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Taking It Slow

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MissMusical12, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Sort of a sequel to "Fooling Around," I really wanted to do another FloydxJanice oneshot (Because I do what I want). And plus I'm bored and I'm thinking of more outline ideas, so yeah. By the way, like the last one, this one is VERY VERY PG-13 later on. Enjoy, either way.

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE MUPPETS!! They are owned by The Jim Henson Company, The Walt Disney Company and The Muppet Studios!
    "You sure you don't wanna come with us, man?" Dr. Teeth asked. "It's fine," Floyd replied. "I just need a bit of time to myself. You guys go on and have fun at the bar." "If we bring back any chicks, you want us to let you know?" Zoot asked. "Mmmmm, I'll probably be sleeping, so it doesn't really matter," Floyd replied, assuring that his friends will be fine at the bar. "Okay," Dr. Teeth said, understanding Floyd. "Later man." "Bye bye," Animal said. "Later," Floyd said as Dr. Teeth, Zoot and Animal walked out the door of their apartment.

    Floyd wasn't really the kind of guy to go out late at night to the bar. If it was celebrating a success of a concert with the others, he didn't mind. But going with just the guys and not his beloved Janice....it sometimes made him a little uneasy, since the other three were going to the bar to pick up chicks anyways. He was just afraid that another girl would take him, bring him back to her hotel room/ apartment/ etc. and have a one stand with him because she was drunk out of her mind. Floyd didn't believe in one night stands or taking a relationship too quickly. And he definitely didn't believe in cheating. He may be sarcastic and hilarious, but he had some little sort of maturity when it comes to love that the other three didn't have.

    Floyd sighed and grabbed his acoustic guitar from his room. He barely played his acoustic, since he was so occupied with his bass, but something in his head told him he should play his acoustic that night. He tuned it and began playing a song he's worked on covering. "I really hate to let this moment go. Touching your skin, and your hair falling slow. When a goodbye kiss, feels like this...."

    Little did Floyd know his beloved girlfriend, Janice, was standing outside the doorway to the apartment. She bumped into the other three earlier before they left and told them she was seeing Floyd, but they didn't mind. Janice heard the chords of the song and couldn't help but join in, singing outside with Floyd. "Don't you wanna stay here a little while? Don't you wanna hold each other tight? Don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight? Don't you wanna stay here a little while? We can make forever feel this way. Don't you wanna stay?"

    "Baby, you know I could hear you from out there," Floyd said, recognizing Janice's voice. "Like, I can't help it," Janice replied. "I rully love that song. Is the door unlocked?" "Should be," he replied. "Dr. T forget to lock it on the way out." Janice opened the door and came in, happy to see Floyd. "The guys went out to pick up girls again?" she asked as she sat down on the couch next to him. "Yup," he replied. "They do that every Friday night." "You don't go with them?" Janice wondered. Floyd shook his head and honestly replied "Barely. I don't trust anyone over at that bar. Especially the women. They're like cannibals of sex. They'll eat you alive." "Wow...." Janice said. "And also, what's the point? I've got you, babe," Floyd said as he wrapped an arm around her. Janice then kissed his cheek and snuggled closer to him.

    "What brings you here anyways?" he asked. "Bored," Janice replied. "I told Miss Piggy that I was like going to see you tonight." "You told her?" Floyd asked. "How'd she take it?" "She stuck her tongue out, rolled her eyes, and went into the bathroom," Janice replied. Floyd shook his head and rolled his eyes. He knew Miss Piggy was going to take it lightly, but be disgusted by it anyways. That was Miss Piggy for ya. Floyd then held Janice's hand, lacing his fingers around hers. "Like will the other guys mind if I crash here tonight?" Janice then asked. "I don't think they'll mind at all," Floyd replied. "Jan, they love you..............but I love you most of all." "I love you, too," Janice said and kissed him on the lips passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck. Floyd returned the favor and kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her waist. After they released, Floyd suggested "Why don't we take this back my room?" "Fer sure," Janice replied and wrapped her legs around his waist, allowing him to carry her back to his room.


    Floyd set Janice down on the bed gently and kissed her again, deeper than the last one. The two never liked French kissing or any sort of tonguing for that matter. They just thought it was disgusting. That's why the two usually deepened their kisses. It made them want more.

    Floyd trailed his arm up Janice's waist, also removing her sweater. (*The one she wore later in Season 5 and in GMC) This made Janice grow a little nervous, but it made it her even more nervous when he removed her skirt. She whimpered in nervousness, but Floyd touched her cheek and said "Don't worry, my baby doll.......it's only me." Janice nodded and let him kiss her lips again, sweetly. His hand remained on the bare skin of her waist, until he released from the kiss.

    Now was Janice's turn. She removed Floyd's jacket, shirt and jeans playfully and then got on top of him. She kissed him deeply on the lips as she felt his abs. "Now, baby, behave yourself," Floyd seductively teased in between kisses. "You can play, but you gotta behave." "I am," Janice replied and immediately kissed down his neck. Floyd groaned in enjoyment at each kiss she gave him. "Ooooh, baby," he moaned. "Please me some more." Janice continued to kiss his neck and eventually found his sweet spot. "Oooooh, you've got it," he moaned in delight. "Now treat me right and I'll treat you right later." Janice giggled and continued to kiss and nibble his sweet spot. "That's it, that's it," Floyd said as he pet her hair. "Just a little more, Jan. I don't feel like going all the way tonight." "Fer sure," Janice replied in between a nibble.

    After a bit, Janice stopped kissing his neck, which gave Floyd the opportunity to flip themselves over so that he was on top of her. "Now's my turn to treat you right," he teased. Janice smiled and giggled. She LOVED how dominating Floyd could be in bed. Floyd immediately began kissing her neck, something Janice couldn't resist. "Oooooh, Floyd," Janice moaned. He quickly found her sweet spot and teased it with his lips, kissing and nibbling it. "Please me. Treat me right," she moaned in delight. Floyd deepened his kiss to her neck at her request, even turning his playful nibbles into full fledged bites and sucks. Janice didn't even care if she got a hickey from it. He was just being seductive and playful, another thing Janice loved about Floyd when they were in bed. Floyd then kissed her all the way down to her stomach and back up again to her lips once more, in which Janice gave one final moan before giving in.

    Okay! PG-13 part over!

    Janice then cuddled on Floyd's chest. "Well?" Floyd asked. "Floyd.....you're amazing. Like you know how to make love.....and make it last," Janice replied. "I take it slow," Floyd said. "It's the only way that I can tease you." He then kissed Janice's cheek multiple times. "Squeeze you." Floyd tightened his hold on Janice. "And please you....all in the same night. If I took it too fast, then I wouldn't remember a thing moments later." Janice giggled and said "I love you, Floyd......my main squeeze who knows how to please." She then kissed him on the cheek and drifted off to sleep. Floyd watched as his beautiful girl slept on him. It just felt so sweet and peaceful. He then kissed her forehead and said "Sleep tight, baby. I love you." Floyd then drifted off to sleep himself.

    It wasn't sex, but it was making love all right. That's what Janice loved about Floyd. He didn't want to have just full fledged sex. He wanted to make love. And make it last.
    ------------------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------
    I think this one was dirtier than my last one....:o But I still loved this oneshot. By the way, the song Floyd and Janice sing in the beginning was "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. This oneshot is kinda based off this song.

  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Like Wow! I rully loved it!! :flirt:
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  3. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    Too sweet I loved it and them keep writing more fan fics of them

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