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Steve Whitmire 2018 Convention Appearances

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by aVeryBriefCameo, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. GrouchFanatic

    GrouchFanatic Well-Known Member

    If only he could go back to making appearances as KERMIT & everybody else!!

  2. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    This isn't exactly a convention where Steve appeared, but last night, while I was at DragonCon, I ran into him! He remembered when I met him 7 years ago, and he explained that he was there visiting some friends who had panels. He also complemented my Kermit shirt.
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  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I thought it seemed surprising that you ran into Steve, but it's great that you not only got to meet up with him again, but that he remembered you!

    I noticed you saw Bob McGrath and Emilio Delgado; were any other SS castmembers there too?
  4. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    Roscoe Orman.
  5. cahuenga

    cahuenga Well-Known Member

    Did you asked them if they are going to be on season 50??
  6. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    Bob said they're not doing TV episodes, but they might possibly do a TV special.
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  7. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Getting to meet Steve today was terrific! He had such an outgoing personality and was very talkative; I can tell how dedicated he is to his fans. I even brought up to him how devastated I was when I heard he had to leave to which he mentioned he was the same (who could blame him?) But he's definitely doing alot better since his departure! He also loved the Muppet shirt that I got from Newburry Comics.

    Anyway, here's the picture:

  8. ConsummateVs

    ConsummateVs Well-Known Member

    That's awesome that you got to meet Steve! He seems like such a nice guy.
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  9. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Like I said, I really wanted to wear my "I Was Raised On The Street" shirt again when I met Steve, but it was just too stinkin' hot for it, lol.
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  10. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Sure was!

    What color was the shirt again? Wasn't it yellow? Cause if it was, wouldn't the color not absorb the sun easily? :confused:
  11. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    No, it's dark brown, and it's a heavyweight tee.
  12. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Ah, my bad then. :p
  13. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Were you able to get Steve’s autograph
  14. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately no; I was on a tight budget and didn't have alot of cash left (Carroll's photo was 40 dollars). So I just went for a picture.

    Better than nothing!
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  15. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    I forgot to say this, but when my dad mentioned to Roscoe that we ran into Steve that day, he said that he, Bob and Emilio had dinner with Steve the previous night and talked about possibly including them in his own projects. So that's cool! Anyway, here's more video of Steve at a convention:
  16. PumpkinJ

    PumpkinJ Well-Known Member

    I met Caroll Spinney and Steve Whitmire when I went there with a friend of mine at FL Supercon this summer. I didn't have a lot of time to talk to them, but I've asked Caroll Spinney about his performances as Elmo (or Baby Monster) from Seasons 2-3 of Sesame Street (and asked him if it was the red monster with the "orange nose" I'm talking about), and he told me he remembers performing him (although I can't clarify if he's 100% right, cuz he's an old man now), plus I discovered that he's not able to do his Big Bird and Oscar voices well now that he's an old man (which gives me some clues that now Matt Vogel is taking over the voice of Big Bird, not just performing the character under costume). I also told Steve Whitmire that I'm on the spectrum and I have sensory issues to certain loud noises (i.e. screaming girls, cheering and applause sounds, etc.). And wow, Steve pretty much is a nice guy. ;)
  17. Any Del

    Any Del Well-Known Member

    Well done mate! :D
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  18. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    Nice picture, and I'm glad you had a great time!
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  19. Prof Bunsen

    Prof Bunsen Well-Known Member

    Freaking jealous, man. I would've loved to see him! I hope he's doing well since he's now a free agent...
    LittleJerry92 likes this.
  20. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Absolutely! And if you ever get the opportunity to meet him, go for it! You won't regret it. :)

    He's 60 dollars total if you go for both an autograph (50) and picture (10).
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