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Sketches and Songs on Sesame Street videos

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by GonzoLeaper, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, this could be a long undertaking, but I thought it'd be cool to have a list of all the sketches and songs that show up on the various Sesame Street home videos that have been released through the years.

    I'll start off with Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game (since I just recently watched this).
    It's a 1991 video release and features the songs: (in this order)
    "I Love My Elbows" (Kermit and AMs)

    "One Fine Face" (Ernie and Elmo- intro cut)

    "Get Along" (Kermit, TwiddleBugs!!!, Yip Yip Aliens!!! and AM '50s Greasers- one looks like the blond-headed member of the Alphabeats!)

    "Elmo's Song" (Elmo (obviously:) ), Big Bird and Snuffy (Elmo's intro cut))

    "Alligator King" (great cartoon about the number 7)

    "Eight Balls of Fur" (Chris (minus the Alphabeats) and eight balls of fur, to the tune of Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" (more or less))

    "My Best Friend" (Big Bird and Snuffy, Uncle Wally and May(?), and Gordon and Susan)

    "I Love Trash" (Oscar the Grouch- awesomely cool because it's the original version as far as I can tell- Oscar is still green, but the fur is slightly different looking from his modern look- he looks about the same as he did in the original "C is for Cookie" song)

    "The Lambaba!" (The Count, Mary and her little lamb, Bo Peep and a ram, 40 lambies, 1 duck, 1 cow, 1 dog and 1 chicken!:) )

    That's all the songs on here, but don't forget the actual storyline of the video, which has some really cool moments too. Elmo is the host of a game show and his two contestants are Mary and her little lamb and good old Fat Blue! (or Mr. Fred Johnson) When Elmo introduces the contestants, he introduces Mary and her lamb, but then he says of Fat Blue, "Elmo not know who this guy is." (Turns out Fat Blue thought he was a bus stop to go to Cincinnatti to visit his mom!)
    Elmo is supposed to be asking questions to the contestants, and them show them a music video as a clue, and if they know the answer they have to jump on a trampoline and run up and hit a bell and then shout out the answer. Elmo winds up answering before any of them, and the director reprimands him 2 times, before finally making Fat Blue the host (and he dons Elmo's gold "host" jacket) and then Elmo becomes a contestant. Eventually, on the next question, Fat Blue gets into the act and answers the question he was asking! Then the director takes over as host and Mary and the lamb jump on the trampoline to answer but don't ever come down until after the next song. Since Fat Blue is still standing there muttering about his bus to Cincinnatti and Mary and the lamb are still freefalling, Elmo gets someone from the audience to come up on stage- Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street!:grouchy: And then after the song, Mary and the lamb finally fall back down and answer the last question. Oscar gives the right answer for the current question and his prize is to get out of there! Then we have the last grand prize question and after the song, the lamb gets the right answer and his prize is to sing the song again and then we hear it playing through the closing credits.
    And after a few credits have been shown, we suddenly jump back to see Fat Blue still waiting on his bus and Elmo trying to encourage him to sing along when all of a sudden his bus comes through and of course, who should be driving it but Grover? :) And of course, Fat Blue freaks out when Grover informs him that he's driving the bus to Cincinnatti and then asks him if he knows how to get to Cincinnatti! Fat Blue faints and Grover joins the rest of the gang singing the Lambaba!

    Definitely a great video to get for the incredible songs on there as well as the linking storyline. Grover's surprise appearance at the end makes it all the sweeter too! And there's not 1, but 2 great Kermit the Frog songs on there, one with appearances from the TwiddleBugs and the Yip Yip aliens!!! And the original version of "I Love Trash"! So I definitely recommend this video.

    Well, I'll try to post some more reviews when I get a chance. If anyone else wants to cover some of the other videos, feel free to go ahead and post!
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is what songs appear on Rock & Roll and Count it Higher.

    Rock & Roll

    release year: 1990

    plot: a D.J., Jackman Wolf, hosts a rock and roll request show. He gets a request from Gina for Little Jerry and The Monotones, who are supposed to perform a song live from the phone, but they can't get through to the station, and sing to the operator, who has a police officer arrest them. Since Jackman Wolf can't get ahold of them, he asks for Gina to request her second favorite group, which is Chrissy and The Alphabeats, but she can't decide on whether she wants tp hear You're Alive or Rock 'N Roll Reader, so Jackman Wolf plays both songs. Bert calls and requests It's Hip To Be a Square (and wants it dedicated to his paperclip collection). The Count and one of the countesses (i don't know which one it is) can't agree on whether to request a song abou the number nien or forty (the count wants nine, countess wants 40, then they change their minds because the other one wants the other song) so they get to hear songs for both numbers. Finally, as the show ends, the police take Little jerry and The Monotones (still in the phone booth and singign) to the studio, and they sing throughout the credits.

    Monster In The Mirror (with grover, non-celebrity version)
    Telephone Rock (with Little jerry and The Monotones, introduction cut, Little jerrys acknowledgement of being carried by the police cut, only song not to feature song title and singer names on-screen)
    You're Alive (with Chrissy and The Alphabeats)
    Rock 'N Roll Reader (with Chrissy and The Alphabeats, opening scene cut)
    It's Hip To Be a square (with the four sides)
    Count Up To Nine (with the count and his royal transylvanians)
    Forty Blocks From My Home (with Farley, but a different farely from the green boy, although this one is also performed by Jerry Nelson, features a cameo by Kermit and The Count)
    (I Can't Get No) Co-Operation (with the Cobble Stones)
    Hand Talk (with the kids)
    The Word Is No (with Gina and Maria)

    *When Bert makes his request, Ernie is seen with him, but he obviously doesn't talk. Either this was made after Jim Henson died, or Jim Henson wasn't available for taping. Either way, Ernies appearance is unneccessary.
    *Variosu Sesame Street videos can be seen in the background (among them Count It Higher, Sing Yourself Silly, and I want To Go Home)

    Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street

    release year: 1988

    plot: The Count hosts The Counts Countdown Show, on SMV (Sesame Music Videos). He has a top 7 countdown, with a bonus music video (Honk Around The Clock). The show also features celebrity promos, featuring Big Bird (who wants some Rock and Roll) and Oscar (who requests a moldy oldie). Finally, the Count introduces the number one song, which is always number one because that is his favorite song.

    The ten commandments of health (with Dr. Thad and the medications)
    Do Op Hop (with Kermit)
    Z Z Blues (with Over The Top)
    Honk Around The Clock (with The Honkers)
    Letter B (with The Beetles)
    Wet Paint (with How Now Brown Cow and The Moo Wave)
    Do De Rubber Duck (with Ernie and friends)
    Count It Higher (with Chris and the Alphabeats)

    *on the back of the packaging of the Sony Wonder release, Letter B is listed as Letter B Song, and although the packaging refers to the song as Do Op Hop, in the music video credit that appears on-screen, it is written as Do Wop Hop.
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Learning About Letters & Numbers

    Here are the contents and plots of Learning About letters and Learning About Numbers, both released on video in 1986 and on DVD in 2004.

    Learning About Numbers

    plot: Big Bird and Snuffy are at Big Birds home, announcing that today is Alphabet Day on Sesame street. Big Bird explaisn that everybody will be looking for words that begin with each letter of the alphabet, and after they are done, Luis will read them a story. At first Snuffy doesn't remember the order of the alphabet, but after hearing the song, he remembers and leaves to find something that begins with the letter A. Telly then calls Big Bird out to the street to start Alphabet Day. They identify an apple (for A), a box of balloons (for B), and a Cow (for C). More letters are identified throughout the program. For the letter I, Oscar identifies irvine, who has an ice cream cone, which Luis thinks is icky. A letter U talks about himself. Buster reluctantly dresses up as a zebra for the letter Z. Agter that, Luis reads a story, The king Banishes The letter P, to Big Bird, telly, Buster, and a little boy. The, Big Bird comes back home to fidn Snuffy, who has found an apple and is ready for the next letter. Snuffy is sad because alphabet day is over and he missed out on everything, so Big Bird asks everybody to do the whole thing all over again. At first, Telly is worried about doing it again, but then decides that he is happy to be doing it all again. Big bird announces the shows sponsors (all 26 letters of the alphabet).

    Segments included:
    The Alphabet Song (with Leena Horne and the anything muppets)
    C Is For Cookie (with Cookie Monster and the monsters)
    Frances Fairy talks about the letter F (animated skit)
    G-Gorillia (animated skit)
    Harry The Horse (animated skit)
    La La La (with Ernie and Bert)
    Letters in the Street (filmed segment, believed to be from the first season since a license plate has a 1970 expiration date sticker)
    Kermit draws the letter M on-screen with his finger (with cameo by grover)
    MMMonster meal (with Cookie Monster and Herry Monster)
    O-orange (animated skit)
    The R Wizard (animated skit)
    The Villian in the patiman hat (animated skit)
    madrigal alphabet (animated skit)
    the king banishes the letter P (with the anything muppets)

    *this video was made in 1986, one year after Mr. Snuffleupagus was first seen by the human cast. However, in this video Snuffy is only seen with Big Bird, although nobody says anything about him being imaginary at the end, so either this was made a year earlier and the ending might have been refilmed, or even after Snuffy was seen as real, it was still common for people to not see him. or maybe there was no real reason for him to not be seen.
    * The letter M is the only letter represented in two different skits. If only one was shown, then maybe there could have been another skit for another letter. Also, it's odd that the story about the letter P wasn't sshown untill the end, when it could have been shown earlier (to represent the letter P).

    Learning About Numbers:

    plot: Big Bird is the host of Big Birds Number Show, and the count is the announcer. Big Bird says that it was so cold, he had to wear his mittens... but realizes that he only has one mitten. He then interviews Chip and Dip, who show a clip from a movie they directed with two of their friends (the Two Dolls In a House song). He then reads some fan mail, and gets a request to show a roller coaster and some chickens. A honker alerts that The Count went home (and in the middle of the show, no less!). Since The Count is supposed to count to 20 later on the show, Big Bird calls him, and learns that he had a job as an elevador operador. Big Bird convicnes the count to quit his job because the elevador only goes up to ten, and the count can count to 20 on the show. The Count soon comes over and counts honks. The show is brought to you by the numbers 1-20.

    segments included:
    Grover and John John count one penny (the beginning, with grover telling John John that he loves him, is cut, making the whole skit about the number one).
    1-20 cartoon with a 20-armed arab (animated skit)
    Two-Toucan Two-Steps (fiddle player cartoon)
    Two Dolls in a Doll House (filmed segment)
    ball on toy roller coaster (film segment, I think this was directed by Frank Oz)
    1-2-3 chickens (animated song)
    I Just Adore Four (with Big Bird)
    Four Lions At My Door (fiddle player cartoon)
    The Count hires Ernie to be his operator
    The Count gets a job as an elevador operator (with Kermit as his customer)
    Six Soccer Socks (animated song)
    The Count counts flowers and sneezes
    The King of 8 (stop motion animated song by Jim Henson)
    Martian beauty (animated song)
    Grover and John John count backwards from 10
    The Count counts honks

    *most Sesame Street videos produced between 1986 and 1988 had their titles written on a black background, but in this videos title sequence, it is on a night sky background with stars.
    *when The Count counts the guest stars, there are clips of Ernie and Grover that are not on this video. The grover clip is from Over, Under, Around, and Through, which is on the Play-Along Games And Songs video from 1986. I don't know what the Ernie clip is from, but I think it might be from the skit where Ernie doens't think he is special, which was included on the I'm Glad I'm Me video, the only Sesame Street video from 1986 that I haven't seen. I could be wrong.
    *although this video teahces how to count up to 20, there are no skits for the numbers 11-19. Skits with these numbers could have probably been shown if there weren't any repeats of certain numbers in skits.
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Play-Along Games And Songs

    Here is a listing of what is on Play-Along Games And Songs.

    video release: 1986.

    DVD release: 2005.

    plot: Big Bird is in his nest area, wondering where Forgetful Jones is even though he is right next to Big Bird, playing cards with Elmo. Big Bird tells Forgetful Jones that they are going to play some games, but Forgetful Jones says that he doesn't play games (despite the fact that he is playing cards at the moment), because he is called No Games Jones, but Elmo reminds him that he does like games, and that his name is Forgetful Jones. Big Bird gets some kids to his nest, and he explaisn that after the games are over, Forgetful Jones will play a game that requires Forgetful Jones to remember as much as possible. Elmo helps Forgetful with the games. The first game takes place in Big Birds nest area, where an animated penguin stomps it's feet, and Big Bird points to people who have to make a beat in the same pattern as the penguin. The next two games take place in the arbor area. Big Bird has a game where I think everybody has to do something that rhymes with a certainw ord (It's been awhile since I last watched this, so I can't remember for sure). After that, they play a game where Big Bird draws shapes in thin air, and everybody has to guess what the shape is. After this, they are back at Big Birds nest area, where Big Bird asks Forgetful Jones various questions about the games that were played. Elmo offers to help, but Forgetful Jones turns down his help, and subsequently answers every question incorrectly. Forgetful Jones thinks that he won because he forgot everything, but Big Bird tells him that he was supposed to remember everything.

    segments included:
    clips from a cartoon where a penguin stomps on the ground, making some beats.
    Herry and a boy play a game where the boy wears a blindfold and has to guess what Herry Monster gives him.
    Beat The Time: Cookie Monster.
    I Heard The Dog bark (with Gordon, Susan, Bob, Uncle wally, and the kids)
    one of these things (with Cookie Monster, possibly from either the first or second season, in which the viewer has to guess which plate of cookies is different)
    Lefty sells Ernie a picture of four elephants (with a cameo by Bert).
    animated skit with shapes grouped into patterns.
    Over, Under, Around, and Through.

    *the first and last game are played at big birds nest area, and the other games are played at the arbor area, but there doesn't seem to be any reason for this (the whole video could have taken place at the arbor area, or they could have all been at Big Birds nest area).
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Monster Hits

    Here are the details of Monster Hits.

    release year: 1990

    plot: Herry Monster is the host of the Fuzzy Awards, an award show featuring the best monsetr songs. Elmo is supposed to hold an envelope with the winning song inside, but he wants to see who the winner is, even though he is not supposed to know untill after the songs are played. Herry eventually gets Elmo to agree to not open the envelope. Herry eventually presents a lifetime achievment award to his mommy. after all the songs are played, Cookie Monster comes on-stage to announce the winner, but he eats the envelope instead. Elmo puts a flashlight to Cookies mouth, and announces that the winner is Cookie Monster for C Is For Cookie.

    segments included:
    Fur (with The Aristocrats)
    Two Heads Are better Than One (with Herry Monster and the Two-headed Monster, who is listed as The Singing Heads)
    Frazzle (with Frazzle and friends)
    Herrys Family Song (with Herry Monster and his family)
    Fuzzy and Blue and Orange (with Grover, Herry, Cookie, and Frazzle)
    Comb Your Face (with Furline Huskie, who is usually listed as "a monster" on most albums featuring this song)
    What Do I Do When I'm Alone? (with Grover)
    Healthy Food (wiht Cookie Monster and the singing vegetables, who are listed as The Fly Girls)
    We're all Monsters (with the Furtons, which includes Elmo, who was originally performed by Brian Meehle in this song but Kevin Clash dubbed over his lines)
    C Is For Cookie (with Cookie Monster and the monsters)

    *Herrys Mother is performed by David Rudman when she recieves her award, even though Pam Arciero performed her in Herrys Family Song.
    *C Is For Cookie ends up beign the winnign song even though it isn't featured untill after it is announced as the winner.
    *On the original video box, the text referred to the award show as "The Furry Monster Awards", even though in the program itself it is called The Fuzzy Awards.
    *Telly Monster does not appear at all in this video.
    *This was the first Sesame Street video to include Elmo on the cover.
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is information about The Best of Ernie and Bert.

    release year: 1988

    plot: Big Bird helps Gina babysit Ernies niece, Ernestine. Gina says that every time that she babysits Ernestine, she brings Ernestines favorite book. It's a photo album full of pictures of Ernie and Bert. each picture leads to an ernie and bert skit. While looking through the photo album, Big Bird tells Gina that he babysat for a relative once. Gina is shocked to learn that Big Bird sat on the baby untill he explained that it was just inside an egg and hadn't hatched yet. Big Bird and Ernestine eventually fall asleep, but Gina continues to look through the book. Big Bird points out a picture of Ernie and Bert at a meeting of The national Association of W Lovers, and as Ernestine speaks in baby talk, Big Bird explaisn what people do at those meetings. Gina thinks Big Bird can understand baby talk, but Big Bird is pretending that Ernestine is asking the kinds of questions that he would ask if he was a baby. Ernestine eventually throws a fit. Big Bird and Gina can't figure out what is wrong, but Gina soon realizes that they aren't looking through the photo album.

    segments included:

    Ernie and Bert at the movies: lady with a tall hat

    Ernie and Bert go camping

    Ernies doctor comes over

    I Don't Want To Live On The Moon

    Ernie and Bert go to egypt

    The National Association of W Lovers

    Bert teaches Berniece how to play checkers

    That's What Friends Are For

    *Ernie and Bert do not appear in the linking footage. The video producers could have probably found time for Jim Henson and Frank Oz to perform Ernie and Bert (perhaps during the taping of an Ernie and Bert sketch for the season). After all, Jim Henson performed Kermit at the end of Big Birds Storytime and Frank Oz would perform in many videos made in 1990.
    *this seems like it was a rush job to get an all Ernie and Bert tape released. Besides the fact that Ernie and Bert don't appear in the linking footage, many of the skits on here seem more like B-list segments. Of course, before 1990 segments were not repeated on other videos. This was mad ein 1988 and at the time most of their A-list material had already been released on video (Rubber Duckie and Doin' The Pigeon were on Sing Along, Dance Myself To Sleep was on bedtime Stories and Songs, The rhyming Game was on Gtting Ready To Read, etc.). However, there are some A-list segments that still haven't been released on video and could have probably been included. Segments like One And One make Two, The Banana Sketch, and the skit where Ernie replaced berts cowboy hat with a pot.
  7. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for all the reviews, Minor Muppetz!:) I'll try to keep adding some myself as I have the time.
    It's helpful to know what all is on each video, so people can know which ones to look for to get a certain sketch or song. And that way, you can tell which video has the most songs and sketches you like and you can pick out the ones you want to buy most.
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Dance Along

    Here is what's on Dance Along.

    year of release: 1990.

    plot: Gina, Mike, Big Bird, and the kids participate in a dance show called The Sesame Street Dance Along, where they show various dance moves and take requests for certain dances. The Count arrives and talks about a dance that he does on Bat Day ("That's the day I go to the baseball game and get a free bat"). This dance is The Batty Bat. Oscar has a request: Stop Dancing! Unfortunately, Gina has a dance called Stop Dancing, which disapoints Oscar. Eventually, everybody does the "Any way you feel like dance", where the music changes and everybody dances however they feel like dancing. The Birdland Jump is the closing number, and that is intercut with a skit and linking footage, running through the ending credits.

    segments included:
    A New Way To Walk (with The Oinker Sisters, Old mcDonalds introduction cut, interrcut with footage of the cast dancing along)

    A Very Simple Dance (with Mike and the kids)

    The Batty Bat (with The Count and the bats, interrcut with shots of the cast dancing along, I think The Counts opening line is cut as well)

    Stop! Dance! (film segment where people say when to stop and when to dance, this is the dance that Gina refers to as "stop dancing")

    The Birdcall Boogie (with Hoots The Owl)

    ABC Disco (with Grover)

    Doin' The Pigeon (with Bert)

    The Birdland Jump (with Joe Williams at Birdland, intercut with shots of the cast dancging, only the first verse of the segment is seen, after he shouts "one more time!", we just see the cast dancing while we hear him singing, and th credits roll at this point)

    *It would have been great if these segments could have been shown uncut, instead of having scene sreplaced with shots of the cast dancing.
    *It also would have been nice if Bruno had brought Oscar to the studio.
    *it's too bad this video didn't have any songs with Ernie or Kermit. Ernie has done a few dance songs, like Dance Myself To Sleep and Do De Rubber Duck, while Kermit has sung Disco Frog and Do Op Hop.
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    There was a skit that I forgot to mention that's in Learnign About letters. It is about the letter K, i think it could be called K-Key. It's a cartoon where a man says, "k-Key", then we see a man using a key to open the entire front of a house (not just the door) and theres a woman in a bathtub who shouts, "Close the door, leonard!"

    Also, The King Banishes The Letter P is obviously edited. It intercuts between shots of Luis reading the story and the segment. Luis reading it is obviously made for this video, while the segment is obviously from the 1970s. I don't know who originally narrarated it (maybe it was a celebrity, maybe it was a human who was no longer on the show, like mr. Hooper, or maybe it was a human who was still on the show but no longer looked the way they did when the sketchw as filmed, or maybe it was only cut so that Luis could read the story).
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is a little info on A Celebration of Me, Grover!

    release date: 2004.

    plot: Grover is honored with a frequent flyer award at the Flyers Club Roost for his work as Super Grover. Big Bird is the host of the ceremony, and the event starts with the cast singing the Grover Work Song, which focusses on Grovers various jobs. Fat Blue is at the ceremony and is surprised to see Grover as the waiter at his own ceremony ("I have to make a living", says Grover). Big Bird likes Grover because he can fly, and says that he can fly over, under, around, and through things. Elmo sends a singing telegram for Grover, a poem by Dorthy, and Elmo recalls the time that Grover taught him to send singing telegrams. Bert and Ernie like grover because he is friendly. Bert says that when he first met Grover, Grover said "How do you do?", instead of just hello, which Ernie thinks is boring but is one of berts favorite words, and they discuss their favorite words. Big Bird wonders if oscar has anything nice to say about grover, and he has something "nice" to say about Super Grover: His flying is terrible, but Oscar likes how he lands. Cookie Monster likes Grover because he is not only a furry blue monster, but also because of his acting, and Roger Ebert gives one thumb up and one big thumb up for Grovers performance in The King And I. meanwhile, Grover has to leave the ceremony, get in a telephone booth, and become Super Grover and fly into the ceremony. Big Bird comments on Zoe's dress, which is for ballet dancing, and she starts dancing for a bit untill Big Bird reminds her that she is supposed to be saying something nice about grover. Zoe likes Grover because he is a good dancer. meanwhile, Grover impatiently waits for an elephant to stop using the phone booth. The elephant ends his call when he learns that a real life superhero needs to use the phone booth, but gets stuck in the phone booth. Grover helps him out, but then Grover gets stuck on the elephant. Back at the Roost, three kids say that they like Grover because he likes hugs. Fta Blue agrees to say something nice about Grover, but he has trouble thinking about something nice to say. Grover finally makes it to the roost, crash landing on Fat Blue, and gets his award. Everybody sings Proud of Me (although I guess this version should be called Proud of You).

    Segments included (not counting clip montages):

    Over, Under, Around, and Through

    Telegram Trainee (with Elmo and Fat Blue)

    How Do You Do? (with Leena Horne)

    Monsterpiece Theatre: The King and I (with Allistar Cookies opening and closing comments edited :mad: )

    ABC Disco (with the opening scene cut)

    Grover The Wig salesman (with Fat Blue)

    *Big Bird refers to Fat Blue as Mr. Blue, even though he has once been called Mr. Johnson. Even though he is given a name, the credits still list him as Fat Blue Customer.
    *Zoe's introduction should have been cut short, and Roger Eberts cameo was unneccessary.
    *Oddly enough, but complete Fat Blue segments in this video take place at his home. There are no full Grover The waiter segments included. :(
    *If Sesame Workshop was able to get permission to use clips of Kermit The Frog, then they should have included a full Kermit and Grover skit (instead of just two very short clips shown during the Grover Work Song).
    *This video does not incldue what I consider to be Grovers trademark song, Monster In The Mirror.
    *it's odd that this DVD doens't have any bonus Grover segments, but Happy healthy Monsters does have bonus segments.
    *among the guests in the audience at the ceremony include fred The Wonder Horse, Grovers Mom, Mel, and The Amazing Mumford. It would have been nice if prarie dawn, Herry Monster, and Herbert Birdsfoot were at the ceremony.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member


    I would like it if more people would write some info in this thread. I really like writing about Sesame Street videos, but I'm sure that other people would like to join in as well. I try to wait between writing information about various videos, but it is also so much fun writing about these. Also, there are many videos that I haven't seen (I'm Glad I'm me, getting ready For School, We All Sing Together, etc.), and there are some that I have seen but can't remember too many details about. For example, I;ve seen The Great Numbers Game but can't remember what every skit on that video was about. I've also seen Big Bird Sings and Big Birds Favorite Party Games, but I forget a lot of things about the linking segments (and my local library doens't hav ethem anymore, for some reason, although I do know where I can buy a copy of Big Bird Sings).

    Anyway, having said that, here is some information about Sing Along.

    release year: 1987.

    plot: Biff and Sully are on the roof of 123 Sesame Street. Biff explains to the audiemce that he and sully are trying to fix a television set. Suddenly, Bob, Big Bird, Hoots, Gordon, Maria, David and some kids are pushing a piano onto the roof. Bob explains that they are having a sing-along. they invite Biff anf Sully to join in, but they are busy fixing the TV. Bob requests the first song, John Jacop Jingle Heimer Smidt. Gordon picks the next song, Stand Up And Pinch Your Nose. Biff has fixed the TV, but when he turns it off he twists the knob off. A little girl requests The Alphabet Song. Biff and Sully fix the TV again, but it then falls off the roof. The gang then sings We All Sing With The Same Voice. After that, Big Bird wants to sing a song that his Grannie Bird taught him, Cheer Up. Unfortunately, Bob doesn't know that song, but luckily Sully does, and he plays the piano. Hoots wants to sing "The Barnyard Boogie Song" (actually, it's Old McDonald Had A Farm). Ernie has heard them singing from his apartment and tells them that he has a song for them. david tells him that he should come on up, but Ernie is busy taking a bath, so he sings from his bath tub (It's amazing that they can hear Ernie from up there). Eventually, it is nighttime, Biff has finally fixed the television, and everybody gets ready to end the sing-along with the one song that they must sing, but they can't remember the name of the song. Obviously, the song is What's The Name of That Song? The song is not only sung by those on the roof, but from people all over the street, including farley and an anything muppet girl (she also appeared in the song They Can't Take That Away From Me) who are singing from the window of another building, Oscar who sings from his trash can, Luis and Susan who know the name of that song but then think they might be wrong, the two-headed monster, and the honkers who honk along to the song. When the song ends, a pole accidently falls on the TV.

    Segments included:

    Sing After Me (with Grover and Madeline Kahn)
    Sing (with Olivia and Linda)
    We All Sing With The Same Voice (the beginning and ending are cut ince it begins and ends with the cast singing)
    Rubber Duckie (with Ernie :p )
    Doin' The Pigeon (with bert :( )

    *I have read a review of this (I think at www.amazon.com) that mentioned that this was originally an episode of the show. Is this true or just a rumor? If it was originally an episode, then it was obviously cut down to a half hour, with the openign and closing replaced with the My Sesame Street Home Video opening and closing, the mention of the letter and number of the day cut, and many inserts, if nothing else.
    *Ernie has a conversation wiht David in the linking footage, but it is just a voice-over. Either way, it is one of the few Sesame Street videos that Jim Henson participated in (and if it really was originally an episode of the show, then it's one of the few times that Jim henson participated in a street plot in the 1980s).
    *There are a few scenes where David tries to request a song, but we never see him make a request (maybe it was cut from the video).
    *Betty Lou appeared on the original video cover even though she didn't appear in this video.
    *During Old McDonald Had A Farm, Big Bird requests for Old McDonald to have a swan, which everybody makes him change his mind over, but they don't have much of a problem with Hoots The Owls request of Old McDonald having a saxaphone on his farm.
  12. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention what was in the clip montages in A celebration of me, Grover!

    The first montage was during the grover work song. Here are some of the clips that were included:
    1. Grover as a waiter, putting a lot of food on Fat Blues table (the only Grover The Waiter sketch seen in any form in this video)
    2. Grover selling newspapers (Sully walks by in the background).
    3. Grover as a taxi driver, getting his taxi towed.
    4. Grover as an elevador operador, letting people (including Simon Soundman and Farley) in the elevador.
    5. grover walking dogs in the park.
    6. Grover as a hot dog vendor.
    7. Various Global Grover clips.
    8. A clip of Grover as a proffessor, probably from a Spanish Word of The Day skit.
    9. Grover as a plumber in Kermits apartment.
    10. Grover as a fire fighter in the woods, being led by Kermit to a camp fire.
    11. Grover dancing from the rappin' Alphabet song (they shoudl have just showed this entire skit and had a clip from ABC Disco, instead of the other way around, since ABC Disco was already available on video).
    12. grover as marshall grover, riding backwards on Fred The Wonder Horse.
    13. Grover as a farmer pulling a wageon ridden by Fred.

    the second montage had various clips of Super Grover falling from the sky. One clip had him landing on Telly. All these clips led to a full Super grover skit (although the Super grover openign was cut).

    The third and final clip had various clips of Grover with real live kids, including John John (in the clip where he wants to count backwards), a kid who has Grover go the way that an arrow is pointed, Grover asking a girl to scratch his tummy, a boy telling Grover that he is the best monster that boy had ever met, and some other clips.
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Big Birds Storytime

    Dang, I also forgot to mention that A celebration of me, Grover! has the Super Grover sketch where Grover attempts to save energy.

    Moving right along, here is some info on Big Bird's Storytime.

    release year: 1987

    DVD release year: 2005

    plot: It is nap time for Big Bird and mr. Snuffleupagus. They want Maria to read them a bedtime story, so Maria goes to the library to get a book but the library is closed so she picks up a newspaper to read to Big Bird and Snuffy, which includes news reports about various fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Eventually, Snuffy wants to hear the story of the three... animals. Snuffy can't remember what three animals, just that there are three of them. Maria figures he is probably talking about the three bears, but after she is finished with the story, Snuffy remembers that the story he was talking about was the three little pigs. Big Bird and Snuffy finally fall asleep (I can't remember if Maria also sleeps) when all of a sudden a worn-out Kermit appears in Big Bird's nest area and falls asleep.

    segments included:
    At Your Library (with Oscar and the human cast)
    Sesame Street News: Rupunzel
    Sesame Street News: Snow White
    Sesame Street News: Humpty Dumpty
    Sesame Street News: The Three Little Pigs (the one where Kermit interviews the pig who built a straw house that's too strong for the wolf to blow down)
    Imagine That (with Erne)

    *I think this is the only Sesame Street video that Jim Henson actually performed in (Not counting Ernies voice over in Sing-Along).
    *Although the title is Big Bird's Storytime, Big Bird didn't appear on the original video cover. Instead, the cover had a scene from Imagine That, with Ernie as a knight on a horse confronting a dragon.
    *it's a little strange that the library would close in the middle of the day (then again, my local library closes at 5 pm on Fridays and Saturdays).
    *Couldn't Maria have just read one of the books on Big Bird's shelf?
    *it would have been great if this video had included at least one Monsterpiece Theatre sketch.
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is some info on The Alphabet Game.

    year of release: 1987.

    plot: Sonny Friendly is the host of Alphabet Treasure Hunt. His contestants are Big Bird, Dimples The Dog, and Gary Grouch. The object of the game is to find objects that begin with certain letters of the alphabet. The alphabet board goes up to a certain letter, and when it stops on a certain letter, the contestants must find something that begins with that letter. Each person who succeeds will get a piece of a cookie, and when they get all three pices that make a full cookie, that person wins. The first letter is B. Big Bird tries to find something that begins with B but Dimples bites Big Bird so hard that he can't get away. Time is up and Dimples gets a cookie piece because he brought in Big Bird. Gary comes back with a trash can which he points out does not start with B, but Sonny sees that there are bugs in the can, and Bugs begins with B, so Gary gets a cookie piece (Gary doesn't want to win, so he is angry). After that is alphabet bonus time, where the alphabet board goes crazy, leading to a letter and a clip of that letter. The bonus letter is D. The next letter for contestants to find an object of is F. Dimples once again bites so hard on big bird that he can't move, and when time is up, Dimples pulls off Big Bird's feathers. Gary brings his lunch ("Which does NOT start with the letter F"), which is wrapped up in a newspaper ("Which also doesn't begin with F"), but Gary doesn't realize that what his lunch is, a fish, does begin with an F. It's alphabet bonus time again, and the bonus letters are H and J. The next letter is R. This time Dimples stays where he is and doens't stop Big Bird. Big Bird brings in a rabbit, but Sonny Friendly only thinks of it as a bunny and does not give Big Bird a piece of the cookie. Dimples is resting, which begins with R, and gets another piece. Gary Grouch is so upset over getting pieces of cookie by accident that he drills a hole in the ceiling, but then it rains, and he gets another cookie piece. It's alphabet bonus time again, and the letters are Q, S, and W. Dimples and Gary are tied so they have to answer a question. Gary doesn't answer and leaves. The question is, "What is the top of a house called?". Dimples says, "Woof!" and wins. He gets a lot of prizes, including a vacation (I forget where) and he get's to pick who he goes on the vacation wiht. He chooses Big Bird.

    Alphabet In The Swamp (with Kermit The Frog)
    Dee Dee Dee (with Ernie and Cookie Monster)
    a mad scientist invents the capital lette H (animated skit)
    J folks jambouree (animated song)
    The Question Song (with Grover and a Little Girl)
    Sammy The Snake (with Sammy The Snake)
    Wanda The Witch (animated skit from the very first episode)

    *the title of this video should have just been called Alphabet treasure Hunt.
    *Oscar could have easily just been a contestant, instead of Gary Grouch. It could be argued that Oscar wasn't used because Caroll Spinney was performing Big Bird, but Big Bird and Gary Grouch don't interract at all in this video (and it also seems like, out of all muppets who have the same performer, Big Bird and Oscar interract the most). Another explanation could be so that all contestants could have the same first and last initials. or it could have been so that all contestants would be from different places in the country (The names of the homes they are from are mentioned, and they are all from different places).
    *at the end, the name of Sonny Friendleys co-hostess is mentioned, but I can't tell what she says her name is.
    *I wonder if a puppet version of Big Bird was used or if it was the actual suit. Big Bird never appears in full-body form at all in this video. (I have read that the whole suit isn't used whenever Big Bird appears on Hollywood squares).
  15. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reviewing Big Bird's Story Time, minor muppetz! That's one of my favorite videos, mainly because Kermit shows up and interacts with the cast on the Street! Right at the end, Snuffy and Big Bird are half asleep after Maria's been reading all these stories to them and Kermit pops up in between Big Bird and Snuffy (and Kermit's worn out after reporting on all those news stories) and he tells Snuffy to move over and he falls asleep on Big Bird's nest in between Big Bird and Snuffy! I just thought that was one of the coolest things ever!:)
  16. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Okay, I guess I'll tackle "Elmopalooza" now, since I just finally watched it for the first time. This is a 1998 TV special that was later released on both VHS and DVD. One thing I have to say straight off is: This video is celebrating the 30th. anniversary of Sesame Street and despite its title, it does just that (though not with any classic video clips) It's really not nearly as Elmo centric as I expected it to be. I wish they could have picked a better title for the video, but if you can get past that, there really is a good Sesame Street special here.
    There's really nothing on this video as far as classic sketches or songs. There are some classic songs sung, but none of them are the original versions from the show.

    However, it is worth it for the guest star appearances (both from humans like Jon Stewart and David Alan Grier) and from some very rarely seen Muppets!
    First off, Kermit the Frog shows up in his reporter role to give you the scoop on what's going down at the start of the video. Kermit up front and center is always a nice addition for a Sesame Street video!:)
    (And he makes some appearances later on, but I'll get to that in sequential order)

    By the way, here's a review I found at Toughpigs.com that might be worth checking out.

    Another good thing I'll point out is that despite its title, this whole thing really isn't just an Elmopalooza. Lots of other characters are on hand. The whole gang is at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate Sesame Street's 30th. anniversary. Elmo is there with Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Herry, Cookie Monster, Zoe, Baby Bear, Telly, Oscar and Slimey, and Prairie Dawn. Jon Stewart is supposed to be the host but he gets locked in a room with Prairie Dawn. David Alan Grier is sort of the executive producer who's trying to keep the show running in order. Actually, at this point, it's good to point out one of the coolest things about this special. It really feels like a Sesame Street version of The Muppet Show!!! It's really cool.
    David Alan Grier basically has Scooter's role and Elmo takes on Kermit's role, as he steps up to the plate to host the show in Jon's stead. (Note- Prairie was actually originally in charge and would have been co-hosting with Jon if they hadn't been locked in the room.)
    Elmo and David go on with the show- having different clips of celebrities singing songs all throughout. In between songs, different celebrities come by and try to get Jon and Prairie out. Let's see- we have Richard Belzer with his Muppet stuntman try and fail. Chris Rock comes by and tells them that he can save the show by hosting and telling jokes. Prairie reminds him not to tell any dirty jokes and then that ends that. Chris goes off, lamenting the fact that he can't tell his mud jokes, which of course, Oscar calls after him, saying he'd like to hear these mud jokes.
    At one point, David Alan Grier even has Biff trying to get them out!!! Yes, Biff actually shows up, albeit with a slightly different voice (but he does in fact, speak!) and the Muppet itself actually looked slightly different. But it was certainly Biff. And later on, in one of the songs, we actually see Sully in the audience as well!
    Another cool factor was that in a song called "I Want a Monster to be my Friend" Frazzle shows up!!! And in Gloria Estefan's song "Mambo I I I", the Oinker Sisters show up!
    And Forgetful Jones even showed up in a scene!!! (he was among a group of Muppets trying to get Jon and Prairie out) He didn't say anything, but it was awesome just to see him there.
    And I can't forget to mention that while all this is going on, for most of the video, the Sesame Street human cast is trying to get to the Radio City Music Hall. They're picked up in a limo- and Grover is driving!!! The human cast (Bob, Gina, Mr. Handford- probably one of his only video appearances, Gordon and Susan) all ride with Grover, though they're skeptical of his driving capabilities. A chicken is also there serving peanuts. Later on, Grover gets them kinda lost and they pick up some penguins. (Though Grover claims it's the penguins that are lost.) And near Roswell, New Mexico, Grover picks up the Yip Yip aliens!!!
    They all eventually get there at the end though, and join in singing the last song, called "Songs". And also, the Two-Headed Monster even shows up and is on stage at one point, while Elmo is trying to introduce the next song. And Kermit does show up again, singing "Caribbean Amphibian" with Jimmy Buffet- but in a different video clip from the original version.
    And even the credits are fun to watch, as we hear the Sesame Street theme song sung by the different celebrities and Muppets (Kermit and Jimmy Buffet; Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and Baby Bear; Rosie O'Donnell and Elmo; Shawn Colvin and Ernie; The Fugees and Big Bird and Snuffy) etc.
    Well, I know this hasn't been straight out in order, but the cool thing about this video is that so many classic characters do show up. Oh yeah, and Maria and Luis are there in the "Mambo I, I, I" song and later show up to sing in the finale, "Songs". By this point, Jon and Prairie have been freed by Slimey sneezing down the door. (Thanks to Bert's pepper that he has in his pocket). During the "Songs" song, Ernie and Bert sing a clip of "Rubber Duckie", Big Bird sings a clip of "ABC-DEFGH-JKL-MNOP-QR-STUV-WXYZ", Oscar sings a clip of "I Love Trash" and Cookie Monster sings a clip of "C is for Cookie". And Bob, Gordon and Susan sing "Who are the People in your Neighborhood?"
    It's a great ending with all of them there and lots of cameo appearances, like the ones I already mentioned. Oh yeah, and The Count is certainly there at the end too. I think it was great that this video, though it had Elmo taking on the hosting job, still managed to keep all the characters pretty well balanced and it didn't feel like Elmo was totally dominating the show. And there were tons of celebrities- Madonna, Tony Bennett and Will Smith all made very quick cameos (taken from archive footage). Conan O'Brien also made an uncredited appearance, hosting his show. Kenny Loggins showed up to sing "One Small Voice". Shawn Colvin sang "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" with Ernie.
    Well, here's a complete track listing from the album.

    1. Mambo l, l, l - Gloria Estefan
    2. I Want A Monster To Be My Friend - En Vogue
    3. Zig Zag Dance - Mighty Mighty Bosstones & The Count
    4. Nearly Missed - Rosie O'Donnell & Elmo
    5. Just Happy To Be Me - Fugees
    6. I Don't Want To Live On The Moon - Shawn Colvin & Ernie
    7. I Love Trash - Steven Tyler
    8. Caribbean Amphibian - Jimmy Buffett, Kermit The Frog & The All-Amphibian Band
    9. Happy To Meet You - Celine Dion, Herry Monster, Elmo & Big Bird
    10. One Small Voice - Kenny Loggins & The Kids
    11. Songs - Elmo & The Kids

    This is more or less how the songs showed up on the video, except for a few things.
    The Fugees kicked things off with a rap remix of "Just Happy to Be Me" and then came Gloria Estefan's song. Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame) didn't show up to sing "I Love Trash", but apparently he recorded it for the album. And Celine Dion wasn't on the video either. And I should also mention, as part of the plot, that Rosie O'Donnell's song actually came right before Kenny Loggins' song. She hit Elmo at the end and he went flying into Zoe and Telly and wound up bringing the curtains down and felt like he messed things up. Jon, David and Prairie and Big Bird convince Elmo that he didn't mess anything up and he has to go on and finish the show. They manage to get Jon and Prairie out at this point (as they have the video for the next song trapped in there with them) and Big Bird rushes through the set of Conan O'Brien's show to get the video playing. And then we have Kenny Loggins singing "One Small Voice"- which makes Elmo feel better and he and Jon and the rest of the cast finish up with "Songs".
    That's pretty much it. (Sorry if it's a little jumbled)

    All in all, I thought it was a great special. :( :p
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Elmopalooza is a great special. It's odd that it didn't include any clips from the show (considering that it was an anniversary special). I think that all of Elmos TV specials are really good (and they all have a great amount of screen time for other characters as well). Also, I thought that Biff sounded the same as he normally does, maybe just a little deeper. I'm sure that Jerry Nelson still voiced him. Of course, a lot of characters voices do change over time, even if they are always performed by the same person. You can compare Kermit's voice from Being Green with his voice from I Love My Elbows or I Wonder About The World Above Up There and notice a difference in his voice, even though Jim Henson performed him in all of those. Or you can compare Fozzie's voice in the first season of the Muppet Show to his voice from The Muppets Take Manhattan and notice a small difference. Or if you watch Elmos Sing-Along Guessing Game and compare Oscar's voice in I Love Trash with his voice in the linking footage you can tell a difference.
  18. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I guess so, regarding the voice differences.
    By the way, do you know if Kermit sings "I Wonder About the World Above Up There" just on Sesame Street or does he perform it on The Muppet Show too? I was just listening to that song today and it sounded like I heard Robin in there singing too.:)
  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Yes, he only sang it on Sesame Street. He never sang it on The Muppet Show. It was included on an album called Jim Henson's Sesame Street celebration, where the song had a 1987 copyright, meaning that it was written long after The Muppet Show ended. Kermit sang the song with three kids, voiced by Jerry nelson (using the same voice he used for Robin), kevin clash, and camille bonora (even though she wasn't credited in the album booklet).
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Here is information about The Best of Elmo.

    year: 1994.

    plot: Elmo has made a lot of drawings, and plans on including one in the monster art show. He shows the pictures to Maria to see which one she likes best. She likes a picture of Elmo and Ernie the best, so Elmo let's her keep it. She tries to resist, because Elmo has to enter one in the contest, but Elmo insists, because he still has plenty of pictures. He then shows them to Ruthie, and gives her two of her favorite drawings. Zoe see's the pictures and keeps asking Elmo if she can have them, and Elmo reluctantly let;s her have all that she asks for. This leaves only one picture left, of Elmo playing the piano. Elmo decides to enter that one in the contest, since that is the only one left. However, a dark blue honker shows up, overly depressed because everybody else got a picture and he didn't. Elmo think's about whether he should give the honker the last picture or enter it in the art show. Elmo decides that having his friend be happy is more important than being in an art show, so he gives Honker the last picture. Now Elmo is sad. He confronts Maria, Ruthie, Zoe and the Honker, who all learn that he no longer has a picture for the monster art show, and they all decide to give Elmo back his paintings. Elmo say's he couldn't, since he gave all of them his pictures, but maria tells Elmo that he can give the pictures back to them after the art show is over. But now this leaves Elmo with one question: "Which picture should Elmo enter in The Monster Art Show?"

    One Fine Face (also starring Ernie)
    In Your Imagination (also featuring Hoots The Owl and Wolfgang The Seal)
    Happy Tapping
    Elmo and Julia Roberts teach viewers about being afraid
    Five Jive With Elmo Hammer
    Three (also starring Prarie Dawn and Herry Monster)
    Elmo and Whoopi Goldberg talk about fur, skin, and hair
    Heavy and Light (also starring Telly)
    The Sound That's In The Air
    Elmos Song (also starring Big Bird and Snuffy)

    *While the title sequence for most of the My Sesame Street Home Video releases had Big Bird reading the title out loud, in this one (and the previous one, A New Baby In My House) it is Elmo who reads the title.
    *This is the only My Sesame Street Home Video release from Random House to feature the 1990s Sesame Street theme music (instead of the 1980s theme music).
    *Also like A New Baby In My Family, this is one of the few My Sesame Street Home Video releases to have a different end credits sequence (all My Sesame Street Home Video releases from the 1980s had an illustrated still of Cookie Monster holding a chalk board with the credits on it). The end credit sequence here had shots of most of Elmo's drawings.
    *one of the pictures seen is of goldfish, probably from the Seven Goldfishg skit, which isn't included on this video. Could it have been planned but dropped after filming?
    *Richard Hunt is listed as a director. I wonder which segment(s) he directed? He most likely didn't direct the linking footage, as this video was released after he died and he didn't get top billing as a director.
    *If Elmo really wanted to enter a drawing after he had given hisd rawings all away, he could have just colored another picture. Or he could have entered his last picture and made a new one for the honker.
    *The Honker was upset because he was the only one who didn't have a picture (untill Elmo gave Honker his last picture). However, we only see Elmo give pictures to Maria, Ruthie, and Zoe. Could he have given pictures away before the video started?
    *At one point, when Zoe keeps wanting more of Elmo's pictures, Elmo says "It's not easy being the best". That line seems ironic because back then he was more of a supporting character, not any more or less major than Prarie dawn or Herry Monster (the only difference being that he had his own "best of" video, when at the time the only other characters to have a "best of" video were Ernie and Bert), but now it seems like he is the main Sesame Street character (or at least most profitable, in the eyes of Sesame Workshop) yet many hardcore fans dislike him for taking away screen time from other characters.
    *Of course, for those of you who think he does take screen time away from others, watch this video and you'll see that, out of all the "best of [insert character here]" videos (before A Celebration of Me, Grover!), this one has the best mix of characters. Heck, in many of the songs and skits Elmo is more of a co-star or supporting character to others (like Ernie). Most videos about the best of certain characters focus on the characetrs tat the videos are promoting, with very little of other characters.

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