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Sketches wanted--looking for traders

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by rjschex, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member


    I know the lack of response is infuritating, but still we have to be patient. This guy probably has a busy schedule. If it turns out he really doesn't have time to trade (which I myself think is unlikely), then I trust it's in his good judgement to say so in this thread. If there's anything he doesn't want, it's people plaguing him with angry emails and posts like "why don't you write back??" ... no no no, that's not the right attitude.

    Take your time, Mr. Schex; we all have lives too, just like you. We respect you for offering to spread your wealth, and look forward to hearing from you again.
  2. Saginaw

    Saginaw New Member

    Posted by Boober_Gorg - Today at 04:59 PM
    If there's anything he doesn't want, it's people plaguing him with angry emails and posts like "why don't you write back??" ... no no no, that's not the right attitude.

    Nah, I ain't angry. I can understand that rjschex has a life more than what we can see here at the boards. It's just fallible human nature to be a little impatient and a LOT curious, especially wanting to see something that Noggin unwisely took off the air.

    I can wait. :cool:

    --Saginaw the Cucumber
  3. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    My trading policy?

    Very simple: I only do one person at a time. I'm already hooked up with someone right now. I'll post on this thread what I get.
  4. Saginaw

    Saginaw New Member

    Thank you, rjschex. :)
  5. gbrobeck

    gbrobeck Active Member

    It's great to know that at least someone has such a great collection, but I'll probably never get to see any of it (certainly not as much as I'd like to anyway). All I have to offer is Unpaved episodes (as far as SS goes anyway) and probably I'm so far down the list that by the time I'm gotten to, there won't be anything left for me to offer.

  6. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, you can always pay for copies of these shows, or you can send him blank tapes in return.
  7. gbrobeck

    gbrobeck Active Member

    If thats agreeable, and I've never heard him say it is.

  8. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    More of my episodes:

    unknown# (D-I-10)
    Pinball #10 / I-ink / typewriter guy-Daisy / "Geronimo!" (propellor) / man with broom who leaves black spots wherever he walks / Harvey Kneeslapper "I"

    #2622 (H-M-6)
    Mouse-mud-mother / animated alphabet with jazz trumpet music / Typewriter Guy-Hand / Pinball #6 / NewsFlash: Miss Muffet

    #2626 (G-K-8)
    Bob sees two doors with "EN" and "TER" / Pee Wee Herman ABC / film: ivory carver / k-kiss / classic song about animal offspring (sheep have lambs, etc.) / "Gorilla Wants a Job"

    #2627 (O-R-12)
    story of Twelvia / Baa Baa Walters Special / B&E: Cookies in Bed / paper recycling film / Beat the Time with Elmo / neon "R" being lifted to roof of building / Henson-produced film: 12 pebbles (ending chopped off) / ABC Pianist in lunchbox

    #2628 (C-E-2)
    2-train / C-cap / E-erase / making a wooden horse sculpture / "Hill Street Twos" / C-cowboy / sign-language alphabet

    (missing opening) (A-M-4)
    song "Ridin' In My Automobile" / Grover & the Rowboat (3 parts) / "Me any My M" / Kermit and the "Cookie Monster" girl discuss body parts / "Say the Word" / M-Moo!-Milk / man builds robot; tells it "Walk!" / typewriter guy-Airplane

    #2637 (F-T-15)--Gina babysitting Elmo
    #15 rap / "T" with David Connell & Jim Thurman white "weeble" men / Lefty sells Ernie picture with hidden elephants / cartoon for word "stop" with bouncing "o" / NewsFlash: Jack Be Nimble / "RUBBER DUCKIE" / cat hiding under sofa

    #2638 (P-W-14)
    limerick-Witch / bellhop #14 / P-pillow / "Somebody Come and Play" (tigers) / animated "P" on island in sunset / zooming-in ABC film from 1969-70 / Gloria illustrates letter "W"

    #2639 (B-O-18)--inside the Snuffle-upagus cave
    Alphabet Chat-O / bellhop #18 / Beat the Time (Cookie Monster) / "B is for Bubble" / Brightly Beaked Birds on statue / rattlesnake film / boy with paddleball counts to 20 / 2001 Monolith: "me" / covered wagon comes to a chasm

    #2640 (D-J-5)
    "To Tell a Face" / limerick(?)-Jaguar / J under man's hat / "People in Your Neighborhood" (George Washington) / "Miami Mice" / the "d" building / number "5" stenciled onto asphalt / "Do the Pigeon" / Typewriter Guy-Jump

    #2752 (D-U-10) (slight tape damage)
    "No" song (Maria & Gina) / Bellhop #10 / Typewriter Guy-Daisy / Jazzy Spies #10 (brief silence) / B&E's shopping list / "Daddy Dear" / animation: old-fangled water fountain with foot pedal / hypnotic #10 (rubber-band face)

    unknown# (P-X-7)--missing ending
    P-pack / "Walk" animation from early 70's / Seven Sopranos on a Piano / Count sleeping over / batik X / "A-B-C-D-E-F-Cookie Monster" / Big Bird thinks "X" is upside-down / Pinball #7 / B&E: baseball in the rain / peacock film / "How I Miss My X"

    #2642 (D-Z-15)
    animated peacock counts to 20 / skating illustrates forward and backward / animated pitcher illustrates what water is for / "Z Z Blues" / injured magician / silent movie: kids tell actress to use "exit" to get away from fire / bird bursts uppercase-letter balloons to reveal lowercase / Ernie tells Cookie Monster to retrieve cookie from gadget box / pizza-making film / limerick-Dog

    #2643 (Q-S-19)
    Grover delivers Singing Telegram / S-Sing / "The Sign Said 'Don't Walk'" / "Q" says "Quiet!" / limerick-Snail / alphabet film--kids stand in shape of each letter, then run away / #19 rap / Ernie "telestrates" Bert's face / Q-Quarter (Casey Kasem) / "Nobody told me there were two holes!"

    #2644 (T-V-17)
    #17 rap / rabbit and word "street" / "(Which Come First) The Chicken or the Egg?" / numbers 1-20 sound off in a military drill (#17 is fast asleep!) / Grover and Biff as cavepeople; Grover invents the wheel / V-Vitamins / limerick-T-Turtle / part-animated, part-live film: hiker climbs a boy's body / V on My Knee

    #2645 (K-R-9)
    #9 rap / K-kite / making of (22-cent) stamps / Billy Joe Jive--swimming lesson / typewriter guy-Rope / Kermit's swamp alphabet

    unknown#, Tuesday (B-U-20)
    "U Really Got a Hold on Me" / bellhop #20 / B-Butterfly / Jazz counting 1-20 with birds (kinda like the "Little Birdie" song from "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving") / remote control illustrating "up" and "down"

    unknown#, Friday (K-X-9)
    Cowboy X / 9 horses over for dinner / BUMBLE ARDEE / "Heart of a Frog" / Ferocious X's / limerick-Kangaroo / Pink Panther-Karate

    unknown#, Monday (D-Q-2)
    sculpture of Bert, minus nose / hypnotic "Q" film / alphabet fishing / B&E: 10-Q / "There's a Bird on Me"

    unknown#, Monday (A-R-17)
    Ape, shape / time-lapse film with playground illustrates "empty" and "full" / King Minus / typewriter guy-Airplane / #17 rap / Rube Goldberg device counts to 20 while turning on a TV / limerick-Rhinoceros

    #2660 (C-E-3) (first half only)
    song "On My Pond" / then First Lady Barbara Bush reads "Peter's Chair" / Grover applies for job as lifeguard / kids follow map to find party / Jazzy Spies #3 (opening edited out; closing incomplete)

    unknown#, Tuesday (C-J-3)
    sand Cc / B&E: purple hand / C-carrot / "jota minuscula" / J-Jacket (Jenny and Jeff) / little girl thinks an old box is for kicking around / Circus Trainer #3 / alphabet animation: begins with baseball going through window of long white room
  9. MIKEB97

    MIKEB97 New Member

    Hi, I am still very intersted in your episodes from season 19 to season 21. You don't have to e-mail me right away. You can e-mail me when you have the chance. I was wondering if you have the following clips, that I'm searching for:

    -Oscar drives a Bus through Kermit's House
    -Oscar's rotten ABC's with Grover
    -Song: Count Up to Nine, By the Count
    -Song: Opposites By Bip Boppadotta
    -Song: Bones Inside of You
    -Song: Hands, By the Count
    -Game Show: The Trading game
    -Game Show: The anything-in-the-world prize game
    -Game Show: Here is your life, Sneaker
    -The Count as an elevator operator
  10. mikealan

    mikealan New Member


    I'd love to buy copies of many of your non-Noggin Sesame Street episodes you have. I've got to watch those!
  11. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    A word of explanation...

    On some of my shows, the episode number is chopped off. How then, do I know which day of the week the show aired?

    During my main taping period (1987-92), SS used five different opening montages--one for each day of the week. Also, the Friday shows closed with the cast and production credits.
  12. gbrobeck

    gbrobeck Active Member

    Wow! Thats pretty observant! I knew about the Friday closing credits, but I never realized they rotated openings that way (of course I was only a small child at the time).

  13. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    Does this Miami Mice sketch have Kermit or Ernie?
  14. SSUfan

    SSUfan New Member

    Hi guys

    Hi everyone ,

    I was reading the posts and noticed you guys have copies of Sesame Street episodes between 1970-1989 ...please I am willing to purchase I have been searching for these episodes for such a long time please help..I want my 3 year old to sit and enjoy the classics i enjoyed....the few episodes I had was lost in a fire in my apartment .....
  15. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    "NTV" Rocks!

    #2489 (N-Z-7)
    Grover tries to fix a leak for Kermit, using any of three wrenches (big/bigger/biggest) / limerick-Nose / 1969-70 alphabet film with light jazz music and camera zooming in on each letter / ant trying to move a capital "N" / "NTV" / Alligator King / Simon Soundman at music store

    I would LOOOOOOOVE to own this episode! "NTV" is a segment I've only seen TWICE, and I got excited whenever it came on. This, of course, is a parody of MTV, and I've heard that Nora Nicks (the orange female muppet who hosts NTV) is a parody of one of MTV's original DJ's Nina Blackwood. But who are Nick Normal and the Nickmatics a parody of (the music resembled Nirvana and Beck as far as I remember), and is their song "The Letter N" a parody of anything? I think I would like seeing this particular segment now more than ever, because I've become more interested in punk rock and alternative (which as far as I can tell they're making fun of), and I'm also a guitar player! Aside from this, it would be fun to look back on this entire episode (it was one of the episodes I "grew up with"). I hope no one has gotten this episode yet. How do I get this episode (or any of the ones you have, for that matter?) I look forward to hearing how! Thanks!

  16. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    I may be wrong, but I'm guessing that "The Letter N" isn't a parody of a direct song or video, just a general parody of the way MTV videos and bands of the time. The direct parody, as you correctly pointed out was MTV itself.

    I don't know if it was intentional, but I always thought Nickmatics sounded close to "Eurythmics".
  17. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    Well, that wasn't the only thing. There was also How Now Brown & The Moo Wave, their 2 songs were "Wet Paint" and "Danger's No Stranger." I believe that at one time, there was an "SMTV" logo in the corner, but was edited out later for some reason. Also "New Way To Walk" was an MTV parody.
  18. SillyJoeBob

    SillyJoeBob New Member

    About the Sesame Street MTV parodies

    I always thought How Now Brown and the Moo Wave were a parody of the Talking Heads ("Wet Paint" sounds very similar to "And She Was"). But "Danger's No Stranger" sounded like it was done by an arena rock band parody (perhaps Foreigner, Toto, or Quarterflash). I love both of those songs, but I never knew they were by the same band. Wasn't "A New Way To Walk" by the Oinker Sisters? Well, that's it for now. Talk to y'all later!

  19. rjschex

    rjschex New Member

    And here's more of my shows:

    #2854 (E-U-7)
    Monsterpiece Theater: The 400 Blows / U-Uniform / Alligator King / 1969 surreal "E" poem / lowercase u talks to dog / "Happy Birthday to U" (B&E)

    #2866 (B-J-3)
    Jughead / "Fay" (William Wegman) posing as other animals / limerick-Beard / J-jacket (and jump, jerk, etc.) / Alphaquest-B / Frank Oz "3" track-ground to powder / "The Monster Who Ate the TV Set" / The "J" mine

    #2867 (K-L-6)
    Lost Letters / limerick-Kangaroo / #6-rap / Jazzy Spies #6 (FINAL AIRING OF THIS SERIES)--ending chopped off / Ernie brings puppy home

    #2875 (I-M-15)
    M for Martha / debate over national bird / African mask counting: 15 / Sand I-i / the "forgotten" number 15

    #2746 (C-T-10)--SEASON 22 PREMIERE
    debut of claymation "Cecille Ball" character / "Healthy Food" / Bellhop #10 / limerick-Cat / Elmo with Whoopi Goldberg / pinball #10 (opening edited out)

    #2789 (O-Z-8)
    neon "O" raised to roof (watch for that speeding bus!) / Zip-Zing-Zany / "Everybody Eats" / NewsFlash: "Hickory Dickory Dock" (the horse demolishes the clock) / Jazzy Spies #8 (no ending) / manufacture of Chinese noodles / "People in Your Neighborhood" (dentist & bus driver) / Ernie's alphabet story / Muppet rhyming song / limerick-Zebu / Uncle Wally with his "best friend" (the late Loretta Tupper) / O'Brien's Fast Food / Bellhop #8

    #2790 (G-R-3)
    G-Gorilla / "3" rubber ball (cherry on sundae) / "Do the Rubber Duck" / "R" wizard / "Nobody told me there were two holes!"

    #2797 (S-V-7)--no ending
    "Let's All Exercise" / Circus Trainer #7 / Wanda Falbo / Count with Kid & Play

    SPECIAL: "Let Me Eat Cake"

    #2823 (O-Z-9)
    "Elmo's Song" / Old Woman Who Lived in a 9 / "Lost Dog" poster / Sand Z-z

    unknown# (F-T-11)
    F-flea circus / Henson-produced #11 animation (dancing squares, reminiscent of "Barnaby Jones" opening) / cloud makes "F" sound / Simple Simon / rap #11 / Harvey Kneeslapper-confetti over doorway

    Tuesday ep. (I-R-5)
    Letter "i" taken on trip in bathtub-shaped car / alphabet across white room / Cookie Monster & Grover on skating rink / I-iron / little #5 can't find older brother

    Wednesday ep. (C-F-10)
    Happiness Begins at 40 / Alphabet Jungle / B&E-Ernie forgets to turn water off / Typewriter Guy-Cat / Frances the Fairy / Willie Wimple-water / hypnotic #10 (rubber band face)

    #2773 (A-Y-10)
    "I'm an Aardvark" / Glenn Close discusses bad day with Oscar / Jazzy Spies #10 / animated juggler illustrates "stop" / Mumford tries to make Gladys disappear / Bellhop #10 / conductor asks for "A" / Ape on the "A" train / Y--yo-yo
    Cory Stoczynski likes this.
  20. mikealan

    mikealan New Member

    Rjschex, do you have any other episodes besides the ones you've mentioned?

    And BTW, I want to know that few of the skits you've mentioned scared me so much like F-flea circus, Q-quiet (tree-chopping), Q-quarter (Casey Kasem), ants carrying the huge Q up hill, This Is Your Lunch, Say the World, Newsflash Hickory Dickory Dock with the horse demolishing the clock, Mi kat iz gone, and red-hot 'I' scared me so much in my youth.

    P.S.: I want to watch copies of the episodes you have so badly! Why are you not responding to me like Geoffrey?!?! I'M DYING TO SEE THESE EPISODES!!!

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