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Sesame Street Live Pics

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by Muppet1985, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. Muppet1985

    Muppet1985 Member

    Hello, I am Muppet1985
    dear,those who went to Sesame Street Live in the 1980s and the 1990s
    do you taken Pics of Sesame Street Live
    if so,Scan them and Put Them on the Site
    and i also want Pics of The Muppet Show On Tour and Muppet Babies Live
  2. Muppet1985

    Muppet1985 Member

    Still Waiting

    i am Still waiting for someone to show us Pics of Sesame Street Live along with Muppet Show On Tour Or Muppet Babies Live,
  3. Muppet1985

    Muppet1985 Member

    The Readers of this Thread who have Pics of Sesame Street Live(80s and 90s)

    Post them at this time

    Those who have Pics of Muppet Show On Tour,Post them too
  4. wiley207

    wiley207 Well-Known Member

  5. Muppet1985

    Muppet1985 Member

    Thank You

    will think you MuppetDude but i Only Need Pics that are Taken from the 80s/90s and i like them to be Scan in!
  6. wiley207

    wiley207 Well-Known Member

    A Sesame Street Live-esque scene was on 1978's "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street." (Kinda like if there was a "Sesame Street on Ice!")

    These are probably what some of the costumes looked like back then.


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