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Sesame Street Kubricks

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Thijs, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    Well, I bought the Kubricks. I forgot to look for the Twiddlebug, but the shop-owner already opened them all, so if there was one inside i think he would have seen it.

    They are packaged in a small carton box in classic Sesame Street colours. On the side of the box are a painting of the Big Bird kubrick, a painting of all the five kubricks and how many inches they are, a painting of the Little Bird kubrick and some japanese text I don't understand. The package doesn't say wich figure is inside, but the guy in the shop already opened them. Japanese problably keep buying those things until they ahve them all, or trade when they have double figures. I'm glad I just said "I want them all" and I just got them all. It also has the official Sesame Street logo on it, and something very weird, a text box with "Ages 13 & up". Hmmm...

    The figures look very neat. I think they are partly hand-painted (only the face), and that is perfectly done. Almost no mistakes. The rest is made of pre-coloured plastic I think.

    The figures itself are alot of fun. Kubricks can be compared the most with Lego figures, especially the hands and the legs. The head, the hands and the legs can be taken off. So you can mix figures. A Grover with a Big Bird head for instance. Very funny.
    The legs and arms can twist from the back to the front, but to the side too! You should do that with care, because if you move it to far it can break. The sculpting is neat too. Mainly the head is sculpted. The legs and body are barely sculpted, but they have just enough detail needed for the characters. Naked figures have a conical body, and characters with clothes have a cubical body. Fur isn't sculpted, but those figures have 'v' s on their body. Feathers are 'u' s. I hear you thinking 'that's ugly!', but you should see it. It looks very good. It suits the figures very well. Further details will follow.
    All the figures have the same shape hand, so it's a pity they don't have accesoires. That would give them more playing fun. I hope they are going to release some tools or something. I would like some playsets too. They have holes under their feet (like Palisades-figures have), so they could be attached to ... well something unreleased. Weird that they have holes in the nose of their feet too. Don''t know why.
    The mouths are open and they all look kinda happy (just like Lego:)).

    Big Bird: Big Bird is somewhat taller then the rest (6 inches). The only thing that I don't like about the figure is his head. He has a rather flat head, wich is not necesarry: Grover has a round head, so I don't understand why Big Bird has a flat head. Something wonderful about his heads are the three plumes on his head, a beautiful detail. His mouth is a little bit open, and if you look good inside his mouth, you can see his tongue. Such details make me happy.:)
    Big Bird has the arms with the best movability, he can really flap his arms. And he has a tail too! Good sculpting. So he is a little different of the rest. His feet are huge, just like the real Big Bird.

    Ernie: Ernie's hair is wonderful. The way it's sculpted makes it look like Manga hair, and it suits him very well. He wears that typical Ernie suit (blue, white, red, yellow etc.). He has a collar too.

    Count: Count's head is great. Beautiful details. Sculpted hair, beard, teeth, tongue, ears, collar, eyebrows, eyelids, eye-glass and eyes. Something I don't like is the colour of his suit. I'm colourblind, so I can't say what colour it is (some kind of green I think), but it's not black. His cape to by the way. The details of his suit are painted (just like Lego again): two buttons a shirt you can see wich he wairs under his suit and a bowtie. Can't remember he ever wore that. By the way, his cape is great. You can unattach it (and put it on Grover, so he looks like Super Grover:)).

    Grover: I don't know why, but Grover is my favourite figure. He looks so cute. He has those red lips and all. His fur is not sculpted, but it suits the figure very well. Further he is a basic Kubrick figure.

    Little Bird: Little Bird is very different from the rest. Not only he is an obscure character (I don't know why they included her, but I love it!), he is smaller and of course his body structure is different. He is three inches high. Compared to the other figures, he of course is to big, but if they had chosen to give them a realistic size, Big Bird would have been twice as tall and would have a larger package, so you'll always know that Big Bird is inside:)
    Compared to his head and feet, his body is a little bit to big. His head is a big beak with eyes and 4 plumes. He is made in a standing position. His mouth is closed. Strange thing is that his head cannot be unattached. It can twist, but is stuck to his body. But the cover with wings and tail can, so you can give him a Grover head on his back, in stead of wings. His feet are loose too, so you can give him somebody else' feet. Very funny.

    I'm looking forward to the next set. They were almost sold out in Amsterdam, so I think that the next set will follow soon. Especially Herry and Praire Dawn, because Grover, Herry and Praire are my favourite characters. And Oscar will be interesting too, because he is in his trach can. The other two are Bert and Elmo.
  2. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    Update (thanks to Joggy): the holes in the front of the feet are for feet add-ons. Joggy discovered that Big Bird's feet can be unattached. And ignore the inches I talked about. I thought that it was the size of the figures that was on the box. It was the availability. Some are more rare then the other. A box contains 24 figures.

    Big Bird 6/24
    Ernie 5/24
    Count 5/24
    Grover 5/24
    Little Bird 3/24
    Twiddlebug RARE!!
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Twiddlebug is 1/48 (or 1 every two cases), so there is no guarantee you'll get one even if you buy several cases.
  4. Thijs

    Thijs Well-Known Member

    I wasn't making any plans:)

    the shop owner had 2 boxes, but without any twiddlebugs

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