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Sesame Street Old School Outlines

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by cjd874, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 152 features (drum roll, please) Lefty the Salesman! Here, he tries to sell letters to the adults. Plus, Big Bird and Grover learn about DANGER, the Count hires Ernie to answer his telephone, James Earl Jones says the alphabet, and many classic cartoons are included (Willie Wimple, Jazz Spies, Martian Beauty, G is for Giggle).

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 152

    Season 6: Lefty the Salesman sells letters/Big Bird and Grover learn about DANGER

    Sponsors: C, G, 9

    Scene 1: Lefty the Salesman sneaks onto Sesame Street and backs up into Bob, startling them both. Lefty asks Bob if he’d like to buy something special, and opens his trench coat to reveal a letter C. Lefty tells Bob about the great words that start with C (coat, candy, and cricket), but Bob has no need for a C. He would prefer a B because his name starts with B. Lefty cuts him off and leaves to find “another customer with more alphabetical appreciation!”

    Cartoon: C is for Canary

    Muppets: Kermit lectures about the hand

    Film/Song: Henson #9

    Scene 2: Lefty meets Susan and offers her a letter G. Lefty lists some G words (go, grocer, and glasses) to pique Susan’s interest, but Susan doesn’t want a G. Besides, she already has a collection of G’s, which she pulls out of her purse. Lefty: “This street is getting weirder and weirder by the minute…”

    Cartoon: G is for Gorilla

    Film: Baby lions on a trail

    Muppets: The Count hires Ernie to answer his telephone for him

    Cartoon: A man tries to teach his dog how to sit

    Celebrity: James Earl Jones recites the alphabet

    Scene 3: Mr. Hooper is posting the daily specials on his new letter board, but he can’t find a C or a G to complete the words “cheeseburger” or “garden salad.” Lefty arrives and pitches his wares to Mr. Hooper. Lefty says that both letters will cost him a quarter, which Mr. Hooper gives to him. To show his gratitude, Mr. Hooper also gives Lefty a cheeseburger and a garden salad on the house.

    Muppets: Bert notices that Ernie is taking glasses of water out of the apartment. When Bert presses him for an explanation, Ernie says that the faucet broke, so he’s bailing water before the apartment floods…but unfortunately he’s too late.

    Cartoon/Song: “That’s About the Size of It” (by Bud Luckey)

    Cartoon: Letter G drawing with kid voiceover

    Film: The Mad Painter #9

    Cartoon: G is for Giggle (voice by Allen Swift)

    Muppets: Waiter Grover serves a sandwich to Mr. Johnson, but Mr. Johnson tells him that it doesn’t match the picture on the menu. When Grover finally gets it right, Mr. Johnson leaves because his lunch break is over. Grover throws a fit in the kitchen.

    Film: Swinging gibbons (music by Joe Raposo)

    Scene 4: Big Bird explains what the word DANGER means, but he doesn’t notice the DANGER sign next to Biff and Sully’s cement truck, which is unloading wet cement right where he’s standing. Biff and Sully return with some refreshments from Hooper’s Store to find Big Bird stuck in the cement. Biff: “Oh brother, Sully…we can’t leave our truck alone for a minute!”

    Cartoon: Various renderings of the word DANGER (art by the Hubleys)

    Muppets/Song: “Mahna-Mahna”

    Film: An Indian mother gives her baby a bath

    Cartoon: The numbers 1-20 appear in a computer-animated box

    Scene 5: Biff and Sully jackhammer the cement to free Big Bird. Once Big Bird is freed, Biff reminds him to be careful when he sees a DANGER sign. Big Bird thanks them and goes on his merry way…but he fails to see another DANGER sign by the manhole, causing him to fall into it with a loud crash. Biff: “Gee whiz, Sully…we can’t leave that manhole alone either, huh?”

    Muppets/Song: Cookie Monster sings, “C is for Cookie”

    Cartoon: C is for Cap

    Cartoon: C is for Candle

    Film: Butterflies (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cast: David’s forwards and backwards trick

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #9

    Muppets: Ernie makes a painting of Bert, but adds long hair, a beard, and thick glasses to the portrait. Bert is angry until Ernie promises to make the painting look like Bert again…by putting a wig, fake beard, and glasses on his roommate!

    Cartoon: Small, smaller, and smallest animals

    Scene 6: Oscar has a DANGER sign outside his trashcan. Grover asks what this means, so Oscar explains that “danger” means to be careful and watch out. Grover wonders why he should be careful, and Oscar tells him that he’s going to play tag. Grover: “Oscar, that is silly! Tag is not a dangerous game!” Oscar: “Oh yeah? Well I’m playing tag with my pet rhinoceroses! Tell that to them!” As the game begins, the street starts shaking, scaring Grover out of his mind.

    Cartoon/Song: Martian Beauty #9 (by Bud Luckey)

    Film: Things you can carry

    Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple – Littering

    Cartoon: G is for Glue (art by the Hubleys)

    Film: A clown (Dennis Allen) removes his makeup

    Muppets: Three Muppet witches cooperate to make a special spell

    Cartoon: G is for Goat and Grass

    Scene 7: Big Bird hobbles down the street, wrapped in bandages. Mr. Hooper, Bob, and Susan stare in disbelief and ask what happened. Big Bird: “Today, I learned what the word DANGER means…” The adults help Big Bird back to his nest as Grover announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Susan and Bob. CTW sign still: Maria.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Lefty the Salesman, Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Biff, the Count, Mr. Johnson, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Sully, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  2. Duke Remington

    Duke Remington Well-Known Member

    I think Lefty should announce the sponsors here instead of Grover.
  3. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 153 features Oscar, Maria, Big Bird, Snuffy, Gordon, Bob, and Olivia. Plus, Don Music and Kermit rewrite a beloved children's song, Grover talks about the letter R, and Ernie irritates Bert by holding a banana in his ear.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 153

    Season 10: Maria’s new hat/Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus are both sick

    Sponsors: I, R, 8

    Scene 1: Olivia hears off-key warbling coming from Oscar’s can. It turns out that Oscar is taking singing lessons from the renowned tenor Yuck-iano Pava-rotten (a flamboyant Grouch singer performed by Richard Hunt). Olivia says that Oscar won’t be able to sing very well if he continues with his singing lessons: “You’ll be the worst singer in town!” Oscar: “That’s EXACTLY the point, Miss Know-It-All! Why else would I hire Pava-rotten to teach me?”

    Muppets/Song: A barbershop quartet sings about counting floors in an elevator

    Film: A woman repairs wires for the telephone company

    Cartoon: A woman puts an “R” under the hood of her car so that it can start

    Muppets: Two Muppet boys look at the number 8, right side up and upside down

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #8

    Cartoon: The Yo-Yo Master helps a lost boy get home

    Muppets: Ernie goes overboard while preparing a trip to the library. After deciding to bring a plethora of items in case of rain, he drags Bert along so that he won’t be alone if he’s stranded.

    Cartoon: A woman looks for a hat in a store. None of them are the right fit except for a ten-gallon hat

    Scene 2: Maria shows the viewer her new hat and wants to show it to her friends. But she doesn’t get the response she wants from Gordon, Olivia, or Bob.

    Film: A letter I is forged in a steel factory

    Cartoon: The Fox and the Crow (art by Etienne Delessert)

    Scene 3: Maria sits on the steps, feeling down. Oscar expresses an interest in her hat, but only if it’s crumpled up and covered with chocolate syrup and bits of newspaper. As Maria dirties up the hat, Oscar quietly ducks into his trashcan.

    Cartoon: A wizard conjures up “R” words for a little boy

    Scene 4: Bob and Gordon notice what Maria’s doing to her hat, and they think she’s gone bananas. Maria tries to tell them that Oscar wants the hat only if it is messy, but when she knocks on his trashcan to give it to him, he doesn’t reply. Thinking she’s been fooled, Maria angrily yells at Oscar and throws the hat into the can. After she storms off, Oscar emerges and tells the guys that he really does want the hat after all, but he wouldn’t accept it from “Miss Smiley-Face” unless she acted really, really grouchy toward him. Oscar: “That’s the angriest I’ve seen her in years! You know, there may be some hope for her after all…heh, heh, heh.”

    Cartoon: A race announcer doubles as the man who holds up the START and STOP signs as well

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “R” trick (“I wanna send a letter to my mother!”)

    Cartoon/Song: Penny Candy Man #8 (by Bud Luckey)

    Film: Finding the alphabet in the city (kid voiceover, music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Super Grover learns that haircuts do not hurt

    Transition: Scan-imate kids

    Insert: Bob sings, “Have a Nice Day”

    Cartoon: I is for Iron

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #8

    Cartoon: A girl tries to lure her cat out from under a chair so she can pick him up (animation by the Hubleys)

    Film: The story of Colleen, who lives in Arizona

    Scene 5: The Count and the kids count hats and sort them by color.

    Film/Song: “Weaver Bird”

    Muppets: Don Music rewrites “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” with Kermit’s help

    Cartoon: I is for Ink

    Cartoon: Sand I/I

    Muppets: Ernie has a banana in his ear (part 1)

    Film: The Mad Painter #8

    Muppets: Ernie has a banana in his ear (part 2)

    Cartoon: A dog pulls its master (who keeps begging, “STOP!”) until they reach the word STOP

    Scene 6: Big Bird has a cold, and Olivia and Gordon are taking care of him. Big Bird is sad because he has to call off his playdate with Mr. Snuffleupagus. The adults reiterate that Snuffy is imaginary, and they suggest to Big Bird that he should get some rest. After they leave, Snuffy shows up after all. He has a cold too, so he and Big Bird can still play together!

    Muppets: Grover’s “R” lecture (the letter rocks, rolls, and rockets)

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – R is for Rope

    Cartoon: A STOP sign commands a train to stop

    Muppets: A group of talking food (lettuce, cheese, ham, butter, and bread) cooperates to make a sandwich

    Film: STOP (kids dancing, music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: I have a cold in my nose (art by Bruce Cayard)

    Scene 7: Big Bird and Snuffy play card games, still feeling under the weather but happy with each other’s company. Maria announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Gordon.


    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Alaina Reed as Olivia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Mr. Snuffleupagus, the Count, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Don Music, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  4. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 154 features Oscar, Herry, Biff and Sully, and a host of others. Plus, Ernie sings a lullaby and the Anything Muppets act out the story of "The Girl, the Tree, and the Terrible Troll."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 154

    Season 8: Oscar’s noise machine/Herry’s gym/Biff and Sully build furniture

    Sponsors: L, M, 6

    Scene 1: Oscar unveils his latest invention to David and Susan: an instant noise machine, which is programmed to make any unpleasant sound he wants (traffic horns and sirens, jackhammers, and a barking dog). Ultimately, he shows off the greatest noise it makes: the sound of its own self-destruction! Oscar: “Isn’t modern technology great?”

    Film: “Noises”

    Cartoon: A man jumps into a poster of Lake Lillian

    Muppets/Song: The Anything Muppets perform, “No Matter How You Count Them”

    Cartoon: A scientist shows off his robot that has human emotions

    Film: Parts of an elephant

    Cartoon: Country Fiddler – Six Snails

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Cookie Monster and Genelle say the alphabet

    Cartoon: Two gorillas fight over what to watch on television

    Scene 2: Herry Monster tries to attract customers for his new gym. Gordon and Luis arrive and Herry convinces them to do some bench presses. Both guys manage to lift the weights, but Herry outdoes them by lifting the whole bench!

    Cartoon: Here comes the bus!

    Cartoon: The Queen of Six

    Muppets: At night, Ernie sings himself a lullaby to fall asleep. Bert asks him to sing quieter and quieter, until he can barely be heard…which then keeps Bert from falling asleep. Ernie asks Bert that if he’s singing so quietly that he can’t hear him, then why isn’t he asleep yet?

    Cartoon: Ten Little Greeblies (voiceover by Gary Owens)

    Scene 3: Herry and the kids sort barbells by size.

    Film/Song: “I’m Pretty”

    Cartoon: M is for Mouse, Mud, and Mother

    Muppets: Cookie Monster sounds out the word FOOD and then eats the letters

    Cartoon: The word BUS

    Cartoon: M in space

    Film: A prairie dog (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: The M That Came to Dinner

    Scene 4: Biff and Sully are assembling furniture for Susan and Gordon. Biff is confused by the visual instructions detailing how to put the table and chairs together. Gordon points out that he’s holding the paper upside-down; however, Biff insists that the instructions are wrong and continues his work.

    Film/Song: Henson #6

    Cartoon: Kids hear a poem about the letter L

    Scene 5: Biff shows off his handiwork to Gordon and Susan: two upside-down chairs and an upside-down table! Biff: “Y’know, something about this doesn’t seem right…why would youse two want an upside-down table and chairs? Why would anybody want that?” While Biff ponders this, Sully and the adults flip the table and chairs over so that they now have a normal set of furniture.

    Muppets/Song: Ernie and Bert sing “La, La, La”

    Film: A Stool for Me

    Cartoon: Pinball Count #6

    Muppets: The Girl, the Tree, and the Terrible Troll (3-part story)

    Cartoon: L is for Luz

    Cartoon/Song: Willie Wimple – Cutting Down Trees

    Film: A Chinese New Year’s celebration

    Cartoon: A cat chases a mouse into a mouse hole. They make music as they hit the wall, until the cat smashes through

    Scene 6: In separate shots: Luis, Big Bird, Susan, Gladys the Cow, David, and Herry Monster point to themselves and say, “ ‘M’ is for ‘me!’”

    Cartoon: Children from around the world say, “ME”

    Cartoon: M is for Mail (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: Marvelous Martha

    Scene 7: Big Bird and the kids play a game of “Giant Steps” as Susan and Gordon announce the sponsors. SS sign still: Kermit and a kid. CTW sign still: Maria.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Oscar and Big Bird


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Biff, Herry Monster, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Sully, Gladys the Cow, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, AMs
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  5. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 155 features Cookie Monster, Grover, Big Bird, and several others. Plus, Roosevelt Franklin recites his name and a Japanese Muppet tells an ancient story about four hidden dragons!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 155

    Season 6: Cookie Monster’s talk show/Big Bird and Grover pretend to be alien explorers

    Sponsors: H, Q, 4

    Scene 1: Cookie Monster (clad in a shirt collar and tie) welcomes the viewer to his new talk show, aptly titled “Cookie!” His first guest is Sesame Street’s second-leading specialist in cookies, Mr. Hooper! Cookie asks Mr. Hooper to explain to the viewers what a cookie is, and how it’s made. After Mr. Hooper’s brief but astute lecture, Cookie Monster expresses his feelings: “What invaluable knowledge! This high-quality programming, huh?” He offers Mr. Hooper half a cookie…and takes the other half for himself!

    Muppets: Ernie finds an egg, but doesn’t know what to do with it. After pestering Bert for an answer, Bert says to “just drop it” and Ernie drops it right on the floor!

    Cartoon: Elephants have 4 legs

    Muppets: Four Anything Muppets cheer for the number 4

    Film: A boy imagines that he’s a baker

    Cartoon: Q is for Quarter

    Scene 2: Cookie Monster asks David to demonstrate addition with cookies. David adds cookies one by one, from two to five. Then Cookie says that he will now demonstrate subtraction, which he does by devouring all the cookies! But he saves half of the last cookie for David: “Me save half a cookie for each guest because that in me contract…me going to discuss this with me agent after show.”

    Film: Rhythm is everywhere!

    Cartoon: H is for Hole (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: A mad scientist reveals his latest creation: a capital H

    Scene 3: Cookie Monster presents the letters H and Q. Herry Monster passes by, and Cookie asks him to name some H and Q words with him. After naming “hat,” “house,” “Herry,” “quilt,” and “queen,” Cookie Monster comments that the letter H is nice, but the letter Q looks a lot more like a cookie. After he eats the Q, he is still hungry so he and Herry eat the letter H together!

    Cartoon: Q is for Quiet (art by John Korty)

    Muppets/Song: “The Question Song” (with Grover and a Muppet girl)

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #4

    Film: A grasshopper (harpsichord music)

    Cartoon: Indian Guru Counting 1 – 20 (repeated in Spanish afterwards)

    Cast: Speedy Maria subtracts chairs in a sporting event parody

    Muppets: Lefty the Salesman sells Ernie an empty box

    Cartoon: Adding ladybugs and lizards

    Scene 4: Big Bird and Grover pretend to be alien explorers visiting Sesame Street. They “meet” David, Bob, and Mr. Hooper, but when Bob asks them where they’re from, they struggle to agree on a planet name: Zucchini or Cucamonga. Mr. Hooper tells the “aliens” to combine the names for one big, great name: Zucchini-Cucamonga. Grover: “Well, what do you know…there is intelligent life on other planets!”

    Film: The Mad Painter #4

    Cartoon: Sand H/h

    Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin spells his name for his mother

    Film/Song: “Chicken or the Egg” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: “Nelly 1 – 10/10 – 1” (art by Harvey Kurtzman)

    Muppets: Kermit’s addition/subtraction lecture with baby chickens

    Scene 5: Big Bird and Grover continue on their space quest and “meet” Susan, who is reading a book. The “aliens” want to know what a book is, so Susan shows them its pages, and mentions that all the pages have words on them. The “aliens” start reading and get so engrossed that they keep Susan from reading her own book!

    Film: Corn grows in a field

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert imagine what would happen if they switched personalities

    Film/Song: Henson #4

    Cartoon: I thought a thought about small things… (sea monster ending)

    Cartoon: H is for Hello (voice by Gary Owens)

    Muppets/Cast: Sherlock Hemlock meets Bob and Cookie Monster

    Cartoon: Howard and Harold name several H words

    Film: At the doll factory

    Scene 6: Big Bird and Grover see SAM the Robot and attempt to “communicate” with him. SAM is perplexed by their behavior until they tell him that they are only pretending.

    Cartoon: I’ve Got a Mind – Birds

    Film/Song: “Hippopotamus Round” (music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: The Story of the Four Dragons (a Japanese folk tale)

    Cartoon: Scanimate Film #4

    Scene 7: Big Bird and Grover bid farewell to David, Susan, Bob, and Mr. Hooper. After they leave on their imaginary spaceship, the adults share a laugh as Cookie Monster announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Oscar. CTW sign still: Maria.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird


    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert, Lefty the Salesman, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, SAM the Robot, Sherlock Hemlock, AMs

    Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin (voice only)

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  6. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 156 features Big Bird, Snuffy, Oscar, and the majority of the adult cast. Plus, Kermit interviews characters from "Hey Diddle Diddle" and Ernie makes a soda for Bert.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 156

    Season 7: Maria and David snap, Big Bird feuds with Snuffy, and Mr. Hooper miscommunicates with Gordon

    Sponsors: F, U, 10

    Scene 1: Maria is overwhelmed with work at the Fix-It Shop. Luis is at the hardware store, and she has to fix several items by herself. David rushes in to ask her something, but Maria snaps at him and tells him not to bother her, without letting him get a word in edgewise. David finally shouts at Maria for not letting him speak. When they both calm down, David reveals that he bought flowers for her. Maria accepts them and they share a kiss.

    Cartoon: F is for Frog and Fly (voice by Casey Kasem)

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “The Trading Game” with Sally Screamer and Oscar the Grouch as contestants

    Cartoon: Clouds blow things – FFFFFFF!

    Film/Song: Henson #10

    Muppets/Cast: Bob reads “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”

    Scene 2: Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus get into a heated argument over whether to play jacks or go-fish. Big Bird recognizes that he’s angry and calms himself down by counting to 10. Then he encourages Snuffy to do the same.

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #10

    Scene 3: After counting to 10, Big Bird and Snuffy feel better. They decide to take turns by playing jacks first and go-fish second.

    Cartoon: A horse is drawn as kids guess what it is

    Cartoon: Poverty U segment

    Muppets: Grover, Herry Monster, and Billy rearrange themselves in different ways and count to three, until they faint

    Cartoon: Three striped balls encounter a polka-dotted ball

    Film: Shopping for soup ingredients

    Cartoon: A girl trains her dog on “here” and “there”

    Cartoon: A roof finds its way to the top of a house

    Muppets: At Hooper’s Store, Ernie makes a soda for Bert, but adds extra ingredients to it. Bert no longer wants the soda, but it’s perfect for Ernie!

    Film/Song: “I Love Being a Pig” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: U is for Uniform

    Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash – Hey Diddle Diddle

    Cartoon: A weary traveler asks a wise man to show “here” and “there.” The guru does so by throwing his furniture off a ledge.

    Cartoon: U for Up (two men’s seesaw experiment goes awry)

    Film: A starfish (music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s U prank (“You mind if I take a picture of you?”)

    Cartoon: A dog learns about U

    Cartoon: A girl imagines what would happen if she dropped a bag of ping-pong balls

    Scene 4: Mr. Hooper asks Gordon if he can take some boxes of groceries and put them next to the other boxes outside. Gordon agrees, and Mr. Hooper leaves to pick up a delivery. When Gordon takes the boxes outside, he discovers that there are two stacks of boxes. One stack is in front of the newsstand and the other is next to the wastebasket, so he doesn’t know where his boxes should go. Gordon decides to put them next to the wastebasket, and he goes back into the store. Oscar observes all this and chuckles…because Gordon just put Mr. Hooper’s boxes by the wastebasket for trash collection!

    Muppets: Kermit and Grover’s “here and there” lecture (Grover carries bricks)

    Film: The Mad Painter #10

    Cartoon: Psychedelic alphabet

    Cast/Song: Four scarecrows (David, Maria, Luis, and Bob) sing about, “The Ankle, the Shoulder, and the Knee”

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – F is for Fly

    Muppets: Bert shows Ernie his bottle cap collection

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #10 (repeat)

    Scene 5: The garbage truck arrives and takes the boxes. Gordon reads the newspaper, unaware of what’s happening. A minute later, Mr. Hooper comes in and asks Gordon where the boxes are. Gordon explains that he left them by the other stack of boxes by the wastebasket...but now there are no boxes left. Mr. Hooper and Gordon realize that the garbage collectors must have taken them! Gordon apologizes for the mistake, but Mr. Hooper admits that he wasn’t clear enough. They decide to go back to the store and get some new groceries.

    Film: Where Does the Garbage Go?

    Muppets: Charlie looks for a policeman, and doesn’t understand that the policeman he’s talking to is his Uncle Louie

    Cartoon/Song: “Ten Turtles” (Bud Luckey)

    Scene 6: David helps Maria with her work in the Fix-It Shop; Gordon and Mr. Hooper return with their groceries; and Snuffy and Big Bird play together harmoniously. Oscar announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Bob. CTW sign still: Susan.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, Mr. Snuffleupagus, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Guy Smiley, AMs
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  7. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 157 features Oscar, Big Bird, Susan, Bob, Mr. Hooper, Buffy, and Biff and Sully. Plus, the Count sings "Count Up to Nine" and Ray Charles stops by the Street to jam with Bert and Ernie!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 157

    Season 10: Oscar makes home movies

    Sponsors: P, Z, 9

    Scene 1: Big Bird observes the kids as they ride tricycles around the arbor area. Big Bird tells Bob that he’d like to ride a tricycle, but Bob isn’t sure if he’s ready. Big Bird insists until Bob agrees to spot him. Big Bird borrows one girl’s tricycle, and as Bob walks next to him, Big Bird successfully rides the tricycle! But he tells Bob one thing he’s having trouble with: stopping! He rolls away and crashes off-screen.

    Muppets/Song: The Count sings, “Count Up to Nine”

    Cartoon: P is for Puddle

    Cartoon: P is for Pillow

    Film: A dune buggy is assembled in a sped-up video (Dixieland jazz music)

    Cartoon: Bolt and Nut show how they work together

    Scene 2: Bob and Susan ask the kids about ways to get around town…they can walk, use bicycles, drive cars, or take the train.

    Muppets: Ernie attempts to fool Bert with his disguise kit

    Cartoon: Jazz Alphabet (male shout chorus and jazz band music)

    Scene 3: Oscar tells Buffy that he feels bored because he’s run out of things to do. He’s collected lots of trash, insulted everyone on Sesame Street, and “eaten more sauerkraut-and-prune ice cream than a Grouch’s heart could desire!” Buffy asks him if he’s ever made home movies, and suggests that he try it out. Oscar rummages in his can for a video camera and pulls out a battered device. Buffy says that it is in no shape for filming home movies, which means it’s perfect for Oscar to use!

    Muppets/Song: Four Muppet kids sing about their neighborhood locations in “Just Around the Corner”

    Film: George the Farmer shows in and out

    Cartoon: P is for Picnic

    Scene 4: Susan comes out of her apartment with a bag of trash for Oscar. Oscar tells Susan to take the trash bag back inside, and to come outside again so that he can film this moment. Susan does so, and then Oscar instructs her to go back inside again. Eventually, Oscar reveals that he’s filming this moment AND tricking Susan into walking back and forth from her apartment! When Oscar finally asks for the trash, Susan tosses the bag at him before storming off.

    Film: A mailman delivers mail on horseback

    Cartoon: A man walks into an “IN”

    Cartoon: Flying Z in space

    Film/Song: “Beet, Beet, Sugar Beet”

    Muppets: Cookie Monster and Herry Monster fight over a bicycle. Kermit tells them to share it, which they do…by eating it piece by piece!

    Cartoon: Z is for Zipper (speech balloon)

    Scene 5: Oscar goes to Hooper’s Store with his video camera and asks Mr. Hooper for a coconut and anchovy smoothie. As it’s prepared, Oscar films around the store, pointing out all the things that he hates like candy, sugary cereal, and fresh produce. When Mr. Hooper brings out the smoothie, Oscar declares, “However…there is ONE thing I like about this store…the coconut and anchovy smoothies!”

    Cartoon: Two cowboy rattlesnakes discuss “here” and “there” while trying to avoid a giant sneezing rabbit

    Cartoon: Z is for Zebra and Zoo

    Film: Kids climb in and out of a tire (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cast: Luis finds a table with three legs, and tries to find the fourth leg in a box full of random objects

    Muppets: Lefty and his boss steal the Golden AN. The boss tells Lefty the plan, but once he leaves, Lefty has trouble remembering the plan. As Lefty recites the plan to himself, a policeman named Stan discovers him and arrests him.

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #9

    Film: A girl goes to the shoemaker to get her shoes repaired

    Scene 6: Biff and Sully arrive to do some construction work. When they start jackhammering, Oscar pops up, delighted by their presence. Mr. Hooper, Bob, Buffy, and Susan complain about the noise, but Oscar wants the hardhats to keep working so that he can film them while they’re using their jackhammers!

    Film: How Chinese noodles are made

    Muppets: Grover the elevator operator shows “in” and “out” by making his annoyed passengers walk in and out of the elevator

    Cartoon: P is for Pack (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: P is for Puppy

    Film: Anne Meara narrates a silent movie of a girl stuck IN quicksand

    Muppets/Celebrity: Ray Charles, Ernie, and Bert perform “I’ve Got a Song”

    Cartoon: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Nine

    Cartoon: An elephant and a bird get their outer skins mixed up in a locker room

    Film: Field of hay (kid voiceovers, music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: 30 dots (one keeps turning red)

    Scene 7: Oscar assembles Bob, Susan, Mr. Hooper, Buffy, and the kids to watch his home movies. First, he filmed Susan giving him some trash. Next, Oscar filmed himself drinking a coconut and anchovy smoothie at Hooper’s Store. Finally, he filmed Biff and Sully using their jackhammers. Afterwards, everyone says that they found the movies interesting, entertaining, fun, and nice; which offends Oscar. Big Bird announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Gordon.


    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Buffy Sainte-Marie as Buffy

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Lefty, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Biff, the Count, Herry Monster, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Sully, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 158 features Big Bird, Oscar, Mr. Hooper, Gordon, and Susan! Plus, Cookie Monster sings a disco song, Kermit encounters Grover the salesman, and Bert advises Ernie not to eat cookies in bed.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 158

    Season 8: Big Bird and Oscar rhyme words for the adults

    Sponsors: D, N, 7

    Scene 1/Insert: Oscar asks two jugglers (Michael and Paul) to set up his bowling alley, but instead they juggle the pins.

    Cartoon: A girl demonstrates “next to”

    Muppets: Little Bird talks about next to (cameo by Cookie Monster)

    Cartoon/Song: The Alligator King #7 (by Bud Luckey)

    Cartoon: Squares are shown in close-up

    Muppets: Bert tells Ernie not to eat cookies in bed

    Cartoon: Rhyming “AT” words

    Scene 2: Oscar asks the kids to show “next to” by placing cans and bottles side by side. Then he demonstrates “away from” by tossing every can and bottle into his trashcan!

    Muppets/Song: Kermit the Frog sings, “Bein’ Green” (1975 version)

    Cartoon: D is for Dog (speech balloon)

    Film: Lions walk down a trail

    Cartoon: D is for Dart

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Herry Monster and John-John talk about loud and soft

    Scene 3: Big Bird tells Susan and Gordon that he’s creating instant rhymes for everybody on Sesame Street. When Gordon says, “That’s great,” Big Bird replies, “Oh, just you wait!” Susan: “Well, I hope you have fun.” Big Bird: “Thanks…but now I gotta run!”

    Cartoon: A man blows seven bubbles

    Film: Things that start with D

    Scene 4: Mr. Hooper is writing down the special of the day (pastrami on rye), but he can’t think of what he wants to add as a dessert. Big Bird arrives to help and offers words like “fly,” sky,” and “tie,” all of which rhyme with “rye.” Mr. Hooper commends Big Bird for his rhymes, but none of those words can be part of the special of the day. Big Bird: “Say Mr. Dooper, I’m hungry. Do you have any birdseed pie?” Suddenly, the light bulb goes off and Mr. Hooper adds the word “pie” to his special of the day! He thanks Big Bird, who is rather confused (and still hungry).

    Cartoon: Sand D/d

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “D” trick

    Film: The Mad Painter #7

    Transition: A rectangle charges at the screen

    Muppets/Cast: Several children dance as the Count counts them

    Cartoon: At night, a group of mice are scared of a monster. They describe its features until the monster appears as an elephant that is more scared of the mice!

    Muppets: Grover attempts to sell earmuffs to Kermit

    Scene 5: Susan is writing letters, and Big Bird comes up with rhymes for each recipient’s name: “bone” rhymes with “Mr. Stone,” “finger” rhymes with “Mrs. Singer,” and “daily” rhymes with “Mr. Bailey.” However, he can’t come up with any rhymes for “Mrs. Kingsley,” “Mr. Axlerod,” or “Mr. Oznowicz.”

    Cartoon: A man recites a rhyme about animals that took or ate his clothing

    Muppets: Sherlock Hemlock helps Ernie solve the case of the missing half-a-chicken sandwich

    Cartoon: Lowercase n on a hill

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – N is for Nose

    Film/Song: “There’s a Bird on Me” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: A man tries to guess where a squeaking noise is coming from. It turns out to be from a giant’s shoes.

    Scene 6: Big Bird asks the kids to help him come up with rhymes for various animals including “dog,” “cat,” “pig,” and “goose.”

    Muppets/Song: Cookie Monster performs, “Cookie Disco”

    Cartoon: Two red circles demonstrate “next to” and “away from”

    Film: A marching band forms a square

    Muppets: Ernie is sad because he can’t play baseball in the rain. Bert tells him to imagines playing baseball instead.

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #7

    Film: A chick hatches from an egg

    Cast: Luis and David cooperate on a rainy day

    Film/Song: Henson #7

    Cartoon: A construction workers shows a building full of “D” items

    Scene 7: Gordon sees various signs next to Oscar’s trashcan and knocks on his can to ask what they’re for. Oscar explains that he came up with some rhymes after being bothered by “that happy-go-lucky yellow roadrunner.” He holds up the signs to show that “pouch” rhymes with “grouch,” “bud” rhymes with “mud,” and “ham” rhymes with his favorite word: SCRAM…which he rudely tells Gordon to do. Mr. Hooper announces the sponsors. SS sign still: a boy. CTW sign still: the Count


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, the Count, Sherlock Hemlock, AMs

    Fran Brill as Little Bird, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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