighborhood
    One of These Things
    C is for Cookie
    Proud of Me
    One Small Voice
    Being Green
    I Wonder About the World Above Up There
    My Pollywog Ways
    I Love Trash
    A Cookise is a Sometime Food
    Doing the Pigeon
    I Wish I Had a Friend to Play with Me
    Imagien Taht
    Everyone Likes Ice Cream
    Wheels on my Feet
    I Love My Elbows
    The Batty Bat
    Telephone Rock
    Elmo's Song
    Dance Myself to Sleep
    La, La, La
    Count it Higher
    You're Alive
    I'm an Aardvark
    Being a Pig
    What are Kids Called?
    Mountain of Love
    Best Friends Blues
    Monster in the Mirror
  17. Flavio

    Flavio New Member

    To add to your list, Kiki, I'd add the "W" song.

    :D :D :D

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