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Sesame Street Live!!

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by Erine81981, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Erine81981 Active Member

    I was wondering if anyone has seen any of the new SSL yet? I would like to take my nieces to it. If so could you give me like a guide on what happens and what characters are invaled? I mean is it like the old one back in the 80's or not? Would I enjoy it or would it just be only enjoyed by my nieces? I like the old characters more then I do like the new one but I still put up w/ Elmo, Zoe and Rostia. I watched all the 90's episodes of SS and loved Baby Bear and others that came along during those years to come.
  2. MuppetFan123 Member

    I will be seeing Elmo's Coloring Book later today with my cousin and will let you kmow how it is
  3. MuppetFan123 Member

    Please delete this message.It was a duplicate reply.
  4. MuppetFan123 Member

    Got back a few hour's ago from SSL:Elmo's Coloring Book.

    The show was good.The one year old I took with me really enjoyed it cause it was mostly all about Elmo.This show is good for the little one's who like Elmo.For the casual fan,its OK. Grover appeared in the show but had no speaking role.Also for the Sesame fan's, Frank Oz voiced Cookie Monster and Bert in the show according to the official program.

    I enjoyed the parts with Oscar in this show.I won't go into detail on what happen's to him without ruining it for people who are gonna see the show, but let's just say he ends up belting out the theme to Mister Roger's - "It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood".

    There were quite a few classic Oscar songs in the show such as "I Love Trash" and "The Grouch Song" as well as some Sesame classics as "Sing","New Way to Walk","Fuzzy and Blue" and the Sesame theme.

    If you happen to get seats by the stage, the characters come off the stage and interact with the children.

    Depending on what show is playing near you, I would suggest them as follows - Everyone Makes Music,Out of this World and Elmo's Coloring Book.

    I personally liked Everyone Makes Music because it had alot of Sesame classic songs as well as some 70's disco tunes made Sesame-ish.

    If you want details or a review of the show, please let me know and I will be happy to provide it on Elmo's Coloring Book
  5. Erine81981 Active Member

    So its most of Elmo other then other then older characters? So what are most of the main characters that you'll see most of the show? And are there any cool stuff to buy?
  6. MuppetFan123 Member

    Elmo's Coloring Book had Big Bird,Bert & Ernie,Baby Bear,Zoe,Telly,Rosita,Elmo,Oscar,The Count,Grover as well as 5 new characters for the show - Blanche the Polar Bear,Red Palette,Yellow Palette,Blue Palette and T-Rex.The name of the show is Elmo's Coloring Book, thus Elmo is the center, but there's also a great amount of time centered around Oscar.Don't worry,the old characters are in the show and have a substantial amount of time alloated to them.

    There's alot of stuff to buy such as t-shirts,wall pennants,Elmo flashlights,Sesame balloons,show program,CD soundtrack for SSL,Sesame Street figure set,Elmo,Cookie and Zoe hats as well as other stuff.
  7. MuppetFan123 Member

    What show are you going to be getting in your area ?
  8. Erine81981 Active Member

    Thanks very much. I know I'll go when it comes. Oh my nieces will love it so much. Their ages are 5, 3 and 1 year old (which she'll be a year old this coming tuesday). I know that the 5 year old might not but she went to see Bear in the Big Blue House Live and liked it.
  9. Erine81981 Active Member

    As when or which one? Are there other ones or just one?
  10. MuppetFan123 Member

    You'd be suprised.I took a 6 year old a few months back to see SSL:Everyone Makes Music and he absolutly loved it.
  11. MuppetFan123 Member

    check out www.sesamestreetlive.com

    There are currently 4 shows that are touring right now.They also let you know when and what show will be coming to your town
  12. Erine81981 Active Member

    Just found out. I went there and its "1 2 3......Imagine!" It seems really cool. I read the storyline and it has Roxey Maire. I haven't seen that character in a long time. NEATDO! Thanks for the infor and everything. I can't wait to go watch it w/ the nieces. Have you seen that one yet?
  13. MuppetFan123 Member

    I have not seen 1-2-3 Imagine.It won't be touring here til 2005.I hope to see it then
  14. Erine81981 Active Member

    If you want I can tell you some of the stuff that happens if you want to know since it won't be in your part of the city until 2005? That is when I go see it.

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