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Sesame Street Season 49 Episode 4919 - Walking the Dog

Discussion in 'Season 49' started by Phillip, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Episode 4919 - Walking the Dog
    HBO Premiere: Saturday March 23, 2019

    Elmo wants to be a dog walker just like Dog Walker Grover. His friends help him practice by pretending to be different kinds of dogs.

    This episode features an all-new street story, a new Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck ("Vanilla") and Elmo's World ("Dog Walkers").


    If you saw "Walking the Dog" please like this post and share your thoughts below.
  2. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    Do you know when the Bill Nye episode will be premiering?
  3. Pig's Laundry

    Pig's Laundry Well-Known Member

    MikaelaMuppet and Phillip like this.
  4. Pig's Laundry

    Pig's Laundry Well-Known Member

    Oh, I had kind of assumed this was a repeat of the episode where Zoe was afraid of Barkley, but I guess not. Did they still sing the song though?
  5. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    No, they did a Mowtown number about holding onto a dog leash.

    Another "okay, I guess" thing. Snuffy was nice to see, as usual. And I guess the "ha-ha mythology gag" of Barkley being on Grover's outfit. I wonder what condition that puppet is in. And a pop culture reference? I miss those.
    Pig's Laundry likes this.
  6. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

  7. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    No SS again this week, apparently. :smirk:
  8. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    So I am sick of HBO Go not working for me. Is anyone willing to email me Google Drive files of the episodes, sorta like what Philip did for Shane when season 43 was airing?
  9. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally caught the episode on Amazon Prime. I really liked the song about holding on to a leash. I also liked Barkley appearing on Grover's outfit. The Thelma and Louise reference was fun. I liked how this time in Monster Foodies, Gonger was the one who ate what they needed. And for the first time, Gonger didn't save any bit of the food for Cookie. Probably cause, they didn't wanna encourage kids to eat a dog treat.
  10. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    I know this is off topic and I apologize, but a clip with Bill Nye from his episode just got uploaded to the SS YouTube channel recently.


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