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T*K*O - "D'Snowth Gets the Sack, Part 4"

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by D'Snowth, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Previously on T*K*O...

    MRSPEPPER: (Gulps) D’Snowth, by order of Number One of the 001st T*K*O, you’re fired.

    D’SNOWTH: Oh yeah, well we’ll just see about that.

    D’SNOWTH: (On the phone) Yeah hello? Number One? This is FORMER CFO of the 3976th 1/2 T*K*O, D’Snowth. What’s this I hear about me being fired? Uh-huh? Yeah? Oh yeah? And if I refuse? Yes sir. No sir. Yes sir. No sir. NO SIR! ABSOLUTELY NOT SIR! YES SIR! SAME TO YOU FELLAH... errs sir! Yeah, um okay. (Hangs up) I’m fired.

    D’SNOWTH: Well, if anyone needs me I’ll be in the bathroom hiding in the stall again.

    So D’Snowth followed MrsPepper into the cafe only to hear...


    And now, onto our story!

    (Starring: MrsPepper, Vic Romano, ThePrawnCracker, TogetherAgain, Vibs, and Beauregard)​

    Episode #: 43
    Title: “D’Snowth Gets the Sack, Part 4”
    Original Airdate: 25-Jan-2007
    Written By: D’Snowth
    Created By: MrsPepper
    Guest stars: D’Snowth, Phillip Chapman as Number One, AnythingMuppet, ReneeLouvier as Officer ReneeLouvier, and furryredmonster as Officer Furryredmonster
    Special Celebrity Guest Appearance by: Kathryn Greenwood

    Once inside the cafe, D’Snowth was met with all of the thread killers of the 3976th 1/2, Beauregard, AnythingMuppet, and Officers ReneeLouvier and Furryredmonster.

    D’SNOWTH: Aw, this isn’t all for me is it?

    VIC ROMANO: Of course it is you silly goose!

    *Laugh track*

    ANYTHINGMUPPET: Hey! Snowthy’s no silly goose, he’s a silly WILLY!

    *Laugh track*

    D’SNOWTH: (Touched) I...I...I just don’t know what to say.

    MRSPEPPER: I know what I’M going to say: D’Snowth, get in here, enjoy the party, and have a good time! And THAT’S an order!

    D’SNOWTH: Yes ma’am!

    So moments later, D’Snowth really was enjoying himself, as MrsPepper allowed him to have some punch, and after only about 5 minutes he had already had twice as many cups.

    D’SNOWTH: (Drunk) Well Anything... anything.... well anything you name it *Laugh track*... speaking of names, what’s my name today? Snowthy? Snowthbo?

    ANYTHINGMUPPET: More like drunko!

    *Laugh track*

    D’SNOWTH: (Drunk) Aw, that’s not nice, and I’m going to do something about that once I’m sober! *Laugh track* (Guffaws) Gosh, I’m so drunk!

    *Laugh track*

    Meanwhile, MrsPepper was cutting the cake.

    OFFICER FURRYREDMONSTER: You know, that Snowth guy should really be charged for being inpoisonated.


    *Laugh track*

    MRSPEPPER: I don’t know what it is about fruit punch that makes him act that way... maybe it’s all the sugar, artificial flavoring, and red dye #4 *Laugh track*... but why spoil his fun?

    OFFICER RENEELOUVIER: I can see that.

    Just then Vic Romano walked over with a beanie on his head.

    VIC ROMANO: Hey MrsPepper, you have a phone call from Number One.

    MRSPEPPER: Uh oh. Well, I’ll go talk to him, meanwhile, you can finish cutting up this cake for me.

    Seconds later in MrsPepper’s office...

    MRSPEPPER: (Picks up phone) Hello Number One.

    NUMBER ONE: (Over the phone) MrsPepper, I just wanted to congratulate you!

    MRSPEPPER: (On the phone) Oh, well thank you very much sir... for what?

    NUMBER ONE: (Over the phone) Well, after inspecting every T*K*O unit in the country, I have found that the 3976th 1/2 is the best kept, and best run T*K*O unit in this organization, and it’s all thanks to the tight shift you run there.

    MRSPEPPER: (On the phone, and proud) Number One, I can’t tell you how proud I am to here you say that.

    NUMBER ONE: (Over the phone) My pleasure. Well, I won’t keep you from your busy schedule, have a nice day.

    MRSPEPPER: (On the phone) You do the same sir. Bye.

    MrsPepper then hung and began skipping, leaping, and twirling all over office.

    MRSPEPPER: Ah yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally, the 3976th 1/2 gets the recognition it so badly needed! (Pauses) I think I’ll have a little bit of punch myself!

    *Laugh track*

    With that, MrsPepper merrily skipped out of her office and back to the cafe where the party was being held.

    *Commercial Break* Daily Trivia Question: What is the lowest thread killing rank at the 3976th 1/2? Submit your answer and win a free copy of “T*K*O: Season One” DVD!

    Later that afternoon, D’Snowth, not as drunk as before, but still a little tipsy... with cake frosting all over his face and shirt was opening the farewell presents everyone had gotten him.

    VIBS: This one’s from me-ish!

    D’SNOWTH: I wonder what it is...

    D’Snowth opened the package to find a can that read “Silly String”. He then opened the can only to find a snake in it. Everyone then began laughing hysterically, including the laugh track. *Laugh track*

    D’SNOWTH: Aw Vibs, I’m going to miss my all-time favorite joke killer!

    D’Snowth then gave Vibs a big hug.

    BEAUREGARD: By the way, Snowthy, how’d you like the cake?

    D’SNOWTH: You know Beau, under certain circumstances, I think I’m going to miss your Custodian’s Surprise recipe!

    BEAUREGARD: (Hands D’Snowth his present) Which is why I took the liberty of getting you this.

    D’Snowth opened the package to find Beauregard had given him a large pot of homemade Custodian’s Surprise.

    *Laugh track*

    D’SNOWTH: (Disgusted, but fakes happiness) Gee thanks Beau.

    BEAUREGARD: Bon appetite!

    *Laugh track.

    Just then, MrsPepper got up on a table and began tapping her punch class with a spoon.

    MRSPEPPER: May I have you’re all’s attention please? As you know, this is our last day with D’Snowth, and I’m sure he can see by us throwing him this party that were all pretty fond of him...

    D’SNOWTH: (Smiles) Yeah, I can see that.

    MRSPEPPER: Well to continue the festivities, we have some more surprises in store! At this time, I would like to welcome our special guest Elizabeth Montgomery!

    D’Snowth became confused.

    MRSPEPPER: I’d LIKE to, but she’s dead. So at this time, I would now like to welcome our special guest, Kathy Greenwood!

    D’Snowth’s eyes began to widen and sparkle.

    MRSPEPPER: I’d LIKE to, but she couldn’t make it. *Laugh track*

    D’Snowth then began to frown.

    *Laugh track*

    MRSPEPPER: Instead, I would like to invite D’Snowth up here and give us a speech!

    Everyone else then began shout “SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!”, making D’Snowth get up on the table to do just that.

    D’SNOWTH: Well, where do I begin? First of all, I would just like to return the favor so-to-speak... if I haven’t shown it before, I’m really fond of all you guys too. We’ve all been through a lot together in the past four years, and I can honestly say, I'll always remember all the good times... all 43 of them! *Laugh track* I just... I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel special what with this party, and these outrageously wonderful gifts... I still wish I wasn’t fired, but what Number One wants is what Number One gets, which is why I took the liberty of sending him a leash in the mail yesterday! (Chuckles) *Laugh track*

    MrsPepper then got up from her seat, and walked over to the table.

    MRSPEPPER: Yes well, now its time for the final bow... everyone?

    Everyone else then got up from their seats, and began humming a note, followed by.

    ALL: (Singing) For he’s a jolly good Snowthy/for he’s a jolly good Snowthy/for he’s a jolly good Snowthyyyyyyyyyyyy/which Mahna Mahna can’t deny!

    *Laugh track*

    Later that afternoon, D’Snowth’s office was now empty except for the furniture. D’Snowth was loading up his last suitcase when Vic walked in.

    VIC ROMANO: Snowthy?

    D’SNOWTH: Yeah?

    VIC ROMANO: Well, uh, this isn’t exactly the best of news, but I am happy to tell you that no one is going to replace you here.

    D’SNOWTH: Oh?

    VIC ROMANO: That’s right... I uh... I’m going to be promoted to your position tomorrow, and I hope that I will make a decent vice president around here, and I hope I will be guided by your... uh... your... well your uh guidance?

    D’SNOWTH: Thanks Vic, I know you’ll make a great vice president. Probably even a better one that I was.

    VIC ROMANO: Thank YOU D’Snowth. Good luck!

    With that, the two exchanged hugs, and D’Snowth left the building with suitcases in hand, out to where I cab was waiting for him.

    CAB DRIVER: Well, well, well, if it isn’t pinky!

    *Laugh track*

    D’SNOWTH: Ah shut up and take me home!

    With that, D’Snowth got into the cab, and it drove off into the sunset.

    *Commercial Break* Daily Trivia Question: What talk show did Vic Romano and D Snowth end up on? Submit your answer and win a free copy of “T*K*O: Season 1” DVD!

    Later that night, MrsPepper, Vic Romano, and ThePrawnCracker were all in the conference room, exhausted from partying so hard.

    MRSPEPPER: (Sighs) I don’t think I’ll ever get used to not having him around!

    VIC ROMANO: Me either.


    D’SNOWTH: Me either!

    MRSPEPPER: (Shocked) D’SNOWTH!? What are you doing, you’re not supposed to be here anymore!

    D’SNOWTH: Yeah I know, but I just realized I forgot to give you an important, and uh (Clears throat) confidential message, I think I should give it to you in your office.

    MRSPEPPER: (Confused) Well, okay.

    So MrsPepper exited the conference room, while Vic and Prawnie stayed behind.

    VIC ROMANO: Boy, this place won’t be the same without him.

    THEPRAWNCRACKER: Yeah, I wonder where he’s going to go now?

    Just then, MrsPepper could be heard screaming her lungs out as she chased D’Snowth out of the building.


    Vic and Prawnie got up from their seats and ran over to the front door just as MrsPepper stormed back in mumbling to herself.

    MRSPEPPER: (Mumbling to herself) Boy if I ever see that miserable little runt again...

    THEPRAWNCRACKER: What was that all about?

    VIC ROMANO: I don’t know...but I guess now we’ll NEVER know.

    *Laugh track*


    Executive Producer: Phillip Chapman
    Producer: MrsPepper
    Head Writer: D’Snowth​

    Just then the front doors opened and Kathy Greenwood walked in, because apparently, she decided to show up for the party after all... a little too late.

    KATHY GREENWOOD: SURPRISE!!! Hey, where is everybody?

    *Laugh track*
  2. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Finally we see Kathy! Ok, well not until the very end but still, I was wondering where she was going to show up! Funny stuff with D'Snowth and the punch! I enjoyed this episode very much.
  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    And right after I'm long gone too! **** it! Now I'll NEVER get to meet her!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:cry:
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention how much I loved that line!

    *giggles* It's touching, actually, but giggle worthy also.
    The laugh track is a real throw-back to previous seasons!

    *APPLAUSE!!!* Well done MrsP!

    The 'ish's are cute. Did I mention that?

    Nice nod to the laugh track! *Laugh track*



    *laughs harder*

    Awwwww...! I know if this was a real-tv series, and I was watching/hearing this song I would just have teared up and started bawling.

    It's nice to have this little moment between Vic and D'Snow

    *double take*


    *blinks* Hahahah! *blinks*

    Whoooooooooot! best guest appearence EVER!
  5. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Beauregard, I do believe you and MrsPepper both have probably had the most mixed emotions regarding these episodes... I know she's going to be mad when she finds what I did do to her that wasn't seen on camera and wasn't explained.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    No worries Snowths... I know where you live, Ms. Greenwood and I can swing by your place later. Maybe then I can introduce you to her...

    Or maybe not.
    Good episode... But you know we'll be huntin' you down for retribution for what you did to Mrs. P. So look out bucco.
  7. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but you all don't know WHAT I did to MrsPepper... it's a SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECRETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  8. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    I loved this immensely.
    Especially the big secret towards the end. ;)

    And Kathy's cameo was excellent. :D
  9. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    Maybe Mrs.Pepper was furious with D'Snowth because he told her that he'd made arrangements for this season of T*K*O to be presented out of chronological order just to vent off his unhappiness about number one firing him.
    Well I think that's a good theory anyway. ;)
  10. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Good theory, but not at all!
  11. furryredmonster

    furryredmonster New Member

    At least I might have still been at the party to meet Kathy...
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    And I bet I was cleaning up after the party...
  13. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    *Sarcastically* Y'think?
  14. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Active Member

    Oh, Snowthers, you missed Kathy Greenwood! That is so sad.
    I liked this line:
    **giggles** I love it when you break down the fourth wall, if you will, and everyone on the show remembers that it's just a show.

    But, setting that aside, everyone seems so real lately. I love it! Everyone's emotions are showing through just enough to make it realistic, not melodramatic or anything. Really great job!

    Also, Beau is right. I wasn't expecting a laugh-track; it IS a throwback! ^_^

    What do you mean, mixed emotions? We both have really liked it!

    And now, of course, I will take the bait; I have to ask what it is you told me/did in the office to make me so mad!!
  15. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I know! WAH!!!!!:cry:
    I liked this line:
    Reminds of the time in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie when Fearless Leader is like "how many times haf moose and squirrel ruined my plans wif their bumbling interfeerence?!" and Boris replies with "tventy-eight?" as reference to there were twenty-eight Rocky and Bullwinkle storylines during the series.
    Thank you!
    Yeah, I wanted to see the laugh track make a comeback before I left. It's a shame we cut it after the first episode.
    Everyone is all "I loved it", "this was funny", "I really liked it", but you and Beau both are sharing certain scenes you both found funny, or certain scenes you felt were somewhat sad, et cetera.
    I'll never tell and you can't make me, nyah nyah-nyah nyah nyah!
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh yeah??? Ve have vays of making you talk.

    If you ever wish to see Ms. Greenwood again... Well, if you ever wish to see her... Then you'll tell us what we want to know.
    *Turns to Kathy tied up and gagged, pinned to the piece of lumber about to ascend the sawmill on its perilous flight up towards the circular saw. Sorry Ms. Greenwood, but we needed you as bait.
    Kathy, raising the gag slightly: That's OK, I've been in these situations before.
  17. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I can't tell, that'll ruin the fun of the mystery! You know, it's like "who shot J.R.?"

  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So sorry Snowthpergis, but you're too late. Yes, Ms. Greenwood is no longer with us... Hadto dispose of her in another manner, something less predictable. It's ironic, the longer you go without telling us what you did to make Mrs. Pepper that angry with you, the longer you'll go without knowing where Kathy that fair miss is beng kept or how her life is being endangered. But to show you some mercy, if you could call it that, here's a lock of her blazing auburn tresses, so you know we do mean business.
    Ta... So many victims, so little time.
  19. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Auburn? Her hair is blonde! If you let her go, I might give you a HINT...
  20. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Active Member

    Oh please, I want a hint!

    Count, lets be nice to Kathy... after all she is a real person. ;)

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