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Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by SSLFan, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    nope. that scene got cut. grundgetta is the medium understudy in elmo grows up. she doesn't speak or sing at all.
  2. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Didn't she have a part in the original? I remember her doing a ballet number with Oscar or something...
  3. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    yeah, she did a ballet number with oscar in the original production in 93 and the remount in 98, but now she's the medium understudy. in the new "Elmo's Green Thumb" show coming out this August, Grundgy actually has a major role. And the medium understudy character will be another Honker.
  4. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Great! Grundgetta has a speaking role!

    And I hope the Honker is Blue. He's my favorite. They've been giving overkill to that purple Honker these past couple of years.

    Also, Star, in ECB, was Prarrie the small understudy and was Grover the medium? And was Prarrie even in the original one? I don't recall seeing her.
  5. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    lol. thanks. I can't possibly explain where i got 3 min. from!:o
  6. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Do you ever get any of the CD albums after the show's over or get them since you work for the show? I would love to have every album that came out so far. The one i'm really after (and i'm not saying this because you work or have worked there) is the "Big Bird's Sunny Day Campout" album. I've alway liked all the songs on that album.
  7. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    Well they try to switch it up a bit. In EMM Honker was Orange and he was Blue in RFA. But yes, they do use Purple a lot. And yeah, the tall and medium understudies are will both be Honkers in Elmo's Green Thumb. There's a good chance that one of them will be blue :) and for some odd reason the VEE Costume people actually refer to the Blue Honker as Green Honker... I don't get it... He's clearly blue...

    Anyway, our poor Prairie Dawn is a mute again :( She's the small understudy character in Elmo's Green Thumb.

    You're right about the understudy's for ECB. In the original, however, Prairie talked and Zoe was the small u/s. Prairie had the whole Cleopatra scene and everything. You probably didn't see a lot of her because the Prairie performer also played Blanche in Act Two. Just as in the more recent version of ECB, the Zoe performer also played Blanche in Act Two. That was pretty much the only change from the 97 original version and the 05 remount.
  8. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    That's funny. I kind of Hate that show. LOL. No offense. I do have the CD. I like the telephone talk song... that's about it. That show was lame. Even the folks at VEE thought so. It's the only new show released since 1990 that hasn't been and will not be revived.
  9. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Oh no! Prarrie an u/s again? Man, it seems some years she speaks, some years she is silent. I'm guessing Prarrie doesn't have that much of a fanbase?

    And..omg! Zoe was an u/s and Prarrie spoke! OMG! I don't have many memories from this show, besides the fact the color dissapered and Oscar turned white. But it just seems so odd. She's in this scene:


    I wonder, if Zoe wasn't on one night, would Grover or Honker be in her place for that scene? Gee, this really puts question marks in my head. Was Zoe even popular in the 90's? I mean, in Let's Be Friends she spoke, in 1-2-3...Imagine! she spoke, but in shows like Let's Play School, When I Grow Up, and ECB, she's silent.

    ? Man, I'm CONFUSED!:confused:
  10. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    I have the CD. And yeah, the telephone talk song is about the only good song on it. Ya know, the show is about Big Bird, and yet he's not even heard on most of the tracks! Even Snuffy is heard more than he is. And the way your talking, I'm guessing it didn't sell so good either.

    I'm surprised even VEE would call one of their shows lame. Do the ever review most of their shows before they hit the road? I wouldn't say it was lame, it was quite enjoyable, but probbaly could've been better. In opinion, the lamest show I went to was the Everyone Makes Music show. It just seemed awkward not having them change up the sets like they normally do.The newer version, for some odd reason, I enjoyed more.
  11. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    Well you've got to remember the original Let's Play School was written in 90, and the original When I Grow Up was written in 93 before Zoe stepped onto the street in 94 with her debut in Let's Be Friends. When Let's Play School and When I Grow Up were revived they decided to at least put her into the show as an understudy character. But as she grew to be more popular VEE had to write her into the show because little girls want to see her.
    In the remount of Elmo's Coloring Book, the producers switched the characters all together because Zoe is waaay more popular than Pairie Dawn. In the most Recent show, "When Elmo Grows Up" the lines originally spoken by Betty Lou, Roxy Marie and Grundgetta, were split up amongst, Zoe, Abby Cadabby, Baby Bear and Rosita. Some lines were cut all together and new scenes and songs were added just to keep the show up to date.
    As far as character blocking and placement is concerned, it varies from show to show, and song number to song number. Sometimes the gap is just left open and you never would even notice that an understudy character is missing and other times the hole is filled by another understudy character or a character with spoken lines. It really depends on what the choreographer wants. For instance, I know in the original Elmo's Coloring Book 97, Elmo and Zoe split center alot. If Zoe was out of the show or in for another character, Elmo would just dance center and everything would look fine. Does that answer your question?;) If you ever want to know anything, just pick my brain. I'm full of info. Man, I can't wait to go back on tour !

    PS. Do you have a myspace or Facebook account or anything. We need to be friends. :)
  12. I remember seeing the original 'When I Grow Up'. I do also remember Betty Lou in that, but the only thing I recall about her in that show was in the 'Women Can Be' number. I also remember Roxy had more of a bigger role than she does now, especially her version of Train Engeneering number.

    Funny thing, Rosita was in the original, I actually recall that the only big role she spoke or played was her 'Amigo' song, and I don't remember her speaking any other time than that.

    Not only there was one Honker in the original, there was two, besides purple, the gold honker was in the original version.

    And according to the program, a girl named 'Amanda' was part of the cast and since this was the theatre version I saw (Janurary 1995 in Lowell, MA) I am sure she was cut from it. I've seen a whole cast photo of the original version and 'Amanda' was in the photo with everyone else.

    Now, this is a weird memory but I am sure I am correct on it. When I saw the original back in 95', Grover's Policeman number was RIGHT before 'Just One Person' but it seems the remount version has it right after the Cowboy Number. could anyone clear that up?

    The Cookie drive in number was perhaps the best part of the show, it had Roxy rolling on rollarblades like a car hop. LOL. Also, I feel like in this scene Cookie pulled someone up on stage and some person do something during the scene, that seems like back around those shows they pulled people out of the audience(usually adults) to participate.

    When I Grow Up was cool...but IMO I found it rather bizarre in some parts, like that Forest Ranger scene, Oscar's Spider song, the Ballet with Grungetta and Oscar etc. But in all, the show was probably great songwise, just weird scenery wise. LOL
  13. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    Yeah Amanda was the small understudy in the original. Zoe was in the remount and Roxy is now the small understudy. Yes back then the Orange Honker was the medium understudy, that's why there were two. The Police number was always after the cowboy scene and the Forest Ranger number is still in the show. It's one of my favorites, because of the talking trees that sing the teddy bear picnic song and their version of Itsy Bitsy Spider is sooo much fun and the choreography is amazing. I remember the Drive in scene too, but they changed it cuz they wanted Cookie to do something that didn't involve food. LOL! It's actually the same Fire Fighter scene from Let's Play School, but obviously Zoe and Abby's voices are dubbed in. And you're right Rosita didn't have many lines at all in the original, but they made her character much bigger in this version.
  14. AAO

    AAO Member

    Hey there... So I use to go to SSL all the time as a child! Just wanted to share and maybe get some answers...
    The first SSL show I ever saw was where Big Bird and the others are trying to pitch the idea of Sesame Street to some executive etc... it was cute.
    Then I saw Silly Dancing where Prarie Dawn and Big Bird have a dance contest or something and for the first time Oscar comes out of his can and dances with Grungetta!

    But my all time favorite SSL shows were "Big Bird's ABC's" which featured Tee Hee, the alien from planet Crayon. Super Grover met her while he was flying. He bumped into her space ship etc... tee hee met Big Bird and they became best friends. Tee Hee's spaceship had broke down and they had to fix it. Anyway, the following year they had a sort of "sequel" show to that one called "Sleeping Birdie"! That one was, in my opinion, the best!

    Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street gang are visited again by Tee Hee. Big Bird and Tee Hee had been sending each other letters.. funny because she's in space.. lol..

    But Tee Hee took Queen Yellow with her to Sesame Street so she could meet her friends. When they arrive on Sesame Street Queen Yellow finds that Big Bird is more yellow than she is and becomes furious and jealous! While everyone is away she asks to talk to Big Bird and puts a spell on him causing him to sleep.
    We return to find Queen Yellow fixing a potion that will cause Big Bird to have purple polka dots and Queen Yellow will be the yellowest of them all! Tee Hee and the others rescue him by reading fairy tales and finding that Big Bird can only be awaken by a kiss. The audience and SS characters blow Big Bird kisses to wake him up! Queen Yellow chases him and the others down Sesame Street to throw the potion on him. But she falls and gets the polka dots on her. Mumford the Magician removes them with his magic and they all become friends... Tee Hee and Queen Yellow leave for Planet Crayon...

    That was last we ever see of them! I wish they would have done an episode of Sesame Street like that! It was so great!

    Does anyone have pictures of this? And does anyone know who did the voice of Tee Hee or Queen Yellow? It was just so great! I have the program at my home up north...
  15. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    Funny, I wrote a full Sleeping Birdie synopsis in another thread like a month ago. I know Camille Bonora was the voice of Tee Hee in Big Bird and the ABC's, but it was a different voice actress in Sleeping Birdie. I forget who it was though :( I also have all the programs at my parents house in St. Louis, MO. LOL. Shoot!
  16. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, it answers it alot! Thanks! And you've mentioned your going on tour again? Is it with VEE or another company? And what is the show your with?

    Oop! I have neither a myspace nor Facebook page! You know I never really had thought about joining myspace. I may in the near future, and when I do I'll make sure your definately one of my friends.;)

    Is Amanda that girl who looks like Roxy Marie and Jodie a little bit? I've seen a pic of her on the web, but never saw her in the SSL shows.

    The forest ranger scene is pretty cool. I had forgot about the singing trees until I saw that video you posted. I think my favorite scene (from the original show) would be Roxy Marie's train song. You know that show had such an imapact on me I went home and did my own "re-encactment(sp?)" of the show! I remember using my SS toys and doing the train song, the "Amigo" song, and the "Just One Person" song. hehe

    I HATE they changed the drive-in scene! I like the new song and all, but I just hate the fact the characthers like Big Bird, Oscar, and Grover aren't seen again until the second act. It has been my new pet peeve(for SSL) if :wisdom: just "dissapears" until the second half. This is the second I've seen it happen! First it was the remounted ECB show, now this! Even though they were both good shows, I totally hate when that happens!
  17. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

  18. SSLFan

    SSLFan Well-Known Member

    I wonder what the stage design is gonna be for EGT? I hope it isn' the "street" design they've been using for that past few years.:concern:
  19. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    Funny, I used to do my own re-enactments too. LOL! The reason why those character disappeared is because the Big Bird and Oscar performers play the fire-hydrants and the Grover performer also plays Baby Bear. And yes, Amanda is the other purple girl, who looks a little like Roxy.
  20. StarrFilter

    StarrFilter Member

    From what I heard, it's gonna be covered in flowers and plant life, very "flower power-esque". Sounds a little disturbing, but I'm sure the folks at VEE will pull it off beautifully. I miss the old stage design too. The stage for Let's Play School and Sleeping Birdie were my favorite!

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