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Sesame Street premiered 35 yrs ago today

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by ceecee, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. ceecee

    ceecee Member

    I hope I'm correct on this, but I heard on my local radio station that it was 35 years ago today that Sesame Street premiered.

    Although the show has changed over the years, let's be thankful for the creators of the show and that it is still on after all these years!

    Hurray for Sesame Street!!!!!!
  2. superfan

    superfan Active Member

    It's truly a great thing that SS has lasted this long and shows no signs of stopping. Joan Ganz Cooney and her cohorts (namely Jim Henson) revolutionized kids' tv.
    Yes, things have changed a whoooooooole lot, but one thing remains the same...there is a dedicated fan base who will keep the spirit alive.
    I think I'll watch the first episode tonight with my daughter. And bake cookies...
  3. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Actually, not only did I hear it on the radio, but they actually PLAYED the original opening theme! I was surprised! They also mentioned that Oscar was orange, and that Big Bird had a different look and a different voice. That sure was nice. :)

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