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Sketches wanted--looking for traders

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by rjschex, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    JEEEZ.... I'd like some of these.

    Does anyone have Baker 9, supposedly with Rowlf the Dog?
  2. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    Both are PBS airings, taped from KAET Phoenix. (ALL of my tapes are.)
  3. MIKEB97

    MIKEB97 New Member

    Hi rjschex,

    I too am very interested in obtaining copies of your Sesame Street episodes however, I am only interested in ones from the 1987-88 season, the 1988-89 season & the 1989-90 season. Please e-mail me at sqwakbox@hotmail.com and we can work out a deal.


  4. little jerry

    little jerry New Member

    to rjschex

    hi there my name is little jerry and i am trying to find some rare sesame street stuff i am curently searching for 40 dots where this guy is singing the number of dots as the apear on the screan and one of my all time favorite cast member songs good bye fly if you have either of these you may want to im me i'm on aol my screanname is betsey2244
  5. Hays

    Hays New Member

    Wow. That's quite a collection you all have - wish I had something to offer, but I just have the tapes available for sale...(sigh :o )

    Glad to know it's out there, somewhere, though...
  6. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Active Member

    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Holy cow! And you've got over a HUNDRED of these?

  7. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    More episodes in my collection:
    #2487 (I-U-0)
    "Starfish" song / "Danger's No Stranger" / boy buys a "u" to form the word "up" / Count sleeps over keeping Ernie awake / "Uniform" sketch for letter "U" / "Echo into Mexico" / film: "I" for icy cold days

    #2488 (S-X-17)
    Grover knocks over the letter "S" / Cowboy X / "X" sketch from the David Connell/Jim Thurman series--the ones with Weeble-like people and white backgrounds / Computer-animated "9" tries to find his home (houses marked 1-10) / #17 rap / James Taylor sings "Your Grouchy Face" to Oscar / sand "S" (IMO, the BEST in the series, with not one but ELEVEN lowercase s's) / "Peligro" owl / Ernie invites Cookie Monster to breakfast ("soft boiled cookie with a glass of cookie juice on the side")

    #2489 (N-Z-7)
    Grover tries to fix a leak for Kermit, using any of three wrenches (big/bigger/biggest) / limerick-Nose / 1969-70 alphabet film with light jazz music and camera zooming in on each letter / ant trying to move a capital "N" / "NTV" / Alligator King / Simon Soundman at music store

    #2490 (S-W-6)
    W-Wash / Bert's W Song / Wanda the Witch / song "I'm Pretty" / W for Wilbur (it's a big letter!) / Six Soccer Socks

    #2495 (A-Q-3)
    man atop building under construction builds clock to deliver his lunch / Q-Quarter (voice of Casey Kasem)

    #2560 (C-M-19)
    "Jar of Peanut Butter" / B&E sketch--cookie jar / #19 rap / song "Monster Meal" / (2-part sketch) "Timber!" (first part--a match falls down; second part--tree springs back up)

    #2572 (E-P-9)
    song "Count It Higher" / door opens to reveal "E" / Prairie Dawn play about a flower / "Above It All" / "What if..." (elephant/mouse)

    #2573 (H-X-3)
    "How I Miss My X" / Brand X / sand H

    #2574 (B-T-12)
    limerick-"Beard" / "Story of Bert's Blanket" / "B is for Bubble" / Circus Trainer #12 (birds)

    #2579 (Q-T-4)
    2 crooks reciting ABC / Q-"Quiet!" / The Princess and the Cookie / B&E-Rhyme Game / Squeal of Fortune / Jim Thurman & David Connell sketch for "T" (ends with "Trash" and "Ticket" / ants carrying "Q" up hill / Mumford tries to make Gladys disappear / Jazzy Spies #4

    #2576 (H-Y-3)
    "One of these Kids" (in the snow) / Y--yo-yo (early) / sand Y / Frank Oz "3" rubber ball (ground into powder)

    unknown# (M-O-5)
    film about letter "M" / "O" falls from Grocery Store sign / "Me and My M" / film: making of a saxophone / Herry & John-John discuss loud and soft / O rolls all over horse

    #2580 (O-Z-6)
    Z in space / Billy Joe Jive & Sweet Susie Sunset--missing shortcakes / Lifestyles of the Big and Little / "Would you mind closing our OPEN?" / rap #6 / sand O

    unknown# (P-V-20)
    Kermit visits "Wolf Huffing School" / bellhop #20 / Teeny Little Superguy sketch about pet ownership / sand P

    #2581 (N-S-2)
    "Telephone Rock" / John Moschitta Jr. does alphabetical baby names / Lefty tries to sell Ernie a scale / "People in Your Neighborhood"--dentist & bus driver (Tooth-hurty!) / forms of transportation beginning with S / Pinball #2

    #2582 (D-I-10)
    Remembering Game / limerick-Dog / animated film depicting the demolition of the numbers 1-20 (note Cookie Monster eating #17, and the misspelling at the end!) / Ten Telephoning Turtles

    unknown# (Q-W-11)
    Pinball #11 / early B&E 2-part sketch about cleaning up (Ernie had a differently colored shirt)

    unknown# (G-K-10)
    Pinball #10 / K for Kitten (mother cat picks him up) / Kermit's Swamp alphabet

    unknown# (D-H-16)
    flashback to Big Bird's "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" song (as the green banner is removed from the toybox, note that you can clearly see the "Z" falling off!) / typewriter guy: D-daisy / conductor keeps yelling "STOP!" to out-of-tune violinist / "Geronimo!" (propeller) / the "D" building / neon "H" being raised to roof (from the series including O and R, with the familiar kazoo music--a bus appears out of nowhere just before the "H" starts rising) / "H for Hello" voiced by Gary Owens / robot told to "Walk!"

    unknown# (E-L-0)
    typewriter guy: E-ear / Elephant & Elk (and the winner is...) / Magical Herman keeps adding a "1" until he gets to 10

    unknown# (G-N-9)
    Nancy the Nannygoat / Gorilla wants a job / Monsterpiece Theatre--"Taming of the Shoe" / limerick-Goose / "We All Sing with the Same Voice (My Name Is You) " / #9 rap
  8. gbrobeck

    gbrobeck Active Member

    Goodness! I wish I had had the sense to tape up all those episodes way back then! The thing about these episodes is just reading about them is bringing back such wonderful childhood memories as the 1987-1990 period is when I remember watching SS so much (I can't remember anything earlier than 1987 and I stopped watching in 1990 in favor of The Disney Afternoon). I'd be willing to take these episodes any way I could get them!

  9. Hays

    Hays New Member

    Too true! Of course, for the first few seasons we couldn't have taped them - most people didn't get a home VCR until the mid 70s (and we actually got a Betamax machine, so if I had, the tapes would be unreadable)
  10. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I have to have some of these! I e-mailed you and didn't get a response! I have a whole bunch of stuff to trade! Please e-mail me back!!
  11. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    Theoretically, you could output material from a Betamax onto a VHS or onto another format as long as you had the proper wiring. That is possible, isn't it?

    I'm reminded by a scene from the Simpsons where Springfield is being looted, and one of the criminal characters runs away with a video machine, but then looks at horror at what he stole: "(Brit accent) Oh, no! Beta!"
  12. Oliver

    Oliver New Member

    I only have 4 or 5 tapes from the 1984-86 seasons (I believe), but I'd really like to trade with you if possible. I'd even be willing to pay you for these episodes.

    I'd just like to know what the video quality is like for the most part on these recordings? Are there any scracthes or visible video static throughout these tapes and are they all complete with opening and closing sequences?

    Do you have access to a dvd burner and would you be willing to compile some dvd's or vcd's of these episodes for $ compensation?

    Please let me know, thanks a lot!!!

  13. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    More shows in my collection:

    #2491 (G-R-9)
    Grover as elevator operator tells riders to face front / typewriter guy: G-glue / NewsFlash: Cinderella / Willie Wimple--water pollution / Old Woman who lived in a nine / "I Love Being a Pig" (live-action film version)

    #2496 (F-L-4)
    Circus Trainer #4 (lions) / wind cloud demonstrates the "F" sound / film: piñata party / animated "Young McDonald" song

    #2492 (E-Y-12)
    animation: Rube Goldberg device for turning on TV (counts 1-20) / "Everybody Eats" / "National Bird" debate / Elephant & Elk / Anything Muppets running from letter E / 12 cans of soup in supermarket / Y-Yawn / Counting lesson with Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot / Pinball #12 / little girl recites alphabet with Kermit--and is obsessed with Cookie Monster / animated sign language alphabet / animated film about seat belts / manufacture of a saxophone

    #2497 (M-O-11)--David finds 40 (instead of 14) milk jugs delivered to the store.
    classic M for Martha skit / Sully builds a piano / Woman in department store mistakes Cookie Monster for a coat / M in space / Prairie Dawn play about seasons / "O" falls from Grocery Store sign


    Lefty sells Ernie invisible ice cream cone / fisherman demonstrates dry and wet / film: swimming penguins / neon "R" being raised to roof / computer-animated 2+3=5 houses / Yellow Yahoo

    D--dart / the "D"-train / Simon Soundman teaches Bert how to make tuba sound / a "Walk" sign causes animated cars to (literally!) "walk" along street / film: ivory carving / Count & Kermit in elevator / King of 8

    Fly & Frog (Casey Kasem) / Monsterpiece Theatre: Guys and Dolls / The Count spoils Ernie's 6-block pyramid / Typewriter Guy: S-Spring / "S" balloon gag / Frances the Fairy

    (G-M-19)--opens with vintage footage of Snuffle-upagus race. Note the double doors (with NO PARKING sign) have more number posters on them
    animated elephant (Maria) counts to 20, keeps getting stuck on 14 / #19 rap / The rude "M" who came to dinner / Oscar's birthday; he gets a scratched copy of "Telephone Rock" / CGI animation: 3 lines try to reach top of screen / "Me and My M" / man paints "WET PAINT" billboard, only to realize what it said at the last minute / sand M

    sad flowers / 1969-70 zoom-in Alphabet / Bert's nephew Brad trying to take Bath
    / Kermit the "Gorf" / bird tells girl what's under the street / film: making postage stamps (at the time, they cost only 22¢) / Y-Yawn / Typewriter Guy: A-Airplane / Ernie writes shopping list using chocolate pudding / Circus Trainer #10 (bears)

    (I-V-13)--In whole episode, Gina is writing in her diary, flashing back to each event.
    rap #13 / V-Vitamins-Vitality-Vim-Vigor / "We All Live in a Capital I" / Red-hot "I" / Zydeco song sung in French / early B&E: "A Day at the Zoo" / "Eating is a very special thing"

    Ernie's Barber Shop--he cuts off all of Bert's hair / "O-P-E-N. Okay, I'll open it!" / fishing boy catches alphabet / "Nobody told me there were two holes!" / Monsterpiece Theatre: Sound of Music / Don Music--"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" / sand O / "What if..." (dog/bird) / Alphabet Chat-R

    "Family Food" parody with Richard Dawson / moving van picks up "8" / Ernie is with girl wearing a shirt like his / The Noble Ostrich / "Take a Breath" / manufacture of Chinese Noodles

    A NOTE TO TRADERS: If no episode number is listed, just use the letter/number combination listed.
  14. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    And there's a lot more where this came from...

    More episodes:

    #2599 (T-U-4)
    song "We're a Family" (film) / making objects with four triangles and two small squares / B&E: "Happy Birthday to U" / boy buys letters "u" and "p" / song "To Be Alive" / Typewriter Guy: T-Train / beekeeper film / U-NITE train / eye exam / Monsterpiece Theatre: "Upstairs Downstairs"

    #2600 (B-H-8) The Baby Party
    Bellhop #8 / This Is Your Lunch / "Keep on Truckin'" / ABC in Country, Urban and Latin versions / "LOST DOG" poster / turtles singing a round / Count with an experimental rocket / Jazzy Spies #8 / Kermit song "Get Along"

    #2601 (N-X-7)
    film about life in Alaska / Rap #7 / boy gives "Big Murray" (Gordon) a "7" to put on his jersey--parody of classic 1979 Coca-Cola commercial / limerick-Nose / O'Brien's Fast Food Restaurant

    #2602 (J-P-2) The Sesame Street Circus
    The Cookie Bunny / News Flash: Humpty Dumpty / What if?: anteater and giraffe / bellhop #2 / "Peter Piper P Products" (John Moschitta Jr.) / sand Jj / Baa Baa Walters Special / Madrigal ABC / OPERA-SINGING ORANGE / Addition Game / animated "P" floating on an island in front of setting sun / B&E-cherries / one-two-three monsters (early Herry) / J-train

    #2603 (E-Z-11)
    Lovely Eleven Morning / "E" sawed from wall--voice kinda sounds like Tom Bosley / "Coconut Counting Man" duet: Count with Harry Belafonte / Kermit talks about "Z", but his "Z" keeps turning into an "N" / Pinball #11 / American Revolution: Don Music as Thomas Jefferson / folding ruler cartoon

    #2604 (Q-V-3)
    Snuffy on trampoline / News Flash: The Invisible Man / film: putting a cast on / hypnotic "Q" cartoon

    #2605 (D-F-14) Hiroshi paints images of the number fourteen
    disco number explaining "in" and "out" / "Frankenstein" F skit / Luis' version of "La Bamba" / "Daddy Dear" / film: repairing car dents / "Dirtiest Town in the West" / glass recycling / "Delightful" letter D / "I Love Being a Pig" (cartoon)

    #2606 (H-S-2)
    Sand Ss / Bert's sandcastle gets knocked over / ABC pianist in lunchbox / "Two little dolls in a little dollhouse" / limerick-Horse / film on the making of crayons / ABC song by Paul Simon's backup vocalists / Simon Soundman making tuba sound

    #2607 (T-V-4)
    4 ants on porch / "Caveperson Days"-invention of window / Billy Dee Williams counts with honker / Pinball #4 / Show & Tell-Bert shows off his rock / T-typewriter-toe / making apple cider / T-television (Casey gets his nose turned off by the conductor!) / fireworks alphabet

    #2608 (D-F-5)
    What's My Job? / dental visit / "Who You Lookin' at Tiger?" / Ernie brings westie puppy home / Wegman: 3 balls / Harvey Kneeslapper "D" / Teeny Little Superguy-baseball game / rhyming monsters (and that's that...SCAT!) / F-finished

    #2609 (F-L-6)
    #6 rap / story of Lion and Leopard / "New Way to Walk" by Oinker Sisters / injured magician

    #2610 (D-X-11)
    Circus Trainer #11 / Limerick-Dog / Gym Kids / R2D2 in love with hydrant / batik "X" (large 3-D red-and-orange X appears on screen; kid says "X" repeatedly as numerous yellow X's appear) / Monsterpiece Theater: "Chariots of Fur" / Beat the Time (momentary signal loss) / sand Xx / rap #11

    #2612 (C-J-9)
    Jughead / "Starfish" / C-Cowboy / film about drawbridge / limerick-Cat / Monsterpiece Theater: "Ali Baba" (played by Ricardo Monsterban) / rap #9 / Harvey Kneeslapper "C" / the J-mine / J-jam

    #2613 (J-V-8)
    News Flash: Cookie Monster plans to be orthodontist / limerick(?)-Jaguar / Teeny Little Superguy-going to bed / Circus Trainer #8 / "Coconut Counting Man" / 2 men on a V / Captain Breakfast / J under man's hat

    #2614 (U-W-12)
    Bellhop #12 / "40 Blocks From My Home" / W for Wilhelmina / Wanda the Witch / "U" in tall briefcase (all letters are free!) / "U Really Got a Hold On Me" (Smokey) / Worm-Walrus-Water / man comically uses remote to demonstrate up and down (voice of Jim Thurman) / Ladybugs' Picnic

    Bellhop #8 / Conductor keeps getting huge M's from vocalists / Kermit looks back on childhood / Ernie's niece Ernestine can't say "Ernie" but can say "Bert" / song "There's a Bird on Me" / Madrigal ABC

    --opening intro theme (instrumental harmonica version) played longer than usual; flute bridge heard
    Waiter! (new sketch about South America) / mouse says "E" when large "E" appears in opening door / B&E-Cookie Jar / rap #17 / News Flash: Red Riding Hood / "Mi kat iz...gone" / Elmo sings Big Bird's "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" song / Beat the Time / place names beginning with U / Alphabet Bully / E-erase

    #2617 (E-G-6)
    Queen of 6 / G-giggle / "One of these Kids" (fireman) / peacock film / Christopher Clumsy demonstrates feet / News Flash: Jack and Beanstalk (was the giant Henson?) / sand Ee / shoe seller Edith (Lily Tomlin cameo) / G-gorilla (early) / version 2 of Gloria singing ABC song ("roger" she says at end) / 2 doors marked Enter and Exit (That's enough, Roy!) / Monster who ate the TV / Grover and the Growing G / What if?: rabbit and turtle / Six Soccer Socks

    #2618 (D-H-9)
    Count at school / Pinball #9 / Hat-Hose-Hook / H-horseshoe / film: recording session (song "Bingo") / the "d" building / "Everybody Eats"

    #2619 (D-K-11)
    "If moon were cookie" / "Daddy Dear" / making of saxophone / Circus Trainer #11 / King Minus / Knittin' Kitten / Maria & Gina song about "no" / sad flowers

    #2620 (V-Y-12)
    V in space / Typewriter Guy: Yo-yo / Willie Wimple (littering) / 12 soup cans / V-the vase villain / Yellow Yahoo / Circus Trainer #12

    #2621 (B-J-9) adult cast members appear as children--including a young Gordon with a fake mustache!
    News Flash: Cinderella / B-bug / Old Woman who lived in a nine / Teeny Little Superguy-going to school / What's My Part (recognize the logo? It was the "Remembering Game" sign!) / "Everybody Sleeps" / Typewriter Guy: Jump / Waiter!-number 9 special / debut of "Wanda Falbo" (dog) / limerick-Beard / "J Friends" (I caught a blooper here! On the word "jump" in the final stanza, when the green muppet jumps, the forehead of one of the muppeteers is visible!) / Willie Wimple--THE SAME SKETCH SHOWN ON TWO CONSECUTIVE SHOWS!

    #2623 (G-U-1)
    little girl bangs on drum with "1" on it / "We All Sing with the Same Voice" / RARITY: Harvey Kneeslapper #1 skit / limerick-Goose / "Green Grow the Rushes" / U-NITE train / LSD-trip alphabet (ending slightly truncated; background behind "j" looks like a Japanese flag. The male voice sounds like a subdued Skip Hinnant.) / song "I'm in Love with U" / G-giggle / "Put Down the Duckie"

    #2625 (P-S-3) Gina babysits Miles and Elmo while Gordon and Susan are on their anniversary.
    limerick-Penguin / "I'm an Aardvark" / Typewriter Guy-Spring / "40 Blocks from My Home" / Monsterpiece Theatre: Taming of the Shoe / Ss balloon / Gina reads "Goodnight Moon" / computer-animated row of houses; "3" is looking for home / "Everybody Sleeps" / Frank Oz "3" track--cherries on sundaes
  15. Saginaw

    Saginaw New Member

    rjschex, I'd like to ask about Episode #2621 (B-J-9). The 'What's My Part?' skit. Is it the nose or the foot?

    Thank you.

    --Saginaw the Curious :confused:
  16. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    The foot.
  17. Saginaw

    Saginaw New Member

    rjschex, may I contact you, please? Or would you like to contact me? If so, please let the administrator know. He should have access to my e-mail. Thank you! :halo:

  18. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Will you please contact me as well?
  19. Saginaw

    Saginaw New Member

    Gee....it's gotten awfully quiet on this thread.

    *a pin drops* :concern:

    --Saginaw the Curious
  20. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I know!

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