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Story Telling Improv

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    Johnny Fiama and Sal were sitting at a bachelor party bored. The music was slow, the food was...eh...so-so, and there was no excitement whatsoever. Maybe it's because he's not the one getting married. ;)

    Just then, a small bottle of cologne rolled to his feet. He picked it up and on the label, it read, "Number 9." Not knowing what it meant, he just shrugged and sprayed some on his neck. Seconds later, people around him started smelling the distinct cologne and suddenly, fell in love with him. Mobbed by many people, Johnny yelled out to Sal, "We are never going to another Bachelor Party again! I wanted excitement, but this is ridiculous!"

    Next: Red Fraggle, Water Park, bungee cord.
  2. beakerboy12

    beakerboy12 Well-Known Member

    "So, Red, I just wanna let you know that this requires some really steady balance! I hope you're up to the challenge," said Uncle Traveling Matt to his good friend from Fraggle Rock.

    They both stood ontop of a big, high water slide at a crowded ocean-themed water park in Outer Space. Red was attempting to bungee jump from that slide.

    "I'm up to it!" replied Red.

    Uncle Matt looked worried, but went through with the stunt anyway. He then attached one end of the bungee cord to Red's swimsuit and the other end to a firm railing on the slide.

    Red looked down, she looked a little scared like Matt but she jumped!

    "Ya-ha-hooo!" said Red as she opened her eyes and saw the brilliant arial view of the water. She was also having a very fun time bouncing in the air.

    "Wait-a-go, Red" yelled Gobo in the pool with Mokey and Wembley. They were all looking towards Red happily... That is except for the paranoid Boober who feared to step into the water.

    "Get outta' there guys! There are germs in there!" yelled Boober.

    Next: Cookie Monster, Hollywood, superhero cape
  3. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member


    On vacation, Cookie Monster was awalking through HollyWood hoping to meet some celebrites so he could get autographs, and maybe cookies. While he was walking down the street, he tripped and fell on a red superhero cape. Thinking how handsome he'd look with it on, he put the cape on and continued to walk. But, as he kept walking, he felt like he was walking on air. And he was! He was flying! Cookie Monster was flying in the air and he declared himself Super Cookie- the newest superhero! But, before he could save any cookies, he crash landed on the pavement where hand prints of celebrities were. And if you walk around Hollywood today, you might see a print of his face and his signature.

    Next: Bear, basketball game, pizza
  4. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    One day, Bear was watching Pip and Pop play a simple game of Basketball. Uh oh... there was trouble! Pip and Pop were arguing to see who would get to throw the ball into the hoop first. Bear was concerned.

    "Pip? Pop? Why don't you guys take turns, and compromise. If you share the ball, everyone will have fun."

    The violet-hued otters looked at each other in confusion. Then, one of the little otters stepped in.

    "Pop... would you like to go first?" Pip demanded.

    Pop returned Pip a feeble smile, and a slight nod.

    "Okay. Thank you."

    Bear was astonished to see the improvement Pip and Pop had made. He rewarded them with pizza and a movie.

    Next: Annie Sue, prom, puddle of punch
  5. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    LOL I got one!

    The Muppet Show was doing a skit about going to prom. But, it took a turn for the worst when Miss Piggy found out that Annie Sue was going to be dancing with Kermit. So, during the skit, everything was running smoothly until the dancing began. Fuming with anger, Miss Piggy forgot all about the script and karate-chopped Kermit into the punch bowl as soon as he touched Annie Sue. The curtains closed quickly and the hecklers had this to say:

    Statler: I remember going to my prom.
    Waldorf: Yeah? I remember you getting kicked out for spiking the punch bowl!
    Statler: That was the best part about it!
    Both- Dohohohohohohohoho!

    Next: Rosita, playground, scooter
  6. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Rosita and Telly, one day, were spending the day at the playground. Telly showed Rosita his brand new scooter that he got for his Birthday. Rosita, then, asked Telly to ride her scooter. He said yes, and helped her on.

    "Rosita... y-you first gotta put a helmet on. I don't want you to get hurt."

    Rosita smiled weakly.

    "Okay, Telly, mi amigo."

    As Rosita rode her scooter, there was a huge crack on the pavement-- CRASH! Rosita fell on her knee, crying. Telly immediatly noticed the fainted bruise on Rosita's knee, and reassured her with a hug.

    Telly's daddy was alarmed to see Rosita on the pavement, crying. So, he handed his son his First-Aid kit. Telly carefully gave Rosita an icepack, for her bruised knee. Rosita felt much better, and gave Telly a quick peck on the cheek. Telly blushed.

    Next: Little Jerry, Sweet 16, a love song
  7. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    Little Jerry, Sweet 16, a love song

    I almost forgot who Little Jerry was! LOL

    Little Jerry and the Monotones were hired to play for a sweet 16. But, there was a problem! The Electric Mayhem were booked for that same day and time! So, they had a Battle Of The Bands to decide who would stay and who would leave. The birthday girl was so upset, she and her boyfriend were threatening to leave. The 2 bands, now ashamed of themselves, decided to play a love song for them together. It was a happy party for everyone.

    Next: Wembley, Talent Show, magic lamp
  8. LinkiePie<3

    LinkiePie<3 Well-Known Member

    Awww! Hooray for cooperation. :wisdom:

    There was a talent show, one day down at Fraggle Rock. Wembly Fraggle had learned about Fraggle mythology from his best friend Gobo, and Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt; Wembley wanted to get the Fraggle genie out of the magic lamp.

    "--it's your turn!" Red unpatiently reminded a startled Wembley. Wembley nervously got up on the stage, rubbing the magic lamp Gobo had found for him-- POOF! A beautiful young female Fraggle genie had appeared. She, then, granted him three wishes; 1...2... -- Wembley had made his third wish: He had wished for his girlfriend Lou to sing a duet with him at the talent show...

    Music grows in the rose
    Rock and rain and the
    blowin' snowstorm
    Everything seems to sing
    Everywhere I go

    I say 1, 2, play me do
    Let me sound as sweet as you
    Play me wide
    Play me long
    Let me be your song

    Play me down on the ground
    Song comes singing
    from the midnight
    Raise me high in the sky
    Song comes drifting through

    I say 1, 2, play me do
    Let me sound as sweet as you
    Play me wide
    Play me long
    Let me be your song

    Play me high
    Play me low
    Play me where the
    wild winds blowing
    Play me wide
    Play me long
    Play me for your song

    I say 1, 2 , play me do
    Let me sound as sweet as you
    Play me wide
    Play me long
    Let me be your song

    The audience cheered for Wembley and his pink-haired companion, Lou. Lou congratulated him with a peck on the cheek. Wembley slowly turned his head to Lou, blushing coyly.


    Next: Link Hogthrob, Chuck E. Cheese, Ball Pit
  9. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    It was Annie Sue's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with a trip to Chuck E Cheese? Naturally, all the pigs were invited, including Miss Piggy, and Kermit, whom she invited first, to Miss Piggy's dismay. Link hadn't been to this fun-filled place in a long time. And it would be the last time he went there, because he ate 3 pizza pies and jumped into the ball pit pretending to be a shark, scaring the kids that were in there. So, unfortunately, he got kicked out, but Annie Sue had a great time, even without the "life of the party"

    Next: Count Von Count, beach, computer
  10. outerelf

    outerelf Well-Known Member

    It had started so simply- Count Von Count, in an effort to keep up with 'hip' vampires (and a lot of nagging from friends that wanted to keep in touch over long distances and not use the bats), had installed a computer.

    It had taken him precisely five seconds before he had stumbled across his first spam advertisement. It was a picture of a beach- fascinated, he began to count the grains of sand in the picture. When he could no longer count the grains, he paused, thunder booming ominously in the background.

    "One! One plane ticket I must book, ah-ah-ah!"

    Next: Statler, nostalgic, movie.
  11. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Statler was watching his grandson watch "Doogal". "Wow even if I weren't a hard critic I would dislike this!" He frowned. "I wish for some of the movies from my youth. I want Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, I want the Wizard Of Oz. Wait a minute! Those weren't from my youth they were from my son's youth"he thought. "Grandpa" his grandson said. "Yes ?" Statler replied (well at least he's enjoying himself). "Stop being nostalgic, so I can watch the movie!"
    Sam Eagle, Disney World, Undignified
  12. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    This looks like fun :crazy:

    The Muppets all decided to go on vacation to Disney World. Most were so excited to go but they all but had to drag Sam Eagle to it.
    "It is a frivolous waste of time," he complained. "There are other places we could go that would be much more constructive. Like Washinton. What better place for a vacation than our nation's capital."
    "Because we need a break, not more education," was Kermit's response.
    "Hmmf," Sam muttered, "the very thought of anybody waiting in line for hours on end only to spend a few brief moments screaming their lungs out is not appealing to me. In fact it's outright undignified."

    *two hours after the arrival*
    "Let's go again! Let's go again!" yelled a slightly manaical looking Sam as he exited a roller coaster and ran to a line for another one.
    "Uncle Kermit," ask Robin, "What was all that Sam was saying about this being undignified?"

    Next: Lew Zealand, Canada, migrating Salmon
  13. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    "Hey Kermit" Lew Zeland said excitedly.
    "Hello Lew" Kermit replied.
    "Ready for my boomerang fish act?" Lew asked.
    "No Lew. It's pretty repetive after a while. How about you try something new?" Kermit answered.
    "Great idea," Lew said.
    Fozzie and his mother were going to Canada for a vacation, and invited Lew to come along. Lew watched the stream ,as Fozzie and Emily fished tasty fish for their dinner.
    "Hi Kermit" Lew said when he returned.
    "Hi Lew" Kermit said.
    "I brought something new to my act!" yelled Lew.
    "And what's that" asked Kermit.
    "Some salmon I caught migrating!"
    Next: Miss Piggy, mall, dresses
  14. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    The Muppets had a day off, and what better way for Miss Piggy to spend it, but to shop at the mall? But, she couldn't go alone, so poor Kermit got dragged along with her, carrying her bags and complementing how good she looked in those red high-heeled shoes (though she fell down every time she wore them).

    Walking past a designer dress tore, a sparkly pink dress caught her eye. With a struggling Kermit, she ran towards the dress until someone else grabbed it. It was Janice from the Electric Mayhem! Everyone backed away, 'cause they knew that a fight was going to happen.

    A few karate chops later, Piggy walked out the mall with numerous items and the dress while the Electric Mayhem had to re-schedule their gig to take care of a shaken up Janice.

    Moral of the story? Don't mess with Miss Piggy on her day off!

    Next: Pepe and Rizzo, all-you-can-eat buffet, protest
  15. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    Pepen and Rizzo were very hungry as usual. Last time they went to a resturant they ended up costing Kermit a lot of money. Then they saw an all-you-can--eat buffet at a very nice Chinese resturant. They saw they were several great foods at the tables. There were noodle, rice, egg rolls, but then they saw... the seafood section. Pepe watched in horror as several people put shimp on their plates.
    "This is unbelieveable okay!" Pepe shouted. "I should make a big protest!"
    "Calm down Pepe!" Rizzo said with his mouth full of shrimp "Oops"
    "Rizzo! I thought you were my friend okay!" Pepe said.
    "I am" Rizzo answered.
    "Then why are you eating shrimp?" Pepe asked?
    "You're not a shrimp! You're a king prawn!"Rizzo reminded his friend.
    "Oh right!"Pepe said embarassed. "Never mind okay. Keep eating folks"
    next- Goggles, Beach, Water
  16. outerelf

    outerelf Well-Known Member

    Goggles was not one for swimming- Especially in water like this. "Uhhhmmmm, Kermit! No! Don't go in!"

    He lunged for the frog standing on the sandy beach, about to put his toes into the water. "But Goggles, look at the water, isn't it so much cleaner then swamp water? And it's so vast..." Kermit looked out over the water, delight in his eyes.

    "But it's salt water! If you go on in there then you'll die."



    For a long moment Kermit looked out across the sea, staring at the salt water mixture, the textured sand sand beneath his feet- Goggles decided to go on a little more practical approach to these sorts of things and began to drag the other frog away.

    Who's bright idea was it to come to a beach to swim anyways?

    Next: Rowlf, Trombone, music
  17. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    The annual Muppet's Marching Band Parade was yesterday. Rowlf always wanted to be part of it, playing beautiful music. The only problem was that the only instrument Rowlf could play is the piano, and you can't march and play that at the same time. So he decided to ask his friend Dr. Teeth for help. Dr. Teeth played the piano too and had good advice.
    "Well you could learn to play the trombone." Dr. Teeth said.
    "How? The parade is going to be next week." Rowlf asked?
    "Well then learn fast!" Dr. Teeth replied.
    "Alright learn fast" mumbled Rowlf.
    Rowlf tried playing the trombone, but every note he played was so sour everyone ran as he grabbed it. By the day of the parade he played his best, but it was so awful Miss Piggy forced him to leave.
    "Oh well" Rowlf thought "Next year I'll do better!"

    Next: Grover, Elementrary School, Science Lesson.
  18. MuppetsFan4Life

    MuppetsFan4Life Well-Known Member

    The Science class of 123 Elementary School was anxiously waiting for their new teacher to arrive. They didn't know, however, that this would be the most interesting class they ever had...
    "Good morning, everybodeeee!! I am your- Oh, the door is still closed... Can someone help me, please?" The class giggled as Grover, the new science teacher, was stuck outside the classroom. A little girl with pigtail braids got up and opened the door for him.
    "Here you go, teacher."
    "Thank you, little girl. And now- AHHHHHHHH!" He tripped and fell over a pencil that was randomly placed on the floor. "This is not starting to be a good day..." He got up, brushed off his fur and finally stood in front of the class.
    "I am your loveable, cute and furry science teacher, Grover. Now, for today's lesson, we will learn about...floating and sinking. Now, when things float, they stay on top of the water. Like this.." He put an apple in a little tub of water and it floated in the water. "And-and when things sink, they, uh...they...." He paused to look at his notes. "Oh! They get clean and shiny when you wash them in the sink."
    The class giggled as the same little girl from earlier raised her hand.
    "No, it's not!"
    "It's not?"
    She got up and went to him. "When something sinks, it falls to the bottom of the water, Mr. Grover. Like this rock." She took a rock from the table and placed it in the little tub of water.
    "Oh...! I get it now! Now, what else can float, class?"
    The bell rang to signal recess and as the kids ran out, poor Grover fell in the tub of water.
    "Ohhh....looks like this cute and furry monster is all soaking wet...and sinks, too."

    Next: Kermit the Frog and Robin, Arcade, frog stuffed animal
  19. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    It was Robin's birthday, so Kermit took him to his favorite arcade. Then he saw the claw game. All the Muppets knew to Robin collected the Cuddly Friends a bunch of stuffed animals that can talk and interact with each other (think the Dinosaur Train toys or Furbies). Robin had a dog, a cat, a rabbit, and many others but not a frog. Kermit used his remaing coins to try to get it. On his last coin he grabbed an animal but soon found it was a pig.
    "Great just a pig" Kermit muttered.
    "Pardon?" Piggy asked behind him. Kermit explained what he was trying to do, and Miss Piggy always ready to show what she can do decided to help. Unfortunately she grabbed a deer.
    "This game is horrible" Miss Piggy said frowing.
    "Hi Uncle Kermit" Robin said.
    "Hi Robin" Kermit replied, and then turned back to the game. However Miss Piggy was more observant.
    "Robin that isn't a Cuddly Friend is it" Piggy asked.
    "Sure is Miss Piggy" Robin said.
    "Oh no!" they both groaned.
    "Wow! I don't have a pig or deer yet!"
    "Well all's well that ends well" Kermit said. Miss Piggy nodded in agreement.
    Next- Sweetums, Party Store, Halloween Costume.
  20. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    Halloween was fast approcahing and all the muppets had been organizing costumes for a good while now. Sweetums was at a loss what do go as though.
    "Why don't you head to the party store," Kermit suggested to him one day. "There's costumes and accesories all over the place. Maybe you'll find some inspriation there.
    Sweetums shrugged and figured he didn't have any better ideas so he decided to go with Kermit's.
    The store was crowded but the shoppers were so busy that no one paid much noticed of Sweetums. In fact they paid so less attention that he found himself run into many times with hardly an apology. He prused the eisles but still couldn't find anything. He was thumbing through hats at one point when he heard a particularly shrill shriek behind him. He turned around just in time to spot a little girl let out a terrified scream and take off down the eisle. Her screaming attracted a group of looky lous, most of whom just glared then continued on their way. But a couple of teenage boys approached Sweetumes
    "Dude!" exclaimed the leader of the group, "That is one killer costume! Where'd you get it?
    "Hey Sweetums," Kermit asked him later that day, "Did you ever find a costume."
    "Nope," repliped Sweetums. "But I know what I'm going as."
    "Oh what's that?" the frog asked.
    "Myself," was the reply.
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