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SST Old School Outlines

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by cjd874, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 113 is going to be the last outline I post for a while. I am finishing up school, and need to focus on my studies for the next three to four months. But I shall try to return in the summer with more outlines. Enjoy this one, where the cast tries to cheer up an angry Herry Monster. Plus, Bad Bart surprises Marshall Earp, Ernie and Cookie Monster have an identity crisis, and a Muppet choir sings "I'm So Lonely."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 113

    Season 9: Herry Monster can’t be cheered up

    Sponsors: S, V, 10

    Scene 1: Bob says good morning to the viewer and notices Herry Monster coming down the street. When he addresses Herry good morning, Herry simply frowns and grunts. As Herry passes by Hooper’s Store, David offers him a lollipop, but Herry refuses it and tells David off. When Susan and Big Bird greet Herry, he sneers at them. Everyone agrees that Herry Monster is in a rotten mood!

    Cartoon: A man slips on his daughter’s roller skate and falls. The girl says that her dad is angry, but he still loves her!

    Muppets: Ernie and Cookie Monster are unable to tell each other apart because they both have wiggly fingers, large mouths, funny laughs, and love cookies. A Green Anything Muppet tells them how they’re different, making them feel better.

    Film: Herding sheep in the winter

    Cartoon: The Yo-Yo Master

    Film: The hamburger bun factory

    Cartoon: A sprightly seal tells the story of six silly sailors who split up on a seesaw (art by Tee Collins)

    Scene 2: Big Bird and David offer to play with Herry Monster, but he refuses. Big Bird: “Boy, Herry is even grouchier than Oscar today!” David: “Yeah, and Oscar’s a pretty hard act to beat.”

    Cartoon: S is for Santa, Snow, and Sleigh

    Muppets: The Twiddlebugs figure out how to get to the zoo

    Cartoon: S is for subway, sailboat, sled, scooter, skates, skis, and stop!

    Cartoon: A man asks a stranger for directions to the city, and builds a sand castle to show him what the city looks like. It turns out that the stranger is an alien!

    Muppet/Kid Moment: The Count and Ingrid count to 20 in Spanish

    Film: Footage of Paul Simon recording “Bingo,” and how vinyl records are made

    Scene 3: Susan and Bob attempt to make Herry feel better by playing “One of These Things.” Herry guesses incorrectly, which only compounds the problem. After ripping the board in half, Herry storms off.

    Muppets: A Muppet driver waits a long time for the attendant to give him gasoline, but other drivers wait only a short time for the same thing!

    Cartoon: Two men stand atop a letter V and discuss its importance

    Cast: Mr. Hooper adds chairs

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #10

    Muppets: Ernie gives Bert a doctor’s checkup

    Film: Baby turtles swim around

    Scene 4: Everyone tries to talk to Herry, but he doesn’t want to even be near anybody today. Herry yells at everyone to stop making him feel better and to leave him alone. He kicks the wastebasket and the mailbox over, sending trash and letters everywhere. Everyone leaves Herry alone.

    Cartoon: The Villain in the Panama Hat

    Cast: Maria subtracts chairs in a spoof of sporting events

    Film/Song: Henson #10

    Muppets: Kermit gives a lecture on long and short. He asks Grover to hop and sing for a long time, while Kermit does those things for a short time. Grover gets tired and asks to switch. As a result, Grover gets to tickle Kermit for a short time, but Kermit gets to tickle him for a long time!

    Cartoon: 30 dots (perfect take)

    Scene 5: Herry Monster sits by Oscar’s can, still seething. As he reflects on the events of the day, he realizes how nasty he’s been. Herry wants to talk to someone, but he looks around and nobody is on Sesame Street. He begins to feel very lonely.

    Cartoon: A little girl tries to figure out why a dog is crying

    Muppets/Song: The Anything Muppets sing, “I’m So Lonely”

    Film: The sad flower

    Cartoon: V is for Venus, Violin, Volcano, Vegetables, and Vampire…

    Scene 6: Oscar pops up and asks, “Hey, Herry! What’s with the frowning? I’ve never wanted to talk with you as much as I do now!” Herry opens up about his bad day: when he woke up, he stubbed his toe on his rocking horse. Then he fell into a mud puddle outside his house. Then the ice cream man was out of chocolate ice cream! But he got angry with everyone when they tried to help him; and now none of them are here. Oscar advises Herry to scream: “Let it all out, kid! Immerse yourself in anger and grouchiness!” After letting out a thunderous roar, Herry is no longer angry! He thanks Oscar, who denies having helped him.

    Cartoon: S is for Snake

    Muppets: Bad Bart warns the local cowpokes that he has a surprise for Marshall Earp. As the townspeople watch the showdown, Bad Bart reveals his surprise: a birthday party for Marshall Earp!

    Film: Rhythm is everywhere!

    Cartoon/Song: Ten Tiny Turtles (art by Bud Luckey)

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Bert tells John-John how he felt when he lost his paper clips. John-John acts out each emotion.

    Cartoon: There’s a zoo in me!

    Scene 7: Inside Hooper’s Store, Herry Monster apologizes to everyone and tells everyone about his bad morning, and how Oscar made him feel better. David, Bob, Susan and Big Bird share a good laugh as Oscar announces the sponsors: “Sesame Street has been brought to you by the sloppy letter S, the vile letter V, and the terrible number 10.” SS sign still: Olivia. CTW sign still: Mr. Hooper.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, the Count, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Bad Bart, AMs
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  2. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    Good luck!
  3. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Hi-ho! I'm back after a three-month hiatus. Here is outline number 114, in which one of Mumford's tricks goes awry (as usual). Plus, Ernie and Bert share jellybeans, and Cookie Monster stars in "The Monster's Three Wishes."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 114

    Season 9: Mumford shrinks things on Sesame Street

    Sponsors: C, H, 7

    Scene 1: The Count, Bob, and several kids count fruits in small groupings. They count one pineapple, two melons, three bananas, four apples, five pears, six oranges, and seven strawberries. After everybody counts the fruits, Bob suggests that they make a fruit salad.

    Cartoon/Song: The Alligator King #7

    Cartoon: Two lines cross paths and get into an argument. They decide to cooperate by becoming dotted lines and intersecting one another.

    Muppets: Ernie comes home from camp and shows Bert what he brought back: water, rocks, and a paper clip! Bert is overjoyed by these gifts.

    Scene 2: Inside Hooper’s Store, Bob and Mr. Hooper make fruit salad. As they put the salad into bowls, the Count counts each serving. Finally, the adults give the Count a bowl of fruit salad. Mr. Hooper: “I hope you enjoy the fruit salad, Count. Eat it while it’s still fresh.” The Count: “Eat it? Why would I eat it now, Mr. Hooper? First I must COUNT all the pieces of fruit in the bowl! That’s ONE piece of apple! Two pieces of apple…three pieces of apple…”

    Film/Song: “Everybody Eats” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: H is for Hello (voiced by Gary Owens)

    Cast: Bob, Luis, and Linda assemble an H

    Cartoon: H is for Hola (Spanish version)

    Muppets: Kermit gives a lecture on the hand

    Film: A farmer takes care of baby calves

    Insert: Gordon sings about having a child of his own as he watches the children playing outside (“A Kid Like You”)

    Cartoon: C is for Candle (the candle blows the man away!)

    Cartoon: C is for Canary

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “C” trick (“Wanna see?”)

    Film: A children’s doctor at work

    Cartoon: A magician tries to make six circles disappear

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert attempt to share jellybeans

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #7

    Muppets: Marshal Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse go to the bar for a glass of milk. The bartender presents the big, bigger, and biggest glass, and Marshal Grover has trouble choosing. He chooses the biggest glass, and drinks it all!

    Film: “There Once Was a Hand”

    Cartoon/Film: An animated climber explores a boy’s body parts

    Muppets/Song: Cookie Monster sings, “C is for Cookie”

    Scene 3: Bob is reading a book, but is having trouble reading the words because they’re so small. The Amazing Mumford comes along and offers to make Bob’s book larger with a new magic trick! However, when the smoke clears, Bob’s book is still the same size. As Mumford leaves to keep practicing his trick, the camera cuts to the Fix-It Shop, where Luis’s worktable has mysteriously gotten much smaller…

    Cartoon: An elephant and a zebra try to carry things across a bridge, but they are in each other’s way

    Muppets: Ernie is sad because he can’t play baseball outside in the rain. Bert tells him to imagine playing baseball inside. Ernie does so, and hits a long ball that lands in the water. When Bert says he can go outside now, Ernie can’t: “I hit my ball into the ocean, Bert.”

    Cartoon/Song: “That’s About the Size of It” (art by Bud Luckey)

    Film: A bumblebee

    Scene 4: Mumford tries his trick again on his hat, but the hat doesn’t grow. After two more attempts, he gives up. As Mumford walks away, the camera cuts back and forth to show that Olivia’s bicycle, Mr. Hooper’s newsstand, and Big Bird’s nest have all been shrunk by Mumford’s magic! Everyone stares at the camera in shock.

    Muppets: Two Muppet boys play hide and seek while saying the alphabet

    Cartoon: A mad scientist reveals his latest creation: a capital H

    Film/Song: Henson #7

    Cartoon: Big, bigger, and biggest strongmen

    Muppets/Cast: Bob reads the story of “The Monster’s Three Wishes,” starring Cookie Monster and the Genie

    Cartoon: I’ve Got a Mind – Bouncing Ball

    Film: Letter H hoist

    Muppets/Song: A baritone Orange-Gold Anything Muppet (played by Jim Henson) sings about the wonders of the country, without noticing that the landscape is being rebuilt into a city.

    Cartoon: A man tries to come up with H words, but another one keeps beating him to the punch. The first man finally draws a hole underneath the other, but he still yells, “HELP!”

    Film/Song: “Little Things” (by Joe Raposo)

    Scene 5: After Big Bird, Luis, Mr. Hooper, and Olivia confront him, the Amazing Mumford reverses his trick by saying the magic words backwards! He makes everything return to its normal size, and everyone is happy. Unbeknownst to everyone, the mailbox and fire hydrant have doubled in size! Oscar pops up from his can, sees the giant mailbox and hydrant, and faints back into his can. Bob announces the sponsors. SS sign still: the Count. CTW sign still: Maria.


    Linda Bove as Linda

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Alaina Reed as Olivia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Amazing Mumford, the Count, Fred the Wonder Horse, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  4. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Here is Outline number 115, in which Gordon explains air and Big Bird gets singing lessons from Bob. Plus, Grover shows loud and quiet, Guy Smiley honors a loaf of bread, and Simon Soundman sings a song.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 115

    Season 7: Gordon teaches the kids about air/Bob gives Big Bird singing lessons

    Sponsors: G, O, 3

    Scene 1: In the arbor area, Gordon shows the kids how air moves things. First, he asks the kids to blow small pieces of paper across the table.

    Cartoon: Rolling O Song (art by the Hubleys)

    Scene 2: Gordon has an electric fan plugged into the wall inside Hooper’s Store, and asks one child to hold a pinwheel in front of the fan. When Gordon turns the fan on, the pinwheel moves!

    Muppets: In the library, Grover tries to talk about loud and quiet, but the librarian keeps shushing him. Grover resorts to an almost inaudible whispering, and the librarian approves of his volume.

    Cartoon: Drawing the letter G

    Cast: Susan, Bob, and Maria add and subtract themselves from a black screen

    Cartoon: Beetle Bailey tries to be first in the chow line

    Film: Sometimes, you need a bridge…

    Muppets: Ernie finds Herry Monster’s ball

    Cartoon: G is for Giggle

    Scene 3: Gordon points out that it’s windy on Sesame Street. He explains that wind is strong air that moves very quickly, and that wind can move people’s hair (Maria passes by, her hair blowing) and the leaves on a tree. As the wind gets stronger, Gordon struggles to stay on his feet, and he gets blown away himself.

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert play a pretending game

    Film/Song: Henson #3

    Cartoon: A man teaches his dog to say “YES”

    Film: A gymnast shows beginning and end, with her gymnastics routine

    Cartoon: O is for Orange (art by Bruce Cayard)

    Muppets: Lefty recites the alphabet for his boss and gets a lollipop as his reward

    Film: Animals that live along the river (hippo, crocodile, water buffalo, etc.)

    Scene 4: Big Bird hears Bob singing while hanging the laundry out to dry. Big Bird is so impressed that he asks Bob for singing lessons. Bob agrees.

    Cartoon: Three birds enter a cuckoo clock to do their job

    Muppets/Song: Simon Soundman sings about how his (WOOF-WOOF) chased a (MEOW) up a tree, and how the (REEEE-OOOOO) came to get the (MEOW) down.

    Scene 5: In Bob’s apartment, Bob asks Big Bird to sing his lowest note and his highest note. The highest note ends up cracking Bob’s window.

    Cartoon: The Country Fiddler – Three on Lady’s Lap (by Bud Luckey)

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #3

    Film: Peggy Fleming skates a letter O

    Cartoon: Christopher Clumsy talks about shapes (art by Cliff Roberts)

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “Here Is Your Life” to honor a loaf of bread

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Herry Monster asks John-John about loud and soft

    Scene 6: Bob asks Big Bird to sing quietly and loudly, and then slowly and quickly. Then Big Bird says that he wants to learn a song. Bob asks him what he’d like to learn. Big Bird: “What else? A birdsong!” Bob flips through his songbooks and finds one titled, “101 Great Birdsongs for Winged Warblers.” Then they start learning a song.

    Film: George the Farmer shows loud and quiet

    Cartoon: What if my hair was made of grass?

    Muppets/Song: Grover and George sing about “Two G Sounds”

    Film: Rolling Red Ball #3 (powder ending)

    Celebrity: Arthur Ashe counts while hitting a tennis ball against the wall

    Cartoon: A girl imagines that she’s a rescue vehicle

    Film/Song: “There’s a Bird on Me” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: A gorilla that knows G words applies for a job

    Muppets: Bert asks Ernie to demonstrate soft and loud

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #3 (repeat)

    Scene 7: Gordon, Maria, and a group of kids gather in Bob’s apartment to hear Big Bird sing a song for them. Everyone listens and applauds as Big Bird sings “A Really Good Feeling,” and Susan announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Oscar and the Count. CTW sign still: Roosevelt Franklin and his mother.


    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird


    Frank Oz as Grover, Bert, Lefty, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, Simon Soundman, George, AMs

    Richard Hunt, Fran Brill, and Marilyn Sokol as AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, AMs
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  5. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 116 stars Bert, Mr. Hooper, David, Biff, Oscar, Maria, Gordon, and Big Bird. Plus, Cookie wants to share Ernie's pillow, Kermit meets Rapunzel, and several classic films are featured (the Mad Painter, Everybody Eats).

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 116

    Season 6: The cast imagines what they’ll be like when they’re older/Bert helps Mr. Hooper and David at Hooper’s Store

    Sponsors: E, U, 9

    Scene 1: As Mr. Hooper serves breakfast to the adults, he laments that he just turned sixty-five years old. This gets everyone thinking about what they will be doing when they’re older. Gordon imagines that he and Susan are still living on Sesame Street with two grown children. David imagines that he becomes a lawyer, marries Maria, and raises a family with her in the Bronx. Luis thinks that he’ll run the Fix-It Shop for another thirty years before retiring. When Big Bird comes in, the adults ask him the same question. Big Bird: “When I’m older…I’ll still be me!”

    Muppets: At the beach, Bert asks Ernie if he planned for the day. Bert says that he has his beach blanket, his pail and shovel, and other important things. Ernie admits that he only brought an umbrella in case it rains…which it does!

    Cartoon: Two traveling lines have an argument until they decide to intersect

    Scene 2: The cast talks about their favorite “E” words. Maria likes evenings, Big Bird likes eagles, Gordon likes elephants, and Oscar likes endings…the segment ends when Oscar slams his lid down.

    Muppets/Song: Roosevelt Franklin and his mother sing about the numbers 1 – 10

    Film: A clown removes his makeup (time-lapse video)

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #9

    Cartoon: E is for Egg (speech balloon)

    Film: Baby eagles (child narration)

    Scene 3: The cast talks about their favorite “U” words. Maria likes umbrellas, Big Bird likes walking up, Gordon likes umpires, and Oscar likes being upside-down. Then the camera rotates itself, showing Oscar upside-down in his can!

    Film/Song: Henson #9

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “U” trick (“Can I take a picture of you?”)

    Film: Making pottery

    Cartoon: A large rabbit chases three kids

    Muppets: Waiter Grover serves the Count hot dogs, but the Count says that he wants to count the hot dogs instead of eating them. When Grover refuses to get any more hot dogs, the Count hypnotizes Grover to get more.

    Cartoon: An award for U

    Cartoon: A dog learns about the letter U

    Scene 4: Bert comes in for two Fizzy Fizz sodas. As David gets them, Bert wonders what it’s like to work behind the counter at Hooper’s Store. David offers to let Bert help out, and Mr. Hooper approves as well.

    Film/Song: Henson #9 (repeat)

    Muppets: Sherlock Hemlock helps Ernie solve the Mystery of the Missing Chicken Sandwich

    Cartoon: Imagination E (animation by John and Faith Hubley)

    Cast: Maria hosts a dinner party with Bob and three gorillas, and Maria sings “Three of These Things” with the dinner guests. At the end, Bob is carried out because he isn’t a gorilla!

    Cartoon: E is for Enter and Exit (“That’s enough, Roy!”)

    Film/Song: “Everybody Eats” (by Joe Raposo)

    Scene 5: Sporting a new apron, Bert is ready to help out! Biff shows up for a cup of coffee but he can’t decide whether he wants it with cream, milk, or sugar. Bert gets frustrated, but David reminds him to be patient. Mr. Hooper adds, “The customer is always right!” Finally, Biff makes up his mind…he wants a cup of coffee with a plate of scrambled eggs and three pieces of toast!

    Muppets: Ernie tries to take a nap, but Cookie Monster wants his pillow and keeps ringing a bell to distract Ernie. Eventually Ernie agrees to share it, so Cookie rips the pillow in half, gives one part to Ernie, and eats the other half!

    Cartoon: U is for Ugly

    Cartoon: Count to 10 with Nobody (animation by Jim Henson)

    Film: The Mad Painter #9

    Cartoon: U is for Umbrella (speech balloon)

    Scene 6: Big Bird, Maria, Gordon, and Luis all show up to order their lunches. Bert panics upon seeing so many people, but Mr. Hooper calms him down and helps him figure out a plan to help everyone. Eventually, Bert cooperates with Mr. Hooper and David to serve the customers.

    Cartoon: The Old Woman Who Lived a Nine (art by Bud Luckey)

    Film: A man sings “Rock-a-bye Baby” to a sleepy koala

    Cartoon: Three characters cooperate to watch a baseball game over a fence

    Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash – Kermit interviews Prince Charming as the Prince attempts to rescue Rapunzel

    Cartoon: A man saws out the letter E

    Cartoon: 30 dots (one shows up too early)

    Film: Water buffalo

    Scene 7: Bert serves his last customer of the day (Farley makes a rare cameo). Mr. Hooper and David congratulate Bert, and Mr. Hooper says that Bert can come back anytime to help out. A glowing Bert proceeds to outline his plans for revamping the store, to the adults’ surprise: “First, we’ve gotta knock down these walls and expand! How about changing the menu, Mr. Hooper? Maybe we should have an oatmeal bar…with five different flavors of oatmeal!” Luis announces the sponsors. SS sign still: David and Maria. CTW sign still: Oscar.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, the Prince, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Biff, Sherlock Hemlock, Farley, AMs

    Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin (voice only)

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  6. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 117 features Big Bird, Snuffy, Oscar, David, Maria, and the return of a character seen ONLY ONCE on Sesame Street! Plus, Ernie plays tag with Bert, Mr. Chatterley hosts another Alphabet Chat, and Paul Simon sings "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 117

    Season 9: Mr. Snuffleupagus plays the Snuffle-tuba/Headline Howie returns/Oscar hires a Grouch electrician

    Sponsors: O, Z, 8

    Scene 1: Mr. Snuffleupagus arrives at Big Bird’s nest for their playdate. Snuffy asks what they should do today. They can’t do marbles or play cowboy because they did that last time. Big Bird wants to do something totally new, and Snuffy has an idea. He leaves for his cave to retrieve something that will amaze Big Bird.

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #8

    Muppets: Mr. Chatterley hosts an Alphabet Chat about the letter O, but everything goes wrong

    Cartoon: O is for Open

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – O is for Owl

    Scene 2: Snuffy returns with a massive instrument called the Snuffle-tuba. Big Bird is amazed, and asks if he can hear it. Snuffy obliges, and starts blowing into it. The instrument emits a very loud and deep sound, nearly knocking Big Bird off his feet. But then the instrument stops working, and Snuffy leaves to get it fixed. David and Maria stagger into Big Bird’s nest area, rattled by the foghorn-like sound. Big Bird tries to explain what happened, but the adults don’t believe him.

    Film: The Mad Painter #8

    Cartoon: A boy acts out his feelings, accompanied by various animals (“There’s a zoo in me!”)

    Muppets/Song: Lefty the Salesman sings, “Would You Like to Buy an O?” to Ernie

    Cartoon: Would you mind closing our OPEN?

    Film: A farmer feeds baby calves

    Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot teaches Grover how to count with blocks

    Scene 3: Oscar is looking down the street and checking his clock. Maria asks him why, and Oscar tells her that he’s expecting a Grouch electrician any minute. The electrician (played by Jerry Nelson) arrives, and Oscar explains the problem: his lights are too bright, and he wants them fixed. Oscar and the electrician go into the can to turn on the lights. Maria hears smashing noises from inside, and the lights go out abruptly. When the Grouches re-emerge, Maria points out that electricians are supposed to repair lights, not wreck them! Electrician: “Listen, sister! Grouch electricians are SUPPOSED to wreck the lights!” Oscar: “Yeah! Plus, with broken lights, I won’t be able to see a thing inside my can…just how I like it!” Oscar goes back into his can and immediately crashes into various household items. Maria shakes her head in disbelief as the ending music plays.

    Film: A walrus swims (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: The singing orange (music: “Habanera” from Bizet’s Carmen)

    Muppets: Ernie tries to play tag with Bert, but Bert is reluctant to play along

    Cartoon/Song: Penny Candy Man #8 (by Bud Luckey)

    Film: The story of Colleen, who lives in Arizona

    Insert/Song: Paul Simon sings “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”

    Cartoon: Z is for Zipper (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: Poverty Pictures’ Z sketch

    Muppets/Song: “Fat Cat” (featuring Bip Bipadotta)

    Scene 4: David puts a “CLOSED” sign on the door of Hooper’s Store before he takes a lunch break with Maria. Headline Howie pops up with a catchy newspaper headline: “Sign on door: Hooper’s Store is no more!” Maria tries to explain that the store is not closed for good, but Howie keeps spewing more outrageous headlines without letting the adults get a word in edgewise: “Storekeeper a bore! Tending the store is a chore!” When David gets mad, Howie says, “Keeper gets sore over store lore! Heard it all before!” The adults finally tell Howie that David is simply taking a break and will be back in five minutes. Headline Howie thanks him for clearing the confusion, and creates one last headline: “Hooper’s Store is alive and will thrive! Back in five.” After Howie leaves Maria asks, “What was that all about?” David remarks, “I don’t know, but that was a lot of jive…”

    Cartoon: Flying Z in space

    Cartoon: Adding ladybugs and lizards

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts the Addition Game with Herry Monster as the contestant

    Cartoon: Two men climb to the top of a capital letter Z

    Film/Song: “What Are Kids Called?” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: Zig, zag, zoom, and zoo…

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Ernie, Bert, and Shola talk about feelings

    Cartoon: The King of Eight (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

    Cartoon: A girl explains what “imagination” means

    Scene 5: David and Maria talk about rhyming words with the kids.

    Cartoon: A man recites a limerick about the letter O while another man is forced to hold a large O

    Muppets: Don Music rewrites “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with help from Kermit

    Cartoon: Batman and Robin learn how to cross the street safely

    Cast: Luis finds a table with three legs, and he searches for another table leg

    Muppets: The Count and Cookie Monster cooperate as they count and eat cookies

    Cartoon: What if I looked like George Washington, and George Washington looked like me?

    Film: A scuba diver shows on, into, under, around, and through

    Scene 6: Snuffy returns to Big Bird’s nest with his newly repaired Snuffle-tuba, and he asks Big Bird if he’d like to hear more. Big Bird suggests that they play jacks instead. David announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Gordon.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Lefty the Salesman, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Mr. Snuffleupagus, the Count, Herry Monster, Mr. Chatterley, Herbert Birdsfoot, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Headline Howie, Don Music, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, Kermit, Bip Bipadotta, AMs
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  7. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 118 features Caroll Spinney and Jerry Nelson's core characters in the street scenes. Plus, Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse try to help Kermit, and Lena Horne stops by the Street to sing the alphabet song.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 118

    Season 7: Big Bird declares it “National Seven Day” to celebrate the number 7

    Sponsors: L, Y, 7

    Scene 1: Susan and Bob notice signs posted all over Sesame Street. All of them have the number “7” on them. The adults track the signs from Big Bird’s nest to the Fix-It Shop, where Big Bird is putting up yet another sign. When Bob and Susan ask him for an explanation, Big Bird says that he’s declared today as National Seven Day to celebrate the number 7. In honor of National Seven Day, he will do everything in groups of seven. Thus, he’s put up seven signs!

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #7

    Muppets/Celebrity: Lena Horne and the Muppets sing the Alphabet Song

    Cartoon: Y is for Yakety-Yak-Yak

    Film/Song: “I’m a Hard-Working Dog”

    Cartoon: A man explains the folding ruler

    Muppets: Cookie Monster sounds out the word “FOOD,” and he eats the letters afterwards

    Scene 2: Big Bird sees Herry Monster working out with barbells. Then he asks Herry to lift a barbell seven times in honor of National Seven Day. Afterwards, Herry stretches and cracks his joints seven times!

    Cartoon: Christopher Clumsy demonstrate shapes (art by Cliff Roberts)

    Muppets/Song: Ernie and Bert sing “La, La, La” as a tribute to the letter L

    Scene 3: Big Bird asks the Count to count to seven. After the Count is finished, Big Bird asks him to do it again…and again…and again. Ultimately, the Count counts to seven…SEVEN times! A hoarse Count leaves to drink seven glasses of water.

    Film: Water, water, water! (Child narration)

    Cartoon: L is for Loud

    Cartoon: L is for Lips

    Muppets: Kermit, Farmer Grover, and Fred the Wonder Horse show how a horse-and-cart works…or at least they try to

    Film/Song: “Dressed Up” (by Joe Raposo, accompanied by footage of birds)

    Cartoon: Red and yellow shapes are categorized (Moog synthesizer music)

    Scene 4: Oscar is sorting his trash, and Susan offers to help him out. Together they count out seven tin cans, seven cracked flowerpots, and seven crumpled wads of paper! Susan comments that Oscar is doing a great job of celebrating National Seven Day, and Oscar recoils upon hearing such praise.

    Cartoon: A construction worker finds a concert pianist in his lunchbox, and the pianist sings the alphabet for him

    Muppets/Cast: David sings “People in Your Neighborhood” with a Muppet librarian (performed by Jim Henson) and a Muppet plumber (performed by Richard Hunt)

    Cartoon: Y is for Yo-Yo (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: A boy describes his pet letter Y, named Yetta

    Film: Where does the garbage go?

    Muppets: Bert refuses to go on a trip with Ernie because he has purple paint coated on his hand. Ernie puts a mitten on Bert’s hand to cover up the paint, but Bert feels silly wearing one mitten. This causes Ernie to add another mitten, a scarf, and a hat to Bert’s attire. Then Ernie tells Bert that they’re going to the beach!

    Film/Song: Henson #7

    Cast: The kids try to spell “BUS” in the right way

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “Beat the Time” with Cookie Monster as his contestant. Cookie must find three things that rhyme with “rain” in order to win a cookie.

    Cartoon: Sand Y

    Scene 5: Inside Hooper’s Store, Big Bird asks Mr. Hooper for seven birdseed cookies. Mr. Hooper brings them out, and the Bird consumes them rapidly. Then Big Bird burps seven times!

    Muppets: In the Caveman days, King Ernie is tired of getting letters on heavy rocks and asks the Royal Smart Person (Sherlock Hemlock) to invent something lighter. The Royal Smart Person invents paper as a result.

    Cartoon: L is for Lunchbox

    Cartoon: B-U-S! We’re on the bus!

    Scene 6: Big Bird wants to play catch with Susan. Big Bird throws the ball seven times to Susan, and vice-versa. But then Susan has to leave, and Big Bird tries to find somebody else to play catch with him. He sees Mr. Hooper coming out of his store, and the Bird coaxes him into playing seven rounds of catch.

    Cartoon: During a baseball game, a bully won’t give a baseball back to a young boy, until the boy brings his dog over

    Film: Y is for Yacht

    Muppets: The Count’s bats are going on strike because they never get to count anything. The Count “settles” this issue by letting them count all the Counts in the room (just one) while he counts the bats (seven).

    Film: A grasshopper (harpsichord music)

    Cartoon: Madrigal Alphabet

    Scene 7: Exhausted, Big Bird recalls his day to the viewers: he ate seven birdseed cookies, sang seven songs with seven kids, and played seven games of catch with seven different people: “I played catch with Susan, Mr. Dooper, Bob, Maria, Bert, Herry Monster, and even my pal Mr. Snuffleupagus…although no one saw us playing.” Before he goes to bed, Big Bird counts seven sheep so that he can get seven hours of sleep. As he drifts off, Bob whispers the sponsors and the nighttime theme plays. SS sign still: Mr. Hooper. CTW sign still: Maria and Bob.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Herry Monster, Fred the Wonder Horse, Sherlock Hemlock, AMs

    Richard Hunt as AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Guy Smiley, AMs
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  8. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 119 features Bob, Big Bird, Susan, Gordon, and a handful of relatively obscure Muppets (at the time). Plus, Ernie and Bert exercise, Kermit interviews Pinocchio, and Guy Smiley hosts the Addition Game!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 119

    Season 9: Bob starts a barbershop quartet on Sesame Street

    Sponsors: R, U, 11

    Scene 1: Big Bird asks Susan and the kids about the difference between some, more, and all. Susan asks some of the kids to give Big Bird a hug. Then she gets more kids to hug him. Finally, all of the kids (and Susan) hug Big Bird!

    Muppets: A group of Muppet cheerleaders cheer for a rocket and watch it blast off into space

    Film: Some clowns, and more clowns

    Cartoon: R is for Radio

    Film: Living in a mobile home

    Cartoon: The Eleven Cheer (animation by Jim Henson)

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert meet Tough Eddie at the beach

    Cartoon: A man learns not to pick flowers out of the ground

    Scene 2: Susan and Gordon see Bob hanging up flyers around Sesame Street. When they ask Bob what he’s doing, Bob says that he’s looking for singers for his new barbershop quartet, and that he’s hanging up flyers in hopes of getting people to join his quartet. He asks Gordon and Susan if they’re interested, but they pass. Bob is not deterred, and he goes to ask some more people.

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #11

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts the Addition Game with Herry Monster as his contestant. Herry doesn’t know what 3+1 equals (and loses on that question), so he brings four cars into the studio to figure out the answer, causing great damage.

    Film: Two men go on a picnic, but their outing is nearly sabotaged by a hungry dog. The men cooperate to save their food.

    Cartoon: An award for U

    Cast: Luis and David assemble a letter U

    Cartoon: I have none/I have all the grapes (art by Bruce Cayard)

    Muppets: Waiter Grover tries to serve a sandwich to Mr. Johnson, but the customer insists that it match the picture on the menu. When Grover finally gets the order right, Mr. Johnson leaves because his lunch break is over and Grover throws a fit.

    Cartoon/Song: “It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning”

    Scene 3: Bob goes around Sesame Street, asking more people if they’re interested in joining his barbershop quartet. He is unsuccessful in getting Olivia, Maria, and the Count to join. Then Bob asks Oscar the same question…with predictable results.

    Cartoon: A woman can’t get her car to start, so she puts an R under the hood. Then the car revs up with a loud “Rrrr…”

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “R” prank (“I want to send a letter to my mother!”)

    Film: Swimming and flying pelicans

    Cartoon: Two men push two large eggs to the top of two hills

    Muppets: Ernie has four apples and writes a 4 on his easel. Cookie Monster comes along and wants to take it, so Ernie changes the 4 to a 3. Then Cookie decides not to eat it and puts it back, so Ernie rewrites a 4. Unfortunately Cookie Monster can’t make up his mind, causing Ernie to write 3s and 4s over and over again.

    Film: The Mad Painter #11

    Transition: A rectangle charges at the screen

    Scene 4: An unhappy Bob is sitting on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street. Big Bird comes over and asks Bob what’s wrong. Bob explains that he’s asked all his friends to join his barbershop group, but nobody is interested. Big Bird mentions that he’s interested! Big Bird goes to to find more people to join Bob’s quartet.

    Cartoon: I am crying…estoy llorando (VO by Northern Calloway and Sonia Manzano)

    Film/Song: “Fireman, He’s Ready to Go”

    Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash – Kermit interviews Pinocchio

    Cartoon: U is for Up, Underground, U-turn, and Universe…

    Scene 5: Big Bird returns with Frazzle and Gladys the Cow! They were the only ones who were interested in joining a barbershop quartet. Bob sighs in resignation and gathers everyone to start rehearsal.

    Cartoon: A man gives a U away for free

    Muppets: Bert notices Ernie exercising to a radio program. At Ernie’s request, Bert joins in, and he gets so into it that he doesn’t hear Ernie telling him that the Pigeon News program has started.

    Film: Kids on roller skates

    Cartoon: A man jumps onto an “UP”

    Cartoon: Herman Happy and Stanley Sad perform a vaudeville routine about themselves

    Film: Hands count to 11 (voiceover by Fran Brill)

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Grover and Polly recite the alphabet

    Cartoon: A boy tries to push his dollhouse through a door that won’t stay open

    Scene 6: Bob presents his new barbershop quartet featuring himself, Big Bird, Gladys the Cow, and Frazzle! The rest of the cast watches them perform “I Get a Nice Feeling” in bemusement, and Olivia announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Kermit and a kid. CTW sign still: Gordon.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Alaina Reed as Olivia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, the Count, Frazzle, Mr. Johnson, Tough Eddie, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Gladys the Cow, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, Kermit, AMs
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  9. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 120 chronicles a hiking trip that ends in typical Muppety fashion. Plus, Ernie makes a bust of Bert, Sinister Sam looks for Doc Holiday, and Ritchie Havens sings "Wonder Child."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 120

    Season 10: The cast hikes through Palisades Interstate Park

    Sponsors: A, D, 3

    Scene 1: Big Bird notices Bob, Linda, Gordon, Maria, and Mr. MacIntosh waiting for the bus and asks where they’re going. Gordon says that they’re going for a hike in a national park. Big Bird has never been to a national park before, so Maria and Bob explain what is. Now fully informed, the Bird asks if he can join them on their hike.

    Cartoon: A is for Acrobats

    Cartoon: A man presents an alligator, which starts with A

    Scene 2: Oscar wants to know why the adults are going hiking. He doesn’t understand why people want to breathe in fresh air and see sparkling lakes and colorful trees. Bob offers an alternative perspective: sometimes you walk for miles without stopping and you get tired and cranky. Maria says that there are lots of flies and mosquitoes, too. Gordon adds that there might even be animals like bears, porcupines, or skunks! Now Oscar wants to join them, and forces Gordon and Bob to lift his trash can over to the bus stop.

    Film: Acrobat addition and subtraction (on a trapeze)

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #3

    Cartoon: A man tours a construction building filled with “D” items

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Cookie Monster and Jason talk about the letter D

    Film: Lobster and crab

    Cartoon: Indian Guru 1 – 20 Song (English version)

    Scene 3: The cast arrives at Palisades Interstate Park.

    Muppets: Ernie makes a clay bust of Bert’s head, but runs out of clay for Bert’s nose. After realizing this, Ernie pulls off Bert’s nose and puts it on the bust!

    Cartoon: A witch tells a group of kids a story full of “A” words

    Film: The Mad Painter #3

    Muppets/Song: Little Jerry and the Monotones perform “Proud”

    Scene 4: Big Bird and Gordon search for animals like moose and deer, but Big Bird is only interested in finding woodland birds. They see a deer, a moose, and beavers which Big Bird kind of likes. But when they see sparrows, eagles, and herons, Big Bird immediately tries to strike up a conversation with them.

    Cartoon: Indian Guru 1 – 20 Song (Spanish version)

    Muppets: The Amazing Mumford performs his Pineapple subtraction trick, with “help” from Grover

    Cartoon: A is for Ape

    Cast/Song: Olivia sings “Everything Grows”

    Cartoon: A young frog has to jump from one side of the pond to the other

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Herry Monster and John-John talk about up and down

    Scene 5: Bob and Linda explore the park together. Bob learns about the sign language names for foxes, rabbits, and elk.

    Muppets: Super Grover helps two boys break up a fight

    Celebrity/Song: Ritchie Havens performs “Wonder Child”

    Cartoon: Billie Jo Jive and the Missing Wig

    Muppets: Bert can’t sleep with the sound of a dripping faucet, so Ernie turns on the radio and the vacuum cleaner to drown it out. This only aggravates Bert more, so Bert turns everything off while Ernie falls asleep. When Bert finally gets back into bed, he can’t fall asleep because Ernie is snoring too loudly!

    Film/Song: “Families” (by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: Two monkeys fight over what TV show to watch

    Scene 6: Mr. MacIntosh admits to Maria that he’s never been hiking before, and says that it’s fun and refreshing. Maria points out some of the berries and fruits on the bushes and trees, and the adults compare these to the produce that Mr. MacIntosh sells on Sesame Street.

    Cartoon: D is for Dart

    Cartoon: D-O-G chant (ends with a fight between dogs and cats)

    Film: A boy goes to the dentist

    Muppets/Song: A Muppet hippie sings about adding, and uses four cookies as his props. Cookie Monster joins in to sing about subtraction, and he eats all the cookies.

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – D is for Dart

    Film: Butterflies (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cast: David plays Sluggo the Great, a baseball player who isn’t sure which body parts to put his gear on

    Cartoon: Ringmaster #3

    Muppets: Sinister Sam looks for Doc Holiday, but finds people with other occupations. He says that the doctor better show up, “’cause I’ve got an itchy trigger finger!” When the doctor is finally found, Sinister Sam says that his finger is really itchy: “I was wondering if you could get some cream or something to help me…”

    Cartoon: 30 dots (one shows up way too late)

    Scene 7: Oscar is unhappy because he hasn’t seen any mosquitoes, flies, or skunks. Suddenly, the sky turns dark and thunder rumbles. Oscar is overjoyed: it’s raining in the park! As the adults run to the park office for cover, Oscar stands outside and enjoys the rain. Big Bird announces the sponsors in voiceover. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Gordon.


    Linda Bove as Linda

    Northern Calloway as David

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Chet O’Brien as Mr. MacIntosh

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Alaina Reed as Olivia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, the Amazing Mumford, Little Jerry, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Sinister Sam, AMs
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  10. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 121 stars Cookie Monster, Bert, Big Bird, Oscar, David, and Bob. Plus, the Count counts his mail, Chris and the Alphabeats sing "Exit," and some classic cartoons like The M That Came to Dinner and the Queen of Six!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 121

    Season 8: Cookie Monster hunts for cookies/Bert writes about what he loves

    Sponsors: G, M, 6

    Scene 1: Bob welcomes the viewer and notices Cookie Monster wearing a pith helmet and carrying binoculars. When he asks him what he’s doing, he explains that he’s hunting for cookies: “It a very valuable way to spend time, Bob. You oughta try it sometime!” Cookie Monster looks under and in the mailbox, but doesn’t see any cookies. Determined, Cookie continues his search.

    Muppets: Caveman King Ernie and his people need to know which door leads out of the cave, so the Royal Smart Person (Sherlock Hemlock) invents the Exit sign!

    Cartoon: G is for Gorilla (speech balloon)

    Film: This is the desert…

    Muppets/Song: Grover performs, “Over, Under, Around, and Through”

    Transition: Scan-imate kids introduction

    Film: Four kids roll over on a mat while the Count counts them in voiceover

    Cartoon: Numbers 1-20 army roll call (17 is missing)

    Scene 2: Cookie Monster quietly searches through Big Bird’s nest area, but he still doesn’t find any cookies. But he accidentally steps on a bicycle horn, waking up Big Bird from his nap!

    Cartoon: Melvin the Moving Man

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Kermit, Shola, and Fanny talk about giraffes and the difference between up and down

    Film: Giraffes (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: The M That Came to Dinner

    Muppets: Ernie has string tied around all his fingers, and Bert asks why…

    Film: Scuba diver goes in, on, under, around, and through things underwater

    Cartoon: A polar bear tries to find the EXIT sign

    Scene 3: Cookie Monster looks behind Oscar’s trashcan area, but he falls through a trapdoor into Oscar’s living room, causing a big mess. Oscar is upset until he realizes his space is a complete shambles. Cookie: “Oh, boy…who knew that cookie hunting was so difficult?”

    Cartoon: The Queen of Six

    Film: A group of Asian children go in and out of a large tire

    Muppets/Song: Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats perform “Exit” as the audience leaves the room

    Cartoon: Things that start with G

    Scene 4: David puts out a sheet of freshly baked cookies and goes back into the kitchen of Hooper’s Store to wash up. An exhausted Cookie stops at Hooper’s to rest, and discovers the sheet of cookies! Thinking that his search is successful, he wolfs them down…just as David returns.

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #6

    Cast: Luis is stuck in a brick room, but a sign comes down that says “SALIDA.” Once he figures out its meaning, Luis puts the sign on the wall and a door magically appears.

    Muppets: Ernie coerces Bert into sharing a cookie with him. When Bert finally gives in, Ernie asks if Bert will share his half of the cookie! Bert screams in exasperation.

    Cartoon: Spanish words that start with the letter M

    Celebrity/Insert: Johnny Cash sings “Five Feet High and Rising” while Biff hauls in five large boxes to show how high five feet of water is

    Cartoon: M is for Mouse, Mud, and Mother

    Muppets: The Count gets a pile of letters delivered to him by the Mailman, and he counts them instead of reading them

    Film: A group of children watch a silent film about a woman trapped in a burning room. The kids tell her, “Use the EXIT!”

    Film/Song: Henson #6

    Scene 5: Bert is trying to write a poem. Bob suggests that he should write about something he loves. Bert can’t decide whether to write about pigeons, oatmeal, marching bands, or checkers…so Bob says that he should write about everything that he loves!

    Cartoon/Song: “I Love Being a Pig”

    Film: A girl meets a woman with a seeing-eye dog

    Muppets: Don Music writes, “Mary Had a Bicycle” with help from Kermit

    Cartoon: G is for Giggle

    Film: The Mad Painter #6

    Cartoon: They’d play with me if I had…

    Muppets: A group of Anything Muppet children try to decorate their clubhouse

    Cartoon: I’m six years old today!

    Scene 6: Bert reads his poem to Bob.

    “There are many things that I enjoy,
    Things that make me say, ‘Oh boy!’
    I adore pigeons and how they fly,
    Cooing and soaring through the sky.
    I also love oatmeal…what can I say?
    I eat it for breakfast every day.
    I also love a good marching band
    Because the music sounds really grand!
    Checkers is my favorite game,
    If I don’t play it, I don’t feel the same.
    These are the greatest things I’ve known…
    All written down in this little poem.”

    Bob says that he likes the poem, but there’s something he likes more than that…Bert! As they share a hug, David announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Maria. CTW sign still: Luis.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Sherlock Hemlock, Biff, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Don Music, AMs

    Chris Cerf as Little Chrissy (voice only)

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  11. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 122 features Big Bird and Snuffy as they plant a giant tree, and Maria gets distracted by several Muppets while she tries to read. Plus, Ernie bothers a napping Bert, and Kermit interviews the Big Bad Wolf.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 122

    Season 6: Snuffy and Big Bird plant an enormous tree/Maria tries to read her book

    Sponsors: F, W, 9

    Scene 1: Big Bird notices Susan and Gordon planting a tree and asks them about it. After the adults explain how it’s done, Big Bird is inspired to plant a tree!

    Cartoon: W is for Wallpaper

    Muppets: Cookie Monster shares a cookie with a sad-eyed Muppet girl

    Film/Song: “Look Around (How You Grow)”

    Scene 2: Big Bird wants someone to help him plant a tree, but everybody is busy. Maria is folding her laundry, Herry Monster is lifting weights, Mr. Hooper is running the store, and Gordon and Susan are still planting their tree. Dejected, the Bird returns to his nest.

    Muppets: Mr. Johnson asks Grover for a hamburger, and Grover brings him a tiny burger. When Mr. Johnson asks for the big one instead, Grover is reluctant until Mr. Johnson yells at him. Ultimately, Grover brings out a colossal burger that smashes through the doors and frightens Mr. Johnson.

    Film: A stool for me…

    Cast: In the desert, Luis searches for “agua,” but all the water faucets and pumps are dry. Then a rainstorm happens, providing Luis with plenty of “agua!”

    Cartoon: W is for Water (speech balloon)

    Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash – Kermit interviews one of the Three Little Pigs, who built his house out of straw. The Big Bad Wolf comes along and tries to blow it down, but he can’t! But everything else (including Kermit) gets blown away!

    Cartoon: String animation – imagining square formations

    Scene 3: Mr. Snuffleupagus visits Big Bird, who realizes that Snuffy can help him plant his tree! Snuffy tells Big Bird that he’s got an apple tree that they can plant.

    Muppets: Bert and Ernie attempt to share pizza and grape juice

    Cartoon: Filbert’s Flea Circus

    Film: A marching band forms a square

    Muppet/Kid Moment: The Count and Ingrid count to 20 in Spanish

    Cartoon/Song: Wee Willie Wimple – Deforestation

    Film/Song: Henson #9

    Scene 4: Snuffy and Big Bird look at the enormous apple tree that they’ve planted in the street. After they leave for the park, the adults (Mr. Hooper, Maria, Susan, and Gordon) see the tree and stop dead in their tracks…

    Film: Making pottery (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: Gloria sings the alphabet while an off-screen man admonishes her behavior

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts the Dialing for Prizes Movie Game, and challenges Mr. Lucky to figure out the secret F word. When Mr. Lucky correctly guesses that the word is Fur, Guy gives him his prize: four unruly monsters!

    Cartoon: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Nine

    Film: An apple tree (jazz soundtrack)

    Cartoon: Two men try to think of a word beginning with F

    Scene 5: Maria is reading a book on the steps of 123 Sesame Street as Oscar observes. Oscar asks her how she can focus when she’s sitting on the steps, and he offers her a pillow to sit on. Maria is moved and impressed by this gesture, until Oscar starts offering her more items: an anchovy milkshake, a transistor radio with crackling static, and a large electric fan that blows everything onto the street, making a mess.

    Film: The Mad Painter #9

    Muppets: While Bert takes a nap, Ernie explains how he can tell that Bert is sleeping. This involves poking him…causing Bert to wake up!

    Cartoon: Frances the Fairy

    Film: Parts of an elephant

    Muppets: Kermit plays an imagination game with the viewers, having them imagine rainy and snowy settings.

    Scene 6: Maria tries reading in the arbor area, where the Count is counting small toys like jacks. Maria doesn’t think this will be noisy, until the Count’s thunder and lightning go off. Then the Count finds a bag of marbles and pours out the contents, making the marbles roll everywhere and causing Maria to sigh in exasperation.

    Film: Water is everywhere!

    Muppets: Ernie shows how he matches cookies…but Cookie Monster shows him a better way to do it!

    Cartoon: Things that are the same and different (casino- slot style animations)

    Cartoon: W is for Wilbur

    Scene 7: Simon Soundman comes along, practicing for his birdcalling contest. Maria gets distracted and tells him to stop. Simon obliges and starts practicing his hog calls instead! Fed up, Maria leaves the arbor area to read in Hooper’s Store instead.

    Film: A crocodile (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter…

    Cartoon: Sand W

    Scene 8: Maria sits in Hooper’s Store, reading her book. As she enjoys the peace and quiet, Mr. Hooper announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Oscar and the Count. CTW sign still: Susan.


    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, and AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Mr. Snuffleupagus, the Count, Simon Soundman, Herry Monster, Mr. Johnson, and AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Guy Smiley, and AMs
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