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some of my puppet plans

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by punkNpuppets, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. punkNpuppets

    punkNpuppets Well-Known Member

    here are some puppets i plan on making and maybe putting them on public access.
    Phil (currently working on him) - Phil is based on myself. He listens to punk, loves girls, and has an off-the-wall sense of humor. His favorite bands are Rancid and NoFX. He also loves surfing the net and filming stuff with his video camera.
    LOOK: Green felt for skin, red triangle nose, mohawk, Don Music-ish glasses, NoFX sweatshirt. Working hand puppet.
    FACTOID: This puppet was originally made when I decided to
    do a rock music video show with my camcorter. I only did one
    episode, which I have on tape. I took the puppet apart
    because it was put together poorly (i didn't even sew! i used
    a glue gun!)

    Leroy - Phil's best friend. A black guy who doesn't mind being the only black guy in the 'group'. The other black guys at school wear Fubu and listen to rap. Leroy neglects that. His favorite band is the Ramones.
    LOOK: Brown felt for skin, wool for dreadlocks, a Ramones hooded sweatshirt. Rod puppet.

    Jake - Jake is almost like Bunsen Honeydew's punk rock son. Jake's a brainy punk who spends most of his time in his basement making freaky expiriments. One of his freakiest ones was a mistake. He was looking in his microscope at some genes and that's when he accidentaly hit his elbow on the ON button on his Blow Up Ray Gun (blow up as in make bigger, not explode). The only thing the ray hit one gene...
    LOOK: Yellow felt for skin, short Liberty spikes, lab coat. Working hand puppet

    Geena - Geena is the gene that Jake accidentally blew up. She was ugly when formed, but after telling Jake about her being a female, he put some of his mom's make-up on her. She lives in Jake's basement under the stairs and Jake can never tell his parents about that.
    LOOK: Green, slimey, lumpy skin, three SEXY eyes (with eye make up on them), sharp teeth (but she doesn't bite people), lipstick. Full body puppet.

    Washington - Phil's tacky brother. Older than Phil but Phil and his friends are the ones that usually pick on him. He listens to soft rock and show tunes. he's a devotee of Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow. He's almost like a white-puppet-version of Carlton from the Fresh Prince Of Belair. He teases Phil, Leroy, and Jake all the time by saying words like "Rad" or "Oi!" and, usually, they throw him across the room (slapstick!). if not, they throw him up into the air and he get's his head caught in the ceiling. Nonetheless, Phil loves him (but Leroy and Jake don't).
    LOOK: Cap, Brown vest, white button up shirt. he looks like a teenage version of Sam from Today's Special (rubber, blonde hair, big nose, squinty eyes, but NO mustache)
    FACTOID: When I made the design for Washington, I had NO
    intentions of him being a 'show tunes' fan. I made him
    because I wanted to make a Noreen Young-like puppet.
    Noreen's my 2nd favorite puppeteer (next to "You-know-
    who). That's when I made Washington. He was originally
    gonna be a punk, but I thought that he doesn't have the
    punk appearence, even though being a punk isn't about
    looks. I decided to make him a show-tunes fan. He's got a Gladys The Cow-ish voice. He will be played by friend Eric. his catch phrase will be "Humourous, just humourous!"

    Isaac - I wanted to make a store for the Phil, Leroy, and Jake to always shop at (kinda like Hot Topic). I wanted to make a clerk for the store, someone who they always talk to. Here's the funny part - HE'S AN 85 YEAR OLD MAN WITH A MOHAWK! While most old guys like Duke Ellington or Count Basie, enjoys listening to punk. He likes every punk band from Good Charlotte to Minor Threat to the Cockney Rejects. He walks with a cane, talks in a quivering old man voice. He's not grumpy a la Statler & Waldorf. He's only mean to preps.
    LOOK: A bit like Statler, only with a mohawk, He also a spike-collar, a metal-bead necklace, and two studded bracelets (one for each hand), and a Bad Religion t-shirt.
    FACTOID: I got the idea for this character when I was at Hot
    Topic. See, the girl that was working there looked like she was
    my mom's age! I decided to make a character like her only
    TOTALLY exagerating
  2. Jivepuppet

    Jivepuppet Well-Known Member

    Sound great, keep us (or at least me) updated on the progress. Hope to see this stuff!

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