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SST Fan Fic - A Hollywood Adventure

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by redBoobergurl, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I finally got an idea for another fan fic! I've been trying to come up with one for awhile! It's a Sesame Street fan fiction. I really wanted to write a Fraggle Rock one because I've already done a SS, and a Muppet fan fic, but this idea came to me so I went with it. I won't describe it except that it involves a beloved character and a Hollywood adventure (hence the title). I hope you all like it! So, here is chapter one!

    Chapter One:

    “Five minutes until the play starts everyone! Start getting into places!” yelled Prairie Dawn.

    Prairie and all of her friends on Sesame Street were getting ready to perform another one of Prairie’s famous plays and everything backstage was a little chaotic.

    “Prairieeeee, I can’t find my Phillip Chapman costume! What am I going to do?” asked a worried Telly Monster.

    “Telly, hold on, I’ll see if Kathy can help you,” said Prairie and walked over to where her special friend was helping others with their costumes.

    “Kathy, have you seen Telly’s costume? I can’t help him right now, curtain is in five minutes!” said an exasperated Prairie.

    “Relax, I’ll help him. Come here Telly,” said Kathy.

    Prairie was feeling very nervous about this play. It was a special play she wrote about heroes. She asked all of her Sesame Street friends to dress as different types of heroes that they had.

    Bert and Ernie were peeking out of the curtain at the crowd that was gathering.

    “Look Bert, there’s Karen and James!” exclaimed Ernie referring to some special friends Bert had met awhile ago. Karen and Bert helped each other out of a bad situation and had stayed in touch.

    “Oh I’m so glad she could make it!” said Bert excitedly.

    “Three minutes to opening curtain everyone!” said Prairie. She was thinking to herself that this would be the last time she ever wrote a play, directed it and provided the music. Of course, she was wrong. She’d do it again and again because in the end she loved it.

    Everyone continued to rush around backstage. Everyone except one furry blue monster.

    Grover sat in the corner in his Super Grover attire. He sighed thinking of what happened the day before at the rehearsal.

    Prairie thought it was a fine idea to have a superhero in the play, so Grover happily signed on to be Super Grover. He was supposed to come out, sing his lines and then wow the audience by flying in the air. But, at rehearsal, this didn’t happen.


    During rehearsal, when it was his turn, he came out on to the stage.

    “I am Super Grover, I fly with great ease, I rescue people whenever I please,” sang Grover as Prairie accompanied him on the piano. When he finished his lines she went into a drumroll style on the piano as Grover prepared to fly.

    He flew into the air but instead of sailing out over the audience, he crash landed back onto the stage.

    “Ohhh, my head!” said Grover as he sat up.

    “Grover, are you ok?” asked Ernie.

    “Me help you get up!” exclaimed Cookie coming on to stage to help him.

    “I’m fine,” said Grover, “I’m just embarrassed.”

    Prairie had stopped playing and witnessed the whole scene and had sat silently while everyone rushed to help him. Grover saw her standing off on the side and walked over to talk to her.

    “Prairie, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to fall!” exclaimed Grover.

    “Grover…these things always happen when you’re around! You’re going to ruin my play!” shouted Prairie.

    “Prairie, that’s not nice! Grover is your amigo!” said Rosita.

    “Well, I just want everything to be perfect!” exclaimed Prairie.

    “It will be! I promise I will do my best not to let you down!” said Grover.

    “All right, all right, back to rehearsal everyone. Rosita, you’re on stage next,” said Prairie.

    Grover walked off the stage and got ready to change out of his Super Grover costume. As he walked toward the dressing room, he could hear people talking.

    “Grover does get a little over exuberant about things sometimes,” said Bert.

    “I think he means well Bert, but you’re right, he gets so excited and then he messes things up,” said Ernie.

    “Me not ever see him fly as Super Grover and not crash,” said Cookie.

    Grover had heard enough. They all thought he was clumsy. He slowly gathered up his stuff and headed home.


    Now he sat backstage waiting to make a fool of himself during the real live performance. He almost didn’t come, but he didn’t want to make Prairie even madder at him.

    “Two minutes! Places everyone!” said Prairie.

    Grover sighed and got up to get ready for when it was his turn.

    All of Sesame Street had gathered to watch the play. Big Bird and Snuffy were there, Maria, Luis, Gordon, Susan, Gina, Olivia, Bob, Linda and David were all there. Even Oscar was peeking around the corner hoping not to get noticed. Also in attendance was an unfamiliar person sitting at the very back.

    Prairie took her seat at the piano and began to play.

    “Oh welcome, oh welcome, to our little play, we’re so happy that you have come to join us today,” she sang.

    One by one various Sesame Street friends came onstage dressed as a hero. Bert was a doctor, Ernie was a firefighter. Telly was Phillip Chapman. Cookie Monster was Chef Emeril Lagasse. Rosita was a policewoman. Finally, it was Grover’s turn.

    “Here goes nothing,” he thought to himself.

    “I am Super Grover, I fly with great ease, I rescue people whenever I please,” sang Grover. Once again Prairie went into the drumroll on the piano.

    Grover closed his eyes and took off. Suddenly he was in the air flying like he never had before.

    “Whoa! This is great! Look at me! I’m SU-PER GROVER!” exclaimed Grover as he flew over the audience doing loops.

    The audience was impressed and began to cheer.

    “Wow! Look at Grover Snuffy! He’s really flying!” exclaimed Big Bird.

    “He sure is Bird!” said Snuffy.

    Finally Grover decided to land and gently landed back on stage. He didn’t even crash.

    “Ta-da!” he exclaimed.

    Everyone else joined him onstage as they sang their final lines and then took a bow. Grover received the most applause.

    “I’m sorry Grover. I shouldn’t have doubted you,” said Prairie coming over to Grover after they closed the curtain.

    “It’s ok, you weren’t the only one,” said Grover.

    “Huh?” said Prairie but Grover had already started to walk away.

    Out in the audience Bert was talking to Karen and James. Bob and Linda were praising Cookie Monster for not eating anything during the play. Gordon and Susan were letting their son Miles try on Rosita’s police hat. Ernie was over talking to Maria and Luis about why he chose a firefighter. Telly was over explaining to Big Bird and Snuffy who Phillip Chapman was. David had headed back to Hooper’s Store since he couldn’t leave it alone for very long and Olivia had went with him.

    Grover had no one to talk to.

    “Oh well, I guess I’ll just go home,” thought Grover and started to turn back towards the stage.

    Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.

    “Yes?” he asked as he turned around to face the unfamiliar person.

    “Hi Grover. My name is Jake Bosco. You were great in the play!” said the newcomer.

    “Oh, well thanks Jake, nice to meet you,” said Grover.

    “That Super Grover thing is really cool!” said Jake.

    “Thank you very much!” exclaimed Grover.

    “I would like to talk to you about it a little bit more in fact,” said Jake.

    “I’d be happy to tell you anything you’d like to know,” said Grover.

    “Great! Can I buy you a milkshake at the store over there?” asked Jake pointing to Hoopers.

    “Sure! I just need to put my stuff away,” said Grover.

    “All right, I’ll meet you in five minutes,” said Jake.

    “Ok!” said Grover and turned to run off.

    Grover put his stuff away as quickly as he could and then ran to Hooper’s Store.

    “All right Grover, let me tell you why I’m here first and then we’ll talk about Super Grover,” said Jake.

    “Ok,” said Grover.

    “I’m here from Hollywood. I work for a television studio and I’ve been looking for ideas for a new show. I think Super Grover would make a great television show and I want to talk to you about coming to Hollywood and starring in the show. What do you think?” said Jake.

    Grover’s jaw dropped to the table.
  2. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Wha ha ha! This is tremendous! Oh my goodness I can't even explain how well characterized this is! Wow! I love it! And it's stars Grover! My favorite SS character! Well I'm plopping in for this story too! :)
  3. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ryan! I always love getting my first comment when I write a story! I LOVE Grover so I think I'll have some fun with this one! Anyway, expect an update tomorrow. :)
  4. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Ok, next chapter!

    Chapter Two:

    “Excuse me, did I hear you right? You want ME, Grover, to come to Hollywood?” asked Grover.

    “I sure do! You’re got a great thing going on! You’re cute, fuzzy and blue and then you turn into this fantastic super hero!” said Jake.

    “Well, I guess I can agree with that!” exclaimed Grover.

    “The concept will be great! You’re an average monster by day and a super hero by night! We’ll have you in all sorts of exciting plotlines saving lives! People will love it. You will be a star!” explained Jake.

    “Wow, little old me? A star? That’s amazing!” said Grover.

    Grover and Jake continued their conversation while everyone else began to strike the set from the play.

    “Has anyone seen Grover? I wanted to apologize again and tell him what a great job he did,” said Prairie.

    “Me not see him,” said Cookie Monster.

    “The last time I saw him he was talking to some guy in the audience,” said Ernie.

    “Yeah, I think he went to Hooper’s Store,” said Bert.

    “Hmm, that’s strange,” said Prairie, “You guys keep cleaning up, and I’m going to see if I can find him.”

    Prairie headed toward Hooper’s Store and went inside.

    “Hi Prairie Dawn! Great play!” said David.

    “Thanks David! Have you seen Grover?” said Prairie.

    “Yeah, he’s over there talking to that guy,” said David. Then he leaned down and whispered “I think he said something about Hollywood and making Grover a star!”

    “Hollywood!” exclaimed Prairie.

    “Shh! I don’t want him to think we’re listening in!” whispered David.

    Prairie sat down and joined David in trying to hear the conversation.

    “We’d have to start production really soon. You’d have to leave here for awhile,” said Jake.

    “Gosh, this is the only home I’ve ever known,” said Grover.

    “Well that’s one of the hard parts of show business. But, you’d be able to come back here during hiatus, that’s the time of year that we wouldn’t film the show. Everyone needs a break every now and then,” explained Jake.

    “Gee, it sounds great, but I don’t think I could leave my friends,” said Grover.

    Prairie’s ears perked up when she heard that Grover was possibly turning it down.

    “I gotta go David,” said Prairie and ran back to the others.

    “You guys will never believe this!” she said when she got there and started telling everyone what she had heard.

    Back at Hooper’s Jake told Grover to take the rest of the day to think about it and that he’d meet him back there in the morning to find out his decision.

    They shook hands and then Grover got up. He had to talk to someone.

    Prairie finished telling the story.

    “Wow, that would be a great opportunity for him!” exclaimed Bert.

    “It would, but he’s not sure if he wants to go! We have to convince him to go!” said Prairie.

    “How we do that?” asked Cookie Monster.

    “Si, I think that’s easier said than done. You know Grover,” said Rosita.

    “What if we made him think we don’t need him around here anymore? Then he’d have to leave!” said Ernie.

    “That would be so hard though. I love Grover,” said Rosita.

    “Me too,” said Prairie.

    “But if he doesn’t go to Hollywood he could regret it for the rest of his life!” exclaimed Telly.

    “Then I guess Ernie’s right. This is what we have to do,” said Prairie.

    “Bert and I will go spread the word so everyone knows what’s going on,” said Ernie.

    Everyone scattered in different directions except for Prairie. It was at this moment that Grover came walking up.

    “Prairie, I hope I did better today,” said Grover.

    “Oh Grover, it was much…” Prairie started to say much better but then caught herself.

    “Grover, it was just ok. Now if you excuse me I have some things to do,” said Prairie and wandered away.

    “Gee, I thought it was pretty good. I mean if a guy from Hollywood liked it. Oh well,” thought Grover as he walked toward 123 Sesame Street.

    Elmo, Ernie and Rosita were sitting on the steps talking when Grover approached them.

    “Hi guys, what are you doing?” asked Grover.

    “Deciding what game to play. But Grover can’t play with us,” said Elmo.

    “Um, ok,” said Grover.

    “Sorry mi amigo, it’s a three person game we’re trying to play” said Rosita.

    “You can play with us next time,” said Ernie. With that the three of them got up and went inside.

    “I wonder what is with people today. It seems that they do not like me,” said Grover out loud.

    “That’s because they don’t. Now SCRAM!” exclaimed Oscar who had popped out of his can. He had no idea what was going on, but his normal attitude fit right in with Ernie’s plan.

    Grover kept on walking past Big Bird’s nest and saw him and Snuffy reading a book.

    “Hi Big Bird. What are you reading?” asked Grover.

    “I would tell you but I’m not talking to you. I’m mad at you,” said Big Bird.

    “You’re mad at me? Why?” asked Grover.

    “Um..I don’t remember. Why am I mad at him Snuffy?” asked Big Bird.

    “Because you are Bird. If I were you Grover, I’d leave Sesame Street. That’s how mad Bird is at you,” said Snuffy.

    Grover was starting to get a little mad himself. He couldn’t think of anything he had done wrong or any reason for everyone to be treating him this way.

    “Oh yeah? Well it just so happens that someone wants me to come to Hollywood to star in a TV show about SU-PER GROVER. I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to leave all of you, but maybe I will!” exclaimed Grover and stormed off.

    “Yea! The plan worked Snuffy!” exclaimed Big Bird.

    “Yeah, but I think we hurt Grover’s feelings Bird,” said Snuffy.

    “Oh yeah, you’re right. Now what do we do?” asked Big Bird.

    “I don’t know,” said Snuffy.

    “Well, I know we’re supposed to meet Prairie and the others, so let’s go!” said Big Bird.

    Prairie gathered everyone together at Hooper’s Store. A few of the adults on Sesame Street were also there even though they hadn’t been in on the plan. David had filled them in on Grover’s meeting with Jake, but not about how Prairie and the others were going to convince him to go.

    “Prairie Dawn! It worked! He’s going!” yelled Big Bird when he came in the door.

    “What worked Big Bird? Who’s going where?” asked Susan.

    Everyone looked at Prairie Dawn.

    “Well…” she started and then told the whole story. Ernie explained that it was his idea and then Big Bird told everyone how mad Grover was now. Suddenly everyone was talking at once.

    “What if Grover hates us forever and never comes back?”

    “Who will take care of him when he’s in Hollywood!”

    “What if he forgets all about us when he’s famous?”

    “What if he not get cookies to eat?”

    “He can count the stars on the walk of fame! Ah, Ah, Ah!”

    “This is all my fault.”

    “HOLD IT! Everyone calm down,” shouted Gordon trying to regain control of the room.

    “All right, we all know that this is something that could be very good for Grover,” said Gordon.

    “But, we need to fix the situation that he thinks we’re all mad at him,” said Susan.

    “What if we threw him a surprise goodbye party and told him how much we love him and what a great star he’ll make?” suggested Maria.

    “Ooh! Elmo loves parties!” exclaimed Elmo.

    “That’s a great idea,” said Prairie.

    “All right, we need to get this planned out, it sounds like he’d be leaving soon,” said Gordon.

    Meanwhile Grover had decided to go back to Hooper’s Store and get himself a milkshake to feel better. As he approached he saw everyone gathered together without him.

    “What is going on? A party without me? This is the last straw!” he thought to himself and stormed inside.

    “Grover! What are you doing here?” exclaimed David to get everyone’s attention.

    “I’m just here to tell you all that since none of you seem to appreciate me anymore and think I’m just a clumsy monster, that I am leaving Sesame Street. I’m going to go to Hollywood where I’ve been asked to star in a show about Super Grover. I’m telling the producer tomorrow and I’ll be leaving soon. So now you’ve got your wishes,” exclaimed Grover and ran out.

    “All right we need to find out when he’s leaving and the sooner we can throw the party the better,” said Gordon and everyone agreed.

    They continued making plans hoping they didn’t hurt their furry friend too badly.
  5. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Oh poor Grover! I can't believe it! But it's just soooo Sesame Street of them to try and make him go that way! Oh but poor Grover!

    More please!
  6. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <sees story>
    <wants to read>

    <sigh> If my teachers decide to give me a break tomorrow... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's not fair! I wanna read it NOW! Grrr................... I'm sure it's wonderful! I'm absolutely positive that it's wonderful, because- and I meant to mention- when I looked back at your last story the other day to reference it, I got all choked up again- so I KNOW that this one is wonderful, too! And I want to read it....... <wimpers>

    <forces self to return to homework>
  7. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Oh don't worry Lisa! It will still be here when you have time. :)
  8. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Pst. Guess who has almost no homework tonight? SQUEE!

    Oh my golly good gosh graciousness! Let me tell you, Beth, I was quite literally shaking at the end of chapter one! Oh, and now I'm so excited and I want to know what happens and I love every inch of it and SQUEEEEEEEE!

    I LOVE love love the dorm references- Prairie's friend Kathy, and Telly's Phillip Chapman costume- Oh, I adore it! And Karen and James are there! Oh it makes me so HAPPY inside! Yay!

    And poor Grover! Oh, he needs about five thousand hugs or so... OOH, I love getting excited for stories, and you're so good at making me get excited for them! YAY!

  9. Erine81981 Active Member

    Cookie M: Me not think me can stand Grover away. *tears up*

    Herry: Don't worry Cookie. We'll get Grover back.

    Guys it's only a story. Don't worry Beth will finish it when she has time.

    Grover: Story about me, Grover. Ahhhhhhh.....

    Keep up the good work Beth. I'm enjoying so much. Can't wait for more to come.
  10. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Hee-hee, thanks Kyle and roomies! Yes, no worries, it's just a story about Grover. He wouldn't leave Sesame Street forever...or would he? Keep reading to find out! Hopefully I'll have an update later today.
  11. Barry Lee Active Member

    This is good at least it's not like my old fanfic lol. Good job.
  12. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Thanks Barry :)

    Ok, so I was going to update this today, but I got very little sleep last night and my brain was not functioning today, so I didn't write anymore. I promise more soon though!
  13. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    And once again, life gets in the way.

    I feel bad because you all have just gotten a taste of this story, but I won't be able to update it until Monday at the earliest. I'm going on a marriage prepatory retreat this weekend with my fiance and I won't be near a computer much! I thought I'd get ahead with work today, but didn't happen. So anyway, thanks for the nice comments so far and I hope to have a new chapter up by Monday.
  14. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    I see. You've been kidnapped by your life? Happens to me all the time... unfortunately....
  15. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Poor Beth, well it happens to all of us at one point...Can't wait for more! :)
  16. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    So I managed to pay some ransom and my life decided to free me from being hostaged, which simply means...I have some time again so I was able to write an update! So, enjoy this next chapter!

    Chapter Three:

    Grover met Jake the first thing the next morning. Prairie was also waiting so she could listen in to find out when Grover would be leaving so they would know when to throw the surprise party.

    “Hi Grover. So, what do you think?” asked Jake.

    “I want to do it!” said Grover.

    “Super! We’ll have to get you to Hollywood very soon,” said Jake.

    “How soon?” asked Grover.

    “Well, I can get us both a flight out tomorrow morning, but I don’t know if that’ll give you enough time,” said Jake.

    Prairie gasped. “We’ll have to act fast!” she thought to herself.

    “I think I can make that work,” said Grover.

    “Ok, then I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning!” exclaimed Jake and left Hooper’s Store to go back to the Furry Arms Hotel and make some phone calls.

    “Wow! I have packing to do!” said Grover and rushed out of Hooper’s as well.

    “And I’ve got work to do!” exclaimed Prairie.

    Prairie ran to Gordon and Susan’s to give them the latest information. They agreed that the party had to happen that evening. It was arranged to be held in the play yard right between Hooper’s Store and 123 Sesame Street. Now all they needed was to get Grover to come. Gordon called together all the Sesame Street residents who were able to come over and help set up.

    “How will we get Grover to come to the party? He’s so mad at us,” Prairie asked Gordon.

    “Well Prairie that’s a good question,” pondered Gordon.

    “What if we figured out a way to get him to come in his Super Grover costume?” suggested Susan.

    “That’s it! We’ll tell him we need help and only Super Grover can help us! That will get him to come for sure!” exclaimed Prairie.

    “Ok, so who’s going to go and beg him for help?” asked Susan.

    “Well, we need someone who can be sort of an alarmist,” said Gordon.

    Everyone turned and looked at Telly.

    “Whaaatt? So I worry a lot, it’s just who I am,” said Telly.

    “We know and that’s why you need to go and get Grover to come down here,” said Prairie.

    “Oh all right,” said Telly.

    Everyone continued to work all day on setting up the party and when they were ready they told Telly to go get Grover.

    “Oh boy, what if I screw this up and they’re all counting on me, oh no,” thought Telly to himself as he walked down to Grover’s apartment.

    “Here goes nothing,” said Telly when he arrived.

    “Grover! Hurry we neeeed you!” shouted Telly up to Grover’s window.

    “Who’s that? I guess I should go look,” thought Grover and went over to the window.

    “Oh, it’s you Telly. Well, I’m really too busy right now packing so I can’t come down and help you,” said Grover.

    “But it’s an emergency! Only Super Grover can help us,” said Telly.

    “I told you I’m really busy…did you say Su-per Grover?” asked Grover.

    “Yes! We need him right away!” exclaimed Telly.

    “Ok, ok. Have no fear Super Grover is here!” said Grover and hurried into his costume. He ran down the stairs and met up with Telly.

    “Where is this emergency?” asked Grover.

    “Down in the play yard by Hooper’s Store! Hurry!” exclaimed Telly.

    “Ok let’s go!” said Grover as he took off at a run.

    “Hey! Wait for me!” yelled Telly. Now he was worried, he was supposed to get there a little bit ahead of Grover so everyone knew he was coming.

    “Now what do I do?” thought Telly as he ran after Grover.

    “Don’t worry everyone Sup-er Grover is on the way!” proclaimed Grover as he passed 123 Sesame Street.

    “Grover wait up!” yelled Telly. All he could hope was that the noise they were making was enough for everyone to hear.

    “Hey, I think Grover is coming!” said Big Bird.

    “Ok, everyone hide!” said Prairie.

    “Super Grover is here to save the day!” yelled Grover as he stopped at the play yard. He didn’t even notice the “Farewell Grover” sign or any of the decorations.

    “There is no emergency here!” said Grover as Telly finally caught up to him.

    “No there isn’t,” said Telly.

    “SURPRISE!” exclaimed everyone as they came out of hiding.

    “What?” asked a confused Grover.

    “Congratulations Grover! This is a going away party for you to tell you how proud we are of you and how much we’re going to miss you!” said Susan.

    “Really? For me?” asked Grover.

    “All for you Grover. You mean a lot to us and we wanted to show you that,” said Gordon.

    “But we also want to wish you luck on your big break!” said Prairie.

    “I thought you all were mad at me, the way everyone was ignoring me yesterday,” said Grover.

    “Well, that was a little trick we played on you. We heard you maybe weren’t going to go and thought we could help make the decision if we were kind of mean,” said Prairie a little sheepishly.

    “Yeah, I could never be mad at you Grover!” said Big Bird.

    “I’m really sorry,” said Prairie.

    “It’s ok, I’m just glad that you are all not mad at me,” said Grover.

    “What are we waiting for! It’s a fiesta! Let’s party!” exclaimed Rosita as the music began to play.

    All of Sesame Street had turned out to wish Grover well. Ernie and Bert were there as well as Cookie Monster, Elmo, Herry Monster, The Two-Headed Monster and various other monsters. All of the adults were there. Big Bird and Snuffy were there. Even Oscar was hanging out in the shadows of everything. There were also miscellaneous Honkers, Dingers and animals that came to wish Grover well.

    Grover danced with lots of different people. Everyone ate the delicious food that David provided courtesy of Hooper’s Store. Soon though, it was getting late and it was time to say goodbye.

    “Well Grover, this is it. You are going to be so great in Hollywood,” said Gordon.

    “We are all so proud of you,” said Olivia.

    “Thank you all so much,” said Grover.

    “Grover, don’t forget to take good care of yourself,” said Maria.

    “I will, I’ll get lots of sleep and I’ll eat right,” said Grover.

    “Eat cookies!” exclaimed Cookie Monster.

    “Hey Grover, don’t forget to call us every once and awhile and tell us how things are going,” said Susan.

    “Oh, I definitely will call. How else will I know what’s happening back here?” said Grover.

    “Elmo wants to know when we can watch Grover’s new show,” said Elmo.

    “Well, I don’t know for sure, but I’ll let you all know when it will be on,” said Grover.

    "You can count the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Ah, Ah, Ah!" said the Count.

    "Um, ok Count," said Grover.

    “We’ll miss you Grover,” said Big Bird.

    “I’ll miss you guys too Big Bird. I really should get going now. I have that early flight,” said Grover a little sadly.

    He then went around and thanked everyone and gave them all hugs. Even Oscar wished Grover well. "Good luck you floppy, furry, annoying monster," he said.

    "Gee thanks Oscar. That's almost a compliment!" exclaimed Grover.

    “Don’t forget us when you’re a big star!” said Bob as Grover began to walk away.

    “I could never forget you guys!” laughed Grover turning around. He waved one more time and then hurried home to get some sleep.

    He had a hard time falling asleep. The party was fun and he was glad to see that his friends really did care about him. It was so hard to say goodbye. But, he was only going away for a little while and he was really excited about going to Hollywood and being on television.

    Eventually he fell asleep, but morning came very quickly. Grover jumped out of bed and grabbed his suitcase. Herry had agreed to come by everyday and feed his fish so Grover didn’t need to worry about that. So, he shut the door to the apartment and hurried down the stairs.

    To his amazement there was a limo waiting outside.

    “What is this?” he thought.

    “Good morning Grover! I thought you might like receiving the star treatment before you arrive in Hollywood so we’re taking a limo to the airport,” said Jake.

    “Wow! I have never been in a limo before!” exclaimed Grover.

    “Well, get used to it, this is how your life is going to be!” said Jake.

    “I think I could get used to that,” said Grover as he stepped inside the limo.

    He looked out the window at the Sesame Street sign as the limo pulled away. He was sad to leave, but looking forward to his new adventure.

    “Here goes nothing,” he thought to himself and smiled.
  17. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Yay!!! For more story!!!

    I'm loving this more and more each chapter! Telly's scene was great! And I loved the party and the goodbyes.

    More please! :)
  18. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Ooh, party! Party makes me happy! Happy makes me... um... HAPPY!

    ...Yeah, that was a really intelligent statement... :rolleyes:

    The point is, Beth, I love it!!!!!! And, naturally, I want more.
  19. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Chapter Four:

    The flight to Hollywood from New York was very long. Another limo was waiting when they arrived to take them to the studio. First, the limo stopped in front of a fancy condo in the Hollywood hills.

    “Why are we stopping here?” asked Grover.

    “Well, this is your new home!” exclaimed Jake.

    “Wow! All this for little me?” asked Grover.

    “All for you! Come on, let’s go look around before we go meet with the producers at the studio,” said Jake.

    There was a huge deck on the back that overlooked all of Hollywood and had a pool. The kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms were huge. And this was just a condo!

    “Wow, this is just so cool!” exclaimed Grover.

    “Well, you’re a star now and this is how stars should be treated,” said Jake.

    Grover continued to walk around in amazement.

    “What about my luggage? I should go get it!” said Grover.

    “No worries, the limo driver already brought it in for you. See, it’s over there,” said Jake.

    “Gosh, I think I like being a star!” exclaimed Grover.

    “Ok, we should head to the studios, we can’t be late,” said Jake. They hurried out to the limo and drove away to the studio where the show would be taped.

    Grover was introduced to the producers, director and writers for the show which they had decided to title “The Adventures of Super Grover.” He learned they would begin shooting by the end of the week and hoped to have the show up and on the air by the end of the month. He also received a schedule of interviews and promos that he would have to attend.

    “This is a lot of information to remember!” exclaimed Grover.

    “Well, I kind of figured it might be a little challenging since you’re new to this, so I’ve hired you an assistant,” said Jake.

    “Oh, that’s nice,” said Grover.

    “And here she is now! Grover, this is Mindy, Mindy this is Grover,” said Jake leading Grover over to a younger red headed woman.

    “Hello Mindy, it’s nice to meet you,” said Grover being polite as usual but beginning to feel overwhelmed.

    “Hi Grover, I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking that this is a lot to take in all in one day. That’s why I’m here though. I’ll make sure to help you in any way you need me,” said Mindy.

    “Thanks,” said Grover.

    “All right then, I suppose you’re tired from your flight and this was a pretty packed day. Why don’t you go home and get some rest. The driver will be back for you tomorrow morning at 8:00 so you can come back here for practice,” said Jake.

    “Ok,” said Grover. He realized Jake wasn’t going with him this time and he would be on his own. He got inside the limo and decided he felt a little homesick. When he got to his new home, he decided to call Sesame Street.

    “I hope it’s not too late there,” he thought remembering a time difference. He dialed the number to Hooper’s Store.

    It rang several times before David’s voice came on a recording “Hello, you have reached Hooper’s Store; our hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily. Sorry we’ve missed your call; please try again during store hours.”

    “Shoot, they’re already closed,” thought Grover. With that he decided he had to start moving on with things and moved to start unpacking his suitcase.


    After a few days Grover settled into a routine and even began to have some fun. Mindy was extremely helpful. He liked the storylines that they had written for Super Grover. But, he was getting nervous because his first big television appearance was coming up. He was going on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

    “Ok Grover, you will be on with Ellen for about five minutes. She’ll ask you some questions and all you have to do is answer them. She’ll ask you about the show and some things like that,” said Mindy.

    “I can handle that, I’m learning a lot about the show!” laughed Grover.


    A couple of days later on Sesame Street a crowd were gathering at Hooper’s Store.

    “Turn on the television David, we don’t want to miss it!” exclaimed Prairie.

    “I wonder if he’s nervous, I would be so nervous,” said Telly.

    “Me wonder if he get cookies backstage,” said Cookie.

    They had all gathered to watch the Ellen DeGeneres show. Grover had managed to call Hooper’s Store when it was open and had given a quick message to David to tell everyone to watch him on the show.

    “I will count the questions that she asks him! Ah, Ah, Ah!” said the Count.

    “How did he sound on the phone David? Did he sound good? Is he getting enough sleep?” asked Maria.

    “He sounded good, he seemed really excited. But he was busy, we didn’t get to talk long,” said David.

    “Well, I just can’t wait to see him, he’s going to be so good!” exclaimed Olivia.

    “Guys! Be quiet, it’s starting!” said Big Bird.

    “It’s the Ellen DeGeneres show! On today’s show Ellen welcomes the star of the new Adventures of Super Grover, Grover Monster! Also on today’s show singing sensation Kelly Clarkson!” said the Announcer.

    “Yea Grover!” cheered Ernie.

    “Wow, he gets to meet Kelly Clarkson!” said Bert.

    “Welcome to the show everyone!” said Ellen and began her opening monologue.

    Backstage Grover was getting increasingly nervous. Mindy was there with him as well as Jake.

    “You’re going to be great Grover!” said Mindy.

    “Hey, you’ll get used to doing these appearances and then they’ll be a piece of cake,” said Jake.

    “I just don’t want to do anything stupid and look like a fool,” said Grover.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” said Mindy.

    The music started up again as Ellen returned from a commercial.

    “My first guest is someone new to television. He’s starring in a brand new show premiering later this month based on a character he created. Please welcome Grover Monster!” exclaimed Ellen.

    The audience applauded and the music started up.

    “Here goes nothing,” thought Grover.

    He walked out on the soundstage and like other stars that came on Ellen’s show he started dancing with her for a minute.

    “This is fun!” he thought. The music ended and then they sat down.

    “Well, welcome Grover! You’ve got some pretty good moves for a monster,” said Ellen.

    “Thank you! You’re a good dancer too,” said Grover.

    “So, you created this character called Super Grover. How did you come up with that?” asked Ellen.

    “Um…I like helping people so I always turn into Super Grover when people need help!” said Grover.

    The audience laughed.

    “That’s interesting. So, how did you get discovered to come here and make a show about it?” asked Ellen.

    “I was in this play that my friend wrote. Her name is Prairie Dawn. She likes writing plays and having her friends perform them for the kids where we live,” explained Grover.

    “That’s me! He said my name!” said an excited Prairie Dawn back at Sesame Street.

    “Anyway, this producer guy was there and he asked me to come here. It was pretty simple really,” said Grover.

    “Wow, if it could only be that simple for the rest of us,” said Ellen. Again the audience laughed.

    “He’s doing pretty well,” said Maria.

    “I still can’t believe our little Grover is on TV!” exclaimed Susan.

    Ellen asked a few more questions about the show and then thanked Grover for coming. She told everyone when they could catch the show and then went to commercial.

    “Thank you for having me Miss DeGeneres,” said Grover.

    “Please, call me Ellen. You are one polite and very nice little monster,” said Ellen.

    “Thank you very much!” exclaimed Grover and hurried offstage. Jake had left but Mindy was still there.

    “Grover you were great!” she said giving him a hug.

    “Thanks, it was fun!” said Grover.

    “Ok, we’ve got to get to the studio, we tape in 15 minutes,” said Mindy.

    “15 minutes!? I don’t even get a break?” exclaimed Grover.

    “Unfortunately you don’t. That’s the nature of Hollywood,” said Mindy and quickly hurried Grover out to the waiting limo.


    Back on Sesame Street everyone was happily chatting about how great Grover was and what a big star he would be.

    Someone else had watched the show too in a theatre not too far away.

    “What? No! This is wrong! What is he doing!” exclaimed a familiar voice.

    “What’s wrong Boss?” asked another familiar friend.

    “When I left them to come here and run this show I told them to all take care of one another and watch out for one another, especially him! And now he’s out in Hollywood? There’s something wrong here!” exclaimed the first voice.

    “Hey it’s that blue guy from Sesame Street that you’re always talking about!” said yet another voice.

    “I’ve got to go to Sesame Street and figure out what’s going on, this is just not right,” said the first voice again.

    “All right Kermit, we’ll hold down the fort,” said Scooter.

    “Maybe he was abducted by Simon Cowell and forced to become a singing, tap dancing ninja on a variety show!” exclaimed Gonzo.

    “I don’t think that’s what happened, but like I said, I’m going to find out,” said Kermit.
  20. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness! This is just amazing Beth! And this line is outstanding!

    Grrrreat chapter! Can't wait for more!

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