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"T for Toes"

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Lord_Morgoth, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Lord_Morgoth

    Lord_Morgoth New Member

    An old segment that featured toes scratching, playing, ripping, wiggling, tickling, picking up things. It started with some guy saying "t: that's a nice letter..." Where can I find this clip?
  2. SomeGuy75

    SomeGuy75 New Member

    I have that sketch if you're interested.
  3. elfdeutsch

    elfdeutsch New Member

    Do you really have T for Toes? Can it be?


    Hi, Mr. Some Guy. I came across your post that you actually have the T for Toes sketch. Is it true? I am all over muppetcentral and the defunct yesterdayland as well as the newsgroups looking for this thing. I think I may have been the one to start the search frenzy on this site, I'm not sure. Anyways, I've had a few correspondences with Morgoth(hey, buddy) and we have both come up empty handed for a long time. It looks like you have been searching for this footage forever too. About a year ago I talked to Roadrat(what's up) and he had seen it on a recorded tape but could not secure it. That's the closest I've ever come. Anyways, my AIM SN is Elfdeutsch. I can be emailed as well at tforhane@cox.net. I would REALLY like to talk about the treasure that you may have in your possession. Get back to me. Seeya.
  4. elfdeutsch

    elfdeutsch New Member

    T for Toes revisited

    Hi kids. This message is for Roadrat, Lord Morgoth, Someguy75 and whoever else that is pursuing the T for Toes clip. Any leads? I'm kind of just pumping out blanket posts for maximum coverage. I am committed to my cause! :zany:
  5. Lord_Morgoth

    Lord_Morgoth New Member

    well, I'm definitely interested in that clip! I have nothing to trade, except cash (paypal?). My email is yhishtchie@hotmail.com
  6. larlibra007

    larlibra007 New Member

    I have the "T for Toes" skit on videotape. I'm looking for the "Everybody knows I love my toes" skit from the Canadian Sesame Park show. It's similar to "T for Toes." If anyone has this, I'll be glad to trade for it.
  7. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I have only seen Sesame Park once, but I do have lots of stuff to trade. And I'm wondering, where did you get this "T for Toes" clip?
  8. larlibra007

    larlibra007 New Member

    I taped it off of PBS back in 1984. Please list what you have to trade. Thanks.
  9. ssetta

    ssetta Active Member

    I have a whole bunch of Unpaved episodes from Noggin, they range from 1969-1989, and I have a bunch of episodes from the early 90s as well. Do you want an entire list?
  10. larlibra007

    larlibra007 New Member

    Thanks for the list, but I'm really only interested in that skit from Sesame Park.
  11. SomeGuy75

    SomeGuy75 New Member

    Canadian toes sketch

    Hey I'm refering to the Canadian toes sketch. I think I might have that. Is it a sketch featuring a black guys feet walking, dipping toes in water and close up shots of his toes?
  12. larlibra007

    larlibra007 New Member

    That's a different sketch.
  13. jetscott

    jetscott New Member

    Can I buy that sketch?

    I've been looking for years. Let me know if I could download it and pay via PayPal. What could I trade? Other than that Canadian sketch?

    T is for Toes...please, I'd love a copy.

  14. elfdeutsch

    elfdeutsch New Member


    Hi, Libra. I have been through the wringer trying to get my hands on a copy of T for Toes. I've been looking online for at least a couple of years and have wanted to see it again since the last time I saw it. That was years ago. I was probably around 7 or 8 then. I'm not a trader when it comes to this stuff. I know it violates all sorts of online codes of ethics and all that . . . but if you can find it in your heart to cut me a break I'm sure we could work something out. I'd appreciate it if you would get back to me. Email: tforhane@cox.net
    Thanx so much.

    --tom : P
  15. larlibra007

    larlibra007 New Member

    T for Toes

    I apologize to anyone who wants to buy a copy of the "T for Toes" skit, but I'm really only interested in trading for the Sesame Park skit that I mentioned before. Sorry.
  16. Lord_Morgoth

    Lord_Morgoth New Member

    I have the "everybody loves my toes sketch" from Sesame Park. It's too big to email, but I could post it on a yahoo message board or something. I'll trade this for T for Toes!
  17. Alain

    Alain New Member

    Hi Larlibra 007 If you are looking for the sesame park called EVERYBODY KNOWS I LOVE MY TOES, well I got it. And if you want, I can trade it for the T FOR TOES. If you are interest, just send me an e-mail and we will confirm things togheter. Sounds good for you?

    Here's my e-mail adress: adugas@nb.sympatico.ca

    Have a nice day.

  18. SomeGuy75

    SomeGuy75 New Member

    Tell me about this Everybody knows I love my Toes

    Can you tell me about this "Everybody Knows I love My toes" skit. What happens in it? I'd be interested in this.


  19. Alain

    Alain New Member

    about toes

    Well to answer your question about everybody knows I love my toes is something similar as T for Toes. It's starts in the same way showing a line up of feet but they are dancing under the song "Everybody knows I love my toes".

    They shows feet doing funny things like playing instruments like bongo, piano, guitar. Also feet in the air shaking ankles, feet in the air passing a top hat using their feet only. All kind of stuff.

    Before the ending, there is a girl trying to balance a picture frame on the tip of her toes and after all her friends are trying to put their feet into the frame. There is at least 8 to 10 people playing with that frame. It ends with the close-up of a boy's feet in front of the camera.

    What I don't like about that sketch is the scenes are going very fast. As soon we see the feet comming they vanish quickly like if they were short on time or short of film.

    I prefer T for Toes because it's a classic. This one is just a copy cat.

    My favorite part in T for Toes was the feet tickling each others. I think they were two persons facing two other isin it? It looks like foot wrestling.

    In the T for Toes sketch, did they put some weird sound effects? I can't remember.

  20. SomeGuy75

    SomeGuy75 New Member

    Yes there were lots of sound effects in T for toes. That one you were talking with the feet tickling had high pitched laughing. There's another one with this kid who scares his father and there's this cartoonish like "ARRGGH!" that comes out. Hey I'm kind of interested in this "Everybody knows I love my toes" Any chance of getting a copy?

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